Wednesday, July 5 of 2023

Marathon of Divine Mercy

 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The great ocean of My Mercy opens, but still, only very few souls want to enter it. 

In this ocean, I will purify these souls, amend their errors and faults, liberate them from the past, I will grant them eternal life and sanctify them through the Holy Spirit, which will anoint these souls that enter My ocean of Mercy, just as the apostles were anointed with My Most Holy Mother in the Pentecost. 

The Powerful Spirit of God will be propagated throughout the world again and the hearts that are open to It will know It. But before this happens, souls must accept to enter the ocean of My Mercy so that I may justify them before the Laws of Creation. 

This is the hour when the great door of My Mercy begins to close in the world, because the time of Divine Justice must be fulfilled, just as it was written by John, the Apostle, in the Apocalypse.

The hour will come, during the three days of darkness, when Divine Justice will be complied with, but not in the way humanity believes. The Justice of God is Love in balance. The Justice of God is Love in harmony. The Justice of God is Love in wisdom. 

But before this door of My Mercy closes to the world, tell souls that they must turn to God before it is too late. Because when I cease to be with you and to speak to the world through this Work, all, absolutely all, will be unleashed. 

Therefore, while there is still time, a very short time, you must affirm yourselves in My Mercy. You must sail in My ocean of Light through the constancy of your prayers and supplications. You must be the faithful testimony of My Love for the world, especially for the hearts that have lost their faith and trust in God for everything that happens to them, for everything they live, face and go through. 

However, just as I once came to Poland through Saint Faustina to reveal the infinity of My Unfathomable and Divine Mercy; just as I came in the dark night of a war that was presenting itself as imminent in Europe at that time, in the same way I will return as the Light of the world. 

On the inner horizon, you will feel Me, you will recognize the Face of Christ. And I will expel the antichrists, just as I expelled the traders from the temple, because the House of My Father is sacred, in this world and in others. The House of My Father is blessed because it is celestial, cosmic and divine, because He created it for all His Children and Creatures, for all the essences that have emerged from His Immaterial Source. 

And this House dwells in the depths of the temple of souls, temples that have been corroded by the influences of this world, by its trends and ideologies. In this way, the world loses the sense of perspective, while not finding God, while being with its attention somewhere else. 

For this reason, I have delivered all the treasures that I have promised to you and to your brothers and sisters, so that you may have a part with My Father in the Kingdom of the Heavens, so that this world may know that in Love lies the overcoming of everything, of any trauma or pain, for I come in the name of God’s Love, of this unchangeable and unmistakable Love, this Love which has a flow unknown to the world and humanity. 

This is the reason why We have been here with you for such a long time, because We hope that you will learn from this Love, which the world and humanity no longer have; that you will learn from a mature and conscious Love, a Love that is capable of accepting and welcoming the fellow being, the one who no one loves or accepts because they are seemingly a problem. 

But if I accepted the twelve apostles as they were, just as at this time I accept you as you are, where is the Love that I have given to you so that you may represent Me in this world and in this humanity?

God’s Love is the foundation of the whole spiritual path and of the entire earthly trajectory, for in Love lies God’s Happiness and His Joy, the bliss of the reencounter with the Eternal Father, the healing of all wounds. 

I deliver this Message to you again with other Words, for you must have love for all that you have received and for all that has been offered to you since the beginning, when your consciousnesses were awakened to Universal and Divine Knowledge, to the Immaterial Laws and to the Universal Currents. 

Before I bid you farewell to you in this cycle, and for the month of August, it is My imperious need that there may be souls and people who can assume the treasures of the Hierarchy present in the Inner Retreats of the planet, because not only you but also your brothers and sisters of the world will need it in the face of all that which is to come. 

What more does humanity need so that it may change?

How much abundance has My Father given to you through His Creation and, above all, through life: the possibility you have of seeing the sun at each dawn, of breathing the purity of nature and of the oceans, of having a family, regardless of how it may be, and of learning to love this family, just as God has loved you from the beginning, the possibility of learning to serve so as to come out of yourselves a little more each day and abandon this inveterate ego, which only places consciousnesses in obstacles and dead ends. 

God has given you His Love because His Love is His Power, not authority. His Love for souls and Creation is His Spiritual Government. 

Without Love, there would not be the Compassion and Mercy poured out by His Most Beloved Son on the Cross, when He was pierced by the spear on His Side. Even lifeless, dead on the Cross, I gave you God’s Love to the limits of My Consciousness, through My Blood and My Water; a sublime act that overcame all errors and all consequences during the Holy Friday. 

Now that in the last recent years, we have formed the oratories and Rosaries of Light, it is time for you to remain in your houses, at home, and pray to God with fervor to invoke the power of the Heart of Mary and My Heart, so that all may be protected and supported, and many more may have the same Grace of being supported by the Mother of God, Who extends Her Mantle of Light upon the world day by day. 

The Mother of the World, in the most invisible and silent part of Her Spirit, takes the Scepter with Her Hand to guide souls toward the Kingdom of the Heavens so that one day all may be in Paradise, living the same spiritual happiness and the same spiritual bliss that We live with all those who have said yes at some moment of this evolution. 

The instructions have been given to all. A long time has passed, many teachings have been delivered, everything has been said. 

Now, it is time to assume and join the lines of the Plan of the end of times. Thus, when you do it for yourselves, for the love that you say you have for Me, you will assume your role, you will assume your service, and you will no longer complain. You will not evade the necessity that the universe places before your eyes. You will no longer lie to yourselves, you will not deceive yourselves, for you will do each task and live each commitment, just as I have lived it for you since My Origin in the Creative Source until My Ascension. 

As I said to you, the Plan waits for the consistent, for those who must no longer be pushed, for those who will be aware of what they must do without anyone having to tell them. Because the one who lives in My Love is capable of perceiving everything and recognizing where lies the need at this crucial time, not only in My Islands of Salvation but also in the world, where souls wait for help, for someone to listen to them, for someone to welcome them, for someone who can love them. Just as I love all, regardless of the errors, regardless of the denials and the indifferences that the world causes to Me. 

It is time to rebuild humanity and this will take a lot of work. But have faith, because a Good Father never forgets His Children and a good foreman never forgets his workers. Because the one who serves God renews, transcends and transmutes themselves. There is no other way for overcoming yourselves, companions. 

We are in the stage of preparing My Return, and I will only touch with My Feet this wounded yet also sacred ground, when I can live in you forever, in the most intimate communion of hearts, of life and essence. 

May My Words remain and not just pass. Heaven and Earth will pass, but My Words will remain in those who open to receive them and recognize them as their own, as a life raft. 

On this third day of encounter with Me, at the doors of Montserrat, may Communion be offered as a reparation for those who suffer the wars of the world, for the refugees and those who are neglected, for those who are discarded, forgotten and forsaken, without even a degree of love moving in the consciousnesses of those who see them. 

This is why reparation is necessary for Justice to be placated, so that Mercy, My last Mercy, may act and work in souls. 

May this Communion nourish life. May this Eucharist strengthen hearts and encourage them to move on, just as your Master moved on at each step of Calvary up to Golgotha, without losing the faith of fulfilling the Will of God. In each nail received in My Body, at each whipping that tore out My own flesh, in the very Crowning of Thorns, in the insults and rejections from all those in whom I had worked miracles. 

Everything must be repaired so that the time of the Promised Land, the new Eden, may come. 


O Adonai,
You, Who see the errors of the world and their consequences, 
contemplate for a moment all those who follow You
and have faith in Your Unfathomable Presence. 

Pour out Your Love upon the consistent 
but, above all, Adonai, 
pour out Your Love upon those who are condemned. 

May the price of My Blood not be in vain.

May the codes of My Love,
which are Yours and come from the Source, 
heal, redeem and nourish the souls that, 
lost of their spiritual filiation to You, need You, Lord.

Adonai, embrace all with Your Mantle, 
just as this wind of Montserrat 
embraces all with its softness and purity.

Adonai, do not close the door of Your Mercy, 
but rather let Your Mercy be perpetuated in all those
who supplicate for Mercy for the sake of My Sorrowful Passion.

Adonai, just as on the top of Mount Calvary, 
You saw the great offense and sin of the world, 
and Your Love descended and acted with the power
of all stars and all suns.

Thus, the universe was moved 
by the descent of Your Love, 
and in this way, everything was liberated and closed
so that, in the Resurrection of Your Son,
You, Adonai, might bear witness to Your Love 
and Triumph in the world.

O Adonai, Sacred Father, 
Omnipotent and Sovereign Creator, 
may all vivify You, 
may all be a part of Your Sidereal Existence. 
May many more do it
and have the Grace of living it 
so that, in the end of times, all Your Children,
together with Your Favorite Son, 
may reestablish the union between Heaven and Earth,
and may establish the One Thousand Years of Peace, 
through the Supper of Redemption,
when I will break the bread again
and consecrate the wine in Your Name, Adonai, 
so that all may begin from scratch, 
and all may be renewed forever. 



In this way, after these three days of impulses and confessions of My Heart, I prepare you for the month of August. 

Go in peace. 

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.