Wednesday, April 8 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

At this moment, we revere the most important legacy of humanity that Our Lord Jesus Christ has brought today. That legacy is the Ark of the Holy Covenant, which four angels have brought with Our Lord.

We revere this spiritual, universal and non-material legacy, that is before us today under the protection of Our Lord Jesus Christ and in the presence of Abraham and Moses.

Today, this legacy is radiated to all humanity, to the four corners of the Earth, while Christ, Abraham, and Moses, together with the angels, contemplate the Holy Ark.

And inside of it, we see all that it holds as a spiritual, universal and non-material legacy, and how the center of Light of the Heart of Christ emanates a powerful Light over the Ark of the Holy Covenant, where are to be found the Crown of Thorns, the Nails that He carried on the Cross, the Holy Chalice, and the Tablets of the Law, those called the Commandments that Moses received, as well as other elements that are part of this spiritual legacy for this material Universe.

And we are surrounded by the Universe that has this spiritual and inner event as its center at this moment.

In the same way as the angels, that adore and protect the Holy Ark, let us allow ourselves to be filled by this legacy and this mystery that is revealed before us.

Around this event, we see the Ancients who also showed themselves to John at the end of his life, when he saw the Apocalypse. 

Here and now, at this moment, the Order of the Celestial Brotherhood is formed, which today has come before each one of us, so that its love and its vibration resound within each one, at the center of our being and essence, so that we may enter into communion with the spiritual legacy that will form the bases for the New Humanity.

Meanwhile, the Ancients that are present hold in their hands a Sacred Book that they indicate has blank pages and they are attentive, vigilant, and contemplative to register and write what each one will offer for this legacy, so as to be watchful and vigilant, guardian and protector of the Divine and Cosmic Knowledge.

At this moment, we see how Christ, simply with His gaze of Love, illuminates the Holy Chalice within the Ark of the Holy Covenant, so that through the Holy Chalice, a powerful column of Light communicates Heaven with Earth even more, that the Portals to the Universe open even further, and at this moment, with this spiritual opening done by Christ in absolute silence and attunement, we see above this space and this event a powerful Triangle of Light of equal sides that represents an aspect of God, Abba.

Within this Triangle of Light that observes us and contemplates us is God, Who also contemplates the event of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, in the Presence of Christ, Abraham, Moses, the Ancients, and the angels.

Under the Ark of the Holy Covenant, we see our planet being presented and outlined, it is filled with the rays of Light which this Holy Ark expresses, and the spiritual aura of the planet is ignited and sanctified by each one of these powerful currents that the Ark is emanating at this moment through all its sacred elements.

While Abba, through the Triangle of Light, further illumines the present space, the synthesis of each one of His Holy Names appears at this moment, during this spiritual and universal event.

The angels, in the Presence of the Father, the Almighty, do not cease to keep their head on the ground as an act of adoration and of reverence for our Creator. And at this moment, we see how different hosts of Light, armies of angels begin to surround the Presence of God.

All are summoned to this meeting to receive the balm of the Love of God and the principle of His Wisdom.

To finish uniting Earth with all the Universe, and before continuing with all that Our Lord wants to accomplish on this day, in an act of greater reverence and love for our Creator, in the face of this revelation and Divine Presence, we will intone the Name of Abba through "Primary Source" as a single voice and single heart, until Our Lord gives a sign.

At this moment, we are going to allow each one of the principles and attributes of the Holy Ark to not only bathe our planet with Light but also the nations and the peoples, the Kingdoms of Nature, the oceans, so that all life, at this moment, be in God.

We can begin.

Song: "Primary Source"

We see how our offerings have been written in the Sacred Books of the Ancients, and which will be kept in there until God asks for them.

Our Lord withdraws The Holy Chalice from the Ark of the Holy Covenant so that, spiritually speaking, it may be placed on this altar and this afternoon we celebrate the communion with the Body and the Blood of Christ.

We feel this Holy Chalice very close to us, the Chalice with which Christ celebrated the Last Supper and which testifies to and expresses the most important relic of humanity, which is the precious Blood of Jesus.

Christ said to us:

My words today are represented through this experience of love because there are many of you, aware and prepared on the path of the spirit and service to humanity, that are ready to live these experiences that only I could lead, through the authority granted to Me by My Father. An experience in which I make each one of you a participant, so that your souls and essences may be strengthened in this service of the end of times, in which your giving and surrender will be the fundamental key for concretizing My Return.

For this reason, today on this simple altar I have left the Holy Chalice so that it not only radiates for you but also for the whole world, which needs it with extreme spiritual urgency.

Thus, to all those who listen, I demonstrate the validity of the spiritual communion with Me, when you simply open up to experience it.

The Ancients are the witnesses of this humanity and of this planet up to their last days; this is why they are here with you and with the world.

Abraham and Moses are a fundamental part of the history of your humanity which, at different times and periods, achieved important spiritual movements of expansion of consciousness and fulfilling the Plan of the Creator.

This is the third moment, after My Passion, Death, and Resurrection, in which the same thing could happen, as long as souls adhere to the discovery of this spiritual legacy, held in the Ark of the Holy Covenant for all the essences of the Universe and beyond it.

Today the Ark of the Holy Covenant comes to bring healing and renewal to humanity because souls are in need of healing so as to be physically healthy and thus find again the path to God at this planetary moment, in which love and indifference confront each other when the coming time will be defined for all the human race.

At this moment, Moses and Abraham withdraw, taking with them the Ark of the Holy Covenant toward the center of the Triangle, where God is, to safeguard it where it always is.

But the doors to the Heavens still remain open, for we were carried to another space of the Spiritual Church of Christ, called Celestial Church. The center of this Church is the legacy of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, that the angels safeguard, adore, and protect with an infinite love for all the sacrifice Christ lived for this humanity and for each one of us on this planet.

Although it may seem incomprehensible and impossible, we are facing Abba and Our Lord Jesus Christ, filled by His profound celestial silence and by His eternal Love that emanates from the Father, from the Son, and from the Source.

The Holy Chalice still remains close to us, because Our Lord will return it to its place when this ceremony between Heaven and Earth, between the Celestial Church and souls, has ended.

And so, we see how Christ ignites thirteen points of Light in all of the Americas and each one of those points of Light, which emerge from the interior of the Earth, bring a tone, a vibration and a melody that humanity needs to be able to enter into the coming time; and we see how in perfect harmony, those thirteen points of Light unite, emerging on the surface, beginning in North America down to South America, in the whole column of the Rockies and the Andes.

We are standing before a Network of spiritual Light that has always been present on the planet since its origins, but which had its time for awakening. Let us visualize the Americas lit up by those thirteen points of Light and let us perceive, at this moment, what our heart feels.

What Christ asks of us is that we hold the memory of this feeling, so that we may always recognize it and starting with this profound and inner feeling, we have the strength and bravery to be able to renew all things, in the same way that Christ renews us.

Thus, we see replicas of this Holy Chalice at the thirteen points of Light. We see that a spiritual Blood is shed on each one of the Chalices that the angels pour out at this moment into them, and the planet is bathed by the powerful Blood of Jesus. 

In this way, all souls receive this impulse of Our Redeemer.

And in the heights of the Andes, we see the same Cross that was on the heights of Mount Calvary, and at its foot, our Most Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary, as well as all Her children, beings of love, of prayer, and of goodwill spread throughout the four corners of the Earth.

That Cross is a Cross of Light that illuminates each one of the Chalices and we are filled by the Holy Spirit.

We see our Most Holy Mother pray for the world and for humanity, placing the Holy Father, Pope Francis, and the Americas, at Her side. And through the Americas, humanity stands up again, as Christ stood up during the Calvary.

The Triangle of God travels through each point of Light of the Americas, placing each one of Its aspects and Sacred names over them; and from the center of our planet, we feel the pain of Mother Earth being relieved at this moment by the Blood that Jesus spilled on the Cross.

We empty ourselves again so as to be able to receive all this; we recognize our smallness in the face of this great mystery, the mystery of the Love of God for humanity.

And in this scenario, with the Holy Chalice close to us, we celebrate this moment with a profound act of thanks for this revelation of Our Father, God, through His Son, the Christ.

Christ has asked that, at this moment, we wash our hands as a sign of purification and of surrender, in the name of humanity.

At the request of Christ, we will wash the hands of the brothers and sisters of the Council of this Work, in the name of humanity.

We ask that, at the request of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in this moment, if Friar Supremo is listening to us, that he also washes his hands, making the same offering that Our Lord requests, so that Love may heal all the pain. This will always be so that Love may defeat impunity.

Before the Light of the Holy Chalice, we remember Our Most Holy Mother at the foot of the powerful Cross, in the heights of the Andes, because She is also receiving our offering at this moment, as Mother of humanity.


My God,

I believe in You, I adore You,

I wait for You and I love You.

And I ask forgiveness

for those who do not believe in You,

do not adore You,

do not wait for You and do not love You.


(prayed in English three times)


Take it and eat it, all of you, for this is My Body, that today is given to the world for the forgiveness of sins.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


Take it and drink it, for this is My Chalice, the Chalice of the New Covenant between souls and God, with the Blood that is shed by your Lord for the remission of faults. Do this always in remembrance of Me.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


By the powerful Light that is emanated by the Holy Chalice at this moment, in union with Our Most Holy Mother in the heights of the Andes, in union with the thirteen points of Light that were ignited by Our Lord, let us together pray the prayer He taught us:

Our Father (in Spanish).

Our Father (in English).

The Body and the Blood of Christ.

Blessed are they who avail themselves of this legacy of Love.

May Peace descend on Earth.

Our Lord withdraws the Holy Chalice from the altar and carries it in His Hands to return it to the Ark of the Holy Covenant. And in this way, the thirteen points of Light return to where they emerged and manifested. Our Mother, the Virgin Mary, rises up to Heaven together with Her Son, as well as all the angels that participated at this moment, to be able to continue in adoration of God.

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

Thank You, Father, for all that You give us!

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen