Tuesday, March 13 of 2012

Special Apparition

Soon after the night’s vigil, asked by the Divine Mother, the whole monastery took the march to the Room of  Assistance for the Communion and Consecration Ceremony of some brothers and sisters who were about to take another step.

The sky was covered and a great storm was coming. At this moment it started to rain copiously and we felt the sky resonating with thunder and lightning.

In the beginning there was a joyful attunement, with canticles to the Divine Mother, to then invoke the angels and archangels and after to pray Our Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic.  At some moment we started to perceive a very strong energy that enveloped the whole group.

Moments later was announced the presence of the Master Jesus.  He asked for the communion to be placed on the floor.  Mother Shimani repeated the words that the Master said in the last supper and afterwards began the transmission of His message.  He came accompanied by two feminine beings.  One of them manifested itself as a nun and the other with the appearance of a younger and beautiful woman from the Christian age two thousand years ago.


Friar Elias: Christ says:


I am here among you to give you the Light of My Father.

Today I come to confirm the presence of My Mother over you so that you can follow the path to Heaven, a Heaven that I have promised from ancient times and that humanity has forgotten.

Today I come to pour the Grace of Mercy because you, like so many other souls, need of My Strength and My Love to go on.

Today I pour the ray of My Peace over the world in the same way that My Mother does, so that you see that everything is One and this One comes from God, a place to which you must always go return, passing through Heaven and the Harmony of the Higher Brothers.

Today My Legacy is represented by My Mercy, and My Justice is close for those who believe in Me and for those who do not believe in Me.

Today I am here with Faustina and Mary Magdalene so that you can see that the redemption of souls and the redemption of the bodies are possible.

I do not want anymore to see the hearts subjugated to their own pain.  Each one needs to surrender what I have given them, without holding on to any merit.  Everything must be done out of love for the Father, this is the teaching of today. The times will come to convert the hearts and you, in alliance with Me, can help Me.

I know that each one is in a different moment, not only the ones who are inside this room, but the souls in the world.  Some drink from My Fountain, others are still thirsty because the search for Me in places that do not correspond with My Light and My Peace.  You should know that the only aim in your lives is to direct your way to Heaven and if you keep this principle in your hearts I can say that a part of My Plan is fulfilled.

Today the Heavens thunder because of My presence, it is the Flame of My Love that descends to erase pain.  Do not waste any more time without Me, it is necessary that you live Me with truth.

Today I am here, not by any merit of yours, but because of an emergency in the hearts.  My Heart still pours Graces but it will also pour Justice.  Each sheep has been called to My flock, some still take a long time to come to Me.  For this, in this communion with Me you can find My shelter and My Heart in you souls.

May no one loose time in submerging themselves, it is time to activate the inner fire that will allow you to be as My Sword that cuts evil.  I am not talking of winning, but of loving the enemy so that redemption manifests in those who search for it.

Much was entrusted to your consciousnesses.  My Father has been an ocean of Graces through all these years, Graces in learning, Graces in teaching.  Now it is time to affirm, as do My feet, and to walk barefoot to the sacrifice.  Each one knows what they have to give Me.

I only ask you to be with Me in prayer so that you can always see My purpose that is unknown for the hearts that are blind.  Today I come to bring you My Celestial Light, the Light of My Kingdom, Light for the world, Light for the souls.

Many are being exiled from the places they have built.  In there My dwelling does not exist, that is why the light breaks into this place so that I can find joy where all is still empty.  Do not fear abandoning the sorrows, it is time to love with the heart and to see in your neighbors My Face, My Face of Light, My call, My need.  This can be the strength for these times because wherever you find me, in each heart and in each essence, nothing will happen.

Drink from My inexhaustible Fountain, renew the devotion to My Heart so that I can count on you and so that each one, in this time, lives their own justice before My Father.  But if you carry My Mercy with truth, you will see the souls be converted by the simple act of loving.  Those who love protect, those who love support, as My Heart has done for centuries.

And when Our Hearts withdraw, it will be time to strengthen the alliance with Me and to find Me in the depth of your beings where true love always exists, a love you still do not know and that first you must imitate in order to live it.

Be compassionate with your peers so that you can always see the pain of the heart which must be healed by My Peace. The flocks are being called from the length and breadth of the world by the Voice of My Mother that, before the sun lights the shadows, when My Return will be, everyone must be steady and, in compassion, pray to God.

The world is in its cycle of definition, each one knows what they need to do and what they need to donate with urgency for this time.  Study the Gospel weekly with Me and see in My words the signs for transformation.   And before the universe reveals itself in its totality to the world, My Presence will arrive, opening the heart of the galaxy for those that say that they still do not see.

See the splendor of My Heart and of My Brothers from the stars.  Our Father acts with love to the world.  The souls, in their ignorance, need care so that they may feel at peace in their changes and transformations.  For this, everything must be permeated by fraternity because when I find you and My other children in the same level of love and prayer, in truth there I will be, even in the great shadow of the night when everything will be obscure and My Light will be the flame that may guide you in the path.

I love you, I love you, I love you.  This is the strength of My Heart, strength for your transformation.  The Heavens on Earth are blessed for this time.  Accept to live the Sublime Grace that comes to the aid of everyone and even more to those who never saw Me nor felt My Mother.

Now is the time for everyone, the time of the reversion, the time of the opportunity for My sheep.  Contemplate My Face through My merciful image with gratitude.  Each Adoration must be a new attribute that converts your hearts and that of your brothers and sisters in a state of prayer and peace.  When you do not have strength to contemplate Me, remember My sacrifice, that which I did for all of you and take your hearts to My Inner Temple so that I may strongly embrace you in My Peace.


Universal Father
may your Consciousness of Love
nourish the hearts.
and in the return of Your Son
may we live eternally in fraternity.


Friar Elias: Let us repeat:


The whole group prays the first paragraph a few times, then the second and afterwards the whole prayer.


Friar Elias: Let us sing “Jesus está aqui” (Jesus is here), that is what He asked.


While the monastic group sings the canticle, the communion was taken and the consecration of a few brothers and sisters happened with an especially joyful and fraternal energy.


- End of the Apparition -


Report of Friar Elias at the end of the Apparition:


Friar Elias: I believe that for everyone the coming of the Master was a bit  surprising.  At one moment of the attunement some gleams of white light appeared on the picture of the Merciful Christ, at least three times.  I thought it could be the manifestation of a dimensional door. I didn’t understand much at first until, as the work was developing, the presence of Him started to approach in a very delicate way.  It was as if it were step by step, little by little, He appeared as the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We asked Him why not everyone could see Him and He asked if we could feel the presence of His Heart, this was the most important thing, to feel His presence.

At another moment He told us that He will show us a vision of hell, purgatory and Heaven.  At this moment on the wall in front of us we could see for some moments hell, purgatory and Heaven.  He said that if the consciousnesses did not follow the instructions of His Mother that they could not be saved.  Because They, as consciousnesses, were doing all that they could, all that was allowed.

The vision of hell was something horrible, there were some beasts that looked like cannibal dogs, savage, disfigured, that subjected many of the consciousnesses that were there, to horrible barks.  This was only part of what happened in this place because many more things happened that were very confusing.

Afterwards we observed that when He entered it seemed that this fire that burns the consciousnesses spread itself to where He walked and everything stayed immobile.  (missing section)
Afterwards He left this space and the vision of purgatory appeared.  In this place there were many consciousnesses from different ages and centuries who seemed to be living in their own time, even though they were all in the same space.  When they saw the Master, they pleaded with their hands held up, pleaded for the world, for the incarnated humanity, to pray for them. They begged much to be taken out of that place.  There were people who had been there for eons time and still had not had the Grace of being allowed to leave this place.

It was not a place where there was much suffering, it was a place of sorrow.  It seemed that the consciousnesses had awareness about what they could have done when they were incarnated and they were very sorry.  There were some consciousnesses who prayed all the time but it seemed their prayer was not enough because there were many consciousnesses, they were infinite.

When they saw the Master and pleaded, some were taken from there.

Heaven was something completely different, a place to stay.  There were many levels, I could see seven and they were more and more subtle.  He showed one that was a celestial space, abstract, without form, where there was a cross, it was the cross He had carried.  The wood shined, the cross was radiant and under it there was a chalice.  Above the cross, on another level, was the Father with angels and human beings that were not incarnated and were in constant adoration of this cross.

At the moment of the message in which He mentioned that He was bringing Peace, from the heart of the universe descended an immaterial ray of light that touched a certain region of the planet and in this place certain spirits who had their consciousnesses completely lost because of the life in the world, were touched and helped.

He asked to have repeated the words that He said in the Last Supper because, He said, that which he said in that moment has a very great strength.  Then He asked that the communion be placed on the floor while He made a cross of ashes before us, in front of each one of us.  They were white ashes and it seemed to be a baptism.  He walked as if He were a person equal to us, as a Sheppard, with very simple clothes.

After showing the visions of hell, purgatory and Heaven He made a sign of the cross with these grey and white ashes, very subtly, that seemed to be an instrument of Him.

While He talked He helped many consciousnesses who were here in the field of Casa Redencion.

At one moment on His left side appeared a very beautiful, very soft and delicate woman.  She had an middle-eastern face with eyes a little slaned and He said that she was Mary Magdalene. On His right side appeared Sr. Faustina as a nun.  When He said the redemption of the soul and of the bodies was possible it was because He had redeemed the bodies of Mary Magdalene and had redeemed the soul of Faustina, which are different states the task that He does.

Afterwards He rose a little bit and irradiated and when we started to sing appeared a group of angels who helped in the process of the communion.

When the brothers were on the floor? for the consecration, He placed His hand on each of their backs, irradiating them.

He said we should put this contact on the website as “Extraordinary Apparition of Jesus”.

The Christ at one moment made us feel that He was the universe and that the universe is full of His brothers and with these words He transmitted a perfect unity with the White Fraternity.  And when He talked of the Higher Brothers from the stars, it was as if He was talking of Himself or someone else like Him.  He did not place Himself in the position of a great Master, because He said they were His brothers.