Thursday, April 18 of 2019

Sacred Week

Our Father (in Aramaic)

Today I joyfully come to celebrate the self-sacrifice of the Lamb, but this time through My Mercy, rather than My suffering.

Because I have already endured for you, suffered for you, as was said in the annunciation of the Gospel today.

But many more things happened in that time, and today especially, at the request of My Celestial Father, I come to tell you about many more of the mysteries of Love that Your Master and Lord lived for you and for the world.

Today, let your hearts again be glad, let your spirits become joyful, because the beginning of your redemption is near, and the end of captivity will come for many souls that have desperately sought the presence of Your Lord.

Today you will be anointed by the Holy Spirit.

It is this priestly mystery that I invite you to experience so that you are able to represent Me on Earth as My apostles, not only in this church that I build with you, but within the whole Church that is upon Earth, that in spite of experiencing its time of tribulation, as was prophesied by Your Lord, the love of My Church will never perish because this love is sustained by the faith of the believers and of the devotees, by the religious life and especially, by the living of the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

This, companions, makes the foundations of My Celestial Church still remain firm upon the surface of Earth, in spite of the times of chaos and planetary crises, in spite of the blood that is still unjustly spilled in the world.

But it is by the devotion and the faith of My believers and devotees that I establish My Celestial Church in souls, so as to make them worthy in the Lord and participants in His Holy Peace. Amen.

But before revealing the mystery of My Love to you, present at the Last Supper, this Supper that today we will celebrated together will be the moment in which each one of you will have the opportunity, before the Celestial Father, through your souls as well as humanity, for this planet to receive the last chance that it needs for repenting and doing penance, affirming the Presence of the Lord, the Almighty, in the life of each being.

We will begin with this Ceremony.

Let the bells of the Celestial Church ring, that in this culminating hour of the Planet, before the great suffering of humanity, the Principle of Light and Redemption descends to Earth. 

I'm waiting for the bell chimes.

It is part of the Ceremony of God to build this moment together, even on the physical plane, and thus, the Spirit of God draws closer to humanity in this hour.

Let us begin this Ceremony.

Instrumental of the Pater Noster.

Let us stand.

Lord, God Almighty, infinite Mystery of Love and Truth, may Your angels descend to Earth in this moment so that the doors of evil may be closed. So be it. Amen.

With this water, Lord, bless those who are in need of Your Forgiveness and Your Grace, and may this water pour out Your Mercy throughout the world.

Today, the Greater Priest gathers together all the priests of the Earth, so that they may live His Christic Principle and so that, through their practice and their ministry, they bring Christ to Earth through the Sacraments, through prayer, song and faith.

Let us sing the Pater Noster.

We breathe.

At the request of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we will proceed with the consecration of a priest, on this special day in which the Greater Priest is present to renew our lives.

And just as I formed the first apostles, today I form you so that you may live the Principles of My Early Church, the sacred roots of the Church, the sacred Gifts that I once gave Peter, and that today I give you so that you may carry My Love to the whole Earth. Amen.

Mothers, you may light the candles.

May God, through these Hands, allow Heaven to descend to Earth.

With this instrument, may you exorcise the impure spirits so that hearts may be freed of all disturbance and achieve peace.

Eternal Father, consecrate this soul to Your eternal service, may it represent My Designs on Earth, and may it carry forward My Holy Will so that all souls that encounter it may be able to receive, through him, My Holy Communion, My Holy Forgiveness, forever. Amen.

As in that time, I purify your hands, head and feet, so that in this practice of surrender to the Greater Life, the Will of My Father may be concretized on Earth. Amen.

More water, please.

At this moment, we are going to carry out the representation of the Last Supper, after Our Master and Lord washed our hands, freed us from our impurities, we enter the Temple of His Heart to celebrate with Him this mystery of Love.

The Mothers can approach, because in this Sacred Eucharist Your Master and Lord was not only with the apostles, but also with the holy women, in spirit and in omnipresence, spiritually celebrating the Communion with each one of them.

In spite of everything that I lived and suffered for you, I surrendered unconditionally for the remission of sins.

That is why I took the bread, giving thanks to God, and He blessed it. I said to My friends: "Take and all eat of It, for this is My body that will be given up for you, for the forgiveness of sins."

And so I took the Chalice, giving thanks to God, and He blessed it. I said to My friends: "Take and all drink of It, for this is the Chalice of My Blood that will be poured out for you, for the remission of sins. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We adore You, Lord, and we bless You. Amen.

And in perfect unity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, companions, repeat the prayer that I lovingly taught you:

Prayer: Our Father (in Portuguese)

The Divine Body and Blood of Christ. Blessed will be those who avail themselves of this Sacrament, for they will have eternal life. Amen.

We listen to seven bell chimes.

Eat of My Body. Drink of My Blood.

Please, some cloths for the Chalices.

Let us sing in union with our Lord; He is still present in this Eucharist, in contemplation and in adoration.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Those present can sit.

And so the apostles, at that time, received many mysteries from My Heart, because from the first moment in which they communed of My Body and My Blood, they received the great help of the Holy Spirit, which after My Ascension, would prepare them for the great moment of their lives, which was to represent Me and live Me through My Priestly Ministry.

In the same way, the holy women, with My Holy Mother, received the inspiration of surrendering their lives completely, to consecrate themselves to God, to live in reclusion and vigil in order to contemplate and remember the Passion of their Master and Lord.

And also, all those who participated at some moments in the Sacrament of Communion, even after My Resurrection while I appeared in various towns of Israel, these souls inwardly carried with them the merits of My Passion and the triumphs of My Heart, while still human.

The Eucharist is the greatest testimony of the revelation of the Love of God for humankind, because within it is concentrated the very manifestation of the Most Holy Trinity, when the Body and the Blood of Christ are consecrated and transubstantiated in the eucharistic celebration, before the Consecration of the Body and the Blood of Christ, of the transformation into Light of the bread and the wine, because all souls again have the opportunity of living the Passion of Christ, of recognizing His suffering and His pain, His sacrifice and His surrender until the last moment of His death.

To live the Eucharist is to renew the vows with the Celestial Father, it is to take on a Christic life of service and love for others, it is to fortify oneself in the face of the tempests and the tests, of all that will happen in the end of these times.

To totally receive Communion, transubstantiated and illuminated by the merits of the Passion of Your Lord, is to enter into the Celestial Church of Christ and to go on to become part of the Mystical Body, every day living Communion with His Spiritual Body.

The holy women were not able to be present in the last Supper because the legacy I would leave for those of Mine would mean and represent the transformation and the redemption of all beings of Earth, simply when they remembered, through the Eucharist, the Passion of their Lord.

Each time you celebrate Communion with Me, you not only reaffirm the merits of the Passion of your Lord, but also that your lives gradually transform, until someday you find unity with God, completely. Be One with the Father, just as the Son is One with Your Father and, in this way, I will be able to be One with your and you will be One with Me.

In that time, I surrendered everything, without any condition or rule. I accepted the sacrifice for you until the end of times because I knew, from the beginning, in the depths of My Heart, that throughout the times and the generations, many more would represent Me.

This is why you must have your priesthood be of value, so that the priesthood may prevail on the surface of the Earth, a space in which Heaven will find a place through which to descend and act, through which to work and give the Graces of God to all souls.

The Lamb was delivered to the worst slaughterhouse, but that happened out of Love and Mercy, so that the men of Earth, throughout all times, could achieve the Forgiveness of God.

Today the world does not truly relive My Passion.

The priesthood has become a disgrace throughout humanity. This is why I have decided to come here to seek you, the imperfect, the unformed, the least instructed, so that through the intervention of God, responding to His Will and to His request, His Own and Divine Son may instruct you in the Celestial Church, a Celestial Church that many souls lost through their errors.

That was the true legacy that I left Peter and the apostles. And through the Sacraments, especially the Sacrament of the Eucharist, not only the priests, but also the people of God will achieve Spiritual and Divine Grace: to enter the Celestial Church. Because it is in the Celestial Church, which levitates in the Greater Universes, where you will reach and find Truth, beyond humanity and all forms.

It is into that Church that I invite you to enter, every day. And in your hearts, in your essences, in your inner world is a spark of God that unites and connects you with that Celestial Church.

Thus, companions, do not allow appearances to confuse you, nor let the tests of the end of times haunt you.

Reaffirm your faith in My Celestial Church and visit Your Master and Lord frequently, present in all the Shrines of the Earth. In this way, your hearts will ignite and the living fire of My Love will be within you.

You will traverse storms and deserts, very hard and difficult times, you with your families, with those you know, as well as in your nations. But there is something that will never let you lose your faith: it is My Heart that surrenders in sacrifice again to the world, so that it may be recognized, respected and adored in the Sacrament of the Altar. A Sacrifice lovingly given to the men and women of the Earth, so that they may live the Path of Redemption.

The doors of the hells will tremble in the presence of My Celestial Church on Earth, and furthermore, My Church will achieve its power and splendor in the heart of all those who invoke it, respect it and live it, as well as the Commandments.

Never cease to love each other, because it will be that love, no matter how small, imperfect and insignificant, that will keep you in unity, and you will not perish in the face of the attacks of My enemy.

Before, I will send the Archangel Michael, so that He may close the doors and exorcise evil, and souls will be reborn in the divine Hope of God for these times.

Today I do not say this only for you, but also for all of humanity, which is blind and deaf to the sacrifice of its Master and Redeemer.

But today, you, with your present adherence and love before this great sacrifice offered by the Lamb of God, dignify the Altars of the Father, and the angels sing glory and praises to revive peace in the hearts.

I would like to tell you many more things, but I know that your bodies need some time to be able to bear it.

The true Supper of Your Master and Lord did not last only a moment, but three hours, in which My apostles contemplated the three phases of the Mystery of God, present in the Body and the Blood of Christ.

Today, receive this Sacrament with this awareness and love that God Himself gives again to the world, so that His Mercy may save you and redeem you in this end time.

"I elevate My prayers to Heaven, Father, so that You may ignite the Truth in Your creatures. A Truth that will cause them to find the Path of Love and peace, of Hope and renewal. Do not let anybody remain without this impulse of Light that My Merciful Heart brings today. And by the infinite merits of My Passion, may souls live in the Universe of Your Faith and Your Love forever. Amen."

In this Supper of renewal, I consecrate you and renew you, and I give you My Peace. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In solemnity and in absolute silence, you will give each other the greeting of peace so that this impulse of Light that I bring you today may be radiated to the world.

May you give each other the greeting of peace in the same way that I gave peace to My apostles, in silence and in contemplation.

I thank you.