Sunday, November 5 of 2023

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May the Voice that thunders in Heaven be heard.

May the Voice that resounds on the planet be heard.

The hour has come for the fulfillment of the promise of the Son of God, because it is written and in this way it will be fulfilled.

May hearts prepare themselves in great joy, may the aftermath of the past dissolve, and souls feel guided by the Scepter of My Love, which will guide you toward the promised Purpose, because when you attain it and live it, you will know the power of liberation.

The shackles of inertia will break, the chains of the past will disappear, and your souls will be ready to walk freely, and thus await with joy the arrival of the Great Master.

Therefore, do not fear the tempest of your own boat, contrary winds may blow strong, but the conviction of faith will never perish.

Believe in the power that My Father has given you in the Heavens, that of feeling as part of His Creation and of His Universe, of being worthy Children of God.

This is the time when the trumpets of the Heavens will continue to sound, to allow the Divine Purpose to continue to be written in the hearts of humanity. The Book of Love is not concluded yet, for the last will be the first, and the first will be the last. This is a Law, and in this way it will be fulfilled. Therefore, do not remain in your own exile.

Through My Word and through My Message, through My Parables and through My Teachings, I have come throughout the ages to teach you about the Kingdom of the Heavens. That Kingdom which eternally reverberates beyond the dimensions and planes, and will always remain present in the heart that believes in it.

Therefore, stand up, companions! Assume your own purification, not as a condemnation, but rather as your liberation. Because this is not the time of victims, but it is rather the time of the victims of My Love, of those who have great clarity in their consciousnesses and hearts what is necessary to do in this time, and what should not be done in this time, not to come out of the protection of My Hand.

Therefore, lift up your heads towards the Heavens, and see the great promised time come, in which slavery will end, in which the hells will close so that souls may be reborn in My Love and be part of the  great moment of My Redeeming Supper, just as it was before Pentecost with My chosen ones, My apostles. Because I will again break the bread and consecrate the wine. I will give you to eat and drink of the Sacred Sacrament, by means of the luminous forms that I will reveal at this great moment.

And at this hour, the sacred Mystery of the Eucharist will be transubstantiated again, just as corrupt matter, which has deviated throughout the times, will also be transubstantiated. The cells and atoms, which will impel this great event, will participate in this.

Therefore, let the cross no longer weigh you down. Because in this time there are heavier crosses that you cannot see with your own physical eyes, but that you will be able to know under the spirit of prayer.

For this reason, I once told you to leave all you had, to carry your cross and follow Me. This is the hour when that moment is being fulfilled.

Nothing is out of place. Humanity is out of place, because it does not love the unknown, what it cannot control, all that which it cannot appropriate.

For this reason, I taught you the path of humility and sacrifice. This path is a great school for Me, as it is for those who are determined to live it. It is about simply daring, in a spirit of selflessness and renunciation, to climb the steps toward the Heavens, following one path and one principle, which is the principle of My Love, which will never betray you, which will never abandon you, which will never separate from the heart that supplicates for it, from the heart that asks for it regardless of its errors, regardless of its miseries, regardless of its imperfections.

Allow My Love to transform you a little more. I need to live in souls to be able to live in hearts, to carry forward My works of the end times, so that you may feel My closeness, so that you may perceive My consolation, so that you may take refuge in My embrace. Because I come to demand from you what you can give Me, and I will not tire of repeating it, even after you have heard it from Me many times.

Through the good instruments, I need to intervene in humanity and the planet. Because hearts may be a reliquary, in which My Treasures will be deposited in those who aspire to be stewards of My Relics, the Relics of My Passion and the Relics that were given to Me after My Ascension to the Heavens.

Do you aspire to know these Spiritual Treasures that I have for each one of Mine?

How wonderful it would be if you become aware of all this! If you do, your consciousnesses will no longer get mixed up with what is superficial, so that they will rise through humility, through the pure intention of the heart that loves, that does not criticize, does not judge, or allow itself to condemn its neighbor.

Therefore, resize your perspective. Be brave and accept repentance for those who do not repent, for those who do not do penance, so that the balance of humanity may be sustained in this end time, despite the risks that are lived on this surface.

Nevertheless, trust, because My Promises are fulfilled at the correct hour and in the correct time. Do not anticipate the events.

Continue to build, within yourselves, the dwelling place that I need for the moment of My Return. Because first My Divinity will return to the women and men of the Earth, and My servers and apostles will feel impelled by something unknown and supreme so that, in the nations and in the peoples or wherever they are, they may announce My Return to humanity.

Because when My Divinity enters hearts definitively, as it was through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, souls will speak in tongues. This will be fulfilled again, it was the promise that I made to My apostles after My reappearance in the Holy Cenacle.

Do you believe that the merits of My Passion have power?

Why do you doubt the way? If the Way is here, before you; if the Life is here, before you; The Truth is here, before you, in the name of Love and Peace. Because it is the Father who sends Me to you, just as I send you to the world so that you may be a testimony of My Word, an example of constant transformation, forerunners of peace even in the smallest details, even towards those you have beside you.

I observe everything, you cannot hide anything from Me. Just as I Am here, I Am also in other places at this moment. I Am in the homes and families who have opened the doors to Me at this moment to listen to Me.

Do you see how I can see everything? Because God has given Me the Grace of omnipresence and of the relationship between the universes. Thus, the Rays of the Supreme descend to placate the anguishes of souls, to place My Hand upon the heart of each one, to tell them, “Trust and have faith,”  because what you must still live is because God has already foreseen it.

I know that for many, living Divine Will is a challenge, but do not worry about results, do not generate expectations or illusions, surrender your lives completely into the Hands of God, just as the Divine Son surrendered on the Cross for you, so that you might live, so that you might be reborn, so that today you might be here, listening to Me. Just as many times you listened to Me in the important times of the Holy Land, just as those people who listened to each one of My Parables and remember them today, just as today you can remember My Beatitudes, just as you can remember the first time I taught you the Our Father.

So we are meeting again, so that humanity may find itself again at some moment, and be aware that it cannot go one in this way, that it can no longer continue to suffer in this way, that we must cut, once and for all, this chain of suffering that submerges souls in their own abysses, moving them away from the Light of My Love.

However, I grant again this Light of My untiring Love so that you may be strengthened at this moment of trial, as people, as souls and as a planet, as a civilization that urgently needs to be redeemed, to prepare and heal itself, to be cured from hatred, vengeance and impunity.

And you, companions, are the first ones who must live it. You must no longer have impunity, you must no longer criticize, you must no longer judge, because no one knows what it is to be condemned and feel within this hard spiritual prison.

For this reason, love, just as I love you. For this reason, live, just as I live. I am not asking you for something unattainable, I am asking you for something real, for what you can live and do.

This is why I gave you the Sacraments, so that I may be present to assist you in Confession, in the Footwashing, in the renewal of Baptism, in the Anointment of the sick in body and spirit.

I accepted the Wounds I received, to free you from sin, to liberate you from your bitterness, so that, through My Heart, at each moment and at each step, you may feel the strength of hope, the power of renewal I bring you, because My main task is to renew you at each moment.

If you allow me to renew you, you will understand life from a different perspective. You will learn to see life as a great learning process and as a great school, because I want to have you all in My Kingdom.

As a loving demonstration of what I Am saying, I will call today those who are postulants to adore Me. You may come here, so that I may anoint you.

Through you, may the world remember that it must adore the Lord, because in the Lord lies your life, your redemption.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:
We remain concentrated, for Jesus is here.

Beloved children and servers, remember with Me, for a moment, the Sea of Galilee and the Mount where I pronounced the Beatitudes.

Do you remember what you heard from My Mouth in that time, and how the Holy Spirit of God, by work of Divine Mercy and the sacrifice of His Most Beloved Son, worked, in that time, so that your souls might be here today, living this consecration?

Do you now understand that all has a meaning in life?

I know what each one has lived throughout the times, but I come to strengthen and encourage you, so that you may submerge into the ocean of My Love, through adoration of the Holy Eucharist.

In this exercise, which you will undertake at each moment of new adoration, remember, My beloveds, that you will be closing the Wounds that this world inflicts on Me today. You will be kissing My Hands and Feet, just as the holy women did. Their kisses healed My wounds, because they were kisses of consoling love, of supplication and reparation for the souls of the world.

Under this solemn spirit of Peace, I come to consecrate you as the adorers you have always been. Remember that, since the Mount of Beatitudes, your souls decided to adore and recognize Me as your only Master and Lord.

Therefore, today I place My Hands upon you, and in this sacred imposition, I ask the Holy Spirit of God to work miracles in your lives, and that you may be light in the world, which suffers due to so much darkness.

Elevate your hearts to the Heavens, the Lord receives you in His Glory, and thus blesses you in this consecration, giving thanks for your daily experience of this exercise for Me, until the last moment of your lives. Because in this last hour, I will be at the other side of the door, to bring you to My Kingdom, because some will not be here when I return.

Decide to live holiness, so that the world may recover the purity and innocence it has lost. Holiness is not vainglory. Holiness is to have a simple heart, capable of being receptive to the suffering of others, to the pain of others, and to do anything to relieve it. Just as, at this moment, I relieve you, who are being consecrated today, as well as all your brothers and sisters present here.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

And at this moment of consecration, to accompany the brothers and sisters, still in the Presence of Christ Jesus, we will sing together the song “Consecration” so that these brothers and sisters may see, before themselves, what is yet to come, the hope that Christ promises to each one, beyond everything we are living.

Let us accompany the Master in this consecration. 

Brothers and sisters, let us say a prayer to conclude this moment and proceed with the Spiritual Communion. 

When the priest finishes consecrating the Communion, you will receive it, as this will be a part of the exercise of your consecration.

We will say the prayer of the Celestial Father in Portuguese once.

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.