Saturday, May 20 of 2023

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, I come to speak to you of the origin of everything, of the beginning of this universe, originated in the Spiritual Universe, the place from which all essences come, where the entire trajectory was built, thought out and created by the Great Creator Fathers.

Today, I come with this spiritual impulse, in the face of the emergency of the planet and the perdition of humanity.

I come to remind each one of Mine of who they truly are and why they emerged from such a vast and diverse Source, which is reflected and mirrored in the vast ponds of the universe, spaces through which you have already passed before incarnating in this three-dimensional world.

Therefore, your souls know the trajectory widely, because they have once experienced the different rays and currents of this Material Universe.

But, before I get to the reason why I am here today, I come to remind you of the Origin of all Creation, because it is time to look into that spiritual space, as humanity is distracted and also influenced by all that which it believes that makes it evolve.

Therefore, place your inner gaze at the beginning and at the origin of the Source, where God began to think, meditate and reflect upon the existence of a great many universes, until you arrive at this particular universe, which you call the third dimension.

That is why I come to speak to you of the higher worlds, because from the higher worlds the constant Thought and Sound of God is emitted, an eternal and inextinguishable echo that many humanities have heard since long ago and now the time has come, before the Return of Christ is fulfilled, for souls and consciousnesses to awaken to that Call, which is not something concrete, it is a deeply spiritual Call that your souls  hear, because they once heard it at the Origin of the origin, from where everything once arose.

Thus, the Heavenly Father, a vast Consciousness unknown to many, is a Primordial Emanation, but He is also a Law reflected in the three states of consciousness: spiritual, mental and material. It was there that He first placed His Thought, but before that He placed His Contemplation and His Gaze, because He ardently desired that through the Creator Fathers and their angelic hosts the Project could be fulfilled, not only the Project of this humanity, but also the Project of other unknown humanities.

Therefore, He asked the Creators to think of creating dimensions, planes and deep spaces so that the spiritual life of the Source could be expressed on the three planes of consciousness until that eternal and infinite life became concrete, felt by the human heart, perceived by the mind and above all by the heart. For that spiritual and eternal life, which comes from the Source, to be able to express itself, a system of spiritual evolution had to be created, and the archangels were in charge of this.

From His Heart, the Eternal Father emitted the impulses for His Children, the Creators. But when that began, the Project began to materialize.

However, there was one of them who wanted to be greater than the Creator, greater than the Eternal Father. And this one, that fallen angel, through their own pride and arrogance, turned away from Love and, in turning away from Love, turned away from the true Light, which has not shone upon them for a long time.

Therefore, My great promise is not only the redemption of the world, but also the redemption of the fallen angel, for as much as this angel has deviated from the Plans of God by their great disobedience, the Father, who is unique and inextinguishable in His Love, in His Wisdom and in His Consciousness, does not stop loving the one whom He created from the beginning.

Therefore, throughout the ages, the One, in His Primordial Source, saw the unfolding of the events of evolutionary life in the universe and on this planet. Many were the mistakes, but great were the victories and the successes of all those who adhered to the Divine and Unfathomable Will, of all who allowed themselves, throughout the universe and throughout the ages, to be a part of the Great Cosmic Wisdom.

In God's Plan, in His origin and in His principle, there were never any mistakes, but at that time, when the Creators were thinking of the manifestation of life in the universes and in the different planes of consciousness, even on the material plane, it was when the fallen angel went astray.

How could you think that an angel, so high in the beginning, wanted to be greater than God?

That is where the darkness began, because the darkness was brought about by lack of love and lack of faithfulness. But the Father did not give up, He did not rest; on the contrary, He gave His Spirit, He gave His Consciousness and, above all, He gave His Love in the Sacred Incarnation of Christ.

He chose, out of so many Projects, this planet so that He might incarnate as a simple and humble man through Jesus of Nazareth.

Thus, He expanded His Consciousness in the manifestation of His Second Person, because He knew that after the surrender of Christ on the Cross, not only His own Self would amend and justify all the errors of humankind from Adam and Eve to the present, but that He could also manifest His Third Person through the Holy Spirit, incarnated in the Consciousness of Mary.

Therefore, His great strategy and operation from the beginning was silent and anonymous. A Great God like the One on high, immense in Love, great in Humility and infinite in Mercy, could never have incarnated with honors and distinction, although the angels of Heaven knew it in secret.

Therefore, He came as Christ to correct the world, not with a severe law, but with the expression of His Merciful Love; because He had known, from the beginning of the fall of the disobedient creator, that souls would be lost through the ages.

Therefore, this present moment of humanity is the great moment of planetary inflection, but it is also the great moment of cosmic opportunity so that, through the awakening of those who offer themselves to Christ, the great event of the reconstruction of humanity on a spiritual, mental and material level may be generated; and even more so, all of this can generate, through the adherence and faithfulness of the followers of Christ, His Great Return to the world to put an end to evil and thus re-establish the Law of Life, which is being interrupted by the ideologies and the lack of consciousness of a large part of this humanity.

When I speak to you that it is time to return to the origin, I do not speak to you of something unattainable, but I speak to you of something conscious, of the opportunity to return to the Law in order to be under the Wisdom and Love of God, just as the people of Israel tried many times.

If that living of the Law in you is true, and also simple, under obedience and loyalty to God, the plans of the adversary will fall under their own weight. Sacrifice or death, abortion or the division of families through the bombardment of communications will no longer be necessary.

It is necessary to return to the origin to start from scratch. That is what one of the Adams tried to do in the beginning, in Genesis. And although this did not work, the Eternal Father tried again, because by His infinite Mercy, He did not give up on this Project of humanity, capable of having a deep contact with Him, but also capable, in these times, of destroying that spiritual contact with Him by all the interferences and influences of these times.

In this reflection and Message that I bring to you today, I ask you: Are you aware of the importance of returning to your origins and not being puppets of My enemy?

This is the time to make a decision, and it is also the time to take a mature step to prepare the spiritual foundation for the Return of Christ.

And before the Universe of God, and also before your souls, here I find an answer, a true effort to follow Me, although your Master and Lord is very demanding; because what I prepare for you in the future is unknown.

I will bring you treasures from Andromeda, which you have never seen. I will share them with you, just as I have shared My Body and My Blood many times for the end times and, above all, for the emergence of the New Humanity. And it will no longer be necessary to remember the sacrifice of Christ, because by your own sacrifices, efforts, renunciations and surrender, you will give merit before God and justify your own errors and the errors of the world; especially the great errors of the shed blood of the innocent.

So that this will no longer happen, I come to remind you of your origins, because in your origins, that is, in your cosmic ponds, is the Project of the New Christs, who will prepare the Earth at the end of times by means of their purification and their transformation so that the King of the Universe may return in glory, and with Him not only all the angels, the saints, the blessed and ascended, but also all the relics that gave birth to this Creation, which I hope to exhibit next to the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

And at that hour, at that moment, everything will start from scratch. No one will remember their suffering and their pain. No one will fear death, because it will not be necessary to die.  

The Light of My Return will bring resurrection to your bodies and spirits, and thus, as it was in ancient times, you will live in Eternity, in the presence of the Sacred Spiritual Paradise which will re-conceive Eden in the world.

If you have faith in My promises, your lives could be My own promises, although at this moment it may seem impossible to you; because if the Word of God is here, His Law is here and thus His Law is fulfilled in Heaven and on Earth, in the innermost depths of the inner world and in the outermost reaches of this universe.

No one can boycott the Law of God, because His Law is pure and immaculate, just as His Triune Manifestation, through the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, is pure and immaculate.

Difficult times will still come and the majority will experience unknown situations, but the one who is in Me will always have eternal life and will not perish, only if they are truly in Me and I in them; and I being in them and in every heart, you will be with Me in the Father and there will be nothing to fear; because the time will come when you will be pillars, solid columns of Light that, in spite of the trembling of the Earth, the sky or even the universe, you will not agonize if you trust in Me.

But I still need to make use of some souls, so that they may undergo My sufferings and My pains. I am choosing these souls in the most absolute silence and I am letting them know that, in anonymity, lies the great key to the sacrifice of Love, of the souls who are victims of the Love of Christ.

Therefore, today I also come to offer you, through My Heavenly Church, the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, so that this Grace unknown to the world may prepare the advent of the New Christs, which must be now, that it may prepare the spiritual condition for your souls and spirits to return in consciousness to the origins.

Thus, once again through the Sacrifice of the Altar, where the bread and wine will become My Body and My Blood, I come to renew the lives of all, under the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Who brings the impulse of Its Gifts and Graces to those who need and aspire to them.

Thus, through My Words I cleanse your hearts, I prepare your inner temples so that I may re-enter, so that you may leave here renewed, conscious and more available for that which I need you to live and support; because there will not be many of My apostles of the end times, but the few who are, will be true.

Could it be that you are applying yourselves for this?

You should not give Me the confirmation now. I told you once: "By their fruits you shall know them".

Let us celebrate in the Glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit so that the Grace of courage may descend upon Mine, and grant to hearts the impetus and the strength of determination, so that they may do the utmost and even the impossible for Christ, until it hurts in their bones for a single purpose, for the triumph of My Love in humankind.

And so that the world may not abort its own Project, let us pray:



Father of Goodness, Wisdom and Mercy,
listen to the Voice of Your Beloved Son,
who tirelessly presents Himself once more to the world,
so that Your Great Cosmic Call may be heard by all.

Beloved Father,
may Your Word and Your Love resound in hearts,
may the lost souls resurrect in spirit
and may the Sacred Universal Family be constituted
in honor and glory for Thy Infinite Presence,
until the fulfilment of the Thousand Years of Peace.



Friar Elias of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Christ said that we have learned it very well, as it was on the Mount of Beatitudes, so it must always be.

Let us prepare ourselves for this sacred moment. And, at the request of Christ, we will invoke the Sacred Names of God, so that all the manifestations of the Eternal Father may descend at this moment, flood the souls with Grace and Love, with Consolation and Mercy and, thus in this ceremony, we will open the doors of the Spiritual Church of Christ, today present in the skies of Brazil, in order to strengthen the Purpose of the souls and of this country, in order to soothe the heart of the angel of Brazil through the offering of our guardian angels.

At the request of Christ, we will prepare ourselves for this inner offering, so that we may be worthy to celebrate this Sacrament, worthy of His Mercy, His Peace and His Forgiveness.

Let us sing, before the Presence of Jesus and of His Sacred Heart.


Song: Names of God - Canon no 1


Before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, before the infinite source of the Love and Mercy of Christ, we prepare ourselves together with the Master for this sacred moment, when He comes to share with us, once again, His Body and Blood.

And before the Great Altar of the Heavenly Church, we celebrate.

After He has purified our heart and prepared our inner temple, so that we may receive Him again in joy and gladness, we offer our life, as we offer these elements that will become the Body and Blood of Christ.

And we raise our purest intention toward these Heavenly Altars through our guardian angels. For a moment, we unite ourselves to them in silence; just as all the angels at this moment unite themselves to Christ; and we aspire, in the name of the Lord, that our life, and the life of our brothers and sisters, may be that testimony that Christ awaits, within the Ark of the Holy Covenant.


Therefore, I again consummate this moment, in the memory of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and gives you His Peace again. Today, in memory of that sacred moment in the Cenacle, today I once again gather My apostles and followers of the end times to celebrate this moment of union with My Christic energy.

Therefore, in the name of God, I raise again the bread that you offer to Me today, so that God may receive it in His Kingdom and through His Consoling Love and under the intercession of the angels and archangels present, of all those who guard the Ark of the Holy Covenant, He may turn it into My Glorious Body and accept the offer of Mine.

Thus, I again break and share it with all, saying again, "Take and eat of it, because this is My Body, which was given for love of you. This is the Sacred Body of Jesus that takes away the faults and sins of the world".

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Friar Elias of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Let us bow down in reverence for the Eucharistic Body of Christ, in the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; just like the angels reverence and adore the Presence of Christ on the Sacred Altar.

In the same way, I again take the Chalice in My Hands, for the redemption of all humankind and the planet and, in the name of all, I raise it to the Father, reminding you all of the sacrifice of the last Lamb, the One who was immolated and gave Himself for you, asking the Father to transubstantiate this wine into My Precious Blood, by means of the intervention of the angels and archangels present and of all the witnesses and guardian angels.

Thus, I offer it again to Mine out of love, saying to them, "Take this all of you and drink from it, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal covenant between souls and God, the Blood which was shed and continues to be shed spiritually for the world through the Five Mighty Wounds of Jesus, for the remission of all faults. Do this again in remembrance of Me and in My Presence, because I am returning".

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Friar Elias of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Let us bow down in reverence.


To be part with Me in this Mystery of Love, present and alive in the Eucharist and in the Sacred Chalice, I again ask you to join Me in prayer, so that this planet and humanity may be helped and, especially, the impossible causes may be reversed in all suffering hearts.

Let us again cry out to God for His Mercy and for His Grace, and in inner unity with all the angels of Heaven, let us sing the "Lord's Prayer" in Aramaic.


Song: "Our Father" in Aramaic.


May the Peace of God descend.


Fray Elias of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

And with faith, we say to Christ:

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but only say The Word and my soul shall be healed.


And just as Christ at this moment gives us His Peace, we give each other the fraternal gesture of peace: "The Peace of Christ".

At this moment, as our Lord taught us, let us announce the Spiritual Communion of all souls with Christ.    


Who is in God fears nothing.
Who is in God does not retreat.
Who is in God lives on the Love of God.
This is the strength of today.
In God, in God, in God.


I give you My Peace and My inner Strength for you to be My witnesses at the end of these times, apostles of My Divine and unfathomable Mercy.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elias of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord. 

We thank all those who accompanied us, and we withdraw ourselves in Christ until tomorrow to meet with our Blessed Mother again.

Thank you all.