Saturday, April 20 of 2019

Sacred Week
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the Sacred Week, Day 7, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

By water, I purify the consciousnesses of the world, and I baptize them with the Holy Spirit.

Today, in My Hands and close to My Heart, I bring the Sacred Reliquary of the Blood of your Lord, kept in small crystals of cesium and showing the world the Light of the Blood of Jesus, preciously kept and registered in the Great Spiritual Bank of the Universe.

Contemplate, companions, this Sacred Reliquary in the sacred geometry of a rhombus, which holds the drops of Blood of your Redeemer.

It is with this code that I come to renew and transfigure you, not only in the Sacrament of Baptism, by means of water, but also through the Sacrament of Faith, by means of My Blood.

The precious Passion of your Lord, as I told you yesterday, while continuing with the sacred Divine Knowledge, was preciously saved, not only each one of the occurences, but also each one of the sufferings of your Redeemer, especially those of the Blood and Water of the Lamb of God, that was poured out upon the surface of this planet and the consciousness of humanity.

Here is the Christic Code of renewal that no science or theory can explain, that no human being of Earth has been able to discover, because the value of My spiritual Blood is divine, surpassing all science and understanding.

Through the Blood of your Lord, I can not only heal and redeem you, I can also convert you, because the spilled Blood of Christ, gathered up into these little crystals of cesium, saved in this Sacred Geometry of God, not only represents the redemption of humanity, but also the physical and spiritual testimony of the Love of God for humankind.

So each one of the elements used during the Passion of your Master and Lord also represent this. Each one of these elements are a spiritual symbol, with a deep significance that goes beyond the human mind.

In spite of the sufferings experienced, it is with this Spiritual and Divine Blood that I come to transform those human aspects, to transubstantiate your consciousnesses into the spiritual model that God needs for these times.

This is why I do not focus My Eyes upon human resistance, but rather upon the potential that you hold within yourselves of being able to love, just as I loved the world and as I love humanity today.

Your experience of redemption could be a great testimony of conversion for humanity, and many more souls would be attracted to have the same experience.

This is why today I bring you the Reliquary of My Precious Blood, adored by the angels, venerated by the saints, contemplated by the blessed.

And today I present this Sacred Geometry to you so that your consciousnesses can awaken and go beyond the material, the intellectual or the mental; to reach the sublime sphere of consciousness where the One God dwells and also contemplates the merits of the sacrifice of His beloved Son.

Today I bring this Reliquary in My Hands to spread its Light throughout the world. Receive this most powerful flow by giving and surrendering your hands to Me, in reverence, so that the cellular code of My Blood may continue to modify the human consciousness until it becomes the perfect form of the archetype of God, based on the Sublime Spheres where the principles of Creation originated, where the first forms emerged that were led by Divine Thought and materialized by the Love of God, before the existence of this material Universe.

The Spiritual Blood of the Son of God comes from that Source.

The Consciousness of your Shepherd had to incarnate on Earth to change the history of humankind and deflect from their destiny all those immersed in perdition.

The Blood of Jesus, preciously elevated and transfigured by the merits of His suffering and pain, is the genetic principle that humanity must retrieve for these times, not only through filiation with the Sacraments, but also through the living of Christic Love in each being, giving testimony of service, perseverance and faith to the world.

"Adonai, today I give Myself to Your children again through My Blood. But this is the Blood of victory, of love and of light, which comes from Your Heart; attributes that were present at the most culminating moment of My Life.

Lord, today I do not offer the anguish that I feel for the world. I offer the triumph of the Blood of Your Most Beloved Son, so that this cellular code coming from the Spiritual Source of Your Creation may descend to the world, may unite with souls and transform the bodies that are in redemption".

While the universes open, the angels contemplate the precious Blood of the Lord, descending into the Sacred Geometry of the Father and manifesting the power of glory of the origin of this Creation.

Receive My Codes of Light so that your lives may be transformed according to the Will of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and you may have faith that everything will change in due time.

This is the teraphim that I bring today for humanity, opening the doors to planetary redemption, having the most imperfect souls become participants in the merits of the Blood of Jesus.

Whoever can do so, for a moment, place your head upon the ground to receive from Jesus the Light of His powerful Blood, present in the Shrine of His Spirit and manifest in the perfect form of the Geometry of God.

Contemplate the merits of the Savior in the profound union with His Spirit, and all will be transformed.

You may stand up and place your hands on your heart.

It is the Spiritual Blood of God that your lives receive today so that someday, His Will can be fulfilled in you, just as the Will of God was fulfilled in Me.

Let us rise up to Heaven at this moment. Let us offer our lives at the Feet of the Creator and in absolute trust, let us follow His footsteps, so that our lives may be guided by the Higher Purpose and by Divine Existence, the non-material Source of Creation, from where we emerged and to where we will return with all we learned and experienced on Earth.

Around Jesus, at this moment, the holy women appeared.

I have brought them here, companions, as a testimony of My Love for them, an eternal, unquenchable Love, a Love that leads them into peace.

They anointed the divine Body of their Husband. But today they are anointed by the Spirit of God, just as you are anointed by the Holy Spirit, in its maximum expression of love and of goodness.

May this Ministry of the precious Blood of your Master and Lord always be remembered by the world so that nations may be Christified, so that the peoples may be converted, so that souls may be redeemed by the powerful Fount of Love, which comes from My Heart for the whole world.

"Celestial Father, do not look at the errors of the world, the indifference of souls. At this time, Contemplate now the faith of Your children, the trust of Your servants, the surrender of Your servers, so that Your Celestial Project may be accomplished on Earth. Amen."

The priests can approach, please.

It is with immense joy that I offer this moment to all. And I hope that this joy that is born of My Heart can be felt and understood by all with the same affection and tenderness that I gave to My apostles.

Today I give you My spiritual and paternal affection.

We kneel and give thanks for the immense charity of Our Lord.

Just as I comforted the apostles at the Last Supper, today I comfort each one of you with My Spirit, so that you may feel the Love of God alive in each one of your cells, so that your bodies may accompany the end of these times, so that you do not fear what will shortly come to the world and the events that will precipitate upon Earth. Because if you are in Me, I will be in you, and together we will be in the Celestial Father, under His Glory, Grace and Mercy.

Thus, companions, I offer the consecration of these elements with the warmest affection of My Heart.

I feel that you can live with Me this moment of truth. And that you can feel in yourselves, through My Words, the Light of God that surrenders to the world in this hour to rescue humanity and the planet, which agonizes and suffers in its deepest silence.

I want you to feel yourselves as participants and as a part of Me, of My Spiritual Body, of My Consciousness and of My Soul, and that your souls, in this hour of so many errors and human injustice, through the Son, may glorify the Almighty, Our most beloved and eternal Lord God, the one, perpetual and eternal Source of Creation.

And it is by the merits of My Blood that I offer you My warm Love of Master and Lord, because I know that the culminating moment is drawing closer for each one of your lives, when in the same loneliness that I went through, you must trust absolutely in God and in His Mercy, to learn to go through the difficult tests that the world will experience.

But remember, companions, that I will return to find you and gather you together in My Grace, so as to commune again of the Body and Blood of your Lord, for the remission of faults and all the evil doings of the world.

Receive My affection as Shepherd. Feel the consolation of My Spirit, of the same Spirit that surrendered to the apostles and to humanity, the Spirit of the living God that renews all things, time and again, like a sublime and sweet vibration.

Receive the consolation that the angels gave Me in the Garden of Gethsemane, because I know that your flesh is weak, but your spirit is strong for following and accepting Me, to be able to respond to Me and so fulfill My Will.

Today I come outside of My Church for all those that did not find Me and for those who someday will find Me through this Work, which humbly and in imperfection imitates the sacred examples of your Lord. Because here I come to give you the Love of God so that you may live the Truth, so that you may learn to be just, good, and meek; so that you may repent and forgive what you have not yet forgiven.

My request to the world and to those present is that you forgive, just as I forgave you at each step of the Cross, unconditionally.

"Eli, Eli, Father of Love, of Unity and of Wisdom. Olam, Emmanuel, Mahadbi Abba, Shalom Adonai, Eloheinu, You Who are Holy, You Who are everything for us, You Who gave Your Son out of love, so that Your creatures may experience forgiveness and redemption, consecrate this water through Your most beloved Son, so that souls may repose in your arms and heal their wounds.

Yod He Vaud He, may these candles be the light of Your Spirit in the suffering souls that today will be baptized by the invincible power of Your Love and Your Peace, and may Your children in this baptism, on this day of Glory, by the merits and the Graces of Your Servant, Jesus Christ, find the path to Your Will. Amen."

We stand up.

"Father, You Who renew all things, today Your Love renews all beings through the remembrance of the living of this loving sacrifice, which Your Son gave in trust to humanity."

On this Hallelujah day, in which the angels sing the redemption of humanity, I tell you again: "Take and all eat of It, for this is My Body that was given to you for the forgiveness of sins."

We adore You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

In the same way, today I tell you again: "Take and all drink of It, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, that was poured out by your Master and Lord and by all the martyrs for the forgiveness of sins."

In the name of love, light and truth, do this in Remembrance of Me.

Prayer: Our Father (in Portuguese).

The Body and the Divine Blood of Christ.

Let us give reverence.

Those invited, be glad for availing yourselves of this Sacrament of redemption.

Today I give you the Light of My Love so that you may recognize it and live it. And today, I give you My paternal embrace so that you may know that this Light of Love will always be real, infinite and eternal.

In joy, brotherhood and silence, you will give one another the greeting of peace, so that peace may be in humanity.

May the Peace of My Heart be in you and in all those who plead for it.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you.