Monday, April 15 of 2019

Sacred Week

We keep ourselves united to the Presence of Jesus and attentive to all that He is requesting of us in this moment, knowing that in this hour of Mercy, the Doors of the Heavens are open on Earth and a moment of solemnity and of quietude is established in this place, and in all the hearts that unite with Christ.

We keep ourselves in a state of adoration and reverence, contemplating within ourselves the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus that today is expressing in the center of His Chest, in the sacred symbol of a Eucharist surrounded by light and contemplated by seven angels, winged angels. Above Christ, the Universe of the Celestial Father.

While in Heaven, eternity is lived, on Earth the New Kingdom is built. That Kingdom that God once entrusted to the archangels so that they could manifest it and express it in the form of Universes, and after, of consciousnesses.

This is the Sacred Universe of God that today I bring to your meeting, in solemnity with the Holy Spirit, which causes the gifts of God to manifest by means of the Sacred Word and through instruction.

Be participants of this ceremony, on this second day, with your hearts lit up in the Love of God so that your souls can go to the Fount and drink of It, and the mistakes, not yet forgiven, may be forgiven by the Grace of the Divine Son.

Today I bring you the Loyalty of God. It is this that will strengthen your spiritual life and your walk upon this planet. It is this that will make you worthy and deserving of the Mercy of God.

Today, the Ark of the Holy Covenant, a legacy that I once proclaimed to you, and told you a part of its revelations, opens before your inner worlds.

Today it is here again, in spirit, protected and guarded by the angels of the Lord, in the name of your Master and Lord, of your Shepherd and Redeemer.

It is time for you to know, companions, more truths kept in the Sacred Ark of the Lord so that your spirits may become ennobled, your consciences may rise and cross the threshold of superficial life to enter into the life of the spirit.

These three burning candles represent three revelations of the Ark of the Holy Covenant. Part of them have already been told, but not deeply known.

To be before the Ark of the Holy Covenant is like being before the Thought and the deep Desire of God; from that divine and sublime Thought that God emanated from His Source before entrusting to the archangels the materialization of the spiritual, mental and material Universes.

Thus, companions, many of you, present here today, on this day of solemnity and glory, are facing your origins: the beginning of the Beginning. You are facing the spiritual Matrix of God, present in His Sacred Consciousness and in His highest degree of Divinity.

The mysteries of the non-material Universe are presented on Earth, because these mysteries, not yet known to the world, were the same mysteries that acted from the birth of Jesus, in His public life and even at the top of the Cross.

You are before what belongs to you and what no one can take away from you, because it is a spiritual treasure that your souls must aspire to find in this time, in eternal communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, until His Holy Will is fulfilled in you.

Do not disconnect from what you are experiencing. Your souls need a lot of this to be able to go through the end of times and so that, each day more, you are more conscious and discerning.

In spite of the suffering of My Wounds in My Hands, Feet and Side, the Blood poured out by the Son of God was spiritually protected and safeguarded, not only by My Mother and the holy women, but by what the angels collected in that time; because it was that testimony of living true and profound love that today allows Me to be here to announce to humanity the sacred time of revelations.

My spiritual Blood, converted and sublimated, surrendered and shed in each step of the Passion, was kept in the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

The angels accompanied the Calvary of your Master and Lord. While the hells were stirring and impure spirits could not stand the Light of God, the triumph of the Mercy and Love of the Father was being established.

Meanwhile, the Passion of Jesus was the consequence, the result and the experience that allowed, by means of the precious Blood, for the existence of humanity up to today, knowing from the beginning of the agony, in the Garden of Gethsemane, what would be done and suffered as a consequence of your actions.

But on higher levels of consciousness, where only those who pray from the heart can reach, the victory of Christ was experienced in the triumph of His Love within each human heart.

That Blood that was shed and covered in the Ark of the Holy Covenant allowed and granted, through Divine Grace, that the humanity of these times, the humanity of the end times, not lose its real genetic code, the beginning of the Beginning, the origin of the Origin that, through the times and the facts, has brought you here.

The Blood of your Master converted your mistakes. The sufferings of the Redeemer sublimated the consciousness of humanity. While in the inner planes, everything happened and was established, according to the Will of God.

Today, before the Thrones of My Father, I bring to your spirits, souls and hearts, a spiritual replica of the Blood of the Lamb of God so that, through the Eucharist and the Communion with the Holy Spirit, your souls may return to the origin you once lost.

I know you will not understand what I am telling you today, because the non-material universe is not mental and not concrete. It is an energy that vibrates in the highest spheres, it is the greater root of all the roots that gives rise to the Tree of Life so that later on the Sacred Tree will bear fruit in the children of God.

God thought of everything that exists today, but He never wanted evil. Evil is the root of disobedience, but that was converted and transmuted during the suffering of your Lord upon the Cross, while the nails were nailed into His Hands and Feet. The pain I felt for you was indescribable and, up to today, I remember it just as I lived it and suffered it.

This is part of the second revelation of the Sacred Ark because, in that unbearable moment of the Passion, hell was defeated, the uncertain doors were closed and those who had died after My Ascension were resurrected to testify to the presence of the Son of God.

Through the suffering of the Son, God rewrote the history of humankind with His own Hand and, through His pen of Light, reaffirmed the Commandments based on the Greatest Commandment, to love God above all things, just as He loves you in perfection.

Third revelation of the Ark of the Holy Covenant

Mary, your Mother, bowed down upon the ground when the Redeemer was raised to the top, on the Cross, the hells trembled and the powers fell by their own weight.

Meanwhile, the Archangel Michael, with all the power and splendor of God, expelled from the four points of the Earth the evil spirits that dominated humanity. And a deep awakening of love and conversion was activated within souls.

Every drop of Blood that was still pouring out from the Body of the Son of God was collected by the angels of Heaven through chalices of light.

That is why this revelation will help you on this day not to be tepid, and to renew your commitment with the Heights, knowing that all your lives are already written in the Holy Book of God, according to what was thought of and meditated upon by the Source. If that Will is altered, souls will suffer due to their own actions and they will not be renewed.

But I come to convert all this, as your Redeemer and Lord, your Master and Pastor, so that your lives may reach the Will of God, the renewal and the living of the commitment.

Everything that was lived in the Holy Land by your Master and Lord and by your Holy Mother, as well as by each one of the apostles, is something that still remains alive and that in My Presence I bring to you so that you could feel and live what so many followers of Mine lived and felt in those times, so that they could remember and the veils of consciousness may fall so that they can glimpse the horizon of God and see His holy revelations with their own eyes, which are a balm of healing, redemption and love for the hearts.

Gathering the Ark of the Holy Covenant, the doors of the Celestial Church open again to celebrate the renewal in the hearts and lives of people, incessantly seeking the awakening of consciousness and the living of the Will of God, which is the Will that will save you and redeem you.

Today I ask you to be empty, divested, bare of yourself and placed at the Feet of your Master and Lord.

We divest ourselves of ourselves. We surrender to God in total trust and repeat the words of Jesus, making them resonate in our heart:

“I divest myself, Lord, of everything that I have.

I surrender with trust into Your Heart.

Make me an instrument in Your Hands.

Renew the times and forms.

Establish on Earth Your Divine Principle,

May I be a spark of the emanation

of Your Love so that all may be healed and redeemed,

so in that surrender and complete divestment,

I not fear the end of times,

the sacred renunciation and the unconditional love.

Because You, Lord, will act and labor in my life,

and everything will be transformed.


We stand up.

Prayer: Sacred Chalice of the Lord (sung).

Today, in light of this promised Grace, I have listened to the pleas of some hearts that showed Me their truth and their effort, and with trust have come here to serve Me.

Today I will assemble new helpers so that they may dress My altars with love and especially remember and never forget the spiritual commitment that they made with Me forever. Because the spiritual marriage with Me can never be broken. It is the thread that unites us, soul to Soul, heart to Heart, and it is the grace that your lives receive when you merely serve Me in simplicity and in readiness, however it may be.

I need the rings, the veils and the oil to anoint them here.

Let My daughters come, those who applied for this spiritual exercise.


Support what I am doing with the inner strength that I give you and the temperance that I provide for you.

The other postulants can come here. Come to My Feet.

I always listen to those who ask Me and within My Heart, I feel your supplications, because I do not only do it for you, I do it for the world and for its conversion.

The Lord blesses you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I brought you here because My Father asked Me to, for your souls, the souls of your families, of many that are unknown to you, and that on the inner planes plead for love and redemption.

Just like the holy women, today I come to consecrate you as My spouses, to live in intimacy with Me in spiritual matrimony, in the name of service, of love and of surrender to God.

Today you will be called, in the name of Our Lord, María Caridad.

Today you will be called, in the name of Our Lord, María de la Luz.

Today you will be called, in the name of Our Lord, Elena de San José.

Today you will be called, in the name of Our Lord, María Piedad.

Today you will be called, in the name of Our Lord, María de Garabandal.

You already have a very beautiful name.

Today you will be called, in the name of Our Lord, María Pía, in the name of Saint Pío of Pietrelcina.

Today you will be called, in the name of Our Lord, María del Consuelo.

And you, who finally came to Me, today I name you, I consecrate you with gentleness and love, María de Yahveh.

May this veil purify you today and sanctify you in Christ. Amen.

May this oil anoint you today, with the spirit of Life, which is the Spirit of God, the Renewing Spirit that comes to the world through His Son, time after time.

Support what I am doing.

Now dress as Mary dressed, in Her Holy purity and humility, to eternally serve God.

Today My Will is fulfilled. Amen.

Now the final moment has come, companions, for the transubstantiation of the elements.

Those who can may kneel.


At that time, I gave Myself to the world unconditionally. And God gave Himself to all of humanity through His Son.

In this ministry of the Celestial Church, today I say to you again: "Eat all of It, for this is My Body, that was surrendered for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We adore You, Lord, and we bless You.

The Blood of the Lamb was shed upon the world, so that in the world no more blood would be shed. And in spite of what is happening today in humanity and in the nations, blessed are those who participate in the Supper of the Lord, because they will testify for Me in the end of times for the salvation of souls.

"Take and drink of It, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, of the New Covenant, that was shed by your Master and Lord, by the martyred saints, for the forgiveness and the remission of sins. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We take each other's hands.

Prayer: Our Father (in Portuguese).

Praise be to God. Blessed be His Kingdom.

This is the Body and the Blood of Christ. Blessed are the merciful because they will receive Mercy. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús bestows communion on each one of the helpers that are being consecrated in this ceremony.

At last, today all was consummated and accomplished, according to the Will of God.

I invite you to bear the end of times in My Love.

May the Peace of the Father be in your hearts and may this Peace be multiplied all over the Earth.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In fraternity and love, you will give each other the greeting of peace.

I thank you.