Friday, January 19 of 2018

The Sacred Call

If you experience difficulties within My Plan, it is a sign that it is being fulfilled.

Always have a mature mind and a strong heart, to learn to go beyond yourself every day, knowing that behind each test and each challenge My Heart is present and My Will is projected onto your life: in all your senses, in each breath, as well as in each new dream.

Do not lose your expectations. I also told My apostles that in the past. Keep your spirit burning and the joy of God will always fill you.

There is no tie or link that cannot be undone. There is no obstacle or test that cannot be overcome. Because if you fully trust in Me, My Heart will protect you and I will always renew your life through the learning, the teachings, and the tests, which in this next time you will have to experience for Me.

But do not be discouraged. If I am your Lord and your God, you will lack nothing. I have great special treasures to give you, when your steps are directed only towards Me and you are able to find freedom on My Path.

Do not be afraid to know what awaits you round the bend in the road. Do not be afraid to feel the power and rigor of My Will, because if I, Who is your Husband and your Companion, am by your side, nothing will happen to you. I only need you to grow in the degrees of love, of surrender, and of service.

Many souls need to learn through your example, sincere and real, toward Me.

When you are at the point of falling into the abyss or a great difficulty, you will be surprised, because I will have you in My Arms, to console you and give you strength of spirit.

I will demand great things of My most valued soldiers, from those I have summoned and have chosen for My planetary task. And I know that maybe they may be large for them, but I will always aid them, I will always assist them. And in spite of My Consciousness being in silence, I will not lose a moment, nor the opportunity of being able to accompany them in the steps of transformation and redemption.

My Apostle: pour your aspirations out on Me, because I too want to be consoled by your surrender, by your dedication, and by your great perseverance. I only wish good for you, for I, Who speaks to you, Who Is your God, am here; trust in Me and take My Hand, in order to reach the end, to what I most desire for you, to what I have thought of and designed in the meditation of My Heart and of My Spirit.

I alone will be your refuge and there will be no other. The world is an illusion and submerges itself in itself, in perdition. That is why I offer great sacrifices for those I have chosen with My own Hand. And even though you do not fully understand My Will, I will help you to bear the cross that My Father has given you. And I will be the new Cyrenian, Who comes to help you to gain freedom from and forgiveness of all your sorrows.

Empty yourself, empty yourself, just empty yourself!

Dare to do it for Me and I will do many things through you, because My purposes are very unknown; My Desires are inexplicable. But My Purpose for your life is very clear and I will never change it, because what is written in the Heart of My Father will be fulfilled.

That is why I call you. Follow me and do not get tired of doing so!

I do not come to look at your sins. I do not come to contemplate your imperfections, your doubts, nor your failures. I only need you to trust Me and that you always wait for Me in worship, in prayer, in the silence, in communion with Nature. And out of nothing, everything will dissolve, because My enemy does not know love, nor the power that it has.

You are a spark of God. You are a non-material cell of His Spirit. And He once breathed and you traveled through the Universe to incarnate as spirit, within a great experience that is love.

Without love no one can live, neither can the world. Without love, souls die. Without love, souls become ill. When you are unable to be in love, look for it in Me, for I will give it to you, I will cause you to feel it like on the first day in which you decided to say "yes" to Me. And everything will pass. There will be no anguish or fear that prevails, because the Love that I have for those I have chosen with My Hand is not transferable.

Tonight, rest your spirit in My Arms and surrender to My renewing Love. I have the authority to change all things and all events. If at least the souls of the world gazed with sincerity at My Heart, suffering would no longer exist.

That is why I suffer for those who do not surrender. I suffer for those who abandoned Me and did not know to trust in My Love; because My Love, until the end of your lives, will be unknown, and you will only come to know it in Eternity, in Paradise, where there is no more pain or suffering.

I would like for you, My apostle, to surrender at My Feet, that you bow down before My Presence each time you need it; for I will raise you up from the ground and will make you strong, as strong as the apostles were, and no one will lose their way, for whoever trusts in Me will not perish. They will be able to go through a great test, but in the greatest ruin, in the greatest doubt, or in the greatest captivity, I will be present there, waiting for you to seek Me, to find Me, to embrace Me, and to feel the Merciful Fire of My Heart.

Today I give these words to those who persist and do not get tired; to those who dare to love every day beyond themselves. Because if you really loved the mystery, it would be known, and souls would acquire wisdom for carrying out the Works of God.

Today I come to close an imperceptible spiritual wound and to pass My Hand over it in order to heal it, knowing that the Will of My Father will be fulfilled.

Do not give up or get tired. The breath of Spirit will aid you and the doors will open, the roads will light up, and the darkness will disappear around you. I only need you to surrender to My Confidence, to be able to take the last great step, that which will eternally marry you to Me. And we will live a spiritual and loving Covenant, unknown to your soul. For whomever marries Me achieves freedom and is like a bird in high flight, free to praise God for all eternity and to be one day among the saints and the blessed, proclaiming with the celestial choirs, the return of their humble Master and Lord.

Father, today I implore You. Give strength to those who listen to You. Give impetus to those who follow You. Cause faith to grow in the hearts that cry out to You. And I assure You, Adonai, that the world will change, because the Earth will be repopulated with New Christs, who will be like flames similar to the Holy Spirit and who will be surrendered to You in worship.

Father, Beloved Lord, strengthen hope; work in Your creatures through healing and through redemption, so that all those who are self-summoned and those who have not yet been summoned may be at My side, celebrating with Me the ceremony of Forgiveness and of Reconciliation.

Make known, Lord, Your Infinite Will. Give all to drink from the Fount of Your Love, so that the deepest and unknown wounds close and Your Kingdom, Lord, be established forever. Amen.

Leave your heart empty for Me, and I will be able to place My greatest treasures, which will be revealed in time through your service, your surrender, and your charity.

May My Name resound in the hearts of the world, so that My Word may be fulfilled in all those whom I have called at this time to serve Me.

Stay in My Arms and feel My Peace.

Stay in My Arms and feel My Breath.

Embrace me tightly and listen to the beat of My Heart; place your head on My Breast, so that the new Flame of My eternal Love resounds within you.

May your offences dissolve. May your sins be forgiven and may your soul be consecrated to Me, so that in the last days of life, you join in spiritual marriage with Me, forever.

And thus, the Gardens of Heaven will blossom. And as a sweet wife, you will walk among the roses to meet Me, free of the past and from all pain. And at the end of the Gardens, you will find Me and I will place My Sacred Covenant in your hands, so that you may be My companion on the path and so after this life, you may live My Will in other spaces of Infinity.

And you will be an incandescent star, that will have written within it the history of redemption and of forgiveness. And many beings of the Universe will come to know that history, because finally your essence will be like a mirror that will pour out from the Source, the Love that forgives all things, heals all things, and redeems all things.

And I will gather together the stars of the Universe for the ceremony. And all the essences that have consecrated themselves to Me will be married to their King and Lord. And I, with the Scepter of the Light of God, in the company of the Most Holy Mary, will bless all the essences, will consecrate them, and marry them with God, forever.

And in that hour evil will no longer exist, because all those who have trusted Me will know true Love and true Wisdom.

Make your heart peaceful. Calm your mind and surrender into My Arms, so that I may leave in you the Universe of My Love and of My Mercy.

See how great is the Love of the Father; He, Who is so great and infinite, made Himself small among His creatures, and gave the greatest that He had: His Son, so that He, through bread and wine, would give to eat of His Body and give to drink of His Blood, in order to establish the Covenant between souls and the Creator.

With special joy and happiness, today I bless this bread. And again I repeat: take and eat of it, all of you, because this is My Body that was assaulted by men, for the forgiveness and the remission of sins.

In the same way, I say to you: take and drink all of you of it, because this is My Chalice, it is My Blood of the new and eternal Covenant between humankind and God, so that His divine and magnificent Purpose may be fulfilled.

May those who today eat and drink of the Lord's Table rejoice, because their sins were forgiven, their bonds were released, and the Love of the Glorified and Sacred Heart of Jesus triumphed over the redeemed. Amen.

And now, let me wash your hands, your feet and your head, with the Spiritual Fount of Love, so that all may be renewed and there be no doubts that this is the Path that I offer you to live every day, until I can see with My own Eyes and feel with My own Heart that You have surpassed Me in Love.

And even if you do not believe it, that is possible, because who really loves, gives of themselves; and whoever gives of themselves, surrenders to God unconditionally.

Establish then, for the days to come, this marriage with Me, and allow me to place the veil on you to marry you to Me and give you My Covenant so that you can unite with Me. Because My Heart not only holds treasures, but also many mysteries of love, which in this time I wish to pour out over souls that seek Me and that I wish to give to the souls that most need Me.

I have so much Love to give, but many hearts reject it and exchange it for other things, for other desires, or for other satisfactions!

I need New Christs in order to be able to continue with My Work!

Smile at me!, because I want to see your eyes shine and that your tears be of gratitude and of hope for those who suffer, for those who cry in grief and have no relief. And so, through you, I will be able to reach each one of them and you will be reaffirmed on your path, until at the end you meet Me in Heaven.

Tonight I want to hear a song of a wife of Mine, a song that reveals a story of love between a soul and My Heart. And through which all souls will be able to feel united with Me, through that very simple song.

My hope is that one day, in your ardent aspiration and commitment to Me, we will see each other face to face. Because as much as My work and My duty are very great in regards to the world, the Lord always has His space for those who need to be heard in prayer and in the silence.

I bless you in the name of all the angels and archangels of Heaven, in the name of the renewing Fount of Love that heals and closes wounds.

May the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be among you, now and always. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I will take the plea of this song for all the souls that do not have the opportunity to know me or hear me. That speaks of the importance of spreading My Message to the whole world and in all possible languages.

I thank you.