Friday, September 16 of 2022

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

While the world seeks a mistaken way out, and humanity still keeps flaunting power and personal will, through the Fire of the Holy Spirit that congregates you today, I bring you the mystery of the Cross on Mount Calvary so that you may contemplate it through My Heart present here today. So that you may be at the foot of the Cross, just as My Mother and the holy women were. So that you may be at the foot of the cross of the planet, because many try to escape this commitment, because it is unknown and many still fear it.

That which I can offer you are sacrifices, it is a Law not yet understood by the world. Sacrifice has been transgressed by men and women of the Earth because they have not understood it, but My Mother was at the foot of the Cross, and loved that mystery.

And today, your Master and Lord, Glorious and Resplendent upon this mountain range, rejoices for being back here, for being with the warriors of Mercy of this Community, for being, for a moment, with those who are His, with those who are learning to overcome themselves, with the apostles who sustain this Marian Center.

I am here, at last, with Mine, with those who are faithful to this Plan, who accompany the Work of the Hierarchy. This is the reason that has brought Me here and it is the permission that I have directly received from the Father.

Many more must open up to love the mystery of the Cross, the Cross that was marked by My own Blood, the Cross that was bathed by My own Water. And today, through the mystery that I bring to your inner worlds, through My Cross, I mark you again as Children of the Father.

Today, I again purify you through My Blood, as those apostles who are written in the Heart of God and whom, through their talents and virtues, I come to seek.

Today, I speak to you from an abstract universe, but if the heart is open, it can understand and feel all. It understands the mystery that I bring to the world and to hearts, because it is a sacred seed of Light that I sow in consciousnesses, a seed that will germinate and sprout in the coming times. Therefore, your faith and devotion to My Sacred Heart must keep watering this sacred seed, which is invisible and imperceptible to the eyes of humanity.

Thus, I come to anoint you, and I come to mark you with My Fire.

Today, you are open to be anointed by My Spirit again. And to complete My task in Argentina and for Argentina, I come to mark, through anointment, the flocks of God, the children of the Immolated Lamb, so that they may be a visible sign of redemption throughout the world. Because not only do you need it, but the world also needs it imperiously.

Rejoice, and feel you are resurrected in spirt and soul, and no longer allow your souls to be impure.

May the visible sign of the Cross, which I bring today, to each one of you, again bring you a sacrament, through My Spirit and My Divinity, so that the apostles of the end of times may be more defined, and doubts or uncertainties may no longer exist.

Therefore, I approach you at this moment, through a special and spiritual proximity, because through you I work with the whole world, with souls, and in Spirit I can reach those spaces that need Me.

As I told you in Buenos Aires, you will still see, in the end of times, the purification around you and within you. Why should you fear, if your Shepherd is here to help you?

Do you by any chance believe I do not know each part of your beings? Each corner of your consciousness is known by Me. There will never be anything that you can hide from Me, although you may believe so.

Through the Sacrament of Anointment, which today I will offer to you, once again, I will lead you to enter My Christic Path even more, the path of sacrifice. Because the door of the great rendition is open to those who want to cross it, and I will be there to accompany you, to follow your steps so that on this path of rendition you may recognize My Footprints, the Luminous Footprints of Christ, so that you may learn to walk just as I walk in this world, so that you may learn to see Me, just as I am present through various suffering souls and hearts.

If the world deepened into the Gift of Charity and the Good, and the Good were not used as a business weapon, or if the Gift of Fraternity were not used to the benefit of just a few, I assure you that the war in Ukraine today would have already ended, just as in other conflicts throughout the world that you do not know about, in which I am silently present, sustaining the mothers of war, the cry of the innocent, sheltering with My Light the children whose innocence and childhood were taken away. I could tell you, at this moment, many more things of this world.

The great key to cross the door of rendition is the giving of self.

The one who gives their whole life and being does not find limits in their consciousness and, even if they have limits in their consciousness, they know how to overcome them.

Giving of self will always lead you to piety and service.

Be more attentive and give of yourselves. Do not do it only for you, do it for the whole world, for all those situations that are not yet forgiven by God, and only the Law of My Unfathomable and Divine Mercy can bring a solution to all that happens.

Thus, I invite you to strengthen yourselves in the apostolate, and this will begin in you and among your family members, at your homes, in daily life and also at work.

This is what I taught My apostles so that, although they abandoned Me at the foot of the Cross and denied Me three times,  they would not cease to feel they are My apostles, those who, through the Fire of the Holy Spirit, would carry My Word, the Gospel.

Now, your own lives must be My living Gospel. I not only need the testimonial of your love and redemption, I also need concrete, true and honest action. This is what I need from the apostles of the end of times: that your lives may never cease to aspire for consecration, that your own legs never tire of walking toward the encounter with the Great Master.

Why do I say all this to you today, although it seems that you have listened to it so many times?

It is because it has not yet happened, and through My Blessed Grace and the Holy Humility that My Heart can offer you, I prepare you for the great times of revelations so that you do not do the same as My apostles did in the past, leaving Me alone at the most important moment.

Therefore, I ask you, “Who will climb the Calvary of the cross of the planet together with the Master?

This is something profound and spiritual. It is to live the testimonial of Christ in the flesh, not just to adore and recognize Him as the Lord among lords, but rather that the very story of your lives, the story of your redemption and your love for Me, at each step of life, may be like a blessed Code of Light stored in the Ark of the Holy Covenant, which today, once again, I come to offer to all.

Argentina needs these kinds of apostles, apostles of One Lord, apostles of one path, apostles of one God. Because otherwise, companions, how can that which Argentina and the world live today be reversed?

I come to call to My Path those who have said ‘yes’ to Me from the beginning.

I come to call the sheep by their own names.

Children of My Father, it is time to raise the walls of the inner temple and, once and for all, surrender your dwellings. Because the Gifts that I gave you must be available, at this moment, for your Master and Lord. This is what I most need at this moment.

I am by the side of those who allow Me to walk by their side, so that I may accompany them as I Have always done.

Although the experience of this life may seem painful, sad or horrible, aspire, appeal, implore to come to know the Gift of Sacrifice, because it is something that you can live between My Heart and your hearts.

The Gift of Sacrifice is a Law that the Father enacted before I expired on the Cross. Because the Gift of Sacrifice is a Gift of Sacramental Communion between souls and My Heart, between the divinity of each being and My Divinity, between your spirits and My Sacred Spirit. It is not something palpable, it is something spiritual. It is not something material, it is something profoundly immaterial.

Each time you offer something to Me, remember that you will be in communion with Me, under the Law of Sacramental Sacrifice.

Not everyone can be called to live this school, because it depends on the history of their lives and, above all, of their souls. But today, opening the great door of rendition to the whole world, marking this door to each one of you, I need souls with courage to cross it, because I need to justify, before God, so many errors in the world.

Our Hearts, the Heart of My Holy Mother, Mary, the Chaste Heart of My Father, Saint Joseph, and My Sacred Heart, need to keep coming to the world to help in this cruel planetary reality and intervene in this scenario of horrors of the world.

Souls need to remember, but also need to love the price of My Blood, so that this Spiritual and Powerful Blood may keep descending to the world, and all those who still wait in the abysses of this world for rescue and liberation may be rescued and liberated once and for all.

Do you now understand the importance of sacrifice? It corresponds to a mature and adult attitude.

I prepare souls to feel motivated to live their own Garden of Gethsemane.

Will you drink from the Chalice when it appears before you?

When the angels show you this Sacred Chalice, will you drink of it?

You will have just one minute, at that moment, to remember what I have told you today.

No longer cling to your fears, cling to My Truth, cling to My Path, be part of My Life, just as the Son is part of the Life of the Father, and the Father is life in His Children.

Argentina approaches this great moment of inner definition, and when you see even more chaos in the streets of this world, will you run away as the apostles did to escape the sacrifice next to your Master and Lord? Will the Holy Mother be alone again at the foot of the cross of the planet? Who will give Her their scarf so that She may wipe Her tears?

The Sorrowful Mother silently walks in Argentina. The Mother travels each nation of South America and, together with Her Angels and Archangels, in the dimension of the Divine Consciousness, She crosses the calvary of this world and of souls.

Remember, companions, God knows each heart and, through His Son, God approaches you and your brothers and sisters in the world so that, just as it was in the Garden of Gethsemane with your Master and Lord, you may receive His strength, courage and bravery and say, “Lord, my heart is ready.”

As a testimonial of the greatness of the Mystery of the Cross and of the Love of God, today I will have the bliss of again consecrating new adorers who are learning to love My Eucharistic Body, who are learning to be part of My Mystical Body. Because remember, in the Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar lies the power of overcoming to go through the end of these times. The one who is capable of falling upon their own knees before the Blessed Sacrament will know how to overcome themselves.

I do not care how many times you have made mistakes, My Heart hopes you will never again miss the opportunities that I bring you, which are not transitory.

My Kingdom needs to have souls as flowers in God's Garden. How many souls in religious and lay life wither away, day by day, like a flower that dries up due to the lack of the Water of Life! I bring you the Fountain of renewal so that you may cross the door of consecration.

I am grateful that you have prepared this space for Me and for Saint Joseph. You do not know how significant this is to My Consciousness, how important it is to My Heart. Because it is in the heart where the Treasures of the Father are kept, it is in the heart where the Son and the Holy Spirit can dwell.

Now, may the doors of consecration open, may incense be lit, and may water be offered to bless souls. May the Sacred Oil of the Altar anoint needy hearts, through the Powerful Cross of the Redeemer.

Let us truly prepare for this moment, because all may receive a Grace at this moment. an Incalculable and inexhaustible Grace.

Bring Me the scarves of the Adorers so that I may consecrate them with the Breath of the Spirit. So that they, day by day, through the Eucharistic Adoration, may unite to Me until they are in Me, in Eternity.

Those who will be consecrated may approach the foot of this Altar.


Lord, God of the Universe,
 through Your Spirit
and through the offering of these Sacred Elements,
which are a part of My Christic Congregation on the planet,
bless and renew souls whenever it may be necessary,
so that they may feel, in this consecration, the Breath of Your Spirit,
so that all may be healed and liberated.




Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Christ will accompany this consecration of new adorers, and we will unite to Him, at this moment, through a song that He has asked of us, which is called “Consecration.” We will sing it in Spanish.

And at the request of Christ, we will accompany the brothers and sisters so that they may live this moment in a deep and inner way, while the Lord accompanies this consecration.

Please, let us preserve silence, as the Hierarchy is present.

(The consecration of new adorers of the Eucharistic Body of Christ is carried out)

We will ask the mother of Friar Juan Evangelista to come here, and be consecrated, at the request of Christ, as helper. 

We ask for the elements to be brought, please.


I have the power to renew all that you offer to Me, when this offering is true and honest.

My Love blesses the souls that truly surrenders to Me, because I make all things new.

Today, the Lord blesses you with the name Lucero de Dios.

Welcome to this path of helping at the Altars of Christ and of honoring His Name forever. Be welcome, Lucero de Dios!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Now we will prepare for the moment of the Eucharistic celebration, the Spiritual Communion, expanding even more this spirit of consecration, so that it may be received by the souls of the world.

I give you My Peace, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.