Friday, September 15 of 2023

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Just as the breeze of this morning, My Consoling Love floods you. This Love, which emanates from the Source in an inexhaustible and inextinguishable way. It is the Love of the Eternal Father, who is with open Arms waiting for the arrival of each one of His Children.

For this reason, He sends Me as an emanation of His Consoling Love to comfort the lives of Mine, to bring them towards My Peace, so that, through My Peace, each one of My disciples and companions may learn to make their decisions in this final cycle. Because these decisions, companions, will define the next steps of the Spiritual Hierarchy for all this Work of the Plan of Rescue of humanity.

Today I Am here not only for this reason, but I have brought you near Russia so that you may accompany the Lord in His spiritual and occult task. Only open eyes through the heart will be able to understand and feel what I Am doing at this moment; because the Lord does not come to raise His sword before His enemies. The Lord of Israel comes to show you once again, by means of His example of life and surrender, the same as your Master and Lord lived in Israel in His great moment of pain and agony, when most of His companions and followers abandoned Him.

But perhaps this is not the school that fits you in this time. Rather, the school of My companions of the end of times will be the great decision of absolutely following Me. Because in the face of the reality and the situation of the planet and humanity, it is urgent, for the Lord of Israel, that some souls may be depositories of Light impulses, spiritual and inner impulses that will materialize the New Earth.

And although the chaos of these times is present and this may seem premature to you, the emergence of a New Humanity takes place in what is deep and most invisible, where there is no ostentation or privileges. It is in the absolute void of the heart that God can build His Temple and Dwelling.

This is why I do not come here only to liberate the enemies of God; so that, through the price of the Precious shed Blood of Christ, the most fallen and lost on the planet may stand up again, and have the opportunity and grace of knowing Love, so that hatred, vengeance and impunity may be dissolved from their hearts.

When you see someone who is a very hard enemy, do not see them with eyes of hatred, anger or even denial. You must know that in the depths of this hardened heart there is no love, because love has been stolen by My adversary.

Therefore, I come to rebuild all these situations. I come to give opportunity to all these consciousnesses, which are lost in darkness. Because I want you to know that many of them have fallen from My Boat, and just as I have helped you many times, It is My wish that the most lost and forgotten, who have closed their hearts to the Love of God, may have, before leaving this material world, the opportunity of redeeming themselves through Love, a Love that transfigures and renews, the Love that sprang as Blood and Water on the Cross. Although for many the Death of Christ seemed like a great defeat, in the innermost depths of the spirit the lives of the most lost souls were being reborn and all was slowly being transformed.

Thus, your Lord of Israel and Finland comes to exercise His Order and His Government through the same merits He achieved. Because it is not through battle or confrontation that the war will be won, it is by breaking the hardest aspect of the human heart through the Ray of Consoling Love.  

If you do not have this as a premise and a spiritual rule, many will suffer, because they will not understand. Because when you are before the reality of the end of times, and all seems not to make sense, you must remember these principles of your Lord, so that you may learn to go through life circumstances and live the lessons through love, not taking them as injustice or defeat, but rather as an intelligent opportunity to take a new step.

I know that many souls in the world would like everything to be different, but if Love were not the first rule, nothing could be different.

By any chance, was the Death of Jesus an error? Was the surrender for His enemies an error?

How does God try to make you understand this mystery of Love, so that, in the face of the turbulent scenario of life, you may not become afraid or disturbed, but rather that, through the strength of God’s Love, you may learn to overcome the times and situations?

In the face of the devastating scenario of the end of times, and the barbarity of those who are unjust and covered by impunity, in the face of all those who make millions of souls suffer in the world, the Lord of Israel and Finland comes to present this Christic school to you.

Although I know that perhaps not all of  you will follow it, My Heart makes this offering to you because more complex and unexpected times will come and, within your hearts and essences, you will have to have clarity about your decisions and attitudes so that nothing takes you by surprise, but rather your hearts may be ready, just as I have once said to you:

give me a heart that is ready
to live what You need,
to fulfill what You expect,
to concretize Your Holy and Divine Will.


This should be your prayer in the end of these times.

You must fear nothing of what I tell you, because nothing that I tell you is to do you harm. I Am the Light that incarnated in this world to remove you from darkness and error, to open the door of redemption to you, to give you life in abundance.

I thank all those who are with Me at this moment, following My Steps, contemplating My Footprints, carrying forward My projects, fulfilling My aspirations, trying to live in My Peace every day.

Although the times are urgent, never forget that Love will triumph and that Love can never be defeated, because Love in its essence is compassion and light, it is science and understanding, it is wisdom and healing for souls.

Jesus, the Christ, places His gaze today upon the nation of Russia, and does not observe it with Justice, but rather with eyes of Mercy, so that those who have been fallen since past times, may see the light of Love in the abyss of their consciousness, so that once more, these consciousnesses may be redeemed, as it was in My Death on the Cross, just as it was in My falls on Mount Calvary, when I had no more breath, and seemed that I would not make it until the end, I gave My last second of life for all those who denied Me.

Would you be able to live the same school?

The times show these doors so that the disciples may dare to cross them, and maturity may be the keynote of this time to dissolve mediocrity and negligence from the consciousness, so that you may know that each moment of your lives is important and precious, that nothing should be wasted in this universe, and that all should be transformed and resized, until it reaches communion with the Source.

We will continue to walk along this world on mission and in prayer.

I thank all those who have presented themselves here, in this place, to accompany the Lord of Israel and Finland, in this occult and secret task with Russia, because a good farmer always plucks out the roots from deep within, and sows new things through their self-giving and, above all, through their love.

I come to throw the seed of the New Life, just as I have thrown the nets to collect the lost souls for Me.

That should be the attitude of the New Christs: love, but not with differences, love, but not with conditions, love, but not with preferences, love, but not with denials, love, but not with injustice; simply love from the heart, just as I love you, because all is already foreseen in the Heart of God.

May My Light fill the Northern Hemisphere and the whole world so that Mercy may act and work, just as the Mercy of My Heart intervened during My Calvary on the Cross, by means of the Water and Blood.

It is in the solemn silence of the Hierarchy that the next steps are projected, the future aspirations of the Plan are manifested. Keep this in your consciousness and thus all will always be materialized, because it is the Will of God, it is Law and Justice.

Now, spiritually walk with your feet upon the waters, just as Peter did, and through his faith, without perceiving it, went to meet the Master. Go and meet My Heart so that the Lord of Israel may also be consoled.

I bless and thank you for having allowed this moment, all those who trust My Call.

Be life with nature. Be communion with Creation, because in it you will find the healing you need and the peace you seek so much. Because in Creation is God, His Love and His magnificent Beauty.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us.

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.