Friday, January 21 of 2022

The Sacred Call

Today, I return from the Sun, so that the planetary reality and humanity may receive the urgent Grace of relief.

This relief that I grant to you today is for the spirit of each one of you, so that My solemn Solar Essence may embrace, transmute, purify and redeem you.

In the face of so much inequality and indifference throughout this world, I come today for the discarded, the underprivileged, the refugees, and I also come for the exploited, the wounded and the sick.

My Solar Essence comes, at this crucial moment, as a preamble of the culminating development of Armageddon, as not only are My servers and consecrated ones going through this Armageddon, but also all of humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature.

This is a moment prior to the end of inequality, of the suffering of the planet and of the Kingdoms of Nature.

All that I have prophesized in the Gospels is being fulfilled and, with ardor in My Heart, I would like for it to have never taken place. But the commitment that some human beings make with evil forces harms the entire planet and does not allow this planetary shipwreck to end.

For this reason, all the Divinity, gathered in the spiritual and cosmic planes, has reached a consensus. This consensus seeks alternatives that may prevent certain world events, ruled by contrary forces, from falling upon the most vulnerable and unprotected, upon all the poorest peoples and nations.

A Conclave has been formed and established in the present Real Time so that all, from the Archangels and their Hosts of Light to all the goodwill Consciousnesses of Light, may unite in the invisible planes to try to dissolve evil from the consciousness of the world, all that, at this moment, is being unleashed at a planetary level in a manner never before seen by God since the universal flood.

The lack of value toward ethics, equality, economy, true commitment and truth are principles corrupted by society and by the rulers of today, rulers that leave humanity in a frozen prison without a way out. This causes much indignation, discouragement and fear.

Thus, the collective of humanity, at this moment, behaves like a great uncertain door, where cosmic forces contrary to evolution and to peace enter the world, taking authority and spiritual property of millions of people. 

This effect also has repercussions on nature, which is transgressed and highly dissociated by these contrary forces, provoking great floods, public calamities, misery, loss of material goods, and, above all, more collective mental imbalance.

What can be done at this moment?

There is no other way than by elevating your consciousness and remaining in My Heart, in neutrality, but not with indifference.

You are at the same moment as My apostles were at when, in high seas and at the darkest night, the boat that was carrying their Master seemed to be about to shipwreck and, at that moment, through a decree and an affirmation, everything passed.

When I speak to you about My Solar Essence, it is so that, at this moment, through your essences, you may be able to elevate and sustain a positive, optimistic and hopeful thought, an uplifted thought and feeling that can help the Archangels and the Hierarchies, so that his planetary situation may calm and the universal order may benefit all. This does not mean that the world will quickly be freed from all evils.

The more awareness, values and prayers that may be offered, the greater the possibilities will be for the Divinity of Christ to grant to you, by its merits, a global atonement, which may put an end to all that is being lived and experienced.

Thus, in the preparation previous to the next Sacred Week of 2022, your hearts must exercise decrees and affirmations that are available within all the prayers transmitted by the Divine Messengers throughout the last twelve years.

All the treasures of Instruction, of Divine and Cosmic Knowledge, as well as all the prayers delivered, have the aim that you may be able to count on these tools to learn how to go through the Armageddon and so that you may lovingly help the underprivileged and oppressed.

Meanwhile, this world scenario reflects a lack of common sense, discernment and credibility.

For you, 2022 represents the cycle of your own Calvary, of learning to endure the Cross, keeping in mind that the Father will not abandon you. He wants peace, healing, the good and happiness for all His children, but the majority has replaced Him for artificial gods and idols. But you know that My Heart of Love is open to shelter and support all.

Do not become discouraged, because, more than ever, I am with you, now and until the end of times.

I leave you My warm and loving paternal blessing, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go forward, My apostles!