Friday, August 18 of 2023

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I Am the Lord of Africa and I give to eat of My Body, I give to drink of My Blood, to those who cry out for help, for spiritual help.

From the desert of Sahara to the lands of Yemen, from the heart of Ethiopia down to South Africa, My Powerful Cross extends itself, the Cross of the spiritual freedom of souls of Africa, an unimaginable service that many do not want to experience.

Because it is not just about dirtying one’s hands or entering the greatest and inexplicable suffering of those who have nothing, but rather about My Africa having a treasure that is still unknown to the whole world, which is the treasure of the heart of My African children, which is filled with love, although surrounded by suffering; filled with faith, although disturbed by misery; filled with purity and innocence, still living in slavery.

The Lord of Africa will return to His people, first giving the great sign of His Advent through the powerful Light of the Cross of the Redeemer, which will extend itself throughout this dear and beloved continent.

Few are the ones who have committed to Me in this arduous and difficult service for the souls of Africa.

Who else will respond to My Call, leaving their emotions and restlessness behind, assuming the torch of the Light of Christ, which must shine and illuminate all of Africa through servers and missionaries?

Have you perceived yourselves as part of My Light in humanitarian service for this civilization of the surface?

Have you perceived yourselves as part of My Love at each place visited, in which self-giving must be spontaneous and authentic?

I come as the King of the African continent, Who guides the souls of this continent through the Scepter of God. Because despite what happens in these times, and the aggressions that all nations of Africa live, all souls of this continent are under My Light. This is why I will come first for each one of them, for those who served Me and for those who denied Me.

I will appear, at the end of these times, in an inexplicable way. I will give visible signs, just as I did in Israel, so that My companions may recognize Me.

I will come in a form stronger than the Eternal Light, and I will again work prodigies and miracles for those who do not have faith.

But above all, I will live a great moment with My children of Africa, when I will not only be able to embrace each one of them with the power of My Love and My Mercy, but I will also be filled with the love of each one of them, because their voice is heard in the Heavens, the voice of the peoples of Africa resounds in the Ears of God.

Therefore, trust and have faith. The moment of liberation is near, and not even one more tear will roll down upon the face of My children of Africa.

Happy are those who give of themselves for Africa; all My servers and companions who, beyond themselves, have clarity in their minds about what this great service for souls means and represents.

Happy are those who carry with them My code of Love; those who do not fear darkness, obscurity, misery or infirmity.

Blessed are those who serve in Africa without fear.

Blessed are those who have served in Africa at some moment of their lives, because the Lord has everything in His mind and in His Consciousness.

These are the precious pearls that are gifted to the Creator, through the effort and transmuting sacrifice of My missionaries, because I assure you that you partake with Me in the suffering of the Heart of the Redeemer. And each time you carry forward My service for the souls of Africa, you remove from My Heart the thorns that perpetually make me agonize.

Because not only have I made My Mercy known to the world. Today I also made known to the world the Sorrowful Heart of Jesus, to those who have clarity about the Call that I make to them, the Call for crossing the walls of egocentrism, to give of themselves to the world in a true, authentic and simple way.

I Am the One Who announces the coming of that which is new to all of Africa. Because the Lord of the Universe never tires. There is so much to do and so much to serve, that My apostles, My true apostles, do not have time to think of themselves, for their time is to place the other first, even in that which is smallest and most invisible.

If your consciousness starts from this principle that I present to you today, you will fear no other mission or challenge that I may place before you and you will be able to be living testimonies of My Presence in the world, in the places where true suffering exists, where peace, love and tolerance are lacking.

This is what I have to offer to you: that you may partake with Me in this end of times through humanitarian service and your self-giving.

Because a true missionary never goes ahead; a missionary of the Light foresees the Plan, makes it a part of themselves and internalizes it, so that this Plan may be concretized and fulfilled, just as it has been written in the Heavens since the beginning.

Because a missionary of the Light is always unconditionally prepared and available; they have their heart ready to face with Me the end of times. And the center of their principle is the unfathomable Flame of My Love, which is never extinguished within them, because it is the Flame of My unfathomable and invisible Love that guides and leads them. It is the Flame of My Love that grants them the discernment, the science and the wisdom to choose.

This is why, after this August 8, I come to offer you this synthesis.

I wait for the hearts that have decided to be available to Me until the end, wherever it may be, regardless of the place, the moment or situation. With them I will make all things new, and the light of My Heart will always be abundant for those who day by day confirm themselves to Me.

I will give you the power of My Fortitude so that you may serve Me wherever I need you. Because not only can you be the Light of Christ on Earth, through the hands that give of themselves and embrace suffering in themselves to transform it into relief, love, healing and redemption; but to the missionaries who are decided, I will also grant My Divine Thought so that they may spiritually build with Me the foundations of My Return.

If you feel stagnant, blocked or even closed, ask yourselves:

How is my service to the Lord? Is it authentic? Is it strong? Is it a decided service?

Am I really available for the Plan?

Do not fear transformation; as of now, change the concept and the idea of what it really means. If twelve fishermen converted into My apostles, what could you convert into today, in these end times?

My Graces for all have been so abundant and infinite.

My Love for all hearts has been vast and profound.

Africa and the world wait for you so that you may be bridges of solution, bridges of reconciliation, so that you may be centers of love and light in the world. Thus, you will unconditionally allow Me to work. And I will show you, I will make you feel, what that joy means and represents, the joy of serving God without anything in return.

Today, you conclude the preparatory schools, tomorrow begins the school of maturity and absolute surrender.

I come here to throw the seeds into the hearts that offer themselves as a fertile soil to sow My treasures in themselves, and offer, as trees of light, to someday yield My fruits in abundance. Just as some of Mine, in these times, are yielding fruits in abundance and with effort, but this is not enough. I must gather the 144,000 from the four corners of the Earth so that they may wait for My arrival and My Return. And so that My Return may be announced to the world, just as I announce it to you once again.

The time of My reappearance is approaching, and you will find Me among the humble and the simple, among the refugees and the discarded. You will find Me among the children, the youths and the adults who cry out for hope. You will never see Me in palaces or churches.

I have said to you once, as I said to My apostles, that the Kingdom of God is within each one of you, and that is where I forever want to be.

Are your hearts willing to receive Me eternally?

I do not need answers. I need confirmation and predisposition. This is how you will understand what I say to you out of Love, this is how you will be part of My Spiritual Government and be My instruments upon the surface of this planet, so that the true Spiritual Government of Christ may descend upon humanity, mend the errors of all the wars that are experienced today, extirpate the impunity of many rulers, and relieve the great multitudes and peoples who live oppression and evil in these times.

I promise you that I will come as the New Aurora, as that dawn which appears in the firmament. In the same way, My Most Holy Mother will appear, and many will see Her unknotting the great ties of the planet in the domes of churches and in unimaginable places.

Be attentive to the signs of the heart, because all is permitted.

Today, the Lord of Africa leaves this Message to you. Do not take it as a warning, take it as an opportunity for preparation, for the last and great preparation after this August 8, when the last part of the Apocalypse will be unleashed.

In this most difficult hour which the world now lives, I will return as the Lord of the Night, but also as the Lord of the Sun. Believers and even atheists will not be able to hide My Presence.

Happy will be eternally those who will see My Return. Blessed will be forever those who have striven for Me until the end, even without knowing how to do it.

Because, in this most difficult hour of the planet, as it was at Pentecost, I will send you the Great Consoler, the Divine, the Eternal and Sublime God, to make of your hearts and souls great strongholds so that as soldiers of peace and warriors of Mercy, you may serve Christ in the end of these times, because in this way you will make My Heart triumph when you are decided.

With all My treasures in your hearts and souls, make My Presence in the world count, and honor it because, just as I called the twelve at the shores of the Sea of Galilee, today I come to call all to be by My side and follow My Steps, the steps of your own liberation.

For all those who strive, I thank you.

For all those who are confirmed, I bless you.

For all those who serve the poor among the poor, all those who serve those who must recover their values and human dignity, making of each service a moment of great fraternity, I praise you and honor you in the name of My Celestial Father.

Because the signs of your sacrifice and surrender will leave marks in the Heavens and after this great service on the planet, your spirits will return to their origin, where they will serve the Creator Source with all the experience of the love and redemption lived.

And all this legacy, that is from each one of you through your own efforts and surrender to Me, will become a new star in this vast cosmos. And those who come later, in times to come, after they have been born on this Earth and are a part of the New Humanity, will look at the sky at night and will see many stars, as you see them today in the sky. And those recently incarnated souls will recognize the legacy that you will have left in the name of Christ, your Lord. Amen.

Let us joyfully prepare for this Spiritual Communion, reaffirming the Call of your Lord in your hearts. And we will do so through a song, the song that represents My Call for each one of the souls, that song that recounts the passage of Christ as a fisherman of souls at the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

This is what I want you to sing to Me, because do not forget, I Am with you, and you can be in Me.

I Am the Nazarene, the One Who preached, the One Who announced the Good News, Who healed and liberated hearts. I Am the One Who multiplied loaves of bread and the fish, I Am the One Who walked upon the waters, and Who invites you to do the same for the triumph of the Kingdom of the Heavens.

I bless you and again give you My Peace, the Peace that will always strengthen you to move forward, trusting, without fear of anything.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.