Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Yesterday, I sent you the Angel that guards the Eucharistic Body of Jesus, which, tomorrow, everyone will have the Grace of knowing.

This angel has fulfilled what I have asked of him and, although the dimension of your consciousnesses does not know it, continue to respond internally to what this angel has asked of you in My name.  

The offerings have come to Me and the Reliquary of My Heart receives them today. This is something immeasurable to Me, it cannot be measured by the mind or by thought, because the angelic presence is helpful and eternal.

Therefore, I have asked all the Messengers of God, the hosts of Light that serve the Eternal Father, to present themselves in this world again, given the urgency of these times, because millions of guardian angels of millions of souls in the world are not receiving the response they need to present to the Creator God.

For this reason, your Master and Lord repeats the same fact, just as He did with the apostles of the past.

From very few will come the great offering, and the whole world will benefit from this offering, due to the fidelity and loyalty of the Children of God that respond to the commands of the angels, who respond to the call of the archangels.

Lys-Fatima has this scenario and this preamble. Since 1917, a great part of the Ultra-terrestrial Angelic Universe touched this place and continues to do so for the whole planet.

Therefore, all the angels, devas and elementals of the most remote and impenetrable places of the planet, in this final time, in this time of Armageddon, in this beginning of the Apocalypse, will be responding to My call and carrying out My Petition, the Sacred Petition of the Son of God; so that, through the angelic and archangelic consciousness, the greater part of humanity may be saved, before everything happens physically.

Because souls are precious to God, they are an unimaginable treasure for this planet; for this Project of Humanity is a faithful part of the first and sublime Divine Will, when God, from and through His Creative Source, decided in the beginning that this civilization should exist on the surface of the Earth, to respond to His Will.

Today, in these critical times, humanity, for the greater part, does not respond to the Call of God, and restlessness and depression embrace many souls of the world because they do not respond to the Call of the Heavens. This is why, in the inner affliction of My Heart, and because of the suffering of My Children, I will send again the angels to Earth so that, from the higher spheres, in union with the great elementals and devas of the planet, the great guardians of the Lower Kingdoms, they may intercede and intervene for the current humanity. Because the veil of the spiritual field continues to be vastly torn, and hundreds of retrograde forces enter the planet at an unimaginable speed, bringing conflicts, discord, revenge, illnesses and wars.

But do not forget My promise, the one I pronounced on top of the Mount of Olives moments before My Ascension to the Heavens. I come to fulfill this promise to humanity in a gradual manner, because I know better than anyone that, from the four cardinal points of the planet, many souls, families and peoples cry out for help, because they can no longer stand the impunity.

Therefore, trust what I Am doing, even if you do not know it. When you see the Moon with the color of blood, and when the clouds are grayer than normal, that will be the time when I will be returning.

I will present Myself again, just as I presented Myself to My apostles a few days after My Resurrection. But at that moment it will be necessary, and I might say it will be a special urgency, that the great angelic and ultra-terrestrial consciousness prepares My arrival in the world in the innermost depths of the consciousness of humanity, because the Lord of the Universe and of the Earth will not be nailed again on the Cross.

They will want to imprison Me, put Me in jail, but they will not be able to. I will demonstrate the Power that the Father has given Me since My Birth, not through authority, but through utter obedience to God. Because just as I will re-appear in the world and in various places on Earth, in the same way I will disappear if necessary, for those who want to persecute or harm Me.

But My Word, when it is pronounced again upon this surface, will deter this illusory time that many live. And My Word, which is the Word of God, will make the Real Time of the universe descend to the world, and the veil will be definitively taken out of many consciousnesses.

At that hour, all those who have not believed in My Message, the Message of these recent times, will repent and hit their chest with their own hand. This is the reason why the help from the angels is important.

It is time for you to open yourselves to know the Angelic Universe, because the innocent presence of the angels, devas or elementals of the Lower Kingdoms raises the human consciousness to re-discover the Source of God’s Love.

The angels will return at this time with a special mission. This is why at the moment they are surrounding the Lord and permeating the spaces with Light and Redemption, through the codes of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, of which they make use because I have allowed them to do so.

Therefore, all those who at this time are deciding to renounce to themselves, to carry their own cross and follow Me, do not stop, but rather continue to do so, because I promise you that the great day of liberation will come.

For that are your faithful friends, the holy angels, ignored by many and even despised by some, because they do not know the faithful testimony of self-giving of the angels of God. Many situations would not happen in this humanity, if humanity allowed the intervention of the angels and archangels.

Therefore, today the seven main Choirs of the Eternal Father accompany your Master and Lord. Each one of these Choirs is responsible for one dimension and one plane of consciousness.

They are the angels that guard the Relics of God. Among them is the Angel that Rules and Guards the Eucharistic Body of Christ, responsible for collecting from all Tabernacles of the Earth the offerings of the adorers of God, the friends of Christ Jesus, through veneration, devotion and reverence to the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

This is why yesterday the Angel that guards the Eucharistic Body of Jesus taught you a simple prayer, which completes the prayer of the Angel of Peace. A prayer that will allow and grant, to all the souls that say it, that the offering may be accepted by the Eternal Father at each moment of communion, prayer and adoration to the Sacred Heart of the Son of God.

Today, I come with this preparatory Message, to tell you that, given the importance of this moment for the Angelic and Ultra-terrestrial Universe, I will return tomorrow with the Angel that guards My Eucharistic Body so that, through the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, through the Holy Monstrance of the Son of God, together with Me and the Angel that guards My Eucharistic Body, you may adore My Sacred Heart present in the Eucharist, so that the offering of each one of you may be elevated to the Thrones of God, so that evil in this world may be placated and the betraying spirit of revenge, impunity and war may be dispelled.

Let us pray:

Holy Angels of God,
faithful guardians of the Divine Relics,
radiate Light and Peace to the world.
(three times)


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us all pray now together, in one voice and with one heart, united to the Heart of the Great Master:

Holy Angels of God,
faithful guardians of the Divine Relics,
radiate Light and Peace to the world.
(six times)


I thank you for being with Me today.

In union with all Angels of God, all Celestial Choirs, to honor this invisible and powerful angelic presence and so that the Angels of Creation may intervene in the world, we will honor the One who created them, the One who manifested them and the One who determined that the world, the suns, the stars and the souls should exist.

Together with the host of Light, let us honor the Father-Mother Creator, Adonai.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us sing "Kodoish," remembering the Holy Lord of the Hosts.  

Song: melodic “Kodoish.”

We thank You, Lord, for all that You give us.

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.