Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

The humanitarian missions, in this new cycle, need better legal and human support to be capable of encompassing the service needs of the planet.

For this reason, the manifestation of an institution and association will be essential to sustain all the work that the missionaries need to carry out and carry forward.

An association will be necessary that incorporates the entire planetary missionary network, from the head missionaries to the collaborators; this will help in responding more efficiently to all the needs and possible emergency plans.

The International Humanitarian Federation will continue to be the mother and the official of all the associations, including the association of the missionaries.

This work of expansion in the legal, social and humanitarian fields of the missionary life will allow it to be nationally and internationally supplied with resources and donations from other associations or governmental organizations that will collaborate so that the missionaries' association can fulfill, from cycle to cycle, the different humanitarian missions.

This association, which will be founded in Brazil, and over time in other places with the aspiration of encompassing the five continents, will be offered as a social, cultural and humanitarian instructor and educator in humanitarian emergency plans or for the Kingdoms of Nature. This will be the means through which human beings will learn to serve and to cooperate in the most critical times of the planet.

The headquarters of the association will be the epicenter of missionary life and, from that point, its expansion will be the means of its associations with other international organizations, through humanitarian missions and emergency missions.

The emergency missions will be those demands for humanitarian, social, psychological and medical assistance in regions of the planet or in places where a catastrophe or a dangerous situation is unfolding.

In this sense, the founding of this association, as well as those that already exist within Fraternidade - International Humanitarian Federation, will allow the humanitarian members, servers and collaborators to be kept safe, regardless of where that are. The embassies of the country of origin of each missionary will be able to fulfill their diplomatic and governmental protection of the citizens who will dedicate themselves to missionary life and service.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, praise be to Jesus.

Today, the Father has sent Me, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, to give you an important Message concerning the missions of peace.

Today I tell you, dear brothers and sisters, children of the Lord, that the heart of those missions of peace is the great Light-Network, a heart that must beat through the prayer of the pilgrims. That beating heart will allow the mission to be expanded throughout the whole world.

I am grateful to those missionaries that have responded to My call; the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph accompanied that work.

On this 19th day, when My Presence in the whole world is being celebrated, I want to ask you to renew yourselves through My Chaste Heart, so as to begin a new mission that will be supported by all your brothers and sisters with prayers, pleas, and devotion. That mission will be expanded, beginning with Ethiopia, toward the needy heart of the Sudan and Kenya.

And after this important mission, which My Heart will accompany, a new one will  begin to bring relief to the suffering of all My children of India, who in this later time, must not only be consecrated to the Heart of Jesus, but also to the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. That will be possible, dear brothers and sisters, through your surrender and mediation so that it may take place.

I am with you, accompanying your steps, because each mission that has already taken place not only meant a work of charity, but also a step in awareness, for your consciousnesses to be able to grow spiritually, observing and serving in the need that exists in large parts of the world.

Why do I ask you for such faraway missions?

Because through the call of John, the apostle, you must lovingly accomplish a unity among the peoples and races, serving each other and mainly, My brothers and sisters, carrying the Message of instruction you have learned in this Sacred House for some time now.

Those very important Messages, those lessons you have received must also be lovingly disseminated to those who know nothing.

That will be the test of all My children, of all the missionaries that unite with Christ so as to, at the end of this cycle, concretize the awaited Coming of the King.

I am also with you, accompanying you with My heart, and this special call, on this day, has the aim of concretizing important missions in the next six months. At the end of the six months, your hearts will be able to find Me here, in this same place and at this same time, to unite Heaven and Earth, the brotherhood and the fraternity that must be generated in the heart of humankind with the loving help of the angels.

For this reason, the missions are not solitary; you must not only take Christ in your hearts, but also your Guardian Angels, so that they may help those who have need of that Light, a Light you have learned to identify with your heart, and unite in this way with God the Creator.

I find you ready to serve, but you are still not many, as Christ has said. For this reason, if you strengthen your consecration to My Chaste Heart of Love, I will be able to offer you the purity you need so that you may live and understand the Plans that the Father sends through the Sacred Hearts.

You can see Me as Saint Joseph and you can also see Me in each heart. My Consciousness is reflected in simple hearts and in those who want to experience humility, so that empty of self, they may understand the Celestial Plans and be able to carry them forward, with the spiritual and inner mission of achieving peace on Earth.

That is the spirit of the mission, to be peace-makers and to bring peace and unite with the need that many suffering hearts experience today, in the end of these times.

You can be carriers of the consolation of My Heart, because the Laborer of God wants to walk through your feet and work through your hands to transmit the true Love of God.

Thus, it is important to not be anything in the missions, in order to carry a true ecumenical spirit of peace, to carry Christ in your heart so that He may be reflected in those that need this.

Love is lacking in the world and suffering increases. Now you are called to alleviate the need of those who are forgotten and who must find God through their brothers and sisters, those who have found Christ and say they experience Him from their hearts.

Now the missions are not only for those who are trained, but also for those who want to serve from the heart.

The very strength of the server can be found in faith, for in this way, they will find the Mercy of Jesus and, through charity, they will become a faithful transmitter of His Message.

Now, under the spirit of Peace, on this evening, I want to re-consecrate the missionaries, because they represent this humanity, which must achieve redemption and live love through the experiences of charity and service.

My Chaste Heart of Love will descend in blessing upon them, so that this Peace, a Peace transmitted by Christ, is able to be rapidly disseminated all over this planet.

We are in a time of emergency; it is time to labor and to serve.

Song: "Christ the Redeemer, Christ of the Light."

May the coming missions of peace represent a definite union between human beings and God, and peace among the human beings of the world.

Under the light of My Chaste Heart, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May you, dear missionaries, be able to give impulse to the emergence of new servers, may you be able to awaken New Christs.

Hallelujah to the Creator!

Following, Mother Shimani reads the Special Message that Saint Joseph transmitted to her on that day in the Marian Center of Figueira.

For the ending, Sister Lucía reads the Special Message that Saint Joseph transmitted to her on that day in the Marian Center of Figueira.

Special Message for the Vigil of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, transmitted in the city of Salta, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías

Dear children,

Worship the missions of Saint Joseph in the world through your hearts.

Within you, carry love for the full service for God and for His preferred plans for souls.

Today I want you to serve to repair the causes that oppress many hearts that have been forgotten for a long time.

With My Heart, I elevate the sincere offerings of all the pilgrims that dare to work out of love for the Mercy of My Son.

Dear children, today I am here to thank you for your response to being here in Salta.

Now, as from the new cycle announced by the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, prepare the instrument that represents the heart of each of you, because the Lord is calling on you to labor through the means of service, fraternity, and humility, attributes that must first be born in you to then be experienced as light on other children of Mine.

Today I pause with My gaze to observe the sincerity of your hearts. It is time to continue walking in the faith of the heart.

I thank you, children, for responding to My call in Salta!

Mary, Queen of Peace

Prayer of Saint Joseph transmitted during the vigil of prayer of February 26, 2013, in the city of Salta, Argentina. A prayer that must be repeated seven times at the beginning and at the end of the Devotional to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

Prayer of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph
O beloved mediator and intercessor Saint Joseph!
plead for us before Christ
for all eternity.



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