In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May My presence in this sacred place bring you peace.

Today I come in the name of the Heart of your Heavenly Father, bringing in My Spirit His Divine Love for this planet, for humanity, for all the life that lives on Earth.

Today I come in the name of Christ, His Son, the One who no longer deserves to say that He is My Son, because He is My Father.

Today I come to call each one of you, of My children, because God asked me to do so. Just as one day He gave me His Firstborn Son, today He gives me each one of you so I can instruct you, educate you and guide you to His Heart.

Many wonder who I am, who comes in the name of God, for so long in silence; today I come to tell humanity where the power I have comes from, to guide you to the Heart of the Father.

I am not the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am the one who has walked this Path, knew this Truth and became part of this Life.

I am the one who knew how to listen to the Words of Christ and also His Silence; who knew how to understand the presence of God not only within Christ but within every human being.

I am the One who could transcend his own miseries to enter into the perfection of God; who knew how to trust in the Heart of the Creator and who did not doubt His greatness or His Plan.

Often, children, you can not recognize the presence of God in your own hearts because you are too caught up in your own miseries and do not trust yourselves; but today I tell you that it is not in you that you have to trust, but in God, because it is the greatness of Him that will manifest in your essences, it is His perfection that will live within each one of you.

He will manifest His Glory and reveal himself to the world through the New Christs.

When we speak to you of the new man, of the new humanity, of the Christs who must arise in these times, you look at yourself and you do not find it.

Today I come to tell you to look into your own heart and go beyond it; enter into your very essence, which makes you like God, and let Him express Himself.

He will be this New Christ within you.

He will be the new human that will live on Earth.

He will be the expression of His own Thought in this world.

As it was in His Son, it will be within each one, within each one of those who believe, that have faith in what I am telling you today.

Today I come to take your thoughts, your understanding, to something a little broader.

You must understand the essence of human existence, the reason that brought you here to this sacred place. You did not come just to be instructed or to receive special grace. Instruction awakens you and reminds you of the true reason for human existence.

After knowing the truth, you must live it, strengthen your faith so that it may become wisdom, understanding and manifest in your lives and in your consciences the Gifts of the Spirit of God. The one whose breath has become Life must manifest itself in your cells and in your atoms, to be revealed.

If the Spirit of God did not dwell within you, you could not live, because He is life itself, but also humility itself, and will remain silent in the hearts of those who only hope to hear their own voice, who only believe in their own thoughts and feelings and do not surrender to God.


But in those who know how to silence, in those who place their own miseries at the Creator's Feet, surrendering their powers to God so that He may manifest within these children; the air that circulates in your body will manifest the divine breath, the blood that circulates in your body will finally manifest the genetics of that Blood of those who commune every day.


When they commune with Christ and do not believe in Him, His Blood also remains silent. But when you have faith that He enters into your cells and travels through your body, soul and consciousness, you gradually become participants of the genetics of the Son of God. And what has been lost, that which has been misrepresented, begins to resume its path to express the divine thought, to truly be what a human being is.

Many wonder if I am a part of God, and today I come to tell you that we are all parts of God. My Heart has returned to His to give you an example that not only the Firstborn Son can return to the Father. He came to show you the way to follow this path, to imitate His steps, to live His Love.

Today I come as Your Messenger, as part of Your Heart, because I offered myself to God so that, until the end of human existence, souls had an opportunity to find the way back.


Returning to the Father is not ceasing to exist. Unity is a state of consciousness that you can experience at every moment; you can continue to be human beings and yet express unity with God.

His Son came to show you this; at no time in His existence was the Heart of Christ separated from God.

Let the boundaries of human understanding be broken so that you can understand what you cannot explain; so that you may live what you cannot think, but which only manifests not as a thought or a science, but as a state of life.

Many of you have learned to move from mind to heart, and now you must put your heart into awareness so that spiritual life is not a feeling but a living, constant experience.


You are entering a new cycle, in which the new humanity must cease to be a teaching.

You will no longer pass by, studying about the new human and seeking in others his manifestation. He will not come from another world, He will not come from the stars, although the stars will manifest on Earth, the Universes will manifest here.

The life that inhabits the Cosmos will express itself upon the planet to participate in the expression of the new human, which will manifest within each one of you. It will not be the other way around; do not expect the new life to come from heaven, for it begins here, within you, in this place, and in all the islands of salvation, consecrated by God and prepared by Him to manifest the new life.

From the pure in heart the new human will be born, and it is his own example that will awaken the sleeping Christs; It is the very example of each one of you that will allow your brothers and sisters to awaken and thus expand the new humanity.

From the transformation of each being upon this earth are born the merits so that those who will come in the future, those who will be born here, find the way ready to no longer express the old human condition, but to participate in this new being, this new archetype of life, which expresses the  divine thought.

I am here to tell you all these things because this should be the priority of your lives. You are not here to work, study, take vacation or travel the world. You are here to express a divine principle, to express the resemblance to God, because all life in the Universe awaits you. All the stars that you see in the sky contemplate the Earth and silently wait, they wait for the Plan of God yo be fulfilled.

May this new being not only be in the Heart of the Archangels, in the consciousness of the Creator Fathers and in the occult of human beings.

Mysteriously, from this small planet, will set the example of life for all Creation, just as it has already happened through Christ.

Do not look at yourselves as I speak. Do not think about how far apart your lives are from the manifestation of what I tell you. Let the veils tear from your consciousness so that your way of thinking transforms, so your thinking is within the heart and your heart is in consciousness.

I'm talking to each one of you and every human being. As I speak, I draw to the world what you truly are, so that you may awaken.

May your essences scream for you to finally hear; that there is no longer silence within; may God not remain silent within you; may the breath of His Spirit not be hidden, but may it move your inner world, remove the old human.

God will speak to you again and again until you live what He tells you, and I commit myself to Him to repeat His Words until the institution of the new life.

And even though My Word may no longer speak through the visionaries, I will shout within your inner world and you will hear Me in your hearts.

Those who want to hear Me will be guided by Me unitl the end, because for this I am here. My evolution walks with yours.

Today I will ask you that the priests consecrated by Christ will be those who bless this Eucharist, because upon them our Lord has placed His trust and the time has come for them to express their true mission.

You will continue to commune with Christ, in every new encounter with Me, but it will be the priests who will bless this Eucharist, who will call with their heart and their consciousness the Angel of the Presence, because He always listens to them.

It will be the priests who, from now on, will open the Heavens so that the elements will be converted and all the Graces that God has to offer you will be manifested in the Body and Blood of Christ.

In the same way, you will rely on transubstantiation; they will trust that the Blood of Christ is found in wine and that His Body is present in this bread and that within you, day by day, little by little, it will lead you to express the genetics of Christ so that, like Him, they may express the similarity with God and return to the Heart of the Father.

So be it.

In this way, we teach you to trust in the mediators we have brought you because, despite their human condition, a divine grace inhabits within them and, by the merits of their surrender, each day it will manifest a little more.

Whenever you trust in God more than in yourself, He will express Himself within you.

Surrender your human condition, your faults, your personalities and trust in He who created you perfect, to dwell within you.

There are no mistakes in Divine Creation; there are no mistakes in His Thought. Let His perfection be expressed. 

For this, I bless you, I place upon you My hands and the irradiation of My Chaste Heart so that, through My Example, your beings awaken and so that, in the near future, through your examples, others will awaken.

Feel the breath of the Spirit of God circulating in your bodies that permeates your consciousness. Let Him express Himself, let His Gifts manifest.

May the Presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit remain in your beings forever.

I thank you.

And now, I ask you, in reverence and while still in My presence, that the priests  come here to receive My blessing and thus consecrate these elements.