Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I come to this sacred place as a Mirror of Peace so that the world, that is, humanity, may be more aware and may have more discernment, may open its inner eyes to see what exists beyond that which is material, all that exists in that which is spiritual, which is the center of all Creation.

Today, I am upon these mountains and hills of Medjugorje, not only to bless the world, but also to again unite it to the Immaculate Heart of My Mother so that the Grace and Mercy that nations need may descend and be established, so that the conflicts that are generated and created in these times may be dissolved, so that those who are most fragile, oppressed and vulnerable no longer fall into the traps of war and persecution.

Today, I am upon a land blessed by My Heavenly Mother, because She brought the Message from Heaven to awaken consciousnesses towards repentance and prayer, towards fasting and the good. All must know the existence of this place, the origin of these peoples and nations which, having once been united, have now separated due to conflicts.

When God created His children, that is, His creatures, He created one people, one nation, one civilization. But His children, throughout the times and the errors, separated and re-grouped, forming their customs and even their cultures.

The former Yugoslavia is the reflection of a cosmic history that comes to this planet, like other peoples, to solve and redeem itself. Through Medjugorje, the Mother of God granted Graces to the hearts of the whole world, and especially for those who live here.

These peoples of the surface of the Earth originate from other older peoples that passed through this world as you did. In the generations of this race there have been several learnings, there have been several situations that took place throughout the times.

Everything that the peoples of today experience, such as the former Yugoslavia, is a reflection of all that was experienced in other times, of great debts that need to be healed, important stories that were lived here and that also need to be redeemed.

Eastern Europe is a project that is not yet concluded. This is why the Spiritual Hierarchy silently works here so that, at the most opportune moment, this project may be fulfilled, just as there are other projects, throughout the rest of the world, that are carried out with other peoples and other nations.

All originate from different stars and places of the universe. They have come to Earth to keep building their history, to learn to love, to redeem and forgive themselves. Each nation and each people are where they need to be in order to live this experience, to conclude this trajectory, while it is still necessary.

My Divine Consciousness is here today to work with all the inner worlds so that you may know that the Project of God is one and has one meaning and one goal.

The diversity of peoples and cultures of this world marks origins from different places of the universe. This is why it is important that you may understand that the passage through this planet is not superficial.

It is important that you may know that today My Presence speaks to you as the Solar Son, as the Solar Consciousness of Christ, which comes to work with all inner worlds so that they may be redeemed and awaken.

While I am here, in this place and upon these mountains, the Sacred Sites of the Heavenly Brotherhood brightens so that hearts can feel them and thus be united to what is Divine and Cosmic. Because, it is there, in this awakening of all consciousnesses, in the redemption of all peoples and cultures, that you will again reach the Project that My Father wrote for your consciousnesses, a Project that is special and unique for each being.

When a consciousness from some nation or from some people takes a step toward My Path of consecration and surrender, it is not taking that step alone, but it is rather taking its steps for all the others, for all its nation and for all its people. That is, it opens a door for the moment of redemption to come, the great moment of forgiveness of all faults committed, of all situations experienced, and, thus, the consciousness of a nation or of a people renews itself and breathes the air of Heaven.

Today, My Message is symbolic, but in each statement, there is a key for you to be able to open a door to the elevation of consciousness so that you may understand the true existence of My Being, so that you may come to know the Cosmic Christ, who is the One who works with all consciousnesses and souls.

In spite of the nations and peoples, you must remember that you are one consciousness, one race, one people, one Project ruled by one Will, which is the Will of the Father.

May this 2022 awaken in everyone the unceasing need to further elevate the consciousness, to seek connection with the Divine, to find, on the Cosmic Path, the response that you so much need, and to know, once and for all, why you are here, and why you came to this world.

Because the lives of each one of you cannot end only in what is material and concrete. Discover the universe of your true being and you will be freed forever, and, thus, you will help redeem your peoples and your nations, your cultures and even your customs. Because if just one opens the door to Me, one representative of some nation or of some people opens the door to Me, there will be so much more that I will be able to do at that moment!

My invitation, for all of you and in this new year, is that you cease to be citizens of the world so as to be citizens of the universe, beings who live in confraternity and who follow My Cosmic Plan. Because the more people seek the elevation of consciousness through love for the Plan, the greater the possibilities will be for the Hierarchy to rescue this race and save this planet.

May the Rays of My Solar Consciousness illuminate your paths.

Just as the former Yugoslavia is placed today before the opportunity of unity among its peoples and cultures, may the other cultures and peoples of this world also receive the opportunity of redemption and peace. Because, the more awakened you are to Universal Life, the more you will understand why you are here, in this world, and what your true origin is.

May the Rays of My Solar Consciousness bless you, impel you towards transcendence and towards the liberation of ties.

May your spiritual paths be clean and pure so that you may know My Will, which is the Will of the Supreme Source.

Do not find it odd that at this moment I do not speak to you with more earthly words, understandable in your language. It is time for you to know the vibration of the Hierarchy. Through the elevation of the mind and of the consciousness, it is time for you to reach the higher spheres and enter the Real Time, because when you love the unknown, you will be liberated from yourselves, and, by loving the unknown, you will understand the Universal Plan.

From the mountains of Medjugorje, I bless the whole world, and all those who are brave and have the courage to hear My Voice and live My Words. In this way, you will even more open the door to Me so that I may return with My True Face, the Face of the Cosmic Christ, that Face which is still not accepted by this world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.