Thursday, March 19 of 2020


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Do not fear, because in spite of all the adversities, in spite of the misery overflowing from your hearts, and sometimes your lack of hope, the Heart of God, children, still beats within each one of you.

Feel this inner universe, which is behind all the layers of illusion that this humanity constantly experiences. The time is now approaching for the revealing of the truth for all children of God, and may they recognize themselves as His children; may they perceive the likeness that exists between the Creator and His creatures.

Thus, do not fear. Do not fear the illusions of the world; only fear being far from God, for this is a Gift of His Holy Spirit that will not allow any of you to abandon His path.

Greater than all the illnesses that circulate throughout this world is the illness that dwells within human beings that does not allow them to come close to God. And this illness, children, must begin to be healed, for it is only this which will stop you from living Divine Will.

It will not be any plan of the adversary that will separate you from God if, within each one of you, this union is preserved. For this reason, you must begin to work from the inside out, seeking the connection with God in the depths of yourselves, this doorway to the Universe, to the infinite that is within your hearts.

Today I do not come to speak to you about the illnesses of this world, nor do I come to tell you about human miseries, but rather about the perfection that hides within each one of you, as well as the perfection that hides in the depths of this planet that must be revealed to you.

I come to elevate your consciousnesses, once again, so that you may move from the point where you are found today and you may place yourselves in the celestial dimensions, which are not far from you, but rather they are within you, which are invisible here, which hide underneath your feet, in the depths of the heart of this Earth.

Today, children, I do not come to speak of that which you do not deserve to receive; I do not come to point out that which you must transform, because I deeply know the human heart; it still beats within Me, for this is the Will of God. My human Heart will only merge with the Father when each heart that beats does so.

Thus, I understand you ever more fully. I know about your weaknesses, your limitations and your difficulties; but I also know of the mystery held within you, which is unknown to you.

With My eyes, I see your transparent beings and contemplate the divine essence within you. I do not need to look up to Heaven to find God; today I look at each one of you and I can find Him. Your essences are living mirrors of Divine Consciousness, and many believe that they already know, that they already understand, but it is not a question of understanding or of knowing, because humanity knows many things and, meanwhile, they remain at the point where they are.

The time has come to allow this Living God to be expressed in each one of you, and this is done with surrender, ceasing to observe the human miseries, no longer pointing out the errors of others or the errors within your own hearts, but rather, seek the truth, children, that dwells in the depths of your hearts.

This silent truth can also be found and revealed through silence. But to become silent and seek God in your own hearts, you must be brave of spirit, because the Creator does not look like what you think; He does not express Himself like you express yourselves every day; He does not aspire to stand out in anything or in anyone, so much so that He has kept Himself silent within you from the beginning of Creation. But now this Heart beats, this Word wishes to express, It wants to reveal Itself, first for each one of you and then for all Creation.

The moment has come for humanity to express Divine Thought and, more than this Thought, it is time for humanity to express God Himself, because only in this way will it be able to go beyond the union of times, that which is called the transition of this planet.

Thus, become silent, each one standing before God. Let your souls yield, may they be able to move beyond the thresholds of human miseries and difficulties, both in you and in your neighbor. Because it is not true that you are not perfect. Yes, you are perfect, but you still have not discovered what you are, because you did not express that, neither in the Cosmos nor on Earth, in spite of you having once seen, upon the Cross, He Who was a mirror for you, of what you truly are.

Set aside your fears and your aspirations as well.

Do not look for the places that are not where you belong; seek your own place in the Heart of God and not in this world.

Do not be looking for roles in the theater of this Earth; seek the truth within your own heart and want to express it.

Do not look for the truth in your neighbor, do not want them to express God, because this is as human as you know humanity.

It is time for each one of you to seek God within yourselves, to contemplate the celestial altars before yourselves and, bowing down before this altar, you may be able to surrender to God.

Today I tell you all this, children, because My Heart was also ill, lost in the human illusions, believing I had a mission, a principal role in the history of this planet, because God made Me the father of His Son; and at a certain moment, He called Me to His Kingdom and He asked Me to leave Him behind, which for Me meant to abandon Him, because I thought that this was My mission and that this Plan would not be accomplished because the Son of God would not be protected, and the Mother of God would also not be supported.

But at the moment when I was in the arms of Mary, and without Her saying a word to Me, nor was I saying anything to Her, I found silence, which showed Me the likeness with God. In the Heart of Mary I saw reflected the Celestial Universe; this same Universe was reflected within Me. I recognized the likeness with God, who I was and who He is. In this way, I did not fear to surrender My Spirit into His Arms and enter into His Eternal Time, walking toward the Source of Creation, into eternal service to the Heart of God.

You, children, do not need to leave this world to understand what I tell you, because it is not necessary. Today the Creator is calling you to something different, He calls you to find this mystery through striving and surrender, through silence and inner solitude, which is so feared by humanity, because sometimes it seems that you are afraid of finding out the truth, because you become lost from yourselves, from all that you believe yourselves to be.

If for an instant you could contemplate Divine Truth, you would not hesitate to set yourselves aside in order to be what you truly are.

Remember that you are still going through Lent, this moment of finding yourselves and of finding Christ, first within you and then before you when, because of His infinite Mercy, you will be able to again find Him in this world.

Do not fear the desert; do not fear to perceive that souls become weaker, because the Creator has a Will for each being of this Earth, and this Will is not fulfilled the way you think, but the way that He leads, according to the permission that souls give Him. Thus, stop looking all around you and begin looking inward.

The Plan of God is manifesting; it is seeking to gain space within you, that space that humanity has never given it, but now this is the time to do so.

Let this desert be fertile, the opportunity for being transparent, of living this so feared transparency. Prepare for Easter, prepare to surrender completely without fear, to be empty in light of God.

Planetary events can many times be used to fulfill Divine Will. Know how to make the adversities a time for becoming stronger; know how to make the next Sacred Week a moment for standing before Christ, in the very depths of your hearts, for truly participating with Him in His Easter, for feeling His solitude, His agony and His surrender, and live this solitude, this agony and this surrender, because this is what your humanity lives, it is part of the path that you must tread in order to surrender to God, to defeat that which humanity fears most: surrender, sacrifice and that which is called death; and, in this way, you will discover who you are and who God is, within you and within all Creation.

While I speak with you, My Heart opens and all the deepest codes that I achieved in the name of humanity, the whole path that I trod in order to be here, I place it all here within these sacred Reliquaries, these which I bless for each Marian Center and for My beloved Africa.

This is the seventh Reliquary, which I aspire may reach there, so that you may understand that My Heart remains with those who are most in need. I am with you, My children, as well as with each child of this Earth; I am in each home and in each heart, because My Heart is united with God, and this same Divine and Celestial Heart dwells within you.

Contemplate the Reliquaries to discover this truth, to be in front of a mirror, just as I was in front of the mirror of the Heart of Mary. Today I give you the mirror of My Chaste Heart through each Reliquary consecrated by Me. May this Grace expand throughout the four corners of this world, so that all beings may have the opportunity of discovering the truth about themselves.

While in omnipresence, My Heart multiplies to enter into each of these Reliquaries. I ask you to sing, to bring incense and blessed water here so that, together with Me, we may consecrate them and offer them to God.

Song: Sacred Reliquary.

And now, contemplate the greatest of all Reliquaries, which holds the Body and the Blood of your Lord, He who is the eternal mirror of what you should be, of what you must discover.

By the authority that My Son once granted Me, as a Priest in light of God, I consecrate not only this Eucharist, but also each priest of this planet. May they receive the chastity, the humility, the surrender and the void of My Chaste Heart so that, in this way, they may be living chalices for the Consciousness of Christ.

Let us pray together with the Angel of Presence, not only for the consecration of these elements and the transubstantiation of the bread and the wine into the Body and the Blood of Christ; let us pray in reparation to the Heart of Our Lord, for all the evils caused by this humanity; let us pray, crying out, in the name of each being of this Earth, so that all may see the Celestial Truth before themselves and merge with it, seeing it revealed within themselves.

Let us pray to the Father, crying out for His Mercy. And this same Mercy, which gushed out of the unfathomable Heart of God, consecrates these elements and restores the human consciousness. In this way, children, in this divine mystery, the very Heart of God is repaired.

Prayer of Our Father in Portuguese and in Aramaic.

May seven sounds of the bell proclaim peace within you and in this world.

In this way, I bless you, and I thank you for listening to My words, meditating upon them and finding this truth within your hearts.

I thank you and I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Sister Lucía de Jesús: We are going to finish, at the request of Saint Joseph, with the Hymn to Saint Joseph, feeling this whole story that beats within each one of the seven Reliquaries, today consecrated by Him

Song: Hymn to Saint Joseph