Sunday, June 16 of 2019


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I come as a Servant sent by your King, as a Messenger sent by your Lord, bringing to your hands and in your Hearts, not only a message, but a Grace, a Divine Gift, a part of the Heart of God that surrenders to humanity as a symbol of the Love of the Father for all of His Creation.

I come so that this part of the Heart of God may flood your essences and may make them remember whence they came and why they are here, not only on the Earth, but in the dimensions of manifested life.

Today, children, you can now understand the reason for your existence in this world, but you must begin to understand the reason for your existence in all of Life, beyond this planet, because your evolution did not begin here, and will not end here.

I have gradually been bringing and revealing to you the science of the Heart of God, not only so that you may have knowledge, but so that everything you are may awaken to this memory of the Celestial Truth.

Remember whence you came and the entire path that you have trodden up until arriving here. This is possible, children, because everything that is manifested comes from God. From your consciousness and essence, up to the smallest particles of your physical body, everything comes from the Creator. And even the smallest atom has in its memory the remembrance of the moment in which it left the Divine Consciousness to manifest itself, to become a similar part of the Universe of God, and of His Creation.

You are like small universes; each part of your being is infinite, containing in itself life, spirit, essence, and all this composes what you are. You must be conscious of the entirety of your own life.

If you begin to meditate about yourselves, to feel your bodies, your organs, your cells, your souls, you will begin to understand life, children. You will begin to understand the existence of God in the Universe, the stars that compose the Mystical Body of your Creator, who is as perfect as a human body.

The Universe renews itself, transforms, evolves, lives cycles, new beginnings. Life is born and reborn of the Divine Consciousness, time and again. This is what happens within each one of you and with your physical bodies, fruits of clay that returns to dust and returns to spirit.

Why do I tell you these things? Because thus I help you to remember whence you came and to approach God.

Not only through prayer do you reach the Father, but also through Knowledge, the Science that reveals itself to the humble hearts that have learned to communicate with God, through the purity of their hearts.

The Divine Truth elevates you, leads you to the Universe, not only the one you see in the sky above you, but the Universe that is kept within you.

When you recognize this inner Universe, you recognize the divine presence within you, which is more than a spiritual presence; it is a Science, children, a truth manifested in your cells and atoms.

The similarity with the Father is deeper than the Light within you. The similarity with God materializes in everything you are, from spirit to matter, but not in what you can see with your eyes, but rather in the essence of life, in the essence of your atoms, in the essence of your bodies, in the principle, in the Purpose of His Creation.

I know that many will not understand what I tell you, but I say it just so that you may feel, that you may allow yourselves to enter this mystery, which is the Divine Creation and the presence of God within you.

You were not created simply to live an experience on Earth. You were not created simply to live an experience of love, because love itself is still incomprehensible for you.

Christ did not only live the love of the Cross. After this Cross, after His Resurrection, a whole Universe waited for Him, Infinity waited for Him. His Love kept resounding throughout the Cosmos, in all of Creation, in each space of this vast Universe, of this vast Infinite, which your human mind cannot even imagine. And each particle of life renewed itself and received a new opportunity, because the Love of God was not only for the Earth, it was for all creatures.

In the same way, it must happen with each one of you. The existence of the Earth is not only for humanity, but for all of Life, a mysterious life, a life that you do not know and that, often, you do not feel a part of.

The time has come, children, to return, little by little, to the Time of God, to this reality that has remained invisible and hidden to the eyes of humanity and that today, from the inside out, I come to reveal to you.

For those who are awakened, the Divine Mysteries must begin to be revealed within them; the Universe, all of Its Grace and manifestation will begin to show within you. And it is in this mirror, which is kept in your hearts, that you will begin to see the Truth of God, the infinitude of Life and of Creation because, when it manifests before your physical eyes, you will not fear. On the contrary, children, you will see manifest before you a reality that you already knew, that was alive within you.

Everything must happen, little by little, because the human beings are very distant from God, from what God really is. The Creator is not only an invisible Existence, a Voice that speaks to the hearts, or a history kept in the sacred books.

And this will be revealed to all, to those who believe and those who do not believe in the divine existence. But if you begin to deepen your own spiritual life now, and let the Truth reveal itself to your hearts, you will be able to help others who will suddenly awaken during the time which will come, and this, children, is the greatest service of this time.

Many say they want to serve the planet, serve the Creation. Today I reveal to you a way to do it, in the silence of your own heart, in the sincerity of your lives.

Begin by praying, entering your own inner world, deepening what has been revealed to you, seeking this inner door that leads you to God.

Do not be satisfied with what you know; seek a greater Truth, because it is before you, within you, to be revealed.

Today perhaps you do not totally understand what I tell you but, without understanding, try to live what I say and in the near future you will understand Me. The awakening takes place in stages, by cycles, and I am having you enter a new cycle, a new stage of this evolutionary life, through divine and spiritual Science.

If the Creator calls you companions, children, it is because you can now enter an adult stage of Knowledge, of prayer and of the revelation of the divine Truths.

Hear My words, time and again, until they enter your consciousnesses. Let yourselves be lead along this inner path that I show you today, so that you can mature as spiritual beings and as children of God.

In prayer, talk with your Creator, seeking and finding His Presence within you; asking Him to reveal Himself to all that you are, not only to your hearts, but to your consciousness, because thus, children, God will cease to be a feeling to become a knowing.

Welcome My impulses into your essence, welcome My words into your hearts and let the peace that emanates from them open the paths for your inner spiritual transformation.

With this, I leave you My Peace, I leave you the message and the blessing of God. I give you His Gift and this part of His Heart that I brought today to the world.

And in this way, I thank you for giving a new step in the name of all Life.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.