Sunday, February 18 of 2018


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Just like within a great city, full of apparent chaos, there dwells a desert, so also, children, within you there dwells a great and silent desert. And in the same way that you cross the chaos of the city, the way that you wait patiently to get to the deserts of this world, with patience you move through the deserts within you.

Feel the chaos that is there within you and how it is a part of human transformation.

There is not so much mystery when the heart is capable of looking at itself and knowing itself.

With the same courage with which your feet walk through this world, walk with inner steps upon the paths of your own inner being, crossing great cities in chaos, in purification, in transition, and reaching the deserts, which are not always the ones you expected to see.

Come to the desert where peace reveals itself to the heart that is capable of finding truth, without fearing it.

The desert, children, simply reveals the emptiness to the hearts that want to be empty. This is why today I invite you to enter the desert of your own heart, no matter where you are, regardless of the situation upon the planet, of the chaos that may emerge.

Enter the desert of your own inner being and find peace. The peace of knowing the truth about yourselves, the peace of knowing the truth about this planet, about this humanity.

Stop being a mystery to your own consciousness, because you should not forever be a mystery to yourselves.

Humanity, children, will not be unknown forever. Enter the desert of your own inner being and find peace. The peace of knowing the truth about yourselves, the peace of knowing the truth about this planet, about this humanity.

Humanity, children, will not be unknown forever. Everyone can feel that that which they know about themselves is not enough, that there is not only one origin to be revealed, but that there is a Truth present that you also do not know.

And this is the hour of Truth, this is the moment in which your hearts are ready to gain self-knowledge as God's creatures, and not just as human beings.

Why do I tell you this? Because the time for awakening is not eternal. There is a moment, a cycle of human consciousness in which you can know chaos and Truth at the same time. The planetary situations and their severity awaken your consciousness, and the heart still has the strength to walk toward Higher Life, to look toward God, both in the Universe, in the infinite sky, and in the heart itself, to recognize the illusions of life and to recognize Truth.

In this way, you are strengthened for an upcoming cycle, in which purification will take over the human consciousness, and it will no longer be possible to awaken and have the strength to continue on in the same way.

The awakening will be abrupt and souls will repent, but they will not know how to proceed, how to fix their own mistakes, how to find the Truth to which they are awakening to, how to unite with it.

For this reason, I warn you today: this is the time for awakening, this is the time to know the Truth, there is no other.

You have the Grace of being able to experience the Apocalypse and build the triumph of the Armageddon at the same time, knowing that it is not only chaos that is a reality on the planet, but there is also the triumph of the Christic Light and the consolidation of that certainty must begin to be built now, both in your hearts and in your consciousnesses.

This is the moment to consolidate your own faith without any fear. This is the moment to burn doubts in the fire of the past, those anxieties of the spirit which still make you want to place your feet upon other ships, to walk upon other paths, to give way to illusions.

If faith is consolidated now, while the universal Laws are on Earth and allow it to be so, though there will be winds, rains, fire, the earth will shake, and the inner world of beings will shake, that faith will not be lost.

To consolidate one's faith, one must want to do so. What good is it for you to place your attention at this moment upon the things of the world, in vain illusions, and not take care of what is true, that which will truly build the triumph of Christ upon this Earth, if you came into the world for this?

The world consumes you.

There is always a part of your consciousness in the things of the world, but now, children, you must give a little more importance to the true cycle into which you are entering. Because you must deepen your own spiritual life so that it may be real, you must enter the desert, not only with your feet, but with all of your consciousness.

You must enter the desert of your own heart with intention. With the intention to be different, with the intention to awaken, because the awakening takes place in stages, and many think they are awake, but still sleep in the dream of this world.

I did not come here just to take you into the physical desert. I came here to take you to the desert of your inner self and, furthermore, to bring new Laws that will govern the new cycle of this Earth, which begins in these times.

The Apocalypse has already begun, and although its peak has not yet developed in human eyes, it is already here. The seals are now opening. Justice and Mercy are eyeing each other, face to face, waiting for the Laws to dictate their activity.

There is nothing to fear, you only need to awaken. You already know that truths, sublime realities, will emerge. You already know that you are preparing the way for the King of the Universe to come to this world. You already know that the end of this story is a great triumph, but you still must greatly persevere so that those events may take shape before your eyes, and so that you no longer shed tears of sadness, but of joy. You will weep for the Earth, for your children, for your Kingdoms, but do not lose faith or hope, because hope is the food of faith and also comes from the Heart of God.

After the desert, the Creator gives you a great mission in which your spirit of sacrifice will be put to the test, in which the cross will truly be upon your shoulders, and you will no longer bear the sins of the world, but rather your own commitments and the commitments of those who did not awaken.

The Creator will ask you for everything, not only for the love of Him, but also for His Plan. And when you seem to have slowed down, when you appear to be defeated, but with the profound certainty that you have done all that was possible, and often the impossible, there will be a triumph. Because it is from defeat that humility and surrender come, and from surrender comes true love.

Remember My words when you are feeling the "little flame" dim in the darkness of this world, and then make one more effort. Give oil from your lamps to those that have gone out, and like a miracle, it will multiply.

Today I come to prepare you for a cycle that you are beginning to experience, but in truth, My words strengthen your spirits for the future. Hold them in the depths of your hearts and remember the way to reach them, because they will be necessary at some moment.

With this, I bless you and thank you for being here, for allowing yourselves to transform, to move, to purify, to break, to let yourselves be rebuilt and to not lose your joy.

Let your hearts beat as one, as one Work, because with each one of your spirits, the design of this Plan, of this triumph of the Heart of God, is being built.

All souls are necessary, no matter if they are in their homes, with the Rosary in their hands, crying out to Mary, or if they are in Africa, serving as they can to heal the wounds of this world.

It does not matter if they are pilgrims bringing peace to the nations or if they are in the Water of the Fount, in the Marian Centers, in their groups of prayer allowing the inexhaustible fount to pour out into this world. 

You must feel as one body, one spirit, one army, one heart. Thus, the unity that God thought of for His creatures is drawn. Once again I thank you, and I leave you with My blessing, not so that you do not experience the tests that you must go through, but so that you experience them with bravery, with surrender, with everything that you are, and with that which you do not know you are.

May unity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be a reality in your lives.

Thank you.