Sunday, November 19 of 2017


Thus, I come from Heaven with the Heart full of God, for this is and will always be My Home.

Thus I come from Heaven with the Heart full of God, for you will always be My companions.

If, with all that humanity experiences, hope does not disappear from the Heart of God, the hope of My Chaste Heart will never disappear.

I come in the name of the Universe, of Infinity, of the Creation of God, representing the renunciation that each creature experiences to respond to Divine Will so that His Plan may triumph on this small planet, almost lost in this infinite galaxy.

I come for those that say 'yes' and that, in spite of their imperfections, sincerely aspire to be better.

I come seeking the sincerity of your hearts, so that you no longer hide your miseries and difficulties, but rather that you confess to God in the silence of the heart, as in the exteriorization of your words, so that He may hear you, and in this way, the layers of illusion and vanity may fall to the ground, and your faces, many times unknown to you, come into the light, showing the world what you truly are: imperfect beings, so full of difficulties, yet children of Mine, true before God, knowledgeable of something that is within your own self and that transcends the human condition, which is the Divine Presence itself within you.

That is what I come to seek today, it is what I will come to seek every day, until you truly wake up to that inner reality.

I do not compare myself with the Creator, but if He does not desist from this world, I too will not desist, for I am His servant, and where the Lord is, there I will be. That is why I am here.

I want to invite you to be servants of the One God, the same since the beginning to the end, that in spite of being unalterable, fosters all the changes and transformations of the universe.

I say that God is unalterable because His Love does not change, it simply grows, renews Itself and multiplies in the heart of His children.

I want you to know this God of Love, of infinite Mercy, of pity for humanity, as with all His creatures, of all kingdoms.

I come, children, to present you with a proposal, a proposal for renewal, for permanent transformation, for nothing will remain as it is, neither within nor outside of you. This planet will be different, your lives will be different. In the same way that you devise human projects, I know that you devise spiritual projects and that today it is very hard for you to disengage from your own ideas, from the ideal path for your lives, from the ideal end of times for your souls, those that you are capable of invisibly bearing, simply sustaining them with prayer and with silence. 

Today I come to tell you that yes, you will sustain the planet with prayer and silence, but it will be in this world, among those that are most in need, that do not understand the chaos, that do not understand their own purification and the purification of this Earth; it will be among those that were blind and that suddenly wake up to the reality of this world. My companions will be there, sustaining souls, helping them in their awakening.

You will not be isolated from the chaos of the world, because if you are here, in this time, it is because you must experience it.

Yes, I tell you that you can be invisible to all evil if your hearts are pure and are in God, as you sang today.

And in spite of the Earth opening up and hearts suffering, God will always be in you and will sustain you. But for this, children, it is necessary that you strive and that you give God the place belonging to Him within you. For in this way, it will no longer just be Mary, John and Flávia living in this world, but rather, parts of God, overcoming themselves in Love, in Compassion, and in Mercy, even if this world is in the times of Justice.

I know that for many, everything I tell you seems a utopia and will never manifest, because you cannot take your eyes away from your own lies, your own illusion. You did not learn to be true, and for this reason, do not recognize the truth.

But I tell you, children, that you can know it if you surrender your hearts, confessing your lies, setting aside the illusions of this world to surrender your mind and heart on the Celestial Altar, where the Creator waits for you, as the prodigal son was waited for, to return to his Home.

It does not matter what faults you have committed or continue to commit, even with so many Graces and so many instructions that we have given you, because humanity is blind and God know this, He sees it.

He simply waits, My children, the same as all His Messengers, companions, and servers, for humanity to surrender, surrender at His Feet, surrender to His Love. Allow the hard layers of your hearts and consciousnesses to be broken, that ancient layer built with persistence, with diligence, but that in this time, is no longer of any use either for you, for humanity, or the Project of God.

All this that I tell you, I tell you with love so that you may learn to love.

This life granted to you must manifest love, true joy, a fullness in God. And if I tell you this, children, it is because it has been designed into the project of your lives, as in that of all humanity. Do not extinguish that celestial design, do not allow the Project of God to fade away, and today I speak to each human heart, not only to those that are here, but to all those that open to listen to the Voice of God. Irrespective of your paths, your races, your cultures, God calls all to come to His Heart and return.

To learn to love, it is enough that you say yes and be sincere. It is within that love you will learn to live unity one with another and will build the foundations of a new life.

No human being alone will build the New Humanity; not even God Himself, alone, renewed His Heart. He emanated His Son, the Holy Spirit and each of you to renew Himself.

Stop being egotists, thinking that this life belongs to you. Contemplate a Greater Purpose, which even transcends human existence and is brought to fullness in the renewal of God Himself.

Let the Father speak to your heart, hear His Voice. In a moment of solitude, say to Him:

I am here so you may awaken within me,
so that it may be You living in this world;
that, in spite of my miseries,
of my ignorance and my illusion,
You come;
awaken within me and live in me,
surpassing Yourself in infinite Love,
which can do all things, transform all things.”

Speak with God in this way as I teach you today; confess to Him, so that He may make you true in the way humanity knows not, but can be so.

Speak out, let Him hear you, and if you need to, shout to the Universe and ask for help, so that the Father may break the barriers of your hearts; that everything within you that does not want to show itself to the world - all your characters, masks, illusions - may fall to the floor in the face of a true and sincere confession between God and each one of you.

If you learn to be real with God, little by little you will lose the fear and the shame of being real with each other, and you will build a unity based on transparency. That is what the Creator expects of humanity in these times. It does not matter that you are few, but that you be real.

Today I speak to you of all these things because I learned to live that transparency. I experienced the pain that comes from breaking the layers of human illusion and its ancient condition. I cried, placed My head on the ground, and as if My heart broke in two, I asked God to accomplish His Will in Me, and He did so. That is why I am here and love you as much as His Most Holy Heart loves you. I allowed Him to awaken in Me, to grow and express Himself. For that reason, My Voice echoes in the world and My Word does not belong to Me. I am a Messenger of the One that is Most High, beyond human existence and all material life, beyond the angels and archangels, and in spite of that, is in all things.

How many times have I spoken to your hearts about the transformation of your lives and you felt the truth in what I said to you, aspired to give impulse to your hearts to the new, yet, you are still the same.

These are times of definitions, of placing limits on the human condition itself, of saying 'no' to the temptations of this world when they knock on the door of your consciousnesses; of saying 'no' when you are tempted to lie, to be false, to not be transparent.

Be real and embrace the Truth that comes from the Heart of God, so that little by little, He gives you the strength and the courage to take those inner spiritual, and sometimes material, steps that you already know you have to take.

The Power and the Will of God will break the layers of human illusion and will completely transform this world, and your lives will not be outside of this. You will be called to be different, to be what you truly are. It is not that God is mistaken and wants to build in the world what it is not. It is humanity, My children, that deviated from its path and built a life far from His Heart. But now is the moment for returning, for neither the Universe or the Kingdoms of Nature, or the Heart of God, can any longer bear the illusion of this world.

I know that sometimes what I tell is hard to hear, but I tell you with such love and with such truth, that if you open your hearts, that truth can enter into the depths of your beings, and without pain, but rather with wholeness, give you an impulse to transform. Be intelligent and open the doors of your lives so that God may transform you; let Him enter and empty your house, including you yourselves, and let Him be the owner of your lives.

That is all that I want to tell you today, but do not let it go unnoticed, like just another Apparition, because as time goes by, the Words of God become more urgently in need of being heard, assimilated and lived by the human heart.

In what I have told you today, you will find everything for taking new steps; here is the Gift of God and His Grace; do not lose them.

These Words will permanently hold that Gift and that Grace. When you feel you have lost your strength, listen to them again and be renewed.

And as a Greater Grace, that manifests in matter, even though many did not understand, through the authority granted Me by God, I will give you the greatest mystery of this Creation, when God Himself comes alive not only in His Son, but also in the elements of Nature, in the bread and the wine, which are purified and transformed to receive Him.

In the same way that these elements are transfigured today, allow yourselves to be transfigured and converted into living instruments of God, where He can constantly be.

Sister Lucía de Jesús: could the brother priests of the Marian Center of Figueira come forward?

And as this is My House, because God so granted it, I come to renew you, especially those of My children that must follow not only in the Footsteps of Christ, but Mine also.

Be firm in God, and before anything else, allow yourselves to be broken so that I may make of you shepherds of a new life and of many souls; through your examples of transformation, those who come behind you will also transform.

Raise these elements to the Father, just as His Son did, and in remembrance of Him, in an eternal likeness to His Sacred Heart, so that gradually, He may teach you to be Christs of the New Time. Raise the bread, as He raised it, and the wine, so that they may be transfigured by His Presence, transforming into His Body and His Blood, eternally surrendered for the redemption of humanity.

Do this in remembrance of the One Who was, is, and will be, and Who will return to the world so that this Communion may finally be consummated; and may it no longer be of the bread and the wine that you commune, but rather of His Presence, of His Return, of His Gaze, of His Voice, that will echo on Earth, calling you by your names, so that you may truly be His companions.

And as He taught you, pray the Our Father with Me in Aramaic, letting the Portals to the Kingdom of God open and, even if for an instant, the Creator may place His Eyes upon His creatures and have pity. Let Him completely pierce your hearts.

Our Father in Aramaic (3 times)
Abvún debachmaia
Netcádech chmor
Teitê malcutar
Nerruei tseviánar aicána
Debachmaia af ba-ár há
Ravlán larma dessuncanan iarmana
Uachpoclan raubéin uartarréin
Aicána daf renan chuórren olrraiaben
Uela tarlan letnessiuna
Ela patsan min bichá
Metul delarre malcutá
Uarraila uatechpurta
Lar-lam almin 

With this communion alive with the Presence of God, I leave you and rise up to the Heavens, where My Father waits for Me, as well as all of you, so that I may eternally surrender at His Feet and in His Grace, and that each time that I return to the world to be an echo of His Voice, He may be more present not only in Me, but in each one of you.

I thank you for listening to My Words with joy, with peace, and I ask that you let them blossom, produce new seeds, so that those who were not here, that did not hear and will not hear these Words are able to receive the Grace I granted.

Once again, I thank you and tell you to go in peace and that you cry out for peace in this world.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.