Saturday, March 18 of 2017



It is not by chance that I am here today, that I unite time and space, that I unite the Kingdoms of God, in Heaven as on Earth, to express the unity that exists in His Plan.

Today My Heart only thanks God for being able to be among His children, for being able to witness the Divine Mercy in His Creation.

Today My Heart only thanks God because, although many think and feel that they do not take any step, this Work, children, is growing, and the Words of the Creator through His Messengers is reaching ever more souls, more spirits, more essences.

Today My Heart only thanks the Father because I know that His Plan will be fulfilled.

I know that His Will shall triumph in those that listen to Him and also, one day, in those that did not listen to Him.

I know that the Divine Essence will grow through the union of your essences with God.

Today My Heart only thanks the Father, because since the beginning of this Project I surrendered My Life, My Consciousness, so that this Plan could be fulfilled.

Even though I do not fully know it, have never known it, just as it is for you, once it was also a great mysteryfor Me. It also meant a great abyss for Me in which I had to throw Myself and lose Myself, so that I could find what, in truth, I Am.

Today My Heart only thanks the Father because I see that this same abyss is to be found before humanity. And it is not an abyss of perdition or an abyss of illusions, it is just a symbol of something that is unknown to you and into which you must throw yourselves, to die as a human condition and to be reborn in the true archetype that God once thought of for humanity.

After these four years of instruction, and of many other years of inner instruction, I only want, children, for you find the truth within yourselves, and that you follow it.

That you lose the fear of expressing yourselves as you are, that you lose the fear of being true.

That you make known to the world that which only your inner world knows.

You already know that in the depths of your hearts something pure and simple dwells. Something that is similar to God in its humility, in its giving of self, because it came from the Divine Consciousness and today dwells within It.

Many have only seen this part of their consciousness for a very short time, but everyone knows that it exists.

Prayer has opened the door of the heart and of the consciousness to you, and has shown you this space of yourselves that, in truth, is what you are.

After these four years, children, I have been uncovering each space of illusion of your minds, of your human and spiritual egos, so that you could reach this space, recognize it, and love it, loving yourselves through the likenessto God that exists within you.

In order to transform, it is necessary to recognize your own imperfections, it is necessary to face the challenge of humbling oneself.

However, I ask you to not get stuck there, because your goal should not only be in this recognition. To recognize the imperfections is the beginning; to reach the essence is the true end.

Recognize the imperfections as you recognize the human skills and know that in the same way that you are not the skills, you are also not the imperfections.

Behind all of this is what you are in truth, that which is pure and that holds within it a Gift of God. This is what you must reach, and for this you must lose the fear.

To lose the fear of not having skills; to lose the fear of being imperfect. To lose the fear of seeming weak in the eyes of humankind, of seeming something good or bad.

Look within yourselves and find that which is, that which has no skills, that which has no adjectives. That in which nothing and everything are to be found, because there is nothing there of what you expect to be, and at the same time, it is the essence that unites you with the Creator of all things. Where all things dwell, and He dwells in everything.

May My words not be a mystery to you, as is a great part of the instruction you have received.

I want My words to be palpable, to be alive for you, that you are able to feel them, that you are able to touch them. That you are able to feel how this Word that comes from God enters into your essences, permeates your beings, breaking the layers that separate you from the comprehension of Truth.

Today My gratitude to the Father is infinite, and I wanted to transmit this gratitude to you, so that you may also learn to be grateful, in spite of any difficulty or apparent challenge and trial. I say apparent, because what for humankind is a great test, for God is a great opportunity. What for humankind is a great abyss, for the Creator is to finally be facing the Truth.

Allow yourselves, children, to transform, to change the meaning of your lives, to change the concepts of your minds, to not have concepts.

Enter into the spirit of gratitude that I bring you today, and together with Me, thank God for all you have received.

Thank God for all you will receive each day, even if it is painful to you, even if it brings you difficulties.

Thank God for the challenges that make you grow.

Thank God for the humiliations that make you die to the human condition, and find the truth of your hearts and your spirits.

Be thankful for the tests that you do not understand, and the truths that you can understand.

Be thankful for life and for these times, because they are great times for all of Creation.

In this spirit of gratitude and of humility before God, ask Him for His Grace. Offer yourselves for giving all that you are, to try to live His Plan in all the ways that are possible for you, because when you will be facing your impossibilities, when you will have done everything, is when the impossible will become possible, because the Grace of God will descend upon you.

Cry out to the Father for that Truth. Cry out so that you may be the expression of that living essence within you.

Cry out so that you may accomplish the mission that you have come to fulfill in the world, that you may help other souls that are in so much need.

That you may be worthy of being called ambassadors of peace, ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. Because this is what you must become.

When the Voice of the Divine Messengers no longer can echo in the world, it will be your voices that will make It echo. It will be your example what will multiply the Graces that one day We left for humanity.

I see that Plan fulfilled. I see that Grace alive within you. Therefore, I thank God and I also thank you.

For this reason, I ask you to be patient, but also to be persistent. May you be tireless, and may you be persevering.

For this reason, I ask you to give all of yourselves, but not trust only in yourselves.

Give all of yourselves so that the Grace of God may permeate you, and you may be worthy of experiencing His Victory and of being His living triumph, just as His Son was.

Today I lift up My hands to the Heights, and I thank the Father for being among His children, for being among His companions, for being able to help His Plan to be fulfilled.

One day, children, you will be in My place, with hands raised to the Heights, thanking God for the salvation of other souls that, in this world and in many others, will have you as an example, of your transformation, of your steps to find God and to return to the Source.

Keep My words in your hearts, keep that hope in your spirits, and that certainty in your consciousnesses. Avail yourselves of them when you lack faith, because all will one day cross the desert of the lack of faith. But this does not mean that hope fades away. 

Remember what I told you, when everything seems to be impossible do not stop trying and persisting, because Grace will come, even if it is invisible to you.

The triumph of God does not manifest in human conquests, but rather in the life of the spirit.

Many times you will think you are failing, and you will be triumphing, just as the Son triumphed, with His scourged Body, without a drop of blood, on a Cross.

He gave all, and Grace descended upon Him. God Himself became One with Him, and caused Him to revive.

Remember this example, and always revive when you seem to die in life.

With these words I thank you as I thank the Father, and I hope to receive from God the possibility of being together with you four more years, so that one day you may see what I see today; so that you may see My words being fulfilled, and that you may testify that they are true.

Today, by the power that God has granted Me, I again offer you the Body and the Blood of Christ, in which are kept all those words that I have transmitted to you, all those Divine Principles that I bring you in the name of God.

Commune of this Hope of the Creator, that the surrender of His Son may become Life in each one of you.

May this piece of bread and this wine multiply, grow, and expand in your cells, in your consciousnesses, in your essences.

As a symbol of the Grace of God that comes to meet you, I consecrate these elements, and I place in them My eternal gratitude for serving humanity, for serving God in His children.

Eat of this Body and drink of this Blood, so that your body and your blood may be a testimony as faithful to Divine Mercy as this Body and this Blood present today on the Altar.

Commune, children, of the certainty that these Codes of Redemption permeate you and are multiplied for all of humanity, for all the Kingdoms, and for the whole planet.

Be intercessors of life, be a bridge to the Heart of God.

Live the offering for those who are blind, for those who are deaf, for those who are incapable of taking action, of walking.

Renew the Lamb of this Easter, each one of you being a new living lamb, so that the Cross may no longer weigh only on a single man, on a single Son of God.

Be His living Word, the fulfilling of His Promise, and so that a race of those that can be called Children of the Most High may emerge from each one of you.

He was the First-born to give the example, and now the time has come to renew His steps.

Each one will know what they can offer to the Father in the name of His Son.

I leave upon you My blessing and My eternal gratitude, so that you may fulfill the Will of God for your lives, and thus open the doors to the fulfilling of that Will in all of humanity, on all of this planet.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And I thank you.

Commune and witness this Communion every day.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph