Tuesday, July 19 of 2016


There are two things in this world without which human existence would have no meaning: love and unity.


Many believe that I come every day to the world to say the same things to you. In truth, I come to tell you that which you have never learned. I come to teach you to be real children of God. I come to teach all to step out of the illusion of the world and recognize the truth of the Universe. I come so that, in a simple, humble, and sometimes even practical way, you may learn to express that truth that is hidden in your essences.

Humanity, My children, still does not know almost anything about itself; it is ignorant of its origin, of its past, and above all, what it itself is; it is also ignorant about the illusion that it generates in the world, what that illusion does to human life, to the life of the Kingdoms, to the consciousness of the planet. Many times, children, the human consciousness does not have access to the purity within itself, but it does have access to those spaces of the consciousness that are full of misery, of energies that need to be purified and transformed by the power of Divine Mercy. And many have asked themselves why they cannot find that purity within themselves and why they always tend to manifest the miseries, the mud of the inner world. Because you came to the world to transform that mud of the consciousness. So it needs to be before your eyes, so that you may see it, recognize it, and thus, transform it. But humankind identified with that mud, held on to it, and once again impregnated their consciousnesses with the desire for power, with envy, competition, the lack of love and fraternity.

In order to find your essence, you must look for it. It is much easier in these times to allow yourselves to be carried away by the miseries and illusions of your own consciousness, because to find the essence, you must move past those layers of illusion through effort, persistence, and perseverance, and sometimes this causes you pain.

To break through your own barriers, you must be strong, brave of spirit, but meek of heart. The courage of the spirit is nothing like the courage you think you know. Many believe that to be brave is to impose their personality, their own ideas and energies, but in reality, the brave one, children, is the one who lives humility, the one who places their head on the ground and asks for forgiveness, help, mercy.

Brave is the one who, in the face of the miseries of others, does not judge, recognizes their own imperfection and loves.

Brave is the one who, when judged, asks the Father for forgiveness because of the lack of love and understanding in the human consciousness, but does not feel wounded, because they are not free to judge and does not understand all things.

Brave of spirit is the one that loves the Plan of God above their own life and loves it not only in themselves; they love the manifestation of that Plan in each creature, in each essence; they know that the Creator has need of each heart, of each soul. They know that the divine Essence is not only in themselves, but in each being, in each heart.

Brave is the one that gives up their own sword to live love; the one who imitates the example of Christ, that lives His Gospel and that, when they receive a blow to their cheek, offers the other, the other side. And they do not do it through pride, do not do it because they believe themselves to be better that the rest. They do this because they understand that in that moment, the one who is striking them is far from God and needs an example of meekness to wake up and step away from the ignorance they are in, because humanity is unpredictable, and each day the blindfold is put on the eyes of one of your brothers or sisters, and even on your own eyes. Just the example of love, of unity, is what removes the illusion that the blindfold on human eyes represents.

When My Son carried the Cross and I was no longer in this world, from the Kingdom of the Heavens I observed and prayed for the ignorance of those who were not able to understand His sacrifice. But once crucified, those human beings who hated Him, understood His Love, because after the whole martyrdom, He asked for forgiveness from His Father Who was in the Heavens because of human ignorance.

That example of forgiveness must be re-experienced every day by those who believe in the sacrifice of Christ; by those who know that the Creator abandoned Him on the Cross so that, with all His humanity, He could live love and awaken the true divine archetype in the human consciousness, the likeness with God, thus demonstrating to each heart that He was not the only Child of the Creator, He was the firstborn, the first, the One Who would be the example and the source of the awakening of all of you.

Until today, you have not understood this truth and venerate the Son of God in the Body of Christ as if He were eternally the only one. That inability to understand the Plan of God is what causes Our Lord to re-experience His Passion, day after day, and humanity only cries out for His Mercy, but does not understand that those who are on Earth also must be the living mercy.

Do not cry out for the Mercy of Christ to resolve the problems of your daily lives, to achieve a little peace. Cry out for Mercy for something deeper, so that He may transform the human consciousness, withdraw it from ignorance and so that you may live the divine archetype for humanity.

Cry out for the Mercy of Christ, that this world may step out of illusion, may recognize universal life, commune with all existence; begin with the love for the Kingdoms, recognizing that not only humanity must evolve, but all that is life must reach God.

Cry out for Mercy so that humanity may understand universal evolution, the different ways the Creator expresses Himself.

Today, children, I want to renew your attitude toward prayer, because the time in which a new world must emerge is coming.

The portals to a new life will open before human eyes, and if you do not ask God for the grace to recognize higher life, you will be afraid of entering those portals and will miss the opportunity of entering universal life and finding the Consciousness of Christ again, which is no longer the Consciousness of Jesus, it is beyond Jesus. He is the Cosmic Christ, the Solar Christ, part of the Mind, the Heart of Divine Creation; a living part of the Source from which all things emerged.

To understand what Christ is today, you must understand what you are, because if you always see yourselves as material creatures and do not manage to withdraw your consciousness from common daily life, how will you understand that, on descending from the Cross, Christ rose and, on reaching the Heavens, His Ascension never ended?

Listen to My words and let them resonate in your consciousnesses, to wake them up, at least to an interest in this spiritual search, this true transformation, because the knowledge already exists in your consciousnesses. Many are living libraries, full of information, but lacking in experience, in an experience, for example, of unity with God and with His Truth. I tell you this, children, not to humiliate you, criticize you. I tell you this because the time of this world is already mixing in with the time of the Universe. The hours are no longer counted by the clocks in your homes.

Those who observe the flow of life and the planetary events can understand what I tell you. More and more, the ignorant are sinking deeper into the abyss of chaos. Each day this reign expands in the consciousness of the blind and those who do not understand and do not know love.

For this reason, the time has come for the disciples of Christ of all eras to also deepen their mission; that they also be completely permeated by the unity with God, by the living of His Love.

Today, what I tell you has the intention of transforming the human consciousness, because soon I will have been coming daily to the world for one year, and many are moved by My words, although few are being definitely transformed by them.

In order for Me to receive the permission from God for continuing to come to the world, and in order for My Apparitions to not end, some of you must live My words, or at least, strive each day to do so.

The time on the planet of the Divine Messengers depends on the response of the human heart, for if you generate merits for a deeper teaching to descend to Earth, we can continue with you. But if you do not live nor seek to live what we tell you, if you just feel peace in the moments when We are with you, and in your daily life, you forget these divine principles, how will We come before God and cry out to Him to continue among you?

Children, humanity needs divine help and Guidance; for this reason, today I ask you to strive in your hearts to live love and unity among you and with each human heart. I ask that you make the effort to pray more each day not only for yourselves, but for the whole planet. I know you are learning to cry out for humanity, for the consciousness of the Kingdoms, and for that I thank you and return to the world. Now deepen that prayer, that awakening, and in each instant live in offering for the consciousness of the planet where you are.

With My Heart exposed to your eyes, I present an offer to you of lifting up a petition to the Father. That by the union granted to My Most Chaste Heart by God, your offerings reach the celestial altars, so that the Creator may hear you.

Feel the Presence of God, because His Eyes are upon humanity, upon the Kingdoms, upon the planet.

Feel that His Consciousness reaches not only your homes, the Marian Centers or the Light-Communities. Feel, children, that through your offering, the Light of God, the Father of all Creation, reaches each consciousness, all life.

And offering this moment as reparation for all the wars and conflicts of the world, pray with Me:

Celestial Father,
Who leads us all,
accept our offer of surrender to You,
guide us through the path of love
so that Your Will may be done.

Now, offer the Father the Blood of His Son, spilled in the lands of the East. Offer Him the Body of Christ. Ask the Creator that this Body and this Blood, which one day divinized the planet and gave you the opportunity to live redemption, may in this moment enter all the shrines of the Earth.

May the Living Presence of Christ today be able to permeate the heart of all those who seek peace, irrespective of their religion, of their belief, or of their ignorance, whether that search for peace is for themselves or for all the planet. Ask the Creator to grant you, as humanity, the grace of living peace and of being in likeness to His Son.

May this Grace manifest in these elements, of which you will commune as human consciousness, and in this way, you will understand a great mystery, the mystery of unity that the Creator grants all souls, among themselves and with Him.

Pray as My Son prayed and listen to His Voice, that still echoes among the valleys. Ask God for this echo in the East of the planet to free souls and lift them up to the Kingdom of God.

May these elements synthesize, within each one who listens to Me, all the words that I transmitted to you today, and beyond them, all that as a divine principle, I brought to the world today.

By the power granted Me by God, as His servant and mediator, I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And I thank you for persevering and for uniting with My Chaste Heart.

Continue in peace and cry out for peace every day of your lives.