Sunday, June 19 of 2016


If on this day, I spoke to you about the yielding of your souls, of the great need for yielding in the human heart, and disregarded the need of the Kingdoms of Nature, perhaps I would not be fulfilling the Will of God.

If on this day, children, I set aside the planetary consciousness to sustain your human hearts, in your tests and purifications, to bring you a breath of hope, My Mission in this place would be incomplete.

I would like, with all of My Love, to hold you in My Arms and ask for the intercession of the Father for your little souls.

I would like to dissolve in your hearts what stops you from finding God, of yielding to Him, of saying 'yes' to Him, in spite of any difficulty, in spite of any illusion about yourselves.

But today I must show you something a little broader. Today I have to carry your consciousnesses to the Consciousness of God in a different way, because not only the human heart has great needs; the consciousness of the Kingdoms of Nature also has, in this place, as well as all over the planet, a need for your prayers.

My children, I bring you here to contemplate the mountains, so that you may revere them and thank them for supporting the Earth, for transmuting and transforming the psychic, emotional, and mental load that the human being generates and that, by remaining on the Earth, would end it in a single day.

Through those mountains, I reveal a mystery to you: the living consciousness of the Kingdoms of Nature. A consciousness that feels, that loves, that observes, that seeks to understand the evolution of humanity so that, in this way, it may experience its own evolution.

Contemplate a beautiful valley in front of you; in it, however, there dwells a great sorrow: the sorrow of the indigenous consciousness, the sorrow of the Kingdoms of Nature, not only in this place, but in many other spaces of the planet. In this valley dwells a great sorrow: the sorrow of the Heart of God because of the non-awakening of humanity, because of the ignorance and the egotism that still live in the human heart.

Within this great valley there also dwells a hope, the hope that you, who are waking up, can commune with nature, not only to enjoy its presence on Earth, but to consciously collaborate with its mission. It is not only humanity, children, that must grow and evolve in this world; each living creature must evolve. And when I refer to life, I am speaking of a life that you do not understand, because many do not believe that a mountain is alive, that the minerals are alive, that the elements are alive.

On this Earth, everything that you can see, that evolves, that grows, that transforms, is alive. Also many invisible things are alive.

Today, in this valley, I reveal a life to you that, although it is no longer in the world, continues to suffer its experience in it. The indigenous consciousness that dwelled in these lands, needs the help of the human heart. And many wonder: how to help them? Understanding them, learning from them about the unity with Nature, about simplicity, about fraternal and communal life, a life with no competition, a life of mutual collaboration.

Today I ask you, children, to go in aid of those brothers and sisters of yours of the original peoples that still live on this Earth and are suffering the degeneration of the purity of their origin. Because just as it does to all the purity of hearts, the density of this world is causing that Divine Gift that the Creator gave the original peoples to disappear: it is the spirit of service, of Christic Charity, that goes beyond an act of charity, as you know it.

Christic Charity is filled with a Divine Love; it is a charity that gives of itself without expecting results, without expecting the transformation of a fellow being, without expecting gratitude. It gives of itself for the simple need of loving and that is what is so hard for the human heart. For this reason, until today, these peoples that so many centuries ago were on Earth, still suffer the same sorrow, because to free them, children, a unique, real and pure love is necessary.

Today I brought you here because I wanted to place this love in your hearts and wake you up so that you could experience it during what is left of your experience here on Earth. Although for many there is not much time left, even if it is in the last instant of your lives, if you experienced true love, that love will open the dimensions and will transform the destiny of this universe in which you live.

Today I will ask you to pray with Me to forgive and dissolve the ignorance of those hearts that, in this instant, do not ask God for forgiveness.

Children, if in the face of the need of the world you recognize how small your own difficulties are, if in the face of the suffering of the world you recognize how small your own suffering is and ask God for forgiveness, on this day, I will grant you the grace of forgiveness. By the authority that God granted Me and by the intercession achieved by My Most Chaste Heart, I will open a doorway to Divine Consciousness, and in the hearts of those who have faith and those who want to have it, I will place the grace of forgiveness. It is in this way that I will help you to not only take your own steps, but also to help this Earth, so wounded and forsaken in the vast universe.

I say this world is forsaken, not because the Creator has forsaken it, but because to receive a Grace from God, you must open a door to Him, as I will do now. I will open this door because you say 'yes' to Me and because My Heart also was human, and in some way, still belongs to this world.

To receive forgiveness, ask for forgiveness.

Ask for forgiveness for human ignorance.

Ask for forgiveness for not being able to open your hearts, for resisting the Will of God.

Ask for forgiveness for not knowing to love or understand a fellow being.

Ask for forgiveness for setting aside an ancient suffering that many times is hidden under the ground you walk on.

Ask for forgiveness for ignoring the Kingdoms of Nature; for only taking advantage of them.

Ask for forgiveness for having so many times missed a chance to forgive.

Ask for forgiveness, as humanity, for not living the divine Project and preferring a human imperfection rather than choosing the Perfection of God.

Ask for forgiveness for continuing to generate so many conflicts within and outside of yourselves; for not understanding the grandeur of these times and so many times getting lost in such small things.

Ask for forgiveness for the past, the one you know and the one you do not know; the past of this world and the one that did not belong to it, but which brought consequences to the life of the Earth.

I will not forgive you just through My authority. I will forgive you because I am in likeness to the One that first forgave and placed the essence of forgiveness on Earth. I will forgive as My Son did, because He forgives you every day, but you do not always know how to value that forgiveness.

I will forgive you in the name of the One Who gave up His Body and his Blood and I will renew His Surrender, showing humanity that it is eternal and that, by His merits, more than two thousand years later, our hearts continue to forgive. With this act, I invite you to make a real surrender and to also forgive.

Sing the song that you sang in the beginning, but this time, sing it with greater truth and receive healing and forgiveness, which together with My Son, I will place in this Eucharist and through it, you will receive this Grace.

After having received the expiation of My son, through His Infinite Mercy, do not hold this expiation just for yourselves. During the communion with His Body and His Blood, offer the Grace of forgiveness for those most in need, for the Kingdoms, for the original peoples, for your brothers and sisters that are on this path trying to persevere. 

In union with the Heart of My Son and with the Most Holy Heart of God the Father, and through the intercession of His Divine Servant, I forgive you and ask you to at least strive every day to not make mistakes. Strive every day to remember the grandeur of life and of the Plans of God and the smallness of your own soul.

Remember every day that the Grace of God is infinite and the Creator merely expects you to open your arms to Him so as to be able to help you and wake up the Love of His Son, Christ, in your hearts.

By the sign of the cross carried by the Son of God, I bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph