Thursday, May 19 of 2016


May all the Earth, the Universe, and the Celestial Kingdom hear the clamor of your hearts!


It is these moments of simplicity, when you experience the union with God, that you balance the evils of this world and allow the Creator to continue to pour out His Mercy.

Simply be attentive to My words.

I would like to have you feel the joy of the Heart of the Father when His creatures sincerely pray, so that you not only seek to feel the sorrow of the world, the sorrow of God, but also the joy of His Most Holy Heart.

The Creator, Who gives everything to the human consciousness, expects very little from your hearts. He simply wants you to be sincere, simple; that you be fraternal with one another; that you experience the spirit of love and of unity. That you not only seek Him in the heights of the Heavens, but that you seek Him also within each of you; that you seek Him in your brothers and sisters; that you seek Him in the Kingdoms of Nature, in the forests, the waters, the mountains, the animals, the elements; that you seek Him in the invisible life of each Kingdom. That you find Him among the angels; that you find Him among those small creatures that manifest His beauty, that manifest His Will, harmoniously creating through the Kingdoms of Nature.

I refer to a Kingdom unknown to you, that few have seen, because they give of themselves without need of recognition. They create through the beauty of the flowers without your seeing them. They create through the colors of a rainbow. They create in the silence, in the breath of the wind. These are the devas, the elementals, the little angels, that not only take care of the souls of human beings, but also take care of the soul of each Kingdom, of each species, and besides that, suffer in the atrocities of this world. But they never tire of living their giving. Even though you cut down the trees, which with so much dedication they have raised, they cause them to be reborn. Even though you pollute the waters, they have them re-emerge. I tell you these things because this is how the human heart should be.

You need to learn to give of yourselves in the invisible, to offer your best to the Creator, without anyone knowing, without the need for recognition. You must learn to create with the perfection of a flower, you must learn to be as pure as water, and in spite of the influences of this world, be renewed in your purity every day, like an inexhaustible fountain.

I want you to learn with the fortitude of the minerals, the rocks, the mountains, that in spite of being wounded, do not cease to support the Earth.

In spite of the tribulations that will come, do not cease to support the Plan of God. In spite of the influences of the world, do not deviate from your paths. In spite of your own imperfection or the imperfection of a fellow being, do not cease to live in unity with your brothers and sisters; do not cease to live in unity with God, with yourselves. Let your minds, your emotions, your spirits and your souls be united under a single purpose: living a transformation in Christ.

I know that for many, this transformation seems impossible and very distant, because you think only of the Sacrifice of Christ; you only think that Christification* is based on martyrdom, on suffering and on pain; however, children, Christification is based on love, on surrender, on the forgetting of self, on unity with a fellow being, on the forgiveness of sins, on reconciliation, on the possibility the human heart has of setting aside the errors and the faults of its brothers and sisters to contemplate their essences, to contemplate the Perfection of God that dwells in each one of them.

Contemplate the life of Christ from the beginning and not just its end. Contemplate His Humility in the manger of Bethlehem. Contemplate His Faith, preaching, when young, among the "great doctors of law." Contemplate His Silence, growing hidden until He was ready to publicly live His Mission. Contemplate the certainty of His Unity with God, when on the mount, He announced He was the Messiah.

Who will climb the mount and proclaim themselves a child of God, a seed of the New Humanity? Who will have the courage to be small in the face of the great powers of this world and remain within the Will of the Father, in the hope of making His house sacred, which is not just the temple of Jerusalem, but the whole of this planet, the entire universe?

For many, humanity is lost. Could it be, children, that someday you will find yourselves in the temple of this world living the Will of the Father?

If you lived in unity with the Kingdoms of Nature, your lives would be much simpler; your minds would not have so many questions; your emotions would not be so unstable, causing you to one day want to give your all, and on the next, allow yourselves to be defeated by fear.

If you united with the Kingdoms of Nature, you would find within you the purity that dwells within them, and as invisible as the devas, you would build the Kingdom of God and make this world of ours sacred again.

Many times, I have asked you to contemplate the sorrow of the planet, that you contemplate the Cross of Christ, His martyrdom, His Passion, so that you could be strengthened in spirit and could understand that the need of this world is greater than your small lives. And today, I will show you the greatness of Creation through the Kingdoms of Nature, for in the same way that the sorrow of the planet is ignored by many, the mission of the Kingdoms of Nature in this world is also quite unknown.

Christ, children, ended the sacrifice of animals, sacrificing Himself. In this way, He gave a signal to the world that you must no longer martyr your smaller brothers and sisters, but rather should be an example to them, an example of souls that offer themselves to live love, and uplift them in their evolution.

The sorrow of souls is very close to you; many can understand that sorrow. However, the sorrow of the Kingdoms is still a mystery to the majority of human hearts, and it is a sorrow, children, that many times is greater than human sorrow. Many times, the martyrdom of the Kingdoms of Nature causes as much regret in the heart of the Creator as the loss of souls.

I know that many think they can do no more for these Kingdoms not to be martyred in this world, because that is out of their control. If you want to help in the evolution of the Kingdoms of Nature, contemplate their example and show them that their existence on this Earth is not in vain. Show them that you are capable of learning from the giving of the trees and multiply that giving, bringing their essences a love that is unknown in the universe, a love that only lived and manifested in the Heart of the one Christ Who lived in this world; a love that still awaits to be lived by many souls, by many spirits; a love that still awaits to be an expression of a race, because the King of the Universe is not just a Christ; He must continue His evolution, must continue His Unity with the Father through the dimensions; He must be converted into more than a King.

For this to be possible, New Christs must emerge, new consciousnesses that live the love He manifested on Earth. And may they live it now, when the illusion of this planet is so great, when the perdition of souls is immense. May they live it now, when the capital energies blossom within beings and pride is so great, egotism and vanity are so strong, and must be defeated by the power of a greater love.

It is so that you may live this love that the Divine Messengers descend to the world, cross the dimensions of the Earth and come so close to your hearts. It is so that you may live this love that I reveal all these things to you, that I try every day to open your consciousnesses and your hearts to a superior reality, so that you may understand that the life of Christ has not ended in His experience as Jesus and that the life of each one of you also does not end in the experiences that you have today on the Earth.

Feel My words in your hearts, because little by little, I will have you understand and live what I tell you.

Now I will ask you to lift up this symbol of the Alliance with Christ; that you lift up this Grace that is imprinted on matter, so that you may understand that even your cells must be transformed. And as a priest, together with the angels and in a perfect union with the Son of God, I will consecrate these elements.

Today I will ask that the children come up here.

In your hands I will place the greatest gifts of the universe: the Body and the Blood of Christ; as a symbol that to share the Bread that was lifted to the Heavens, you must be pure and simple of heart.

Let us pray for the children of the whole world, offering it to those who never found the Heart of Christ. Let us do it phrase by phrase:

Prayer for the Children of the World
Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
who held the Child Jesus in Your Arms,
take into Your hands today
all the children of the world.
Place close to Your Heart
the hearts of the little ones
so that they may recover their purity and their strength
to experience the times that will come and,
as seeds of the New Humanity,
persevere always in the accomplishment of the Plan of God.

I bless you and I give you the mission of being not only rescuers of the body, but that you be rescuers also of the soul; that you rescue the purity and the simplicity of the human heart. That you never lose the gift of being like children.

Through your prayers, I lift up the souls that suffer because they lost their purity when being in life.

Sing and ask for peace for this planet.

I thank you.

May these seeds, placed today on My altar, symbolize the seeds of a new life, of a new cycle of union with the Kingdoms of Nature.

May this carpentry which you placed today on My altar be the symbol of your permanent aspiration to transform, to be shaped, so that a new being may be born.

And in the same way that I worked every day in such a simple way, and found God in that simplicity, may you too, every day, be able to find the Father in the simple things.

I thank you once again, for I will always be grateful.

I leave you My paternal blessing.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Continue to sing.