Tuesday, January 19 of 2016


May peace be a reality in the heart of each creature of this Earth. That is the deepest aspiration of the Heart of God, for if you live in peace, you will be able to awaken to the Truth that transcends matter, transcends what eyes can see and hands can touch. You will thus open the eyes of your heart to contemplate the Truth with them, to see the essence of each creature with them and understand the great sadness of the Creator for not being able to manifest His Perfection in each of them.

Today I come to encourage you to have a great thought, a great aspiration, an aspiration to merge with the One that is Perfect, and to no longer just be "John", "Mary", or "Francis", so as to be Principles of God in this world, to be an example for the whole cosmos, as well as for the universe, that it is possible to live Love, a love that even defeats self-love; a love that gives up its own life for others, for the Plans of God; a love that defeats resentment and reaches its enemies; a love for which enemies do not exist, for what exists is the lack of understanding of the human heart, ignorance, and fear. All of that can be defeated by the action of love.

I come to prepare your hearts to dissolve, little by little, the differences that exist between human beings. May you be able to discover that which unites you, which are your essences, that came from the One Creator, the One God, an Omnipresent Consciousness that at the same time is One and multiples in each of Its creatures. It is diversity and unity.

The human heart must be like this: each one must express exactly as they are; they must have the freedom to follow the religion they choose, of following the path upon which their heart leads them, because those paths are built not only in this life. The connection of each consciousness with a specific religion comes from the origin of that religion, from that pure Principle, when God inspired the creation of each of them with the intention that, because His creatures were diverse, there should be various possibilities for living love and finding a path leading them to His Heart.

I am speaking of religions, but also about the ways of life. You must learn to present the example of a healthy life in this world already so ill. You must not be afraid of being different, of walking against the current, because most of humanity, in this time, lives a profound, almost absolute illusion.

The hope of God is that those who hear His Call are able to remain firm in the purpose of their union with Christ, in their union with the Love He represents, with the Unity that Mary represents and with the Perfection of God.

If Christ represents Love and Our Lady, Unity, what would My Chaste Heart represent?

I bring the principle of humility to the world, without which you could never achieve Love and Unity, because pride divides you, strengthens the feeling of individualism and the aspiration to stand out, of always being better than the rest in everything.

How much lack of understanding, how much ignorance is still present in the human heart that has not understood that the Perfection of God dwells in all creatures! It is the same God that lives in all essences. It is the same God that aspires to express His Perfection in all beings.

Each being, each creature of this world must be perfect, according to what they came to manifest on Earth. There is none that is better or worse; perfection dwells in all. You must simply unveil that great mystery; that which is the greatest mystery of Creation of this cosmos: how a God so infinite risks living in such small, such imperfect creatures, and that many times, do not pay any attention to Him nor even know He lives within them.

God is the greatest Principle of Humility. We simply emulate His Steps.

If He, Who is so great, allowed Himself to be in His creatures; if He, Who lives in Infinity, descended into the density of matter and allowed Himself to be in the human heart until manifesting Perfection in His creatures, who are we to not return day after day to the world? How can we tire of being among humanity? How can we lose hope in this divine creation if God never withdrew from your hearts?

The evil in human hearts is the result of the ignorance of eyes that did not open to perceive that the Unity and the Love of God are in them. Because they are ignorant of that Presence, do not know It and do not live It, this does not mean that God is not there. He simply waits, in His infinite Humility, for the eyes of the human heart to turn inward and perceive Him, find Him there, silent, patient, humble, in the hope of one day being able to express in that small heart.

As the wars increase and essences are lost, it is a part of the Consciousness of God that is lost in the world, but He never desists and continues to multiply; He continues to multiply His Faith, His Hope in those who are born day after day in this world.

That is why children are God's great hope. He loves them, because he places in each of them the faith of finally being able to manifest Himself in this world just as He thought at the beginning.

I do not want to diminish the grandeur of God by giving you examples that He feels and thinks like a human heart. The Lord allows Himself to live those things to draw closer to His creatures.

He never desists from the manifestation of His Plan because He knows how the end will be.

Today I come to strengthen your faith and also give you the impulse to not give up, because even though the Lord has already conquered your hearts, He needs to conquer many other hearts of this world; He needs many more to find Him within themselves.

That is why I will ask you for another effort, if you will say 'yes' to Me.

I have a house of missionaries in Brazil; a house where My Heart grows in love, in brotherhood; a house where I am able to express fraternal charity, where I can teach hearts to serve. But just one house is not enough.

Will you respond to My call when I ask you to consecrate a house to My Heart in this country? Will you surrender your lives when I ask you to be missionaries and dedicate yourselves to serve others, without tiredness, without time or schedule?

For this is My will: that the groups of Uruguay and the whole world unite to consecrate a house to My Most Chaste Heart.

Sacred House of Christic Charity: that is what it will be called, because that is what I hope you will learn in this time, and in this way, you will learn to find the need not only in the Middle East, but also at your side.

I need the missionaries to multiply, for many missions must be carried out.

Do you understand that Our Eyes observe the world and find the need in each place, from the most forgotten to those that are in everybody's sight, but that suffer abandonment?

It is for this reason that I will call you to do an experiment, but I will ask you to consecrate your lives to service as soon as your souls awaken to surrender, to charity and to love. It is thus, through love, that you will disseminate Our Call, Our Presence. In this way, those children of Ours that are still asleep will be able to awaken, because we cannot wait for them any longer, for the mission awaits them. They must take their places in this army of peace, so as to find a meaning for their lives, before the desire to give up everything takes over their hearts. For many exist that, because they have not found meaning in their lives on Earth, desire death and want to abandon their mission without having experienced love, charity, humility or unity with God.

The purpose of charity is much broader than you imagine. You will not only be dressing those that are cold, feeding those that are hungry, or giving shelter to those who are abandoned. You will be rescuing souls, awakening soldiers, strengthening spirits, giving many the opportunity to know Christification, and that the Plan of God may be fulfilled not only in a few, but in many, for He will have need of a race of Christs, and that race is hidden in the apparent imperfection of the creatures of this Earth.

Do not forget to pray and accompany My missionaries, the missionaries of Mary, of Christ, of God, those brothers and sisters of yours that are like the point of a spear, opening the Middle East for a great liberation. We will count on the voices, the souls, the spirits, count on the fire of devotion, on the faith of each one of you, so that love may reign in the hearts of human beings.

And now, through the power that God granted Me, I will consecrate the elements with which you will commune. Elements that will transform into the Body and the Blood of Christ, to impel you into purity, into transformation, and into an awakening.

Offer this Communion for all the missionaries of the world, who risk their lives to help fellow beings and who trust in simple acts, because they know that the grandeur of God does not manifest in great works; it manifests in great hearts, in the depths of beings, in the sincerity of each one.

It does not matter if they are simple acts or if they are  few, in the midst of a needy crowd; if the aspiration to love is great and the intention of your hearts, real, the Grace of God poured out upon each creature will be infinite.

Sister Lucía de Jesús: At that moment, Saint Joseph asks that we raise the elements of the Communion to consecrate them.

May this Body and this Blood of Christ, through the imposition of My holy hands, be a living reality within all the beings of this world. May all spiritually commune of the Principles of Christ. May this Eucharist be converted into Love and enter into the essence of all those who are losing hope.

May you also sow love in humanity, offering Communion as a principle of love for the human heart. As you receive communion, imagine that those Codes of the Body and the Blood of Christ are penetrating all beings, transforming and awakening all the creatures of this Earth.

I love you and will joyfully ask you to sing for Me the song that you were singing at the beginning, because - working in the refugees camp - I heard you and caused your voices to be heard by hearts that had already lost the will to sing, that no longer wanted to pronounce any praise to the Creator, that were losing their faith in His existence. They heard without knowing what it was nor where it came from; they just felt the hope that it was possible to revert that situation and establish peace. It was My Chaste Heart that was singing to them, together with you:

“Al ahuat iatuun, al aiadi mutahidine,
talibi mina Al Raab al rahmat.
Al ahuat iatuun, al aiadi,
izra al houb fi al sanier. (1)”

May the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be upon you, upon all of humanity, and upon the Kingdoms of Nature, that untiringly give you support and sustain you.

I love you and thank you for awakening, a little, the love in your hearts.

I listen to you because many more must still hear your voices, sowing hope and love, announcing brotherhood and fraternity. May this song become a reality in the hearts of all that consider themselves to be servers of the Plan. Live these words every day. That is the Will of God.

I thank you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


(1) Transliteration of the translation to Arabic of the refrain of the music Sowing Love in Humanity: "Brothers and sisters hold hands, uniting, crying out to the Father for Mercy, brothers and sisters hold hands, uniting, sowing love in humanity."