Saturday, July 19 of 2014


God, Our Celestial Father, has a special mission for each one of His creatures, one which the Divine Messengers seek to manifest in this time in your hearts simply through Our sacred Presence, which activates the divine codes latent within all beings.

Today I gather you all here so that through your hearts, the celestial mission may be accomplished. I come to assemble your souls and your spirits so that, in this final time, you wake up to this commitment that you made to God a long time ago.

My dear ones, today I want to gladden your hearts because the purity of My Most Chaste Heart is penetrating your lives little by little; it is transforming your beings so that the lily I am creating in your consciousnesses may blossom, this lily that represents the purity, the charity and the humility of My Heart.

Together with the Divine Messengers, I want to place the Greater Will of God in your lives, so that it may be accomplished in all the creatures of this world, because in the great celestial mystery, when one of the human beings takes a step, no matter how small it may be, the impact in the universe and in the consciousness of all of humanity is large.

Thus, on this afternoon of infinite Mercy, in which the Three Most Sacred Hearts will step on this sacred soil, I simply ask you to encourage your hearts to experience the unknown with joy, with intensity, because the adventure is great for those willing to love.

These are times for completely trusting in the Heart of the Hierarchy, of fearlessly following Those Who descend from the Heavens to instruct your souls, your spirits, your lives.

Although many inner movements may take place within and outside of yourselves, although one day you may reach a point of not being able to control the forces that move the world and also move matter, I simply ask that you continue walking, just as you are doing.

Do not be ashamed, do not be worried, do not be afraid of accepting each other, just like the Divine Messengers accept your hearts and welcome your souls. For in the near future, you will be able to understand, when the divine essences manifest, that the sacrifice made to walk as a group, to not ever let go of the hand of your sibling who accompanies you was small, because Divinity, one day, may manifest through those hearts that today can manifest deep darkness.

Today I want to tell you that a new humanity must emerge through all the lives of this world, a new redeemed race. But for this, persistence is necessary, an example of life is necessary, with patience, with love.

It is necessary, My dears, My brothers, sisters, and companions, that you never tire of walking, that you never withdraw from those beside you, because no matter how many imperfections they have, something unique, divine, is held within all beings, and there is no creature in this world that does not have the possibility of manifesting it.

It is only necessary that you want to live this divine life, that you want to take those steps toward the Celestial Kingdom, that you want to draw that Kingdom to the Earth, and in spite of the chaos, of all the pain and all the suffering that you may experience, overcome the difficulties through love and manifest the Divine Kingdom in this world.

Because today I tell you that you may experience infinite pain, but supreme will be the love that will come afterwards.

 These are times of intense inner movements, so that afterwards, great movements on the planet may come. It is necessary to learn to overcome the tribulations that are happening today in your lives, so that you may teach others to overcome the tribulations of the world when the time comes to do that.

Today I want to thank you for listening to these few words. If your hearts could see what My Most Chaste Heart brings to the world while it pronounces them, you could understand that the time I spend among you does not matter; one second of the Presence of the Divine Messengers could change the events of the world and completely transform your consciousnesses if you truly opened yourselves to experience that transformation.

I hear many hearts that cry out to Me and say 'yes' to this affirmation of My Consciousness. With joy, I receive your pleas and send a ray of My Chaste Heart so that it may manifest chastity in your lives like a divine purity, like a profound humility that little by little, you will see unfold in your beings. Simply be patient.

May the light of My Chaste Heart illumine your lives, bring aid so that you may resolve the questions that afflict your hearts today.

Never forget that I accompany you always as father and instructor. And besides being able to listen to My Words on the 19th of each month, seek My help each day, because I can speak to your hearts. You only need to call Me and become silent so as to be able to hear Me.

May the blessing of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be poured out over your consciousnesses so that today and always, you manifest the Divine Purpose in your lives.

I thank you for accompanying My Chaste Heart and helping My mission in the world.