Wednesday, March 19 of 2014


Today I asked you to draw closer to My Heart so that you could feel My Presence in your lives. But in truth, I tell you that this is a symbol of your union with Me because I am always together with all of you. My Presence is a part of life on Earth, and the impulses of My Heart are always with those who seek to be consecrated, are always with those who seek to walk.

Today I ask that you come here because I want to show the world that there are beings that respond to the call, beings that heard the voice of their heart and that risked responding to this commitment they made with the Divine so long ago.

My dear companions, it has already been a year that My Presence has been among you, has been directly with the hearts of the world. Thus, today I want you to rejoice and to open your hearts and souls, so that My divine codes may permeate your essences.

Many think that they have come to meet Me, but today I tell you that I assembled your souls so that today you could be with Me. God requested that the Messengers of Heaven wake up all the souls of this world; thus, We never tire of coming to the Earth, and if there is a soul that responds to this call, we will continue to come to give humanity an impulse, for one being represents all the beings that exist in the world.

Today, in your hearts, I want you to hold the importance of the journey of your consciousnesses, that you do not stop, that you are persistent, that you are brave on this path. I know that for many, it will not be easy, that others cannot manage to find a path of simplicity, but I simply ask that you open your eyes, especially the eyes of the heart, to perceive that Divine Hands are permanently extended and come to your aid whenever you need an impulse.

Today I ask, My dear ones, that you do not fear entering this path which is unknown for many, and for others, not so much. Today I tell you to risk, with love, surrendering your lives, to take a step, even if small, in the name of all of humanity, because human beings do not walk in the world; and while others go backwards in their evolution, I need a few who dare to walk, to forget the past and open the way for a new life on Earth. Many times, in that meeting with the Divine Messengers, They erased the past in your lives, and in this way, allowed your souls to enter into a new cycle of evolution.

Today, once again, I gather you together so that, celebrating a year of My Apparitions, you may have clean lives, your hearts pure and ready to enter a new path. But on this day, I ask that you do not waste the opportunity that is given to you, for many times, humanity has wasted what the Divine gave the world.

This is not the first time the Messengers have been among humankind, but this will be the last call that God sends the Earth, for a new time must emerge, new souls must enter the evolution, a higher evolution, and it is in this way, My beloveds, that a new race emerges in the universe and that love will be able to open the doors again that separate creatures from their Creator.

Today I bring an impulse from the universe so that your consciousnesses are able to recognize a higher life, and in this way, you may receive the strength you need to break the barriers that separate you from the Divine, the Real, the Pure.

Today, dear children, I want you to come across your origin, that point in the universe from where you come, because as clear essences, you were generated from a divine impulse to manifest the Will of God on the Earth.

Today I first call to My meeting, those who were consecrated as a family, so that they may manifest a new family archetype in the world. This afternoon, I tell you that it is already time to cross the threshold between the old family and the new family. Open your hearts, because today, in your essences, I leave a new path, which you will find if you meditate and seek what I place within you.

I also call the missionaries, for they have already found a new impulse because they listened to the voice of their souls and knew to find My Will in the invisible. Today, My Consciousness expands and My Heart reaches to the neighborhood of São José, to definitely consecrate it and to tell My dear missionaries that other houses will emerge in the world.

Thus, today I ask that those who accept being definitely consecrated, those who were waiting for an impulse from My Heart to take this step in selfless service, come to meet Me. The world has need of your surrender and the sincere offering of your hearts, for there are many that suffer, that do not know the love and charity they need from those who carry My Presence, as well as the Presence of Christ, to the hearts that suffer.

Today I bless you and take you to My meeting so that you may enter into My Heart and so that this Most Chaste Heart that is before your eyes today can enter into your essences.

Today I also call those of My children who carry forward My work in the Light-Communities, and through them, My Consciousness reaches each of the Communities.

In consciousness and soul, I call so that the consecrated members of the Community of the Holy Spirit, the Community of the Brotherhood, come to this meeting. I call so that the consecrated members of the Community of Fraternity come to My meeting. I call so that the consecrated members of the Community of the New Earth come to My meeting, and I bless all of them so that you may definitely manifest the archetype of life on this world that the whole of humanity is to live in this final time.

Today I tell you, My beloveds, that in this meeting, we are many more than you can see, that to My meeting I call all those that accompany Me with their heart and are willing to consecrate their lives, in their cities, in their homes, carrying in their daily lives the codes I place in their hearts.

This is My Message for this day. In truth, I leave an impulse for humanity, and through your hearts, may the consecration of the world to the Most Sacred Heart of God be able to manifest.

Today I tell you, My beloveds, that I will continue being present among your hearts, that month after month, My Voice will return to echo in the world and that, in a special way, I will give impulses to those who aspire to take a step in their lives.

Today I ask you to trust in the Presence of the Messengers of God on Earth, for I will be able to manifest in your lives that which you hold in your essences, and that it is already time for you to definitely live what you really are.

Your small souls are clear in the light of God today, and I remove the veils from your hearts and from your consciousnesses so that not only God, but also each one of you can recognize what you truly are and can discover what mission you have come to fulfill in this time, where you are to go, what you are to do, in what way you are to take your steps.

Ask yourselves, My dear ones, and constantly search, because this response is available in your little hearts.

I will bless these images as a symbol of My Presence, but I would like to remind you that My Presence is in everything, and I am not only this community, but I am in the heart of all those that aspire to manifest a new life.

Those who open their eyes will be able to feel how My Heart draws closer and blends in this time with your essences.

I deeply thank you for opening the doors to My Sacred Heart. May My Presence eternally be in your lives. I love you and bless you.

Your beloved Instructor, Father, and Companion, Saint Joseph

Song: Sacred Family

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

We are going to tell a little story about today's Apparition.

When we began to speak the last prayer of the Devotional, the Doors of Heaven opened in a different way. It was as if there was an explosion of Light, and we could see the whole path that led to Paradise. For this reason, at that moment, we stood up and knelt here at the altar.

Many armies of angels started to arrive. In front of them came an Archangel who was indicating to us that first, the families were to approach, then the missionaries; it called the three brothers that coordinated the Light-Communities and then called on all to come.

At that moment, Saint Joseph appeared. He radiated a lot of joy, He was dressed all in white, with a white robe and a white mantle that rested on His shoulders. He appeared with the Child Jesus in His arms and with His Most Chaste Heart manifested, surrounded by small lilies. While He spoke, His Heart radiated a brilliant and intense light to all of us.

As He spoke about the house of the missionaries, we could see the neighborhood of São José and how His Heart radiated to this place, those houses, not only the house of the missionaries but also the houses around it.

While He was calling the Communities, we could see, we don't know how to explain, all the brothers and sisters of the Communities: the residents, the monks, and the regulars that live in them. It was as if this room was much fuller than it is now. His Consciousness began to enter the hearts of those brothers and sisters and into the hearts of all of us.

At a certain point, Saint Joseph showed how His Heart began to grow, and He was gradually drawing the souls of each one so they would enter into His Heart. At the same time, an image was superimposed over that one: His Heart was multiplying; little Hearts of Saint Joseph were entering into each of our centers. All of this was happening while He spoke His Words.

In the end, He asked that the children of the Figueira Community lift up their images. He came a little closer and could touch them with His own hands, blessing the images.

Then, in the end, He also blessed the flowers and asked for the brothers and sisters there, the residents of the Community, that for Him, represented seeds that had already grown, have already given of their flowers and fruits, in the case of the families that gave new seeds, that they give the flowers of those seeds as impulses to each of us. It was a work done by Saint Joseph, which we are not very sure what He wanted to do with this, but we hold this impulse left by Him in our hearts.

Saint Joseph confirmed that He will be with us, even though He did not say for how long, every 19th day of each month.