My beloved companions of the path,

Today I arrive to this sacred place, a Kingdom of the Universal Mother and Her Firstborn Son, to bring to all the humility and simplicity that I learned during the time I was here on this Earth as Saint Joseph, and that have followed Me ever since.

It was this humility and this simplicity that allowed Me to live holiness but, above all things, allowed Me to let Myself be guided by God, by My Son Jesus and by My beloved wife Mary.  She used to guide My internal steps with Her loving silence, a silence that I loved and venerated at that time, as an example of service to God.

Today I come to tell you that to overcome this purification that you, My beloved disciples, are beginning to live, just the path of humility and simplicity, and the love of silence will lead you to pass all the tests; tests that you will face to leave behind the old man and the old woman, those who must no longer exist for the wineskin that must be filled by My Son with His new codes of light to be empty and ready for Him.

I speak to everyone, but today I want to call especially those who are confused. I ask these children to find in the inner silence the possibility to hear the voice of the heart and in humility the possibility to accept the guide of the instruction left by us, the Divine Messengers.

I also speak today especially to those who have always been confident because they are strong and feel clarity in their interior.  I want you to know that everyone will live the collapse of those structures that do not let you take steps towards full fraternity and humility that the Most High Father designed for your destinies.

Open your hearts and thus, willingly, study My instructions, those that have been given since I began to visit you; in them are kept many keys that must be the ones to help you in such sublime and expected times for your souls.

Be strong and persevering and do not let yourselves be frightened by the adversary of this plan of God, that will always want to use your skills on his behalf without you being able to be perceived it.

Place yourself always below the others, live to serve your siblings without putting yourselves in the limelight and thus the virtue that is kept in your essences, that which the Creator placed in your beings, will be poured in and out of you in order to lead this path of effort that you must travel towards holiness.


Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I come to you with the good news that I will be accompanying you from very close for some time more.

My love for this humanity is so pure and humble that My Lord, once My Son, wants Me to accompany Him in the shelter and in the instruction of His flocks, which as a good Father I have made Mine.

I come to bring to you those new laws that govern the heart and the life of those men and women who may want to be part of the new humanity.  A faithful reflection of the universal family that little by little you will discover together with Me.  Within this instruction I will lovingly teach you to be pure, humble and chaste, to be helpful with all the brothers and sisters and to always have present the love of God above all things.

Instruction after instruction, we will walk together in the awakening of the hidden virtues that humans have, virtues that are sleeping and suffocated by what we all know as modernity.

None of you, beloved brothers and sisters, imagine the perfection that God has created in each one of you.  But it is already time for all to be determined to let out from your inner that project of love and dignity that the Creator has thought for each one of His children.  This task I have received from My Lord:  the one of converting you into pure, chaste, humble and helpful beings.  Who will enroll in this, My school?  Who will be encouraged to discover what is secretly guarded in their original plan?

The Communities of Light.


To all of My beloved children from Figueira and from the world:

I want that you accept Me as your Spiritual Father; that your hearts be able to recognize in My paternal presence a company that may help you to walk on this new way of living and loving that which will be the basis of the New Humanity.

I want that you open your hearts and allow Me to give you the Christic love that I learned with My Son Jesus, accompanying and guiding the steps of your spirits so that My instruction of the heart may be able to permeate your consciousnesses.

I invite you to an encounter with Me during the day of Friday in the Coração Sagrado Nucleus (Nucleus of the Sacred Heart) of Figueira together with all of the families of the Community so that you may be able to receive the codes of the New Family.

Each family of this Community will be under My care as well as those who through service may collaborate in this Work of God.

May the love of My Son and His Holy Mother always gather you together with Me.

From the Heart of God, the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph blesses you and accompanies you.

Praised be our Lord Jesus!

Saint Joseph, the Most Chaste Heart of God.

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more