Mary's Visit to her Cousin Elizabeth


Proclamation of Gratitude and Love

Dear children,

On this special day, in which My children of the world celebrate the day of the Lady of Mount Carmel with love and profound devotion, I would like to proclaim to your hearts, just as it was during My visitation to Elizabeth, all the gratitude and love that you can feel from My Heart today, for having accompanied Me, as serving souls, during the trajectory of the last Pilgrimage for Peace.

I would like to thank, from My Maternal Heart, for the effort and dedication of each son and daughter of Mine, during each stage of construction of this Pilgrimage.

I would like to thank for the sincere effort and the immediate help of each child of Mine, in their spirit of collaboration, so that the Pilgrimage could gradually be fulfilled according to the Will of God.

I would like to thank, children, for the souls that awoke and for the offerings made during the songs in different languages.

I would like to thank for the fundamental fulfilling of each one of the novenas that were requested, since that, through the prayers of My children, your Heavenly Mother could deepen into Her Mission for humanity, just as Christ and Saint Joseph.

I would like to thank for the effort of all for having learned to pray in other languages during the journey of the Pilgrimage.

I would like to thank for the honesty and the constant faithfulness of the Network-of-Light before the call of inner support, to this sacred mission.

Everyone, without exception, My children, in some way or another was present in heart and soul, knowing that for the Creator Universe it was, and it is, fundamental to relieve the millenary pain of the nations of the world through the Ray of Love-Wisdom.

Dear children, thank you for answering My call to open the Heart of My Voice and of My Messages to the world and especially for all My children in America.

Today I call you for celebrate in My Maternal Love, the effort and the surrender of your hearts to the Will of the Lord. Today I remind you of the moments of My preparation in the Visitation to My dear and fraternal Sister Isabel. Our two hearts, the heart of Isabel and Mine, answering in this time to an unknown Will that we felt in the depths of our souls. From this moment was born My Canticle of the Magníficat, praising the Lord of the Heights for His Glory, His Grace and His immensity of Love for all the creatures.

Today I invite to you to guard in your hearts this moment of the the Magníficat, that was when the Archangel Gabriel announced to me the glorification and the divinization of My Soul as Blessed, as Universal and as Mother of all creatures, after which My Recuscitated Son was elevated to the feet of the Father. For this, My litlle ones, I value very much the efforts that are made with love and for love to God.

Guard My maternal words in your hearts and in confidence; enter to My Kingdom of Peace. Let us join together today in prayer for the Peace and the Healing of who live in affliction in the entire world. Awaken the flower of your souls, so that I may elevate with My hands as a precious offering for the Creator.

Who Loves you and Guides you as so many souls,

Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.