Dear children,

The door of the great mission of peace is being closed.  Your missionary brothers and sisters are heading to the south of Africa in order to return to one of My Marian Centers of the world, where they will live a few days of recovery and of repositioning, meditating profoundly on all that has occurred in Rwanda, Uganda, and in the Congo.

In this way, children, your Lady of Kibeho returns to the Universe in order to enter into contemplation and prayer, with the objective of silently continuing to work for the peace in humanity.

At this time, the Angels of God deposit and deliver in the celestial altars all of the experiences and services of love realized during the mission.  The attributes of this missionary experience in Africa were poured as Graces in the hearts of all of the innocent.

For this, children, may this day be of celebration and joy.  Your Holy Mother of Peace is already gestating within Her Most Pure Womb a new principle of redemption and of mercy through an upcoming mission of peace in Africa.

Now that all of My children in the world were participants in this important mission and that during these last days they did everything in a more conscious way, it is important to your Celestial Father that you may have learned how to materialize My designs.

Thus, your Immaculate Eternal Heart, My one, is preparing Itself to descend in Brazil again and impart blessings to all of the hearts that may open themselves to receive them.

Like in Fatima, I announce to you the revelation of secrets.  In order to get to know them and live them your souls must be prepared through service and peace.  This will permit that your Lady of Heaven may reveal some things to you.

Children, time is setting new opportunities and Graces for all.  I ask you to know how to seize that which the Universe is giving to you.  The time of Justice is coming for humanity and you must give testimony of your apostolate and service to God.  In this way all will be fulfilled as it is written.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who reunites you in this cenacle of love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Messages

 Beloved children,

Today My Luminous Heart descends in Glory and Love over the souls that are thirsty of God.  Through the mission of peace, the doors of evil and perdition were closed during three weeks of mission and of prayer done by all My groups of prayer.

I wish, dear children, that you keep in mind the necessity of continuing working through the spirit of prayer, because in the Divine Word is found the exit and the path to the salvation of the souls.

Today I traverse the streets of the Congo and see the faces of forgetfulness, loneliness and sorrow.  The eyes of My children reflect the absence of paternity and dignity.  For this, children, may each moment of service be a true and profound expression of love, may your hands and fatherly hugs be able to ease the burden of denial of all the children of the Congo.  Through your charity, the Mercy of My Son promises to act until the last moments of your presence in the Congo.

Now My Heart indicates you to offer the prayer for the reparation of all the innocent souls, those who wait in solitude for a major help.

Your Lady of Kibeho opens the arms to receive and protect the childhood of all of the Congo.  For this, may your spirit of fraternity express the healing and the grace of receiving the Light of The Kingdom of God.

In these last days of mission for the inner planetary peace, your Heavenly Mother pours the codes of rehabilitation and mercy.

My children, the time has come to help all My children of the Congo to abandon the eternal captivity.  And that will begin to happen when you allow the doors to the Kingdom of Peace to be open.

An important mission is coming to an end; a cycle is being fulfilled in the life and in the existence of all My children of Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

The seed of peace has been sown in the hearts impoverished of spirit.  The mission will become part of the memory of Heaven.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you under the Spirit of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of the Peace

Daily message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Through Supreme Grace, the Mercy of God descends and is shed upon the impurities of this world so that at least a few souls may awaken to the path of consecration and redemption.

Therefore, children, My maternal voice speaks to you so that you recognize that much prayer is needed, everywhere in this world, for those who do nothing and constantly forget My Son.

At this time, when the third stage of the mission in the Congo begins, your Heavenly Mother wants to make you aware of the serious injustices that will lead this nation to lose its inner peace.

You, My missionaries, who have now learned to walk through peace and the prayer of the heart, offer your Heavenly Father the opportunity for closed hearts to discover the Source of salvation and redemption: My beloved Son.

Therefore, My dear ones, in these days in which you will come to know a parallel reality, the one experienced in Ruanda and Uganda, your charitable task must have the main motive of entering the spirit and the heart of each slave soul of My beloved Congo.

Your constancy in wanting to listen and feel the suffering of others with your hearts will make you discover the different spiritual abysses where My souls from Congo were submerged, due to a lack of awareness and love among creatures.

The path to follow in these days is large and at the same time profound and unknown.

You, my missionaries, will stand before a culture subdued by disbelief and by the constant error of withdrawing the best benefits and wealth from a spiritually impoverished people. From there, children, the causes of slavery and forced work are born and appear, which lead to needing to the redoubling of physical efforts in order to survive and to not perish.

Therefore, dear missionaries and prayer beings of Mine, there you have a task of prayer, and worthy are the reasons for doing something for your brothers and sisters in Congo, asking the Creator that this endless captivity may end.

Your Most Holy Mother of Kibeho arrives in Congo to share a spring of Graces with all souls dying of thirst.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you and calls you to pray for peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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