Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the jurney from the city of Santiago to the Olmué Commune, Valparaíso, Chile, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Now, dear children, that part of the souls of Chile have been gathered and awakened to the path of the concretization of a greater life, your Heavenly Mother expects this mission with the consciousness of Chile to continue to bear fruits of love and light.

For this reason, dear children, it will be necessary to know how to care for and protect the bases that were established so that souls may, from time to time, take steps toward a deeper awakening.

In this way, dear children, all that you may do for this dear country will help new consciousnesses, who are also awaiting to awaken, to receive the same opportunity that your brothers and sisters of Chile received during these last two days.

You must take care that this flame kindled by My motherly Heart does not extinguish, but that it leads each heart through prayer, service, and instruction, to be able to have greater awareness and motivation for universal and Christic life .

I leave you this invitation for the purpose of generating in this part of the world a new Light-Community .

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Santiago, Chile, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

From time to time, I choose the places most in need in the world and, with what My children give Me, I go to meet the worst and most hostile situations on the planet, so that at least one soul awakens among so many that are lost.

Therefore, where My Father and My Son send them to is to counteract, spiritually, the perversion and uncontrolled freedom that millions of consciousnesses experience daily within the large cities of the world.

Thus, I place My soldiers of peace in the first rows of the battle, to help Me transmute and endure the chaos of this world so that more souls are awakened in these times.

But, in spite of all that, as a Mother, I do not leave you alone in this mission.

I have come first to the city of Santiago to remove it from its most archaic resistance, so that the hearts that are here perceive the spiritual illusion which they experience and how they need to try harder to get out of their convenience and comfort.

For this reason, I return to Chile to give continuity to what I once did in Peñablanca, so that the souls that are here move towards God and do not go backwards as they have been doing for more than thirty years.

As a Mother, I come to ask that the hearts reach true and not lukewarm repentance. Therefore, I will need to remove that which is immobile, so that the consciousnesses may have the slightest opportunity.

If this does not happen soon, the nation will be strongly moved as it has been in previous times; except that, by not changing, this next movement would be worse.

I invite all the Chilean hearts to give an answer to the call of their Heavenly Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the city of Mendoza, Argentina, to Santiago, Chile to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

At this time, I come to the world to give continuity to the Work of Redemption of My Son, so that souls awaken to the path of pardon and reconciliation.

Therefore, your Heavenly Mother goes on pilgrimage, from nation to nation, so that more hearts in the world may reach the real consciousness of love and compassion.

My Son sends His Mother to the world every day to transform the lives of the planet, into hearts in fullness and redemption.

It is thus that My steps are not separated from those of My children because as a kind Mother, I can be near and united to each heart in need.

I encourage you, in these times, to be part of the armies of the Redeemer, so that the Sacred Master and Lord of the universe may have instruments available to take forward the Project of Love.

At this time, feel the joy of serving Him, the joy of being able to meet Him again, the deep desire to be close to Him.

May your lives, in constant redemption, receive the impulse of Our Lord so that everything may be fulfilled.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from Santa Fe to Córdoba, Argentina to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

May you feel My Peace today, because you are in the place and at the time which you are supposed to be.

May an unchangeable faith be built within you, so that the unity between your consciousness and God can reign.

May you be calm, because everything that happens is for the good of the universe and your evolution.

May you not fear anything, because if I am here, nothing or no one can harm you.

May you live at this time the joy of serving God, the rejoicing of fulfilling the Will of the Most High.

May you not get tired of walking, because in spite of the stones on the path or the difficulties that may arise, if you are truly united to My Heart, all will tremble, but the inner fortitude will be unbreakable.

At this hour, may you offer yourself for the planet, for its Kingdoms and for all that exists and lives here, so that you can allow the Plan of Christ to triumph on Earth with your minimum effort.

May nothing or no one oppose My children, because I will tread on their head as I did on the serpent.

May no one tempt the Will of God, for he will not know its outcome.

May the wolves dressed in sheep's clothing be set aside.

Let nothing opposed, apparent or contrary to the Light of the Plan prevail.

So be it.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Allow your heart to become meek, because in this way you will enter My Peace.

Everything is in its place, although it does not seem so. Everyone is having the opportunity to learn new things.

Allow your heart to become meek, because in this way you will enter My Peace.

This moment demands great efforts from all, so that bigger and infinite steps may be taken.

Allow your heart to become meek, because in this way you will enter My Peace.

Everyone is receiving the opportunity to expand in love and in brotherhood, the opportunity of renewing their vows of service to the Divine Plan.

Therefore, allow your heart to become meek, because in this way you will enter My Peace and will experience what you must experience under the protection of My Spirit.

I thank for your effort.

Who loves you eternally,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I give the Light of My Heart to illuminate and transmute that which is dark.

I give the Light of My Heart to guide My children through the right path. Thus, I establish the action of a new Law, that allows the reordering of the principles and the foundations of spiritual life.

I walk beside My children so that they may be accompanied until the end.

I follow each moment you live as if it were the last. I never cease contemplating you with the spirit of Mercy and so, I prevent My dear children from experiencing unnecessary situations.

I protect you with the spirit of My Peace and I make you invisible to attacks so that you always emerge triumphant and be witnesses of the true Love of God in your hearts.

In trust, follow My steps and the Lord will fill you with all there is in His Kingdom. He comes to meet you to proclaim the love and unbreakable unity among souls.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


It is the Will of God, dear children, that the Work of Love and Redemption of the Divine Messengers reach, in an ecumenical, fraternal and serviceable way to the youngest ones in the world: to all the children.

After establishing the international agreement of cooperation between all the nations  with the different refugees of the world, and on the eve of the special meeting of Mercy, God is asking you to take one more step, as Work, and this step will now, be planetary.

It is thus that through your mission and humanitarian services, without religion or creed, but yes of a loving and open heart, your Heavenly Mother needs to reach through you, the most unprotected children in the world, those who suffer the wars, the conflicts between nations, poverty, illness and persecution.

Until now, the Planetary Missionary Network was in an ambit of training and preparation. From today, the Planetary Missionary Network will be integrated by the contribution and service of one part of the Work, which is the Planetary Light Network.

In that way, dear children, it is the Aspiration of God that, by means of union and brotherhood with the international organizations, this Work attend, on an international level, to the children of the world in situations of war, of conflicts and disintegration of their families, so that My Maternal and Immaculate Heart intervenes in the rescue of those essences.

From this new cycle, after the last 8th of August, the situation of the service and assistance to humanity by the Whole Work hás changed and has expanded on a world level.

I would like you to understood that, through your hands and your hearts, your Heavenly Mother will try to reach all those suffering souls, the ones that for different circumstances have lost contact with love and hope.

In this phase, the Order founded by My Beloved Son will also perform specific functions within this humanitarian service.

That is why you must be available, because through the international organizations you will be able to attend and serve, for Christ, in nations of the world never concurred or visited by your group, where situations of risk or malnutrition of innocent children unchain.


To those who consecrate themselves

To those who consecrate themselves, may you never lose the faith and the trust in all that you live, because no matter how difficult it may become someday, God will not abandon you.

To those who consecrate themselves, may you live under a spirit of meekness and of pacification, because thus, you will be protected from all adversity.

To those who consecrate themselves, may you believe that it is possible to live the infinite transformation, because in the most culminating hour of the planet, you will remember the treasures of the Grace that one day you received.

To those who consecrate themselves, may you never lose from sight the principles of the religious, ecumenical and fraternal community; may your lives be the definitive foundations for the birth of a new humanity.

To those who consecrate themselves, may you listen with attention and full of humility, gratitude, and surrender, to the words of those who guide you, because thus, you will be within the spirit of an unbreakable unity among brothers and sisters.

To those who consecrate themselves, may you remember day by day the tools that were given to you and the joy of your fellow beings, of the angels, and of the saints for having taken a step towards the Lord.

To those who consecrated themselves, may you protect from yourselves the rules that constitute the spirit of each congregation and that, as vigilants of the doors of the monasteries, may transparency and truth always prevail.

To those who consecrate themselves, may you work the rest of your lives to build on the surface of this planet, the dwelling where Christ will find repose when He returns.

I thank you for dedicating your lives to the greater and unknown Purpose, which one day will be fulfilled in humanity!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

From My maternal Heart, I ardently desire that the Will of God be accomplished above all things.

I teach you to transcend the difficult times and to be in them without belonging to the cruelty that is promoted through the actions of humankind.

Thus, God builds and manifests His Kingdom in the humble, in those who have no interest in spiritual realization. The Father has requested that I teach this to humanity, but humanity still has not learned.

It is thus that I come outside of any institution or religion to teach the world about Love and Truth, which will always make you whole and free of any adversity.

I give the impulse to My soldiers so that they take firm and decided steps, definitive steps toward Christ. For, in this way, the very King of the Universe and Lord of Mercy will be able to unmask the false and give His Power to the poor of heart.

Throughout these last years, Your Heavenly Mother has been guiding you so that you may accompany Her until the clay mask falls from the faces that hide the truth and live the lie of yesteryear because when My Son returns, stone will not remain upon stone; only the simple hearts will prevail.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from Luz-Saint-Sauveur, the High Pyrenees, France, to Avila, Castilla y León, Spain, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Through the visits to the different nations of the world, your Heavenly Mother, throughout Her pilgrimage, gradually erases the past and opens the doors to a new future.

When She crosses the borders between the nations, your Heavenly Mother gradually closes a cycle and opens a path for new inner opportunities for all Her children.

Little by little, through each pilgrimage that is completed, I establish the Plan of the Creator in humanity. In this way, on the inner planes, I bring souls closer to the essence of the Divine Purpose so that more hearts are encouraged to take a step towards a life of greater and unconditional service.

Through each pilgrimage, your Heavenly Mother, with much effort, is able to accomplish the steps of Divine Will, and thus not only the nations are spiritually benefitted, but also the souls that inhabit them.

During this last pilgrimage, your Heavenly Mother concretized all the stages that the Eternal Father had announced to Her, and, in this way, many situations were avoided.

All this has taken place because of the loving help of those who pray and collaborate in this Sacred Mission.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While I place My hands on you to intercede for the world before My Beloved Son, I ask you feel encouraged to love everything you live, without caring if you do not know how to do it.

Fervently love everything the Universe presents to you and I assure you that you will be happy.

You were born in this cycle to live the end of times and to learn from it, because in order for a new humanity to arise, everything must live its transition.

You, dear children of the planet, are this transition that you are already living within and outside of yourselves; you are this sacred experience in which the whole Universe is learning how to love, just as you are invited every day to love a little more.

I ask you that, with courage, humility, and service, you live as challenges these times that are unknown; if in this time when everything define itself you are awakened, you will be favored by a teaching that humanity has never lived.

With your hearts expanded in light, accompany these times without fearing what you will live or what you will learn about yourselves.

I leave you the opportunity, dear children, of taking your steps in consciousness and of learning how to give of yourselves above all else, because in the whole of this story is Christ, who commands you from His sincere and silent Heart.

I thank you for responding to these times!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

To respond to the convocation of Christ means to unite with His Heart and concretize His Plan of Redemption on the surface of the Earth.

That convocation, which is done by Christ, embraces many purposes, in which the majority of souls are invited to participate.

In this time, in which everything is defined, the flocks of My Son are called to graze in new fields, where their consciousnesses and missions can be carried out and expanded, just as the Holy Creator thought.

Thus, dear children, those who respond to the convocation of Christ are able to discover the inner purpose they came to accomplish, for this humanity and for this planet.

The convocation made by Christ, in this time, opens the doors of Grace and of Mercy; and the consciousnesses that follow Him are able to reverse all their errors and experience a special atonement that dissolves all the previous links with evil.

Today, the Lord of Mercy knocks on the door of each soul to call His new apostles, so that they may accompany Him on this preparatory mission of His expected Return.

It is in this way, My children, that Christ comes into the life of each disciple with determination so that the inner consciousness is activated, glimpses its main mission and makes of it a torch that will illuminate its paths to the Kingdom of God.

As your Mother, I follow this moment, in which those that wake up to this truth, essentially discover that they had always been here to take a great step, a step toward the Lord.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special message of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira to the visionary Sister Lucía

Dear children,

Just as My Heart never gets tired of coming to meet you, you must also be tireless in the search of consecration of life to My Immaculate Heart.

Time has come to consolidate the steps that are now built in your souls and, for this, I only ask you to remember day by day the simplicity of the heart.

My Presence has already poured inifinite Graces upon your little hearts. The healing that exists in My Kingdom has already been poured upon your souls, thus healing all that hindered you from approaching a Divine reality. Now you must trust the greatness of these miracles that come to the world and, upon them, build a secure shelter in which you will receive My Son.

My dear ones, My Heart rejoices because the moment has come for the souls to confirm themselves on this sacred path. All the doors that lead to My Kingdom are open today and to all those in need of help to enter into this Kingdom, the necessary help will be granted.

Therefore, My beloveds, I contemplate with joy the moment of trail that many of My children are experiencing, because this moment is nothing more than an opportunity to mature and strenghten the spirit that the Lord hands to His small creatures.

In this time, I want to see a smile shine on the face of My children, so that in this way, they show the world that they have been given the Divine Joy of being beside the faithful Servant of God.

My beloveds, once again I tell you to come to My arms without delay and not to wait for the steps of others in order to surrender your lives. Be pioneers in the discovery of a love that nourishes and revives the spirits that are fallen and, through the example of life, give the world the testimony of My Presence.

The greatest miracle I have come to performe at the end of this time is the miracle of the conversion of the most lost sinners; it is the miracle of teaching the hearts that felt most closed to love, it is the miracle of healing and redeeming all the spirits who never believed they could return to My Kingdom.

Message for the apparition of the Blessed Mother of Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay to the visionary Sister Lucía

Contemplate in My eyes the imperishable Light, which never goes out, so that it illuminates your paths, the ones that lead to the Heart of God.

Contemplate in My Mantle the eternal protection, so that you may risk to take the steps and, without fear, experience the transformation.

Contemplate in My Heart the flame that will sustain you in devotion and in faith, and that will not allow you to lose heart before the ordeals of the enemy.

Contemplate in My hands the perpetual, tireless and impassive help that will always await you to guide you to the Light.

Contemplate in My feet, sanctified by the glorious walk I have taken to the Kingdom of God, the secure path through which your little feet will also walk.

Contemplate, in My crown of stars, the Light of the Holy Spirit, which will appear even in the dark of night and that will appear from behind the thickest clouds that approach your lives.

In My Rosary, contemplate the unshakable faith and the eternal persistence of My Heart that prays day and night for the souls in the world.

Contemplate, in the roses under My feet, the permanent offering generated by My perpetual prayer, an offering that is adored by God and that represents all of humanity.

Today, My children, I clothe your bodies with My Mantle, I cover your heads with My crown of stars, in your hands I place My Rosary and, under your feet, I lay seven roses so that you may follow My example eternally, an example that I bring to your hearts week after week, month after month.

I want you to accept this true offering of My Heart so that you can have a pure heart, a simple and humble life, a journey full of faith and absolute trust in God; and through the rosary in your hands, never forget that each step must be taken for your neighbor.

Experience the transformation as an eternal service of help to humanity and to the whole planet, which needs hearts Christified by the Love of the Holy Spirit of God; hearts ready to cross the threshold of a new race, a new humanity, based on Love.


Dear children,

May your lips never tire of offering praises and blessings to the Heart of God, because in this way, in the name of humanity, you will be praising all of Creation.

My children, may your hearts rejoice on this day because My Son is present in your lives and He, at this hour, needs all of your True Love.

My little ones, bring on this day My banner of peace in your hands so that the powerful flame in your hearts may radiate faith and devotion to those children that have lost it.

In times of conversion, I need you firm and brave so that those who still do not believe in My call will be able to return to the arms of God through My Heart. The time of definitive salvation is for all, and you, as My beloved children, can count on My Maternal Help.

Dear children, know that after having walked so much with Me throughout all this time, there exists a unique and precious opportunity for all souls to find God in this last hour. Just as I took Jesus in My arms to the Temple of God, today I present all of you so that My Father may pour His Mercy and His Pity on you. Each step that you take in this life means so many steps for many other souls that must unite to God the Creator.

Dear children, therefore raise your prayers tirelessly towards the Heights, and may your open hearts be receptors of My Immaculate Love.

My little ones, with My eyes of Mercy I contemplate you because, from Eternity, in the Kingdom of the Heavens, My task is for love, the task of bringing you to the encounter with My Son.

I thank you again on this day for walking at My side; My Heart has been walking at your side for a long time.

Now, My Light has reached your hearts to awaken them to the celestial reality.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

With the Rays of the Mercy of God upon the world, I invite you to feel the Love of God in yourselves, because humanity, in the end of this time must heal and redeem itself so that the Divine Plan may be fulfilled on Earth.

Today I need you to have total trust in God, absolute trust because He knows you well, He knows you since your birth and He also knows the steps that you have taken in your lives. The Lord is inviting you to live in Redemption, a fundamental principle for the end of these times.

Dear children, today I am here among you to show you the Love of God and to tell you that many souls need your devotion and fervor in this time.

My dear ones, today I am calling you to become conscious of the time that will come. Know that My Son needs apostles and disciples strong in prayer. I want you to understand how important the salvation of souls is. Know that you, together with My Son, have this task in this world, in this humanity.

Little children of My Father, that on this day your hearts be in the Heights and that Jesus may prevail in your essences so that you may find the faith that will strengthen you and permit you to take the secure steps towards the Lord.

For this, My children, you have the key of prayer and this prayer of the heart must expand itself through the world, as well as the love of your hearts.

As the Queen of Peace, I invite you to enter into My Kingdom every day because it is necessary that souls convert themselves and that they may reach eternity. And within you there is a precious potential of reconversion through your love of God.

Dear children, I am pouring My Light upon the world again.

I ask you to pilgrimage with Me praying with the heart, during all the hours of this day, because not only will you be accompanying Me in My Maternal Task, but also your hearts will be united to God opening the Doors of Heaven to the Earth through your loving response to My requests.

Dear children, may the Fire of the Holy Spirit be ignited in you so that, united to the Redeemer, you may praise God eternally while your hearts are upon the Earth.


As the Star of Heaven and of the Universe, your steps are guided under the Light of My Immaculate Heart. Thus your feet walk on this pathway towards the encounter with My Son. This is a pathway built in the pacification and in the faith of the heart.

Dear children, today I call you to rejoice your hearts and not to fear for anything because your Celestial Mother is with you, by your side, observing the walk of each soul, observing the definition of each heart before the Plans of God. Because each one of you keeps in the heart something that is revered by the angels of Heaven. This precious thing that you keep is called “purity of the heart.”

Although the world forgets, day to day, to strengthen the spirit through prayer and through the Love of God the Creator, today I invite you to search within yourselves for the immaculate purity of the heart. Out of love, God has given you His Favorite Son, who left for you the path of truth and salvation.

Therefore, dear children, today revere, adore and glorify the Presence of the Son of God in your lives.

On this day of important reparation of the Heart of Christ, I ask you that, out of love, you surrender your lives to Jesus and that you find, in the Merciful Love of Christ, the door to your salvation and redemption.

My children, new instruments of Christ, new fires of His Merciful Love must awaken in this time because the souls, as sparks of the Love of Christ, will help in the salvation of the essences by means of service and consecration.

Today, dear children, I want you to remember that you are precious essences of God and that beyond your understanding and reason, there is the expression of the Love of the Father in each one of His creatures. If souls could at least remember that they are essences created by God, the steps in conscious- ness would be able to be united to His Will.

Dear children, as the Mother of Redemption I leave My crown of stars to each one of your hearts today so that, guided by My Immaculate Love, you may recognize the value of your faith and of your absolute trust in God the Creator.


With joy and bliss I place each one of My children in the Celestial Kingdom of God.

Dear children,

Today, let us celebrate from the heart for the coming of the Queen of Peace to Aurora, Her favorite home.

As the Mother of the New Aurora today I give you all My Maternal Blessing and I thank you for responding to My call for peace.

As instruments in the Hands of the Most High, today I invite you to consecrate your dwellings to the Celestial Father. Know, My little ones, that He waits for the love of the pure and true souls, that may want to live in the one Source of Love that forgives and repairs all.

Today I am calling you to be partakers of Divine Mercy through My Immaculate Heart. Dear children, I call you all so that you may take one more step, with absolute trust in the Plans of God.

My children, as the Divine Conception, I ask you to pray so that many of My children in these critical times may also be able to be touched by My inner call. Today, in addition, I remind you that each call to which you respond has worldwide repercussions in this end of times. Each call that is responded from your humble hearts will help in the redemption of humanity through the victorious coming of Christ to Earth.

My soldiers, may your hearts be always ready for everything, for that which God wants in these moments. Know, My little ones, that you are working by means of prayer so that salvation may be possible, even for the souls that are less deserving.

Dear children, I promise you that each prayer that flows with love from your hearts will be heard and responded to under the Highest Will of God.

Dear children, as a mediator between the hearts: thank you for listening to My supplications!

I thank you!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

The world offends Christ, because there are still only a few children that repair in prayer to His Divine Heart.  It is time for the conversion of all lives, those that still in this time have not lived reconciliation.

Dear children, for all this, may your faces never lack the joy of being with Me.   I love you and accompany you in all the changes that your hearts must live.  Ask for My Son’s aid because He, in His Merciful Power, will save you and will forgive you.

I want to leave you today the fountain of forgiveness because this is the only path that will take you to the meeting with God. Allow each one of your lives to be reconciled with God day by day, the Highest and Supreme.

Dear children, act as souls of the Father that in the exercise of prayer find strength and faith for the changes. Still humanity must pray much more, so that it receives the Grace of the merciful forgiveness.

If you are in My Son and you adore the Heart of My Son you may take the steps for the times that will come to the world. For this, live from the joy of the heart so that your hearts receive the pleasure of forgiveness and reconciliation with the Supreme Father.

The gratitude for each step that your lives are taking will show you with wisdom the next path that My Son will light up to you with the Power of the Light of His Sacred Heart.

So that your hearts are strengthened, repeat with love and humility:


Lord, give me merciful eyes,
so that my glance
may see the need in each place.

Lord, give me a silent mouth,
so that it only pronounces
words of love and light.

Lord, give me a humble path,
so that my feet walk
through the path of simplicity.

Lord, give me crystalline ears,
so that I only hear
Your words in every place.

Lord, give me a pure heart,
so that it keeps hope
and in Your Divine Mercy
it reaches redemption.

Lord, give me prodigious hands,
so that I only donate and serve
those in need of You.



Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Between you and I, a thread of love.

In your prayer together with Me, the call for peace. In your heart, My beloved Kingdom.

Between the Earth and Heaven, My Immaculate Heart. A sublime voice calls for all its children.

A hope of igniting again the Light in hearts.

I call your heart so that your soul may respond. I call your life to prayer. Consecrate your inner world to My Heart; I wait for you always in prayer. I want to have with all My children an inner communion that may transcend barriers and may dissolve loneliness. I love all My children who day by day consecrate themselves, because from them will emerge the bridge of salvation to other children who are distant from Me.

Therefore, My little ones, courage for life and prayer for the soul; in this way you will form a heart abnegated to the Divine Call.

Gathering the flocks by means of the Light of My Heart, all are led to the feet of Christ. He awaits you for the surrender. He awaits you so that you may love others. He awaits you during the night in prayer and in vigil. Each soul must extend its arms to receive Divine Mercy. Each trusting heart will be able to see the light of Christ in the path when the pure soul surrenders to His Presence of Love. Each heart must imitate Him so that in this way the Light in the heart may grow. He loves you deeply. He counts on the giving of your hearts. All hearts are asked for one more step in life.

Dear children, this is a lesson of surrender before the Ministry of Our Lord. For this reason, My little ones, we are at the time of living prayer as a living nourishment for life. It must be the daily strength for your hearts.

Little sheep, the Lord calls His children to a prayer that may restore the world.

Who loves you and adores you,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


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