In order for you to follow the steps of Christ, I tell you: you must renounce all personal paths. The Lord will come and dictate your steps and they will not be those that you want to follow, because those, children, aggrandize your human condition and do not lead you to the Truth.

In order for you to follow the steps of Christ, I tell you: you must leave behind your aspirations, human “dreams” and human desires, to find in this way His Divine, Perfect and unique Will for your lives.

In order for you to find the Path of Christ, I tell you: you must close your eyes to the covetousness of the life of others, and you will no longer wish to live as “this one” or “that one”, because for each being, the Divine Thought is unique, and each of His children must seek what belongs to them and long for nothing else but the Divine Will for themselves.

In order for you to find the Truth of Christ, I tell you: you must renounce all vain knowledge, all unmeasured searches to aggrandize your minds and spiritual egos with half-truths and many vanities. A large part of humanity, children, would need “the science of knowing nothing” to reach the true essence of Divine Knowledge. While they seek and seek, drink and feast at false sources, they will never give space within for what is True and Pure, and that quenches and ceases this unmeasured thirst for what is not real.

In order for you to be in the Love of Christ, I tell you: you must renounce all vain love, especially of yourselves; that which you called love, and that I call vanity and zeal for ignorance and for illusion. Because that one who feeds the love of their own image and the things of this world does nothing but watch over their condition of ignorance.

In order for you to find the Silence of Christ, I tell you: you must become silent within, in the depths of the heart, and seek that union more in solitude than in appearance; more in actions than in words; more in Truth than in spiritual ignorance.

If you are tired of yourselves and want to the point at which you are at, I tell you: love and in all things seek to love. Have your actions be moved by love, corrected by love, and reflected with love when you make a mistake. Have your word and thought be born from love, and even though you feel that you do not have what to love, love God, His Plan and in Him you will love all things.



If you feel lost from yourself, do not go searching for yourself. Do not want to find that which God took away from you. Seek in God the truth, that which is new, the rebirth of your human matter on all levels.

The impulses of a new time are coming into your life, you already know that those impulses lead you to an absolute definition and not a partial one.

In this time, in this cycle, it is the moment to take more concrete steps that consolidate transformation in the consciousness.

But not only through My words must this information reach you. The certainty that you must be different, now and not later, should spring from within you. The necessity to transform your consciousness must come from yourself.

In the depths of each human being, they already know what steps are to be taken because the truth is hidden in the inner world of each one of you. What happens is that the layers that cover the inner world fall off as the consciousness receives real impulses of transformation and the Universe knows that, when finding the truth, the consciousness will experience it.

The truth gradually reveals itself to the inner eyes of each being; as the being matures and grows enough to experience it, it starts being revealed.

It is each one's growth that dictates the level of awakening and of transformation. These proportions are part of the Universal Laws that govern life beyond this world, that govern evolution and essences, that transcend human comprehension or adherence.

Child, do not wait for your being to have enough inner strength for you to take the steps that you must take, because it is when you walk that Grace makes the strength that you need descend upon you, according to the path that you will tread.

Child, the fact that this path is visible on the horizon must symbolize to you that the time has come to walk upon it and that you have the necessary potential to move forward.


O soul who aspires to be consecrated more and more to the Celestial Plans, allow yourself to be carried away by impulses rather than by impulsiveness!

Recognize the difference between the powerful currents that come from the cosmos and invite you to take a concrete and precise step, and the unbridled currents of the mind and the emotions, that will carry you into seeking a path that is not for your feet. Meditate with the heart and do not reflect on this.

I do not pronounce these words to confuse you in your decisions, because in truth, you are now mature enough to perceive the difference between impulse and impulsiveness. I simply tell you this so that you be attentive and never lose your readiness to move forward, but that your impetus to walk will lead you to the right goal that God has thought of for you.

This is no longer the time to launch yourself into uncertain paths by not meditating and not feeling the direction to go in. Ask yourself before taking your steps and do not respond with the mind what it is for the heart to decide.

Persevere in the goal that God has for you and do not resist following His Will. If you rejoice in the Will of God, your life may be full of inner joy. And even though you may experience some difficulty, nothing will take away from you the joy of living that which was intended for you.

The One who alerts you to take precise steps in these times of definition.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Children, may this new cycle be the birth of new fruits in the consciousnesses of all, to see, over time, these fruits grow and mature, and from them may new seeds emerge.

The fruits that were born in the consciousnesses represent the result of the action of grace in your lives. Until today, you have received much, as impulses, instructions, graces and blessings, so that with perseverance and inner peace, you may be prepared to go through the times that have come. 

This new cycle will be marked by the birth and maturing of these fruits, for which each one must be responsible. This means, children, that you must care for the garden of consciousness with your own hands and prepare, for the new time, the seeds that you will plant in the soil of the Earth.

This cycle will demand more effort and dedication from each one of you for your own maturation. It will be the moment in which the consciousness must be confirmed on this path and make its own personal effort to remain on it.

Up until now, we have been supporting and giving impulses to many of those who committed to Christ, but who had still not matured, within themselves, their own potential to take steps in their evolution and stand on their own feet, in their own inner fortitude.

Now the time has come for disciples to recognize the truth about themselves in every sense: may you face that which must be transformed and sustain yourselves through your own potential for inner maturation. It will be a transition between spiritual adolescence and adult life, when the consciousness becomes responsible for itself.

Those that will wake up at the last minute will also be led - by grace - to take their own steps and enter the same cycles of those who, for some time, have walked on the evolutionary path. I speak to you of an inner maturity, in the consciousness, and not in the material bodies, because matter will always need to be trained to express its inner world.

Children, care for this cycle as if it were the last, taking advantage of each day and each instant to find the Truth and express it. May the conscious effort of all to be more and more in the Divine Purpose be permanent. 


Find the inner strength in permanent renewal before the Plan of God.

Beloved children,

In these times, the pressure of the planet will lead you to a definition of consciousness and there will  no longer be two paths on which to go.  Light and darkness will struggle before your consciousnesses to triumph in the human heart. Those who have committed themselves to the experience of peace, of love and of unity with God must seek in the Creator their permanent fortitude.

Place your own being into the Arms of the Lord and entrust the guidance of your lives to Him. There is no space for your personal will in these times. You must listen to the inner indications to be in the correct place and collaborate with the Plan of God.

Children, the Creator will shortly silence the echo of His Voice, but prayerful hearts that have built a path of unity with God will be able to feel His Will and hear It through their consciousness.

The tests that many are experiencing in these times and the challenges they are experiencing are part of a higher will that propels you into a more immediate and true transformation. Do not think that God has abandoned you or you are off His path because you are going through tests, often painful for the heart and the consciousness.

If your paths do not take you to the destination you expected, ask yourselves, children, if this is the right path and if the obstacles you encounter have been placed there by the Creator Himself so that you wake up and realize that you should not walk there.

The Lord is trying to correct the steps of His disciples and companions while there is still time to reverse the errors and return, because the time is now coming, children, when the errors will no longer be reversible as they are today, and you will not have Mercy available as the source you have now. It will be Justice that will guide humanity, and it will be other laws that will guide your lessons. For this reason, today I warn you: be attentive to the signs in your own life; meditate before taking your steps and ask yourselves inwardly what the Will of God is. Ask Him for the grace of being in the correct place and collaborate with His Plan. Ask for the grace of being guided to a definition that will lead you to Higher Will.


Children, why do you think about the past?

To forget the past is not to be indifferent to what one has lived, or to ignore everything you have experienced as consciousnesses. To forget the past is to assimilate inside the good fruits of the experiences that made you grow as human beings and, from then on, take new steps, uplifting that which was not well in your lives.

When you leave the past to the time that corresponds to it and do not try to perpetuate an action of an experience that no longer exists, you are giving an opportunity of transcendence to this state of consciousness that you call past.

All the positive experiences must serve as a basis for the being to attain new evolutionary steps, but their eyes must not be fixed on their own feet, but rather on the top of this great staircase.

To become stuck in the past, children, is like climbing a great staircase that takes you to the Kingdom of God and detaining your own walking to observe the details of the steps that you have taken or that you keep taking. If, on the contrary, you liberate the past and take your feet off these steps, walking with firm footsteps, you will give opportunity to others, who will come after you, to climb this staircase.

Oftentimes, children, sticking to situations and people of the past because you want to perpetuate you own presence in a conjuncture that no longer suits you, is like being still in the middle of the staircase, willing to make your presence there eternal – believing that, thus, you will help the others – when, in truth, it is by walking and climbing the steps that you can help your neighbors, because you will liberate the path so that they can climb.

Walk, children, and do not look behind. Do not count how many steps you have climbed or with what details they were done. Do not stop on the staircase, do not get distracted from the target that the Creator has for you. Take your steps and leave, for He Who knows all things, the directing of those who could not accompany you. Remember that the greatest service is to evolve. If you evolve as consciousnesses, you will do it as humanity and, if you do it as humanity, you will do it in the name of the whole universe and of the whole of Creation.

Contemplate a greater purpose and no longer get lost in the distractions of a time that has passed.

Your Father and Friend, this One that impels you to the eternal present,


Clamoring for peace and for mercy is the first step in the transformation of consciousness.

First, the mind prays, and then gradually it begins to listen to the heart. Then the soul breathes in relief for finally finding a reason to be with its attention in the world.

Prayer after prayer, the mind learns to live stillness and makes room for the heart to also command daily life.

At that moment, while seeing how the heart acts, the mind can no longer pray and ask for peace if it is not peaceful in its actions and its thoughts.

Then comes the second step of conscious transformation. The mind and the personality develop a taste for holiness and they themselves want to lead the steps of transformation so that they may be the best, the first ones in holiness. The heart observes and, with patience, when it can, it whispers to the personality and the mind that, in truth, the path of transformation is long and its result is known only by God. Gradually and with love the heart, which also lives in the consciousness, explains questions regarding virtues and gifts and teaches the mind what humility is.

The third step of transformation is that when the being discovers that they are not perfect and that there is much to still walk to reach even one virtue. This step is definitive because here the being is faced with hopelessness and the strong need of putting all effort aside to surrender once and for all to the world since Heaven seems to be so unattainable.

The fourth step is when the heart makes Mercy known to the mind and to the personality, clarifying questions about perseverance and persistence on the path, even though the path is infinite, because God, who is pure Love and Mercy, will make use of the perseverance of His children to one day cast them into holiness.

The fifth step of transformation is when the mind understands the essence of the spiritual virtues and loves them. Then its surrender begins, along with that of the personality, and they merge with the purpose of the heart, which is the door to the soul. Here, the mind and personality suffer greatly, but they already accept what they are living because they have opened up to overcome themselves.


Dear companions and servants of Christ,

My Chaste Heart returns to the world, each day, because I trust in the potential of love of the human beings. I trust in the potential that you have to transform yourselves and all things, because you can be united in essence to the One who created everything and who has the power to transform all.

Unite every day with the true essence of what you are. Remember of your filiation with God and assume thus the responsibility of forming part of the project that has had as a result, the King of Universe, Christ the Redeemer.

I ask you to be a little more peaceful in your lives and to opt for being in silence rather than to create conflicts and to wear yourself out. Be more peaceful also with yourselves and, thus, you will have the necessary patience to transit in the current times.

The urgency of times induces the consciousness to demand, from themselves and from the neighbor, things that you may not be able to give from one day to another. For this reason, it is necessary to be with a peaceful heart to discern in the best way in the situations that present themselves in your lives.


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