When you make a little more effort than what you truly can do, you will be making My Plan of Love triumph.

When you make a little more effort than what you can do, you will be entering My Heart twice.

When you make a little more effort than what you can do, you will be granting to the world a grace and an undeserved atonement, and somewhere some situation will be benefitted.

When you make a little more effort than what you truly can do, you will be bringing My Divine Mercy to Earth, because there will be someone who, through their sacrifice, will be loving, which I always ask for with all My Heart.

When you make a little more effort than what you can do, you will be allowing the Law of Divine Grace to act and work within souls that perhaps would deserve to go directly to purgatory for having rejected God.

When you make a little more effort than what you can do, you will allow Me to reach ever deeper spaces of your being and forever remove everything that separates you from Me.

Love effort so that someday you may learn to love sacrifice, a sacrifice that will liberate you.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



While the world and humanity suffer, there will always be service to do and to offer.

In service, you will find the correct door to get out of yourselves every day.

Service does not make you think about your processes or your deserts.

Service quenches the inner thirst and liberates you from any emptiness.

The world and humanity especially need to serve each other in order for the most serious faults, caused toward Creation and to the Kingdoms of Nature, to be forgiven.

Imitate My Son, be like Him, souls in eternal service to God and to the poorest among the poor, spiritually and materially.

Rejoice when the Universe sends you a new service and in this way you will be freed from yourselves.

The world suffers, not only due to the lack of compassionate love, but also from the lack of service.

Service is the ABC's of spiritual life and of religious life, because it is in service that you will find the healing for all miseries.

Receive service as an opportunity to love and to share inner goodness.

May service for others give you an impulse to concretize the so expected healing of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My maternal call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



With the Light of My Wounds, I continue to illuminate the darkest spaces of the consciousness of Argentina so that more souls from this country may have the opportunity to be reborn, to awaken and to love.

With the Light of My Wounds, I justify before the Celestial Father the mistakes that humankind continues to commit and thus, the Law of Mercy and of Grace, in an extraordinary way, grants moments of forgiveness to the most lost and sleeping hearts.

With the Light of My Wounds I transmute the precarious conditions of the consciousness and move forward with the liberation of the most corrupt states of the consciousness of the nations, so that they do not miss the opportunity of seeing God.

With the Light of My Wounds I bring hearts closer to the truth so that each one may recognize it must change, even further, aspects of the consciousness that prevent the freedom of taking steps in the evolution of the being.

With the Light of My Wounds I bring healing to that which is sick and I cure the inner wounds that do not allow souls to experience renovation.

With the Light of My Wounds I open the doors for you to feel and to find God again.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come to a place, to a city and to a country that is experiencing the first critical moments of humanity.

For this reason, I am here to be among My companions, friends and servers.

I come to console the distressed heart. I come to bring healing to the sick heart. I come to bring joy to the heart that has lost hope.

Because these are the crucial times of humanity, they are the result of its life choices and decisions. Our God, our Celestial Father, has nothing to do with any of this. He sends His Son to aid you and assist you because you, companions and servers of Mine, have testified to My Presence in your hearts and in actions of life.

I am here also for that reason, so that, united in faith, you may learn to transcend the end of times, first within yourselves, to then help humanity, all your brothers and sisters and acquaintances.

These are inexplicable times, in which nations are defining their destiny, and in that destiny there are millions of souls, many innocent souls indeed; especially souls that should be within this time and within this humanity, and there are those who do not want them to be here because of the liberty that the woman of humanity today take.

This is also an affliction for God, because the men and women of the Earth do not want to live His Laws but rather alter them. This is to not be aware of the Truth, and of what this means for life on the surface of the Earth.

Thus, these are also times of Mercy, because Mercy will grant miracles, it will lead souls to God and will allow hearts to reconcile with one another, knowing that it is still necessary to heal many wounds in hearts and also in the nations.

That is why our pilgrimage through the nations of the world each day will become more demanding, challenging and I would say, very daring. Because these are times in which retrograde forces of the planet want to stay within humanity to keep it imprisoned and oppressed.

But the Light and the Power of the Scepter of God will come, through the Hand of the Son of Man, to free hearts and souls of the Earth that experience the prisons of life, that experience oppression, that experience perdition.

I cannot, companions, promise times of joy to you, because what humanity is experiencing today is through their own choice. But if you are with Me, I can promise you times of bliss, of miracles, of inner and spiritual conquests, times of transcendence and of healing, moments of forgiveness, of reconciliation, and of peace, although the world on its surface may be in constant battle.

All of Creation is coming to the moment of its Universal Judgment and each day that goes by, that moment draws closer toward the human consciousness. Nobody will be excluded from this event. It will not be a judgment for punishing, rather it will be a judgment for revision, for reflecting and maturing, and especially a judgment for correcting.

But although the Celestial Father has sent Me to Argentina, under this situation and circumstances, He also sends Me throughout the whole world, for all souls, all peoples and all cultures, for all religions, so that I may announce to you the good news that in your hearts you must awaken to the opportunity of returning to God and of being in His Presence; knowing that the Celestial Father waits to give you His Love and His Goodness, His Mercy and His Forgiveness so that you, My companions, may truly learn to be happy in the spiritual and material life, uniting with the Source of God every day and knowing how to maintain the inner contact within yourselves.

But what moves Me to come to the nations of the world is the adherence of My companions, servers and collaborators, of the pilgrims, of those who try to faithfully follow the Path of Christ.

That is what motivates Me to come here, especially to Argentina, because I know that there is the potential to generate, in each Argentine heart, a process of redemption and of forgiveness so that they may again be, as in past times, the apostles of Christ.

Inside each one of you, inside each one of My children of Argentina, exists an unknown light that you still have not discovered. Argentina has an important task as a country and as a people, as a part of this humanity that, through their commitment, will prepare for the Return of Christ.

And this will help, will benefit, and favor the rest of the nations of the world, such as for example, Uruguay, which is not opening to listen to the Voice of the Eternal Father.

This is the time, companions, to know how to fight through love and without swords, because the triumph of My heart will occur in the concretization of the Divine Plan in your lives, in your examples, in your faithfulness to Me.

That is what I need, something so simple but profound, something that is born of the heart of somebody who understands, beyond My Words, the Purpose of your Master and Lord.

I come to place a balm of peace and of reconciliation in Argentina, knowing that God, your Celestial Father, cannot be absent from the consciousness of Argentina and cannot be replaced by the forms of life and by the choices, so unconscious, of the men and women of this country. 

You cannot, companions, enter into the same stream of conflict, of adversity or of chaos. Through prayer, activate the Ray of intelligence, of discernment and of science; and you will have the faith and knowledge to be able to overcome the end of times, and thus be able to help your brothers and sisters, those most ignorant, those most lost, those who do not have God and those who deny Him completely.

But the most difficult times will come and it would not be necessary for you to experience them. You still have some time to reconsider and reconcile with God, just as My Mother had once requested in Fatima for all of Europe, after Europe was completely destroyed by adversity and chaos.

But in Argentina, in spite of its difficult times, there has existed a purity still unknown, a special purity that God has given to you so that through your Ray of Willpower you may learn to align with the Purpose and manifest His Will.

I know that you have not achieved this yet, but keep your aspirations firm in being able to gestate a true spiritual family on the surface of the Earth that is part of the Divine Brotherhood of Our Hearts and that, beyond all and any event, unites with God in heart and in faithfulness.

I speak so much about fidelity, companions, because it is what will protect you from yourselves, not only My companions of Argentina, but all My followers, servers, collaborators and the consecrated.

Evil does not know fidelity, the fidelity to God, to His Purpose, to His infinite Will and Wisdom. If you know fidelity, you will truly become free from the chains, from the ties, from the oppression of life and of the planetary chaos; because fidelity will always be able to bring you into peace, trust and the absolute certainty that God is in you and in everything.

Argentina is the prelude to great events that are drawing close and approaching. The adherence of hearts, as little as it may seem, is representing a great deal for God. Thus, His approximation to the consciousness of the Argentines will occur in this month of August and September in a special way, because it will be the preparation for a new stage of challenges, requirements and of an even deeper and more definitive surrender.

I know that many may feel unprepared, ill-suited, or not available for what I am telling you and requesting of you, but believe and trust that if you are always with Me and you call upon Me, you will be able to do so, because I know your persona, souls, spirits and your entire inner life. I would not ask for something that you could not achieve, but there is a part that now corresponds to each one of My companions, servers, collaborators and consecrated.

Each one will have their moment of surrender and of a profound definition, which will be between the soul and God, so that Divine Grace may continue to descend upon the planet and humanity. And in spite of nothing upon the surface of the Earth making any sense or any longer having reason, there will be a reason for continuing to be here, on this blue planet, for this creation and for this sacred nature that the Celestial Father has given to you so that you might learn to contemplate Him, to adore Him, and to love Him in all that lives and vibrates.

I know that you would like to listen to precious, agreeable words that console your hearts, but I was born on the surface of this planet not only to announce to you the good news, but also to always tell you the truth that will cause you to inwardly mature and grow.

May this Marathon, so important for Me, be a Marathon of maturity and of growth in the consciousness and in actions, so that new responsibilities can be given into your hands and you can continue to represent Me in this critical time, in which the great majority of souls do not want to see God.

I ask the whole world to no longer blame the Celestial Father for what is happening to it, but rather to assume responsibility for what you do, day after day, knowing that the Universe gave you laws and commandments for you to be aligned with the Purpose, and know how to follow it without the need of becoming lost or confused.

Place your consciousness on what is vertical, on what goes toward the Heights, on what unites you with the Universe, and in this way, you will find the inner peace and strength to continue forward, to follow in My footsteps, barefoot and humble, that will take you into an encounter with Christic Live.

Let this Marathon be a reason for renewal, for commemoration, because it has been more than six years since I asked you, companions, to offer the Marathon of Divine Mercy for these difficult times, to sustain the Plan of God in humanity, and to bear the current of adversity and of chaos, learning to transmute them and free them with the strength and the power that the word of prayer has.

In the confidence of God, I give you infinite peace and gratitude for having prepared each detail with love, awareness and surrender for your Lord, your Master and Redeemer.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Just as in My spiritual Heart I keep each soul, in the same way I keep the nations of the world, especially those that in the end of times will have an important mission.

In this sense, Argentina will be the spiritual cradle of the new times, those which will arrive full of the Grace of God and will allow certain events to be presented in order  to give impulse to the awakening of souls.

Argentina is a people and a nation with many opportunities that its own inhabitants will recognize, if they live the path of redemption and of forgiveness.

Argentina is a country not only overflowing with natural beauty, but also a land that has its wounds, very difficult wounds that I Myself will heal through My Presence.

So that the healing may reach the hearts of Argentina and all its past, the Argentine people and humanity must truly invoke My Mercy so that from the heights of the Universe, the nonmaterial ray of liberation may descend and be that which transmutes and redeems the Argentine consciousness, and thus a new cycle will be able to begin.

I will be alert to the voice of the supplications of each one of My companions.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


At the beginning, during the first Meeting of Prayer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, within the first days of the month of August and after the spiritual practice of the Sacraments, the inner and spiritual condition will then be prepared for your Redeemer to return to South America and from Argentina to carry forward, not only the task of liberation and of forgiveness, but also the great moment of the Eucharistic Celebration with souls.

It is in this way, companions, that in the first days of August, the Spiritual Universe of God will be granting a reprieve to Argentina and also to the region which, in an inexplicable way, will open the door to redemption and to forgiveness for those souls that did not deserve them.

Through the sublime action of Divine Mercy, through the songs and prayers that will be offered, a period of inner peace will be able to be established in the spiritual consciousness of Argentina so that, filled by the Fire of the Holy Spirit, the Argentines may make their great and last decision, which will place their people and nation in Eternal Mercy or in Divine Justice.

It will be the faith of the heart of the Argentines that will allow Your Master and Lord to be able to intercede and work miracles in many souls. In this way, there will be built the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Every time you get tired of something in you which must be transformed, and you finally surrender your being, realizing that your actions are fruits of your own inner world and not the consequences of attitudes of your neighbor, then, child, you take a new step towards spiritual maturity.

Even though it may seem that you always repent the same things, it is never the same. Transformation keeps deepening within your consciousness.

May your heart not be anguished for confessing the same things, but rather may your soul rejoice for perceiving that which is there to be transformed, not remaining in ignorance, in illusion nor in darkness.

Do not grieve when perceiving the same miseries that need to be liberated, but rather pull more deeply at the roots of human atavism which dwell in you, until this can be liberated from your consciousness and, in consequence, from the entire human consciousness.

I do not say that you will find joy as you perceive the mud that exists within you, but it will relieve your soul and your heart with the determination of transformation and the victory of surrendering to God.

Walk with love towards the goal that you see before your eyes. I will always help you get there.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When souls thank God for another mission accomplished, they open the doors for more Graces to descend upon the world and for more souls to be able to receive healing, forgiveness and the Mercy of God.

To go on a pilgrimage with the Divine Messengers into the world, physically or by heart and consciousness, is to assume the apostleship of these times and to forget oneself so that the world may receive the Peace that comes from the Heart of the Creator.

Today, children, not only your hearts are thankful, but also the Heart of God emanates gratitude toward the infinite Cosmos, and His Love is felt within all of His Creation.

The Heart of God is relieved, just as so many souls and states of consciousness that you do not know. The liberation experienced these past days relieved and repaired the Heart of the Father; but the deepest gratitude of the Heart of God emerges from the feeling of unity that His Eyes see in the Work of Love, established by Him on Earth.

Your hearts managed to vibrate within the same purpose, in unity and in love, regardless of where they were and what role they played in the Plan of God. Finally, children, souls could experience and live what it is to be a missionary of God, an apostle of Christ, a companion of His. They could understand that this is an inner state, a state of consciousness. At last the Love of your Creator is arriving in the right place within you, and the instructions delivered by God are becoming life in your consciousnesses.

Do you now understand how little is necessary to establish Peace? And how fulfilled you feel as you accomplish the Plan of God?

Your attitude of transformation, of unity and of love opened the doors for the Divine Messengers to stay some more time in the world, and for the nations that had been self-condemned to perdition to be able to receive Divine Mercy. From this comes the gratitude of God and the gratitude that My Chaste Heart expresses to you today.

The Light-Network of the Heart of your Divine Mother is visible today, resplendent, embracing the planetary consciousness. And for this reason, I thank you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 




And now that the most important stages of the Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe have been accomplished, according to the Will of the Heights and because of the inner adherence of all those who collaborated in this manifestation, this is the moment of the pause, of stillness, and of experiencing an important spiritual synthesis in order to see, in the events of the last pilgrimage, the evident signs that the Hierarchy left so that the next steps may be accomplished.

This pilgrimage was characterized by all that it transmuted while going through different cities, cultures, and peoples; and also, it stood out by all that it, through the Hierarchy and the Angelic Universe, managed to deactivate that was negative in the consciousness of a people and a nation.

In this sense, the last Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe seemed that it was not going to be completed until the group unity and the unity of inner spirit, with the sincere collaboration of everyone, allowed the destiny of different peoples and nations to be taken toward the threshold of a new opportunity through Divine Mercy.

For this, the endless days of transmutation, of travels, of going from country to country, generated in an evident way the possibility for the Hierarchy to be able to increasingly embrace complex and grave situations that were compromising the continuity of certain nations and peoples on the surface.

And so, during this last pilgrimage, the Hierarchy used certain divine and cosmic instruments, such as the Great Mirrors or the Celestial Doors, so that great Light Consciousnesses, in absolute silence and meditation, could help in the process of liberation of nations, which took place through each song offered.

The mental, emotional and psychological effort on the part of the pilgrim group, within the goal of embracing and of learning the native language of each people, meant for the Divinity the possibility of the Message of God and of His Celestial Messengers to be able to reach the whole world by means of an ardent devotion and love for the Divine Hierarchy.

The commitment consciously assumed by praying for such different new nations and peoples also generated a greater opening so that, over time, the field of work can expand through new seeds of Light that will be sown in Europe, Africa and Russia.

In synthesis, the victory of Christic Love was great, at a planetary time in which hate, vengeance and conflict knock on the doors of millions of homes in the world.

And so the nations that are freed become potential mirror consciousnesses so that not only the peoples may receive new attributes of life, but also the world can be supported in this cycle by an unbreakable faith and by an unquenchable love that is born from each heart redeemed and touched by the Grace of God.

Infinite thanks to all the servers of Christ on Earth!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Accompany, with your heart and spirit, the steps of your Lord through this world. 

Cry out, on behalf of humanity, for the roots of corruption of human consciousness to be pulled out from the depths of beings and of the Earth. Allow the Divine Hands to plunge into the ocean of the records of humanity, to liberate and purify you, removing from the consciousness of men and women of this world, the weight that does not allow them to walk. 

Beg for Grace and liberation.

Let Mercy descend upon the Earth as a transforming flow, and offer your heart so that it may be the first one to be healed and transformed by God. Because thus, child, with your own example, you will open an even greater door so that the Mercy of God may descend to the world. 

Cry out and be an example of the action of Divine Mercy. Ask God to transform the world and let yourself be transformed. Ask the Father to sublimate human corruption and let Him tear out from you the corrupt roots, the ancient energies and hidden forces  that hinder you from deepening your steps toward God.

Look at the world, child, and feel yourself as a mirror of it. If you transform what is inside of you, that which is outside of you will also transform.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph      


Daily Message received during the journey from Frankfurt, Germany, to Amsterdam, Netherlands, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

On this day, companions, your Master prepares Himself, in introspection and in prayer, to be able to carry forward the important moment of liberation of the Netherlands.

For this reason, the great angelic hosts also prepare themselves to take forward the Will of their Master and Lord in order to generate a spiritual renovation and  path of redemption for all the souls that are miserable, in urgent need My Divine Mercy.

Therefore, this is the time in which the Universe of Love and  Wisdom approaches humanity to grant the consciousnesses a time of reflection, of penance and of redemption.

It is this Universe of Love, very unknown by humankind, which will allow spiritual miracles to happen within the souls that most need help and forgiveness.

However, this Christic work which will happen in the Netherlands will bear its inner fruits over time, when the souls manage to reconcile themselves with God and to see the Light of the Heart of the Father again.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily Message received in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Now, My Cosmic Stations of liberation and of planetary transmutation rest and restore themselves for a moment, to then be spiritually activated over the city of Amsterdam, the place where your Lord shall work with the lower human consciousness of all those to be found there, those who, out of debauchery and the deviation of these times, have forgotten God and have been abducted by the great powers of vices and pleasure.

I come in this hour to prevent Amsterdam from becoming a new Sodom, burning in flames and being violently purified by the very nature of Creation.

I will go to Amsterdam to call the most fallen ones to do penance and to repent from their sins, knowing that it is the Savior and Lord Himself Who will encounter the most lost ones so that, in the inner planes, those souls and their essences may confirm themselves in God and abandon the aspects of illusion.

Therefore, I will need not only followers who accompany the Master in this task. I will need warriors of prayer who, far from tepidness, will face with Me the great moment of liberation that I will impart, in the supreme company of Saint Michael the Archangel.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your Heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily Message, received in the city of Berlin, Germany, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

And now, My Precious Blood, full of Codes of Light, is poured out upon the deepest entrails of the consciousness of Germany and of its people.

The Divine Blood of your Redeemer, full of the Codes of Light of life, enters into the aspects of the lower consciousness of the men and women of Germany, so that in the coming time the spiritual purpose of this nation may be fulfilled.

Therefore, companions, the Divine Blood of the One Who was like a lamb carried to the slaughterhouse, bears an incalculable spiritual value so that the souls of Germany, through this pitying Grace, may receive the merits they need to take steps in the awakening of consciousness and in individual and collective evolution.

In this sense, My purpose for arriving in the city of Berlin is because, until today, no consciousness has managed to generate the necessary condition to contribute to the liberation of all the failures committed in the last 20th century.

For this reason, your Redeemer will gather the devotees and pilgrims so that they continue with the concretion of the aspiration of your Master and Lord, which is to see redeemed the consciousnesses that caused great pain in humanity, and who until now were never forgiven nor loved by any being on Earth.

The triumph of My Sacred Heart at this time will happen by the redemption and conversion of the great leaders of nations who, like Paul of Tarsus, will receive the impact of My Celestial Light that will defeat them, and convert them forever. 

I thank you for keeping My words in your heart!

Who blesses you,


Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Devotion: A Door to Liberation

Devotion, children, is a Gift of God in the hearts of human beings, a Divine Ray placed inside beings so that, when active and awake, it may lead you to return to the Heart of the Father.

Devotion activates in human consciousness its potential to unite dimensions, to dissolve all barriers which separate hearts from God and to open doors so that beings may be liberated from all that impedes them from reaching the Father.

Devotion is like a magnet that raises the consciousness towards God and, at the same time, purifies it so that it may reach the Father.

Devotion allows hearts to recognize the need to be in God and, when this devotion is mature and evolutionary, beings are conscious of the need to create a condition so that those who do not manage to, may also have the possibility of reaching the Father.

Devotion, which is born in the heart and rises towards the consciousness, allows beings to mature their lower nuclei and transmute them, because the energy itself allows you to understand that it is necessary to transform oneself in order to reach God.

Devotion is a door towards planetary liberation and a safe path to awaken and activate the mirrors of your hearts.

Devotion must always deepen within beings, raise their vibration and stop being an emotional process to become an experience, a spiritual and inner condition of beings.

Devotion must keep rising from the heart to the consciousness so that you always know how to open the doors to reach God.

Allow devotion to express itself in your hearts. Do not be afraid to transform yourselves and become pure before God, for this is what will make you return to the Father.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Weekly Messages
Weekly Message received in the Commune of Castle Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús


The spiritual Blood of My beloved Son shall still be poured out as a powerful spring upon humanity.

This precious Blood, which holds the luminous codes of the sorrowful Passion of Jesus, shall be that which will finish completely purifying all following believers, servers and the consecrated of Christ.

The Divine Blood of Jesus shall be poured out as a powerful Light in the world and, in that moment, all will be unleashed, everything will be defined, and the promise of His Second Return will be fulfilled.

For this reason, the precious spiritual Blood of My Son may be recognized and all of His sacrifice shall not have been in vain, in spite of the perversion in which present humanity is to be found.

When the powerful Blood of Jesus is once again poured out by the angels at the request of Christ, religions will know the true and only Face of Christ.

The moment will come when the blood of the martyrs of the end of times will also be recognized, and such a sacrifice or surrender shall no longer be experienced anywhere on Earth, for the powerful Blood of Jesus, in Its divine and spiritual state, will free all those who at some time felt like prisoners of themselves and of their human condition.

The Divine Blood of Christ, which will be offered in hundreds of chalices, shall grant those who persevere in Christ many wonders, revelations and miracles. And a new Earth will begin after everything has been purified and redeemed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Until now, nobody has knelt in this place and for this land to implore the Mercy of My Heart.

For this reason, and for many others, your Master and Lord continues working in Italian land to unmask everything that will not be in the next humanity.

The transparent hearts will be those who will reach the Kingdom of the Heavens. Through them, I will make all things new, and give My Graces to all those who knew how to recognize and value them.

There is still time for Italy to experience the Mercy of God, but first there must exist sincere and true repentance, so that the Law of My Love can set apart the Law of Justice from the path of the lost.

Naples is a land full of bad stories. This is why only the Light of My Mercy will  be able to cleanse and purify that which souls allow Me.

I open the door of My Heart so that everything may be liberated.

I call all of you to the total repentance of all your actions.

I call Italy to reconsider and repair what was violated and outraged. Thus, the nation will deserve something grand that will save it and that will come from Heaven.

I thank you for keeping My Words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Monthly Messages

The Divine Project of Redemption

Within this material Universe, and in the infinite existence of many forms of life, the Creator lovingly thought to carry forward a Divine Project of Redemption that, by means of the surrender of His Beloved Son, could recover the souls back into union with the High and especially, the spiritual communion with the Celestial Father.

This Project could not have faults. Therefore, the Eternal Father entrusted it and delivered it into the care of the Archangels Micha-El and Gabriel. And another part of the Divine Project of Redemption was under the care of Archangel Raphael.

Thus, the experience and the testimony of the love that Christ left manifested in the consciousness of the planet by means of His Passion, Death and Resurrection, the great opportunity to experience the path of redemption approached all of humanity again, in different times and stages.

This is the reason why the Divine Project of Redemption renews itself time and again, through the steps of the souls in the School of the degrees of love and of forgiveness. 

Each time some consciousness takes a step within the Divine Project of Redemption, this event begins to be part of the Christic Legacy of Love that the new humanity will receive to be able to begin to truly live the Plan of God.

This Divine Project of Redemption also focuses on the history of terrestrial and spiritual, soul and cosmic life, that each consciousness brings as inner baggage.

Thus, when souls make their definition of following the path of Christ and of fraternal life, all the history of the consciousness  begins to become evident or is revealed through the impulses of its spiritual and service work.

When the consciousness faces its true history, and the unknown reveals the reality of its spirit and of its soul, in most cases the consciousnesses deny the origin or the feeling of this knowledge or stories which, throughout the ages, have marked a lasting spiritual wound which has brought spiritual, internal and even physical consequences and traumas. 

The Divine Project of Redemption, which was attained by the Christ Himself under the manifestation and the expression of a wise, compassionate and merciful love, is the means through which the souls will be able to liberate themselves of their errors and stories of suffering or of failures that their own consciousness feels but whose origin it does not know.

The Divine Project of Redemption promises not only the spiritual and internal healing of past facts, but this Project governed by Christ Himself aspires to place the consciousness in the school and on the path that it should follow, without interferences nor obstacles on the part of its own consciousness.

This Divine Project that is still sustained throughout the times is the Project of God which has achieved the greatest number of miracles and conversions in the last times.

All the beings on the Earth are called to remember the sacrifice of the Son of God, to be able to enter the Redeeming Project so that their past may be transformed and their future may be prepared according to the Will of God.

That this Project may fulfill the designs for the consciousness will absolutely depend on the openness of the human being to the path of transformation and of inner change.

This will make of the Project a new victory on Earth, by means of the testimony of redemption of each being.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Listen within you to the Voice of God that speaks to you, the Voice that calls you to serve Him and to pronounce His Word of Life in the whole world.

This is the Voice that resounds in the Cosmos. This is the Voice that comes from Heaven to awaken souls to the Love of God, to compassion, to healing and to redemption.

Listen to the Voice of God within you and the essential purity will re-emerge from within you.

Unite yourself with the living God Who is in Heaven.

Comply with His Promises.

Live His Commandments and apply in your life the duties to God so that you may be a participant in His Celestial Kingdom, so that you may receive in your heart His impulses of Light, which will someday make you free, a participant of the Supper of Redemption, and thus you will receive the Sacrament from the Spirit.

Your soul will receive what it needs and will thus take a new step.

I come to this kingdom, to the Kingdom of Fatima, to rekindle it, as it once was rekindled by the presence of the Divine Mother and of all of Her angels.

The time has come to celebrate this meeting and to make you participants, in a conscious way, in the Mercy of God. Thus, the doors to light will remain open and the sacrifice of the Son of God will keep being recognized by the men and the women on Earth.

All will be part of this new Supper that the King will celebrate when He returns to the world for the second time. 

But now, I come in Divinity. I come under the impulse of the Breath of the Spirit so that the Gifts of God may be poured out upon you. Such Gifts that at some moment will convert into talents. Talents that I will need, in this hour and at this time, to be able to help souls, to be able to save and rescue them from the dark abysses of the Earth.

It is from here, from the Source of the Kingdom of Fatima, that the world will be able to recover its innocence, the innocence it lost by the manifestation of wars, by the inequality among peoples, by illnesses, by madness, by hunger and error.

My Mercy will lead you to the essential Purity and in the essential Purity you will find God again, you will become aware of the meaning of your existence and you will not regress because I will be by your side strengthening and tempering your spirits, transforming your miseries, redeeming your human aspects, transfiguring them into My eternal Light.

The Glory of God descends over the Kingdom of Fatima, because Its Celestial Church approaches and descends over this place to unite with the Shrine consecrated to God.

The inner worlds balance. A period of peace touches souls and makes them aware of the truth. Perdition is deterred. The apostles take their steps toward the Lord and fulfill His commandments, His designs and their duties.

Although appearances are confusing, no one will be forgotten, and the hearts will rekindle in the fire of My Love, will feel the impulses of My Soul, will receive the blessing of My Spirit and I will liberate you from the chains, prisons and errors. And thus, the nations will be liberated, the peoples will reconcile and there will no longer be conflict.

Hunger will not be the cause of so many evils. Corruption will not be the origin of so many defects. Omission will not be the path toward the indifference of human beings because the whole world, humanity, the planet, will become aware of the truth, some time before I return to the world as a beam of light amongst the clouds, like a Sun within a sun, as a greater Star amongst so many stars.

The Universe will mobilize, the higher stars will respond and the solar system, of which they are a part of, will receive the last grand impulse that will spring directly from the Heart of the King for all souls, for all self-summoned and especially for those who were not called.

The meaning of being here on Earth will be reborn, because from the Kingdom of Fatima the impulse will arise that will lead this part of humanity to its awakening and to definitively move away from ignorance, from spiritual blindness, from indifference.

Receive then My Message with joy. May the whole world hear the Word of God through His Son so that humanity is born again under the Wisdom of God and His understanding.

May this Marathon be celebrated as the perfect union with the Celestial Father, as the confirmation of all apostles before all Principles and Wills of the Father so that His Designs may descend to the Earth and incarnate in the human beings who must asume the Plan.

May the inner worlds hear this good news. Heaven descends again over the Kingdom of Fatima so that purity may awaken in the sleeping hearts, in the souls that made a mistake by ignorance and by error.

Bring everyone to Me. Place the whole world in My merciful Heart, and you will not lack peace.

I Am your Greater Priest, your Governor and your Master. I Am the Shepherd of all sheep and, at this time, I unite all the flocks under the First Law, the Law of Love.

And thus, the hells will close and the doors to Light will open so that everything may be illuminated and no one lose the hope to persist, just as I persisted for you until the end, and even more, until this time, and I will persist until I return to meet you physically, to give you My Peace, My embrace, and deliver to you the glorious Love of God that vivifies you, that transforms you, that elevates you in unity.

May Europe listen to this call, just as We listen to your prayers. The Lord of the Universe returns to meet you to make souls participants in the Redeeming Communion and in the great time of Mercy.

May this Marathon be an offering of love from each prayerful heart so that God may keep pouring His Grace upon the world, in spite of the errors and all evils. Because the triumph of the Plan of the Father is in the heart that loves Him profoundly and without conditions. There lies the freedom of humanity forever.

In jubilation and hope for this reunion, under the mantle of the Kingdom of Fatima, I bless Europe and the whole world, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May Peace be in all. Amen.

Weekly Message received in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

My son and My daughter,

If you do not change, nobody will be able to make you change.

The change of your consciousness will promise transformations and renunciations, inner demands and challenges.

If you do not change, you will never be elevated to be able to recognize in yourself the action of Divine Will.

God has a perfect Design for every soul, but the Celestial Father will never demand that you live it.

This is the reason why the souls of the world suffer and lament, because they are resisting living and experiencing the Will of God.

To live Divine Will is to do and fulfill what goes beyond the liking or the opinion of the consciousness.

To not fulfill, in this time, what the Father needs of each one of His children is to turn your back on the Universe.

To resist fulfilling the Greater Will to live a personal want will always end in an uncertain destiny.

There are clear examples in the history of humankind of the effects of personal will.

To live the Will of God is to free oneself from the self, every day, it is to work a little more with humility, it is to completely surrender, even with limitations. But, above all, it is to trust and love beyond the self.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I have the power to internally liberate you from all evil as well as from every test.

If you surrender to Me with trust, time and again, I will be able to show you what you still have to transform and redeem.

Only with the permission of your trust, and no other, will I be able to point out and show you the path towards My broken Heart; broken by the insults of humankind, broken by the outrages to the Name of God and broken by all that is done to the Kingdoms of Nature. 

But I will draw you closer to My Heart, not only for you to feel it, but also so that in each moment and opportunity, you may learn how to repair and relieve it for all those who do not repair or relieve it. 

Your trust in Me is what will one day allow you to know the life project that I have for you. Up until now, few have known the project that I have for life itself because the majority withdrew in the most culminating moment of surrender and total trust in My Heart.

I still hope to be able to say and express what I have waited so long to say and reveal to My apostles. 

My path is full of demands because it is a path of fidelity, but it is always a victorious path. 

Do not be discouraged. Try, until one day you will feel My Hand holding you tightly, and it will lead you to know the inner purpose that I still have for you.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart.

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus 



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