Come to know the unlimited Love of God through the union with your Creator and you will understand the vastness of His Creation and the perfection with which your Lord fills with mysteries the details, paths, the dimensions, uniting His Consciousness with the consciousnesses of His children.

Come to know the unlimited Love of God for life and upon discovering the greatness of His Creation, you will not be surprised. Infinite are the forms that the essences received from God in order to fulfill His Purpose and recreate life.

However, child, to recreate life is not only by beginning a new Creation from zero. To recreate life means that the evolutionary spiral has reached a higher point and from there, closer to God, a new cycle begins.

Contemplate and come to know the unlimited Love of God, and you will not be surprised when you discover that, more than just sending His Son into this world, the Creator sent many more of His companions and He also created other worlds, other races, other lives so that in the perfect expression of each one of them, they would complement and help each other to grow and return to His Heart with a renewed love, multiplied and matured through the overcoming experiences.

Thus, contemplate and come to know the unlimited Love of God, and also be unlimited in your understanding, in your openness, in your giving of self and in your surrender so that someday, child, more than just contemplating and knowing, you may experience and become the unlimited Love of God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Wherever you are, unite your heart with God to fulfill His Will and manifest His Plan.

The Will and the Plan of God are much greater and vast than your little mind can conceive of. Meanwhile, it is through the simple things where your heart finds the path to live this Will and fulfill this Plan.

The Creation of God is vast and broad within the dimensions, both in Heaven and on Earth. However, to remember it and recognize it today, being able to access these sublime realities, all you need is to be simple of heart, pure of intention and ready to love and serve more and better, each day.

Even though your physical eyes cannot see extraordinary existences and manifestations of life, your heart may participate in what is invisible and your soul may travel though the eternal realities when you are united with God.

Humanity was created for much more than just seeing and feeling the realities of life. Human beings were created to unite these realities, live them and be within them at the same time.

Because just like the Heart of the Celestial Father, the hearts of His children have the possibility of uniting within themselves all Life, of being united with everything and participating in all dimensions of existence.

Thus, before perceptively seeing, feeling or experiencing Divine Truth, seek, child, to surrender your heart to God and, through the yielding of your spirit and of each part of your consciousness, become one with all Creation.

The dimensions dwell in you and your heart can dwell in all of them, and experience them when you are simple and true.

You have My blessing for this. 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The deserts, child, are experienced in different stages of the surrender and transformation of humankind.

During inner growth, the Creator brings His children into the desert many times. Sometimes rapidly and simply and, sometimes, in a deep and prolonged way, which seems to never end.

The desert is an inner state of emptiness in which the Creator takes from His children and friends all the consolations of Earth, every feeling, every affection, all that which the spiritual being creates as a support, and sometimes this acts as a springboard upon their path toward inner life.

All of that is taken away so that, in this way, the consciousness may learn to be supported purely byspiritual foundations, in the knowledge and experience of God, which is born from faith and the experience of the void.

Consolidate your union with God through the simple certainty that He is present, even though He does not make Himself felt, heard nor seen.

The desert can be seen as rough and painful but, in truth, child, the desert is the invitation of God for souls to achieve a profound and direct union with Him, far from the illusions and the senses, far from the dimensions of matter and all they are made up of.

The desert is an invitation to what is real; but to cross this desert, it is not enough to have knowledge. The science of humility must be discovered, of yielding and of surrender, the science of launching oneself into the Divine Hands and knowing that His Will is perfect, both in the oasis and in the desert, in the temples full of souls that awaken as well as in the calvary full of souls that despise.

That is why I speak about the desert, so that you may learn to love it and to aspire to it. Not to aspire to suffering, but rather aspire to a direct, profound and real union with the One who created you and invites you to express the likeness to His Heart.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the beginning of the Divine Creation, even before the existence of angels and archangels, of dimensions and stars, the Creator wrote a story in the Mirror of His Heart. He caused a thought to be born from His Love and manifested it into colors and sounds. In order to see it, He reflected it upon a Mirror that He emanated from His interior, and all began to be shaped from a pure divine feeling.

The story thought of by God and non-materially written upon the Mirror of His Heart was shared among dimensions and placed within each one of His creatures. All children of God hold a part of His thought within them. The history of Creation shall be completed when all those mirrors gather as one again and all that was written on each one of them is manifested.

The nonmaterial history written on the mirrors comes to life when beings find the Divine Will within themselves, and every step taken in the fulfillment of that Will turns into a content of light which fills its nonmaterial room on the mirrors of the hearts. It is as if, with your lives, children, you were painting the drawing of the Divine Will for each one of you. That Universal Art shaped in the mirrors shall be completed when all return to the Heart of God.

In order to manifest this Divine Work, search for that Will in the mirrors of your hearts and express It. Find there the mysteries of the Origin, the way back and the meaning of the present, of now. All of this is within you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Where there is a heart that cries out for peace, there will be the presence of the Creator, transforming and converting human consciousness from within.

Where there is a heart that cries out for peace, there will be the presence of the Celestial Universe, uniting times and spaces, bringing the reality of the divine dimensions to Earth, preparing hearts for the encounter with their Creator.

In a simple way, children, the Kingdom of God is beginning to inhabit within beings and to consolidate the inner fortitude of souls.

When you pray and cry out for this world, your Lord listens to you, and sometimes in a silent way, sends His Love to the hearts.

God transforms you slowly; He converts your hearts into what they truly are, but cannot express.

If you want to find out the truth about yourselves, cry out for peace and pray for the world.

If you want to awaken the potential of what it is to be a human being as God thought, cry out for peace and pray for the world.

Prayer, when done as a service, takes you out from yourselves and places you in God, and it is in Him that you will start to find out who you truly are. Pray, not to experience God; pray to live in God, to find Him alive within yourselves and in everything.

Pray for the world, placing everything that you are in the clamor of your hearts. Supplicate for a new time and a new life, and thus this Real Time will be revealed within you, and you will know what it is to be in God, even while being in the world.

You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message received in the city of Medjugorje, Bosnia and Hezergovina, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Wherever you go, try to rescue the spiritual principles with your heart so that, litlle by little, the sacred may awaken and reveal its mysteries.

Allow peace to dwell within you and for reverence to live in your consciousness so that you can recognize the presence of the Hierarchy in sacred places, beyond human appearances.

May your heart always be raised to the heights, united and in tune with the Divine Purpose so that, in this way, child, you may provide a service to the world, of uniting the higher dimensions with life on Earth in order to liberate what is dark on the planet by means of harmony and of the elevation of consciousness.

Humanity must enter a new cycle to approach divine reality, and that cycle is of a deeper and more true inner contact, for this is what will allow beings to discern and to take the correct steps in the time that will come. Your consciousness must learn to be kept elevated beyond chaos and appearances, laid on the Truth by means of love, of silence and of prayer. Thus, you shall not only find peace, but you shall be a vehicle of this peace for the world.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Your first connection with the Universe must be prayer, because prayer is what will prepare your consciousness to cross the dimensions and to be worthy of finding God and His Universal and Divine Truth.

In order to enter the gates and reveal the most sublime mysteries of the infinite Cosmo, you must first enter the gates of your own consciousness, revealing the muck and the mud that you have to transform before reaching God.

Both to cross the gates of the Cosmo, and to cross the gates of your own inner self, there is something that your consciousness must know; without love, nothing will be revealed to you. Love is what makes you worthy of being with God, and the same love is what allows you to deal with the miseries of your consciousness, transforming them in the correct way.

In prayer, you will learn how to love. Therefore, pray and let God Himself be who conducts your consciousness to the gates that you are ready to cross. 

Do not fear, child, because both self-knowledge and the knowledge of the Cosmos are sources of wisdom and evolution, they are revelations which complement each other and are necessary for you to fully return to the Heart of the Father, even though you are alive.

Just as when we say that there are living dead people, it is also possible to return to God in consciousness, and continue within this world thus, the beings will be in God, in His Thoughts, in His Feeling, in His Mind, in His Heart and, like a pencil in His Hands, they will draw the manifestation of His Plan on Earth.

Everything starts with prayer, but not empty prayer, with distractions or by obligation. It all begins when the beings learn the true value of praying and they pray with their hearts.

Your Father and Friend

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When Jesus resurrected and brought life back into His cells, into His Body, closed His wounds, restored all levels of His being, He did it not only within Himself.

In His Resurrection, universal and cosmic wounds were restored that even precede the existence of the Earth. In His Heart, He transmuted, healed and restored the past of all of Divine and Universal Creation, from the smallest spiritual wounds up to those that deeply marked the history of the Universe. All the creatures of God were faced with an opportunity of transcending fear, in the potency of Love; of transcending darkness, in the potency of His Christic Light.

The love of Christ went throughout His Body and went beyond dimensions, beyond time  and space, touching those situations and consciousnesses that inhabit the invisible, that which for humanity, up until today is a mystery and unknown. This Love manifested as a Grace, as an opportunity. The Divine Hand was held out to those who were fallen so that a new cycle could begin, a new school, which transcended a civilization, a planet and even the Universe; a school for all beings.

The learning of this Love became available for all those who said "yes". And in this way, a new cycle of Redemption began for all of life. History began to re-write itself, beginning with a blank page so that all creatures could tread the path travelled by the Son of God, and all could find the point of their evolution which makes them worthy for the Creator God, worthy of being called His children.

The unforgivable was forgiven; the incurable received their chance for healing; those who were lost saw before them the doorway to their salvation. Christ resurrected and, with Him, all life was made new.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Contemplate the perfection of the human body, its sciences, its systems, organs, cells and atoms, still so unknown to the mind of humankind.

Simply observe the perfection with which life was designed and open your consciousness to penetrate this mystery of love and grace.

The Spirit of God, with Its Breath, manifested the perfection of the stars in the human composition, and just as the Creator has His living Body in the Cosmos and in the different dimensions, human beings also, in likeness to their Father and God, in the mystery of their life, hold not only creative power, but also the infinite Cosmos which is reflected in each small space of the expression of humankind.

To discover the hidden and divine life manifested within yourselves, you need to learn to be reverent with your own body, mind, feelings, soul and spirit, because the key of reverence is what will open the deepest doors for you to self-knowledge, for the science of one's own body, spirit and consciousness.

To be reverent with oneself is to know that you are facing a part of the Creator, to know that your bodies are a temple that guards your soul for the learning in this world, and that they are also a divine dwelling place, a dwelling place for the essence of love and of the Spirit of God.

You respect your bodies when you live in gratitude, nourish yourselves with gratitude and stay consistent with what you carry inside of yourself each day, not exposing your minds and feelings to retrograde stimuli, trying to keep your bodies always stimulated for your origin in God, and not allowing them to be more and more lost and distant from the truth each day.

In this time, everything you are must be elevated, because human genetics are reaching the correct point for its transformation, returning to its origin of purity and, with consciousness, those who awaken must walk toward this, placing your bodies before Truth and Love, placing your thought on Divine Thought, your cells on what is pure, your feelings on what leads you to the Love of God and thus, little by little, one by one, your cells awaken and ignite in the purpose for which they were created.


To awaken is to begin to remember, that before life on Earth, a greater life existed.

To awaken is to remember, that before the bodies of flesh, your souls lived in bodies of light.

To awaken is to begin understanding, the immensity of the Divine Creation and not limiting to life on Earth, the power that God has to give life to human beings.

To awaken is to begin to understand life, what you feel, what you think, the roots of your actions, your way of life, the roots of your customs,  your culture and your human essence.

To awaken is to begin walking a broader path, in which, at the same time that you advance, you return to God.  Evolution happens when the beings begin to return, taking with them the learnings that contribute to the renewal of the Divine Consciousness, and to the evolution of life in all dimensions.

To awaken is to live in communion and humility. The more you recognize yourselves as small and ignorant, the more you will be within the greatness of the Wisdom of God.

To awaken is to recognize yourself, as a true part of this God, and to know that in this All that is the Father, dwells a vast and infinite life.

Awaken children, from the sleep in which you live, because time has come to return as humanity, to the Heart of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph


Do you not see, child, that the world is in agony?

From the entrails of the Earth are expurgated the evils that cause deep spiritual wounds in the Earth. From the entrails of humankind are expurgated ancient evils, the results of a history built upon foundations of errors and fraud, Godless decisions, loveless hearts.

Like your Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane, close your eyes and observe the world; see that the planet is in agony and the consciousness of humankind trembles without perceiving this. They do not know the reason for their woes, and they catalog new illnesses to give a name to a life empty of God or full of a profound ignorance.

Like your Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane, observe the life on Earth and see, child, that only a great love will be able to heal this world.

Love is this unknown and hidden power that made God multiply and reflect Himself in His creatures, so that this Love might gain life and be renewed, from time to time, in a greater Love.

Love grows when the heart steps away from ignorance and enters the Truth. Love is multiplied when the being not only knows the Truth, but lives it, expressing its wisdom through loving actions.

The path to the Truth is prayer, which places you in inner dimensions, which are beyond any ignorance. For this reason, pray and cry out to the Father for His Presence. Rise up to His Heart and, within the Heart of God, observe the world and life, just as His Son did in the Garden of Gethsemane.

See that there is no limit to Love, because it is infinitely necessary on the Earth and well beyond it.

Pray, child, and find a greater cause for your own life. Find the cause of Christ, the cause of God, the meaning of your existence, which is held in the need that life has for a constant renewal in the Love of God.

See how in the silence of your heart you can serve, and in the sincerity of your spirit, you can cross boundaries. Without a true and deep spiritual life, nothing will make sense. This is the great thirst of the world, this is the thirst of Christ, this is the thirst of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart in the depths of the divine dimensions and find there the door for your own redemption.

Contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart and find in it an example of surpassing and humility, a path for you to follow and find Christ; find God.

Contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart and find in it an example of service and charity, the Christic charity that, more than to acts of compassion, leads you to the awakening of Love, that makes you a faithful imitator of Christ.

Contemplate the Spiritual Reliquary of My Heart and find, in the reliquaries of wood that I have consecrated and will consecrate in the world, a bridge for the Heart of the Father, an inspiration for your small life, a fortress that is kept within you and that you have not yet been able to find.

Contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart and know, child, that in the humility of this Heart, before your eyes, divine and spiritual Gifts are to be found. Gifts that come from God and that call you to the awakening. Gifts that invite you to express the likeness with the Father in the eternal transcendence of your human condition so that one day, finally, you may return to your Celestial Origin.

Receive the Grace of contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart, not for Me, but for all that God has given Me and that today I offer to humanity as a symbol of My perpetual service to His Heart of Love.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 


To be nothing is to discover the truth about yourself. To lose your own identity or individuality is to reach the Origin of all, where there is no other thing but the unity with the Whole.

To come to be nothing is a great challenge because the individual identity of each consciousness was built beyond this world and this life, in others experiences of the soul and of the spirit that transcend what you know about yourselves today.

Great, children, is the mystery of the Divine Will because the Creator, who was One, divided Himself into three and, thus, in many others particles of life, whose true mission is discovering themselves in unity with Him again.

The Creator multiplied Himself in the universes, in the galaxies, in the constellations, in the stars, in the planets, in the beings, in the Kingdoms of Nature; He created the evolutionary scale that it is nothing more than the path of return to the Origin. The Creator opened the dimensions from matter to the superuniverses, and closed –from the top down– the doors that lead to Him. And the only key that opens these doors is love.

To be nothing, children, is to discover the truth about yourselves. To be nothing as individuals, as personalities, as separated particles of God, is to know that the Creator is who lives within each being; He is who animates life.  The one who discovers oneself in God and God in oneself lives the plenitude.

Lose the fear of losing yourselves, because it is lost from yourselves that you will find yourselves. To be nothing is to discover the truth about yourselves.

The illusion of the illusions is to believe that you are something, to celebrate merits and to cry the defeats. God is the one who lives in each creature; His is the victory of Your lives and to Him belongs your evolution, towards Him is the path of the return, in Him are enclosed all the sciences, all the rays, all the worlds, all life.

The Creator emanates life, which must return to Him: it is the eternal cycle of building and believing yourself to be something to, then, deconstruct yourself, know that you are nothing and in the nothingness discover the Whole, God, the One and Only and Immutable in His Infinity, static in His permanent movement.

The quest of nothingness is not sad. To lose yourself is not to die, it is to find yourself. To die is not to end, it is to start over again.


Occupy your mind, your heart and your soul with the experience of the Higher Laws, the ones that manifest all things in the different created dimensions.

If you concentrate on the Origin, on the Root of everything that has been created, it is not necessary for you to fear or to be afraid in your life on Earth.

The one who lives within the Universal Laws, in harmony and communion, attracts to himself only facts that correspond to the manifestation of these Laws. But, from the moment the consciousness transgresses them, he comes out of their flow and protection and is subject to all common consequences of the human actions.

When I speak of Universal Laws, I speak of the Law of Love, of Fraternity, of Obedience, of Compassion, I speak of the vibrations that organize the different Rays of the Creator and allow the manifestation of the Divine Plan.

When you are adhered to these Laws – that, for many, are simple and rare virtues in humanity -, you give to the Creator a live sign that you are part of His Plan and that you are willing to let yourself be transformed and guided so that He will mold you, as He molds all of His Creation, in order to manifest His Perfection and Truth in it.

When you try to live under the Universal Laws, child, they are the first to manifest themselves in your life; you will be beyond the natural laws of human existence and the Creator will be able to operate in you what, for the common beings, will be like true miracles.

You will not need to fear or to worry your consciousness with the future because the one who lives in the Universal Laws is supported and protected by them. Therefore, before being fearful, afraid or worrying, live in the Universal Laws and attract to yourself what corresponds to them. Thus you will understand what the Creator wishes from all His creatures, and you will know that His Gifts are at the disposal of all, if only the hearts open themselves and search for them.

Your Father and Friend, who teaches you to search for the Higher Laws, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Renew your consecration to God every day and enter into the eternal movement of universal cycles.

Renew yourselves before the Creator so that He will conduct you through new inner paths and you will never remain in the steps you have already taken.

Recognize the infinite before you, and how much you need to grow far beyond this life. Recognize in the vast universe the infinite dimensions created and that each one of them will charge from you a certain learning that will make you grow and unite yourself each day more to God.

Child, what humanity calls contemplation and union with God, in this material dimension, is nothing more than an approach to the greatness of the Creator, an experience with His Divine Light. Contemplation is an act of recognizing the existence of God and of approaching Him, but much is still missing from the human heart and consciousness for it to be One with God in its origin.

This path is built and walked little by little. As the being empties himself from himself and from all the need to explain and to understand what he experiences, as he empties himself from the known concepts by his mind, he starts being permeated by other laws and vibrations that do not belong to this world and that are palpable to the human heart, but not understandable for the mind.

The approach and acceptance of these sublime laws gradually cause the doors to other degrees of evolution to open before the consciousness, and it will be only after crossing these doors and experiencing these laws that you will be able to feel and understand them, but not explain them.

You cannot explain what you live on higher levels because the matter that composes the human mind does not correspond to this subtle vibration; but yes, child, the heart, that is similar to the Creator of all things, can understand and live all laws.

Just as the Lord is unlimited in His Existence, so is also the heart of human beings. But this heart needs to expand, cross portals and break barriers, transcend limits and human tendencies, stop being so closed, and open itself to the Cosmos – that, for it, is inexplicable and understandable at the same time.

To reach this state of union with the higher life, that is more than a contemplative experience, child, it is necessary that you renew yourself every day and, when you perceive that you are stagnated or going backwards, always search for a form to awake and advance.



The man on his own is weak and cannot stand the harassment and the tests of this world. But the man who unites himself to God is invincible, because he shares with Him His Glory and Greatness.

When the human heart of Christ said: “Father, take this cup away from Me”, it was the fear of His cells that made Him pronounce these words. But soon, united to God, He said: “May Your Will be done, and not Mine.” And it was in the perfect union with the Creator that Jesus supported the insults, the humiliations, the betrayals, the flagellation and the death on the Cross.

Unite yourself to God, child, so that His Will may be done. Do not want to live in this time with your own strengths, because your human and material heart is weak and can even die of fright.

Cling yourself to the spirit and be One with the Divine Spirit. Do not think that the Creator requests a great mission from you and leaves you alone. All that the Lord asks from you is supposed to be fulfilled with Him, for Him and in Him.

The Creator never leaves His creatures, but you must overcome fear and accept His Will, always having faith that He will accompany you.

Recognize your weakness, just as the Lord -that represents to you the Path- recognized it when He confessed to the Father and said: “Take this cup away from Me.”

But afterwards, child, recognize as well that this mission is not only yours, but God’s above all -because this human project belongs to Him- and, united to Him, affirm: “May Your Will be done and not mine.”

Child, not even God will condemn you for your weakness, as He did not do so to His Firstborn. The Lord will place you in His Arms, will unite His Holy Spirit to yours and will make you invincible before the challenges of this life. He is the One who will open to you the portals that unite the dimensions and will raise your being in the experience of true love. But, before all, overcome your weak humanity and recognize yourself as child of a majestic Creator that -in a mysterious way that is unknown to you- make yourself like Him in the depth of your being.

Find out the likeness with God, accepting His Will, and understand the Path along which the Lord leads you as you take the steps in it.


Many ask themselves where the unity will come from between the different cultures, religions, races and nations. How can such diversity be united?

Few have discovered the power of the Love of God and almost no one lives the truth which is to know that if such an infinite God was capable of creating such diversity, He can be found in all things and also in the different religions inspired by Him.

The creatures are inside of the consciousness of God and God in them, but the ignorance that closed their eyes does not allow them to see that the Creator is there, in the depth. And so they live an illusion, a life apart from Him, only because they do not know that He is in all that was created. They do not see Him and do not feel Him because they have not opened to know He is in the interior of the beings.

The Creator, in His immeasurable possibility of loving, throughout the existence of humanity, created many religions. Each one would conduct a certain part of His Creation, but – if they keep His Essence alive – all would lead to one purpose.

When Mary says She will unite, in Her Immaculate Heart, the different religions, peoples and races, that does not mean that everybody will recognize the person of Mary as Mother of God. Mary is the Unity itself, because Her mantle protects, in itself, all the Creation. As unity, She leads the different religions to Love which is the Principle that expresses Her Son.

Many may not recognize the person of Christ as the Path, the Truth and the Life, but those who believe in Love and live in Love are in Christ without knowing it.

The Love which Christ expresses transcends the existence of the person of Jesus. The Unity which Mary expresses transcends the person of Mary. They are no longer a material part of a Creation. Those who came from One Single Spirit manifested themselves on Earth to construct a path, to express an archetype, to give a living example and now, in the different scales of the evolution, they continue giving examples and leaving Their footprints in all dimensions, so that even the angels could follow Their steps.


While the whole universe mobilizes itself to help humanity somehow, and even the Creator descends to the Earth among men and women by means of His Messengers, do not be indifferent and no longer live your small life as you have always lived.

Beloved child, I know that it costs a lot for your consciousness to awaken to a spiritual reality of life, in which all that you seek to live finds a meaning, but if your heart, your mind and your feelings do not get out, even if it is just a little bit, from the material concerns and from all that involves you in relation to life on Earth, in a short time your spiritual path will lose the meaning.

If you do not seek now to understand how the events in the level of the spirit move and how is more real what happens in the superior dimensions than in the density of matter, in face of the terrible chaos which precipitates itself upon the Earth you run the risk of getting involved in such a way with these events that it will seem to you that it is not worth it at all that you pray and clamor to God. While the Lord expects an absolute transformation from you, you will wait for Him to come and solve everything for you, only for the fact that you emit some prayers every day.

Praying is a primordial action for your life, but it must be followed by serving, by acting, by transcending, by transforming, by being and by appearing.

Child, understand that this final battle has already started in the level of the spirit and that, much as many times you do not realize it and keeps on living as if nothing different were happening, it does not mean that your consciousness is not being participant of this universal event.

The moment has arrived to mature and not only to be moved by the current planetary situation, because what good does it do to God and to His Plan that you cry for the lack of welcoming and fraternity of the others and that you pray some “Hail Maries” for the Middle East if, after your prayers, you show that the codes of non fraternity and lack of love are also inside of you?

No longer cry neither for yourself nor for the current planetary situation, because in truth you are completely unaware the severity of these times. Do whatever is within your reach to transform, even if it is with a dropper, the life in this world.


For your consciousnesses to mature, you must recognize the realities of the planet manifested in the different dimensions. You must be knowledgeable of every good and every grace that you receive as an aid from the celestial worlds and from the superior existence, but you must also be conscious of everything that happens on the surface of the Earth and in the inferior plans of consciousness, states that concern God and make that many and endless be the Graces poured over the human consciousness.

The knowledge of these realities is complemented to forge its fortress in the interior of the beings. If you only were knowledgeable of the planetary reality in the inferior sense of life, you could lose the trust in the Plans of God and even the faith in the existence of the One and Only Consciousness of the Creator. And if you were only knowledgeable of the subtle worlds and ignored what happens with your brothers and sisters in the surface of the planet, you would run the risk of keeping yourselves immature and selfish, living only for your own benefit, for your own elevation.

With the knowledge of all the realities, you will be able to take the emanations of the superior life as an encouragement for the souls that find themselves in the abysses of the planet. And even before so much suffering that the humankind itself generates in the world, influenced by chaos and by evil, you will never lose hope, because you will know that there is something much higher and more powerful than evil and that this which is called God, the Creator Father, will always triumph, because His Will is what animates all the existence. With a breath of His Divine Spirit, life creates and recreates itself constantly.

It is for this reason that now we allow you to access the sublime realities and sometimes we show you what must still be transformed in the life of this world, because in this way you will be able to learn and grow in consciousness. In this way your prayers will be true and will be conducted to the right place.

I love you and, therefore I remain here, tirelessly impelling the human heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In order that you can transit in a period of planetary chaos and be a source of peace for the beings, and non-collaborators of the large dissociation network of the planet, you must start to strengthen the spirit with the knowledge of a superior life and with the living experience and the self-experience that such life exists and that the material dimensions of consciousnesses are only a reflection of all that manifests itself in the universe.

The differences between a conscious group of the planetary reality and other prayer groups that exist in the world and that support themselves only in the invisible of their faith are the tools that each one will have in the end of times and with what they will be able to contribute as a support for humanity, when the truths that have been always hidden start to emerge.

For a long time, Our Divine Spirits were extremely silent and delivered to humanity small impulses and signs that used to demonstrate Our Divinity, but they would not reveal to the human eyes what exists between matter and the Spirit of God, which is the life manifested in the different existent dimensions between 3rd and 12th dimensions.

Today Our Voice starts to deliver new signs and unveil new secrets to all of humanity, because, in this time, the adversary of God will try to confuse many spirits that are seeking the true Light and, thus, many beings will have visions that are not true or will receive instructions that more confuse and than clarify the heart.  It is for this reason that we start to reveal what humanity will have to recognize in order to take its evolutionary leap.

I want you to know that an instruction that comes from God is the one that leads you to the spirit of humility and of faith; it is the one that brings, in its interior, the purity that the heart can feel by coming in contact with it.

For this, I ask you to not listen to all what they say in the world, both outside and within yourselves; do not let yourselves be lost by the confusions or by your own need to fulfill certain functions within the Plan of God, because for each one the Creator has a perfect idea and a single plan.  Besides that, many of those who are in the world wanting to be something came to learn to be nothing.

Have trust that the Messengers of God will tell you everything that you need to listen, and follow Our Words with attention.


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more