Monthly Messages

Take My hands, My children, and let yourselves be led by My Immaculate Heart to the Origin of Life, to the Place of protection and of Peace where your essences rested before the manifestation of the Divine Thought for your lives.

Take My hands and come with Me to the Original Source of Life, where the deepest Love of your Creator Father dwells, where unity is a living reality, because nothing is separate from God.

Although you have trodden a path of evolution and so often feel separate from God, today I come to show you, My children, this Original Space in a time in which there is no past nor future, but only the eternal present in the Heart of your Creator Father.

There, unity is maintained and essences remain safeguarded with their original principles.

Lakes of Light, Fountains of Peace are your true dwellings. There are no forms, only colors, sounds and vibrations. Although the essences resound in their own note, unity manifests itself through melodies which form unique music, which is the song of God, the song of life’s manifestation.

Let your ears hear and let your souls remember this Space of protection in the Womb of Creation. There, My children, where the Feminine Energy protects you, where the truth of what you are makes you pure, there is nothing corrupt, there are no stains, there is no pain, only peace and unity with the Creator.

Let your hearts live the experience of being with Me there, because a part of your consciousness has never left the Fountain of God.

This space that I show to your heart today is the connection with the Divine, this part of your consciousnesses that dwells there, and that will always allow you to return to God and to not lose unity with the Father. It is the magnet that attracts you to the Origin, the purity that makes you return to the truth of your existence.

Today, My children, receive the Grace of being in God, of being in Peace, of being in My Immaculate Heart, and I, being in you, show you oneness in life.

May the celestial melody resound in your hearts and rekindle the hope to return to the Source, rekindle the momentum to be pure and to let yourselves purify and renew, so that someday you may find again the truth about yourselves; a truth that is prior to all existence, prior to planets and suns, prior to material life, both in Heaven and on Earth; a truth that dwells in unity with the Divine Consciousness. 

My Grace touches you today, your Divine Origin blesses you and thus, I heal you and love you, renewing your commitments with God so that, after knowing that there is an Origin that waits for you, you can make this superior reality known to the world.

I love you, My children, and this is why I am here.

I embrace you and have all of you in My Immaculate Heart.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


By means of the message, My Consciousness radiates to hearts the light and the expression of the Seven Rays.

As in a rainbow created by the infinity of elements, you will be able to encounter Me as the immaterial tone of light and color that will fulfill the needs of your lives. In these shades of colors and light forms your consciousness can enter with trust and faith. In this way you will be uniting to the merciful dimensions of My Heart.

See My Sacred Heart as an incandescent flame from which the shades of light and color emanate to the life of all beings. When My Seven Rays come in light and in color to your inner beings, My Priestly Consciousness prepares the temple where It waits to dwell perpetually.

Search in Nature, as in well as in all of the Creation, the light of My various Colors and Rays, because there will always be some of them for which you will feel fulfillment, love and affinity in your hearts.

If My Consciousness from Heaven, as well as from the Universe, did not present itself before humanity in light through the various rays, souls would have difficulty recognizing Me as the Universal Instructor.

For this reason, today I reveal to you the infinite greatness of My Love, that Love which comes from the Living God and which dwells always in the presence of His Firstborn Son.

Therefore, My Companions, get to know now how My Divine and indestructible Love is manifested in this time to the creatures and to the world.

Find Me within the shades of the rays and each time you see a rainbow, remember that My Merciful Heart is descending in Grace and in Pity through the colors of the seven rays.

Collect from your beings the fruits that have already matured and no longer disturb your lives for that which still has not been redeemed. Always try to give Me that aspect which is tough and impenetrable because I, as Your Beloved King, will always know what to do with it and where to lead it to. 

Only place all your being within the rays so that the joy of living in God and of serving God may descend into your spirits. Under this Christic impulse, you will renovate the old Earth and in this way My Seven Sacred Rays will consecrate the essences that are lost.

So that your hope of redeeming yourselves may be stronger than your self-will and so that love may emanate eternally and transmute your unknown aspects you will repeat with faith, devotion and divine conviction the following prayer:

Victorious Prayer
to the Seven Rays of Jesus

Sacred White Ray,
that emanates from the Heart of Jesus,
cultivate absolute purity in my being.

Sacred Blue Ray,
that emanates from the Heart
of Jesus, sow Pity in my consciousness.

Sacred Pink Ray,
that emanates from the Heart of Jesus,
transcend now my difficulties.

Sacred Golden Ray,
that emanates from the Heart of Jesus,
bring to my consciousness
Your sacred wisdom.

Sacred Green Ray,
that emanates from the Heart of Jesus,
heal my old wounds,
so that the new being may be born.

Sacred Golden-Ruby Ray,
that emanates from the Heart of Jesus,
nourish my consciousness
so that the divine gifts may awaken within it.

Sacred Violet Ray,
that emanates from the Heart of Jesus,
transmute my doubts, guilt,
sorrows and any curse,
so that my spirit may be one with Jesus
and may be one in God eternally.

Under the imperishable Light of the Father,
in Christ, now and always,
I live the spiritual mission.


Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Sacred Ray of Love.

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