While very important decisions are made, after the last 8th of August, unexpected situations are defined within this planetary consciousness, and the nations of the world, little by little, are placed before the Universal Judgement.

This means that, depending on what the consciousnesses choose in the coming time, is how the end of the times will be shown, and nobody will be able to stop the results coming from this election.

Thus, souls must pray so that the events do not surprise them overnight and so that everything you may see and witness not be too intense for you.

With your prayers, place the nations within My Mercy, even though some nations may have closed their doors to God through their ignorance and indifference.

May everything and everyone enter into My Mercy so that, on some level of consciousness, something may receive the chance and the grace that it so needs.

I only ask that you be strong in prayer and peaceful in service; in this way, you will also help other brothers and sisters during the time of the great and definitive events.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come to a place, to a city and to a country that is experiencing the first critical moments of humanity.

For this reason, I am here to be among My companions, friends and servers.

I come to console the distressed heart. I come to bring healing to the sick heart. I come to bring joy to the heart that has lost hope.

Because these are the crucial times of humanity, they are the result of its life choices and decisions. Our God, our Celestial Father, has nothing to do with any of this. He sends His Son to aid you and assist you because you, companions and servers of Mine, have testified to My Presence in your hearts and in actions of life.

I am here also for that reason, so that, united in faith, you may learn to transcend the end of times, first within yourselves, to then help humanity, all your brothers and sisters and acquaintances.

These are inexplicable times, in which nations are defining their destiny, and in that destiny there are millions of souls, many innocent souls indeed; especially souls that should be within this time and within this humanity, and there are those who do not want them to be here because of the liberty that the woman of humanity today take.

This is also an affliction for God, because the men and women of the Earth do not want to live His Laws but rather alter them. This is to not be aware of the Truth, and of what this means for life on the surface of the Earth.

Thus, these are also times of Mercy, because Mercy will grant miracles, it will lead souls to God and will allow hearts to reconcile with one another, knowing that it is still necessary to heal many wounds in hearts and also in the nations.

That is why our pilgrimage through the nations of the world each day will become more demanding, challenging and I would say, very daring. Because these are times in which retrograde forces of the planet want to stay within humanity to keep it imprisoned and oppressed.

But the Light and the Power of the Scepter of God will come, through the Hand of the Son of Man, to free hearts and souls of the Earth that experience the prisons of life, that experience oppression, that experience perdition.

I cannot, companions, promise times of joy to you, because what humanity is experiencing today is through their own choice. But if you are with Me, I can promise you times of bliss, of miracles, of inner and spiritual conquests, times of transcendence and of healing, moments of forgiveness, of reconciliation, and of peace, although the world on its surface may be in constant battle.

All of Creation is coming to the moment of its Universal Judgment and each day that goes by, that moment draws closer toward the human consciousness. Nobody will be excluded from this event. It will not be a judgment for punishing, rather it will be a judgment for revision, for reflecting and maturing, and especially a judgment for correcting.

But although the Celestial Father has sent Me to Argentina, under this situation and circumstances, He also sends Me throughout the whole world, for all souls, all peoples and all cultures, for all religions, so that I may announce to you the good news that in your hearts you must awaken to the opportunity of returning to God and of being in His Presence; knowing that the Celestial Father waits to give you His Love and His Goodness, His Mercy and His Forgiveness so that you, My companions, may truly learn to be happy in the spiritual and material life, uniting with the Source of God every day and knowing how to maintain the inner contact within yourselves.

But what moves Me to come to the nations of the world is the adherence of My companions, servers and collaborators, of the pilgrims, of those who try to faithfully follow the Path of Christ.

That is what motivates Me to come here, especially to Argentina, because I know that there is the potential to generate, in each Argentine heart, a process of redemption and of forgiveness so that they may again be, as in past times, the apostles of Christ.

Inside each one of you, inside each one of My children of Argentina, exists an unknown light that you still have not discovered. Argentina has an important task as a country and as a people, as a part of this humanity that, through their commitment, will prepare for the Return of Christ.

And this will help, will benefit, and favor the rest of the nations of the world, such as for example, Uruguay, which is not opening to listen to the Voice of the Eternal Father.

This is the time, companions, to know how to fight through love and without swords, because the triumph of My heart will occur in the concretization of the Divine Plan in your lives, in your examples, in your faithfulness to Me.

That is what I need, something so simple but profound, something that is born of the heart of somebody who understands, beyond My Words, the Purpose of your Master and Lord.

I come to place a balm of peace and of reconciliation in Argentina, knowing that God, your Celestial Father, cannot be absent from the consciousness of Argentina and cannot be replaced by the forms of life and by the choices, so unconscious, of the men and women of this country. 

You cannot, companions, enter into the same stream of conflict, of adversity or of chaos. Through prayer, activate the Ray of intelligence, of discernment and of science; and you will have the faith and knowledge to be able to overcome the end of times, and thus be able to help your brothers and sisters, those most ignorant, those most lost, those who do not have God and those who deny Him completely.

But the most difficult times will come and it would not be necessary for you to experience them. You still have some time to reconsider and reconcile with God, just as My Mother had once requested in Fatima for all of Europe, after Europe was completely destroyed by adversity and chaos.

But in Argentina, in spite of its difficult times, there has existed a purity still unknown, a special purity that God has given to you so that through your Ray of Willpower you may learn to align with the Purpose and manifest His Will.

I know that you have not achieved this yet, but keep your aspirations firm in being able to gestate a true spiritual family on the surface of the Earth that is part of the Divine Brotherhood of Our Hearts and that, beyond all and any event, unites with God in heart and in faithfulness.

I speak so much about fidelity, companions, because it is what will protect you from yourselves, not only My companions of Argentina, but all My followers, servers, collaborators and the consecrated.

Evil does not know fidelity, the fidelity to God, to His Purpose, to His infinite Will and Wisdom. If you know fidelity, you will truly become free from the chains, from the ties, from the oppression of life and of the planetary chaos; because fidelity will always be able to bring you into peace, trust and the absolute certainty that God is in you and in everything.

Argentina is the prelude to great events that are drawing close and approaching. The adherence of hearts, as little as it may seem, is representing a great deal for God. Thus, His approximation to the consciousness of the Argentines will occur in this month of August and September in a special way, because it will be the preparation for a new stage of challenges, requirements and of an even deeper and more definitive surrender.

I know that many may feel unprepared, ill-suited, or not available for what I am telling you and requesting of you, but believe and trust that if you are always with Me and you call upon Me, you will be able to do so, because I know your persona, souls, spirits and your entire inner life. I would not ask for something that you could not achieve, but there is a part that now corresponds to each one of My companions, servers, collaborators and consecrated.

Each one will have their moment of surrender and of a profound definition, which will be between the soul and God, so that Divine Grace may continue to descend upon the planet and humanity. And in spite of nothing upon the surface of the Earth making any sense or any longer having reason, there will be a reason for continuing to be here, on this blue planet, for this creation and for this sacred nature that the Celestial Father has given to you so that you might learn to contemplate Him, to adore Him, and to love Him in all that lives and vibrates.

I know that you would like to listen to precious, agreeable words that console your hearts, but I was born on the surface of this planet not only to announce to you the good news, but also to always tell you the truth that will cause you to inwardly mature and grow.

May this Marathon, so important for Me, be a Marathon of maturity and of growth in the consciousness and in actions, so that new responsibilities can be given into your hands and you can continue to represent Me in this critical time, in which the great majority of souls do not want to see God.

I ask the whole world to no longer blame the Celestial Father for what is happening to it, but rather to assume responsibility for what you do, day after day, knowing that the Universe gave you laws and commandments for you to be aligned with the Purpose, and know how to follow it without the need of becoming lost or confused.

Place your consciousness on what is vertical, on what goes toward the Heights, on what unites you with the Universe, and in this way, you will find the inner peace and strength to continue forward, to follow in My footsteps, barefoot and humble, that will take you into an encounter with Christic Live.

Let this Marathon be a reason for renewal, for commemoration, because it has been more than six years since I asked you, companions, to offer the Marathon of Divine Mercy for these difficult times, to sustain the Plan of God in humanity, and to bear the current of adversity and of chaos, learning to transmute them and free them with the strength and the power that the word of prayer has.

In the confidence of God, I give you infinite peace and gratitude for having prepared each detail with love, awareness and surrender for your Lord, your Master and Redeemer.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


To My beloved Africa

Dear children,

Today we will dedicate this work of prayer for the innocent and poorest souls of Africa so that, after each one of them has gone through the learning of misery, of suffering and of pain, it may receive the grace of being before the celestial glory.

Now, with My first and initial monastery of consecrated nuns in Angola, the entire Work is called by the Mother of God to collaborate in some way toward this mission of charity and of service that has just begun.

Just as My beloved Son asked Mother Teresa of Calcutta to serve and be among the poorest of the poor, today I, as the Lady of the Poor and of the Holy Innocent, ask each child of Mine who listens to Me, to be in Africa with the poorest among the poorest, especially with the most innocent, with My little children, with the orphan children and those abandoned by their own families.

I wish that the entire Work, just as all those who are awakening through it, may have in their prayers My beloved Africa so that the celestial goods that will convert into help and humanitarian service can descend from Heaven to be offered in Africa.

With all of this request, My children, the ardent wish of your Heavenly Mother is to bring love to those who do not have it and relief to those who suffer.

This is the time when injustice and inequality afflict the most innocent and poor, those who have nothing. But also, My children, this is the time of miracles, miracles that your own lives can accomplish through your donation, your support and your service to My little children of Africa.

This Work, blessed by the Celestial Father, has the mission of bringing love in order to heal the pain of the world, not only with an expression of tenderness for the one who has never received it, but also through a gesture of service and love to those poorest among the poor.

Africa was and is a continent outraged and exploited by the great nations, but in a short time this will end and those who took everything, and left poverty and misery for the most innocent, will have accounts to settle with Me and with My Son on the day appointed for the Universal Judgment; because, as My Son has said, there will be no stone upon stone in those who built their power on the surface of the Earth. Everyone will live its moment of evaluation and of judgment.

Dear children, I also ask you to include in your prayers the Kingdoms of Nature of Africa, so that, although they are extinguished and commercialized, the group consciousness of each Kingdom may receive today love and forgiveness from the prayer beings.

Africa is the beginning of a greater Work that will place each one of the servers before the opportunity of taking the great step toward  the forgetting of self, without conditions, in service and in love for others.

Remember that Africa waits for love, help and redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

My beloved children,

Once again in My home, in Fatima, where I poured out so many codes of love, conversion and protection for My children in the world.

Once again, in Fatima, to renew your souls with My Maternity and My Universal Love.

Once again, in Fatima, so that this Celestial Kingdom, that welcomes all of My children of the world, may receive the light and the love from the Source of the Heart of God and may prepare for what is now coming.

I observe today, with gratitude and love, some hearts that have offered to sustain the end of times and who are truly decided to faithfully follow My Son and serve him beyond what they understand and what they believe they can do. 

I have these children of Mine in My Heart.

I also observe those who still need many tests to surrender to the Love of Christ, many explanations to accept the new cycle, much security to be able to trust.

I have these children of Mine in My Heart.

I also observe those who are indifferent, those who only think of themselves, those who cannot stand the faith of others and try to destroy it, those who fear so much that the world may cease to be this place that they can control.

I observe those who do not understand that transgressing the Law of the Creation is something that in an imminent way will place them before the Universal Judgment.

I have these children of Mine in My Heart.

I observe those who mock Grace and Mercy, those who raise their voice and their hand against their brothers and sisters, believing they go unpunished and are owners of the others. 

All are in My Heart.

I bring to Europe good news, the last opportunity to live forgiveness, reconciliation, expiation of errors. 

As an advocate for all creatures of this world, I will be arriving here soon; in a coming cycle and for a time, I will be travelling this European land that cries out for forgiveness and healing, traveling throughout its nations, reaching its peoples, so that the Light and Love of God may reach each corner.

The Kingdom of Fatima and the presence of the Divine Messengers will bring Grace and Renewal to this part of the world so that your hearts can receive the Christic codes that will prepare your beings to welcome the talents in which My Son will deliver to you, and that must be available within your essences to accompany Him and serve him in His Return to the world, during this coming time.

But today I also come with a warning.

Humanity will face itself and verify that it was indifferent, that it let itself be trapped by illusion and lost the wellbeing that the planet offered to it, a planet that it is losing because it was mistreated until it became agonized.

Thus, humanity will cry tears of blood for its foolishness, for its pride and for its lack of intelligence. This humanity which today is consciously disintegrating and annihilating this sacred place that gives them shelter, that feeds them, that heals them and that offers a majestic and safe place for their future generations, for the evolution of the race.

Where will your children, your grand-children and your grand-children’s children live? Have you ever wondered?

Where you call protected spaces or “bunkers”? How many can enter these illusory places?

Will you look for other planets? Which planets? How many of you will go to these illusory places?

My Heart fills with pain, with sorrow and agony upon seeing you so ignorant.

Children, awaken!

There is still time to balance the scales, but it must be now!

Awaken for this lethargy, from this dream that will only lead you to an internal and external state full of imbalance and suffering. Listen to the Voice and the Heart of your Celestial Mother that brings you this warning. There is no time any longer!

Save the planet! Protect it from yourselves, because if you do not react you will soon not have any place where you can be at peace.

Unite to My Voice and to the voice of the youth, which now makes itself felt. They are trying to defend their home in order to have a destiny.

Unite with My Heart that begs you, that supplicates to you to be responsible for this Big House, this Eden that God delivered to you so that you could live the greatest experience of universal love.

Awaken, children! For the last time, awaken!

I love you and will never abandon you, but My being suffers because one day I will only be able to observe your suffering, the fruit of your indifference and of your lack of responsibility.

Always remember that you should only look to the Heights in humility and in gratitude. Everything could reverse to the good in an instant if you have the courage to change.

I love you, protect you and firmly call you toward the last reflection.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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