Monthly Messages

My beloved children,

Once again in My home, in Fatima, where I poured out so many codes of love, conversion and protection for My children in the world.

Once again, in Fatima, to renew your souls with My Maternity and My Universal Love.

Once again, in Fatima, so that this Celestial Kingdom, that welcomes all of My children of the world, may receive the light and the love from the Source of the Heart of God and may prepare for what is now coming.

I observe today, with gratitude and love, some hearts that have offered to sustain the end of times and who are truly decided to faithfully follow My Son and serve him beyond what they understand and what they believe they can do. 

I have these children of Mine in My Heart.

I also observe those who still need many tests to surrender to the Love of Christ, many explanations to accept the new cycle, much security to be able to trust.

I have these children of Mine in My Heart.

I also observe those who are indifferent, those who only think of themselves, those who cannot stand the faith of others and try to destroy it, those who fear so much that the world may cease to be this place that they can control.

I observe those who do not understand that transgressing the Law of the Creation is something that in an imminent way will place them before the Universal Judgment.

I have these children of Mine in My Heart.

I observe those who mock Grace and Mercy, those who raise their voice and their hand against their brothers and sisters, believing they go unpunished and are owners of the others. 

All are in My Heart.

I bring to Europe good news, the last opportunity to live forgiveness, reconciliation, expiation of errors. 

As an advocate for all creatures of this world, I will be arriving here soon; in a coming cycle and for a time, I will be travelling this European land that cries out for forgiveness and healing, traveling throughout its nations, reaching its peoples, so that the Light and Love of God may reach each corner.

The Kingdom of Fatima and the presence of the Divine Messengers will bring Grace and Renewal to this part of the world so that your hearts can receive the Christic codes that will prepare your beings to welcome the talents in which My Son will deliver to you, and that must be available within your essences to accompany Him and serve him in His Return to the world, during this coming time.

But today I also come with a warning.

Humanity will face itself and verify that it was indifferent, that it let itself be trapped by illusion and lost the wellbeing that the planet offered to it, a planet that it is losing because it was mistreated until it became agonized.

Thus, humanity will cry tears of blood for its foolishness, for its pride and for its lack of intelligence. This humanity which today is consciously disintegrating and annihilating this sacred place that gives them shelter, that feeds them, that heals them and that offers a majestic and safe place for their future generations, for the evolution of the race.

Where will your children, your grand-children and your grand-children’s children live? Have you ever wondered?

Where you call protected spaces or “bunkers”? How many can enter these illusory places?

Will you look for other planets? Which planets? How many of you will go to these illusory places?

My Heart fills with pain, with sorrow and agony upon seeing you so ignorant.

Children, awaken!

There is still time to balance the scales, but it must be now!

Awaken for this lethargy, from this dream that will only lead you to an internal and external state full of imbalance and suffering. Listen to the Voice and the Heart of your Celestial Mother that brings you this warning. There is no time any longer!

Save the planet! Protect it from yourselves, because if you do not react you will soon not have any place where you can be at peace.

Unite to My Voice and to the voice of the youth, which now makes itself felt. They are trying to defend their home in order to have a destiny.

Unite with My Heart that begs you, that supplicates to you to be responsible for this Big House, this Eden that God delivered to you so that you could live the greatest experience of universal love.

Awaken, children! For the last time, awaken!

I love you and will never abandon you, but My being suffers because one day I will only be able to observe your suffering, the fruit of your indifference and of your lack of responsibility.

Always remember that you should only look to the Heights in humility and in gratitude. Everything could reverse to the good in an instant if you have the courage to change.

I love you, protect you and firmly call you toward the last reflection.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace