In each cycle of human evolution, children, the time comes for the disciples to take their own steps and deliver the results of their learning to the Creator. This is experienced in Heaven as on Earth.

When the time comes to put into practice everything that you have learned, your first premise, the most basic as well as the primary one, is humility. Never forget that all the lessons received were based on the Grace of God, and not on human merit. Each instruction, each gift, each virtue and even each skill reached, everything is the result of the Divine Grace within your lives.

For this reason, children, do not lose sight of that Grace, and under the perpetual spirit of humility, know that you only triumph when you are in the Presence of the Lord and it is He Who acts through His children. Thus, prayer, silence and the eternal awareness of the Divine Presence and of the need for His Grace are that which will allow you to remain on the correct path.

This is what will uproot from your hearts any vestige of competitiveness and lack of union when you wish to impose your own ideas and thoughts upon the ideas and thoughts of others. May no one ever desire to establish their own will, rather, may everyone humbly gather in the Presence of the Creator, pray and ask for the Grace to act, decide and discern in the face of each situation in life. This will protect you, guide you and keep you safeguarded under the Law of the Grace and Mercy of God, even in the times of justice.

Everything in your lives must be guided by the Creator, and even though His Messengers become silent, you must learn to seek the Presence of the Father within your own hearts and listen to His designs. The bridges have already been created, the doors have already been opened; it is enough that your hearts remain always humble and conscious of the need for Grace in the face of any situation.

You have My blessing for this, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When the Creator thought of the human Project, He contemplated from the start upon the possibility of His making of Himself a creature among His creatures.

The human beings were created among so many other beings and civilizations of the Universe, to express something that none of them had expressed.

They were created to unite dimensions, to express the love that overcomes the limits of all existence, and this allows beings to unite with God. They were created to express the essential likeness with the Father of all life.

The human purpose is great, and for this reason, My children, it is not attained in a simple way, although everything can occur with the awakening of consciousness and the firm decision of loving without conditions and surrendering everything for this purpose of entering the divine mysteries within one’s own heart, like in the infinite Cosmos.

Living the human potential seems to be something impossible, because most beings have not opened to truly experience the Love of God, which they are capable of finding and feeling within themselves.

I have taught you to pray, so that in this way you might cross the doors of your own heart and, little by little, you might discover the possibility of uniting with God, to feel Him and experience Him.

When a being truly lives the Love of God, My children, even for an instant, this is enough to lead them to understand that any sacrifice, effort or renunciation, of things of the world and of human illusions, is small to attain the Eternity within this Divine Love.

God, knowing that His children were lost in their evolution and that they increasingly moved away from their purpose and truth, and in order not to allow humanity to again go astray, as had happened so many times, your Creator Father decided He would Himself come to the world and show them the way.

So immense and merciful was the impulse of God for humanity, an impulse never before given to any creature, neither in Heaven nor upon Earth, that the whole existence placed its eyes, heart and hope in this world.

Mystery upon mystery is the evolution of humanity, beloved children, where the errors of the past and the history of ancient universal consciousnesses stop, so that a story of redemption and the revelation of the Love of God for all life may begin.

No being of this Earth, while being alive, has yet been capable of understanding themselves and entering both into their origin and into the true potential of their essence. Only after this life were those, who received from God the possibility of living the experience of love in this world, capable of perceiving the opportunity they received.

But today, My children, you are called to live the greatest miracle of this time and of all times, the miracle of the awakening of consciousness; the miracle of the union of time; the miracle of understanding what you were before coming to this world and what is the essence and the purpose of your lives. You are called to live the miracle of Science and the Divine Wisdom, to communicate to the world His Truth, not only with the word but, above all, with your own lives.

More than two thousand years ago, at the request of your Creator, I gathered the disciples and companions of Christ so that the Consoling Spirit might pour out upon them. Its mission was to announce the Good News of the arrival of the Messiah and to manifest, in the consciousness and in the history of humanity, the presence and the example of God amidst humanity.

Today, I gather you so that the Consoling Spirit may give you strength, may awaken in you the Gift of Science, which becomes wisdom and discernment. Science to awaken, beloved children; science for you to know what to do and how to become responsible, not only for your own redemption, but also for sustaining this world in transition.

While My last words echo throughout the world, I pour upon you Graces amid Justice, I bring you Gifts among corrections, because it is necessary that you are corrected, but it is also necessary that you awaken and fulfill the Purpose of God.

Just as the Creator came to the world while humanity was straying from its purpose, and He showed them the Way, the Truth and the Life, He will come again, My children, to show you the revelation of Love within chaos, to show you the awakening of Truth during the apex of the illusion of human suffering; He will come so that you may know how to unite the times and the dimensions, and thus you may do it, not only in this world, but in all of Creation, because not only does the Earth need redemption, all life must learn to return to God, and this will happen through the fullness of your lives and the expression of what you truly are.

I love you, bless you and, with the deep humility of My Immaculate Heart, I thank you, so that you may learn that, through gratitude, Heaven opens and the Creator touches all hearts of the world.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Divine Mercy descends to the world as the fruit of the purest and deepest Love of God for all His creatures. Allow for this spring to find within your prayers the bridge for reaching the world and, in your heart, the doorway for permeating the hearts of humankind.

Live the gift of Divine Mercy and you yourself be merciful as well. Express your gratitude, being consistent with all the Graces you receive in your life.

Live to announce to the world the gift of the divine presence, and imitating the Love of God with actions, thoughts and feelings of Mercy, child, multiply everything that the Creator gives to you.

You are an instrument of God in the world, the fruit of His Grace, the living expression of His Love. In your heart, carry this certainty, and with your life inspire beings to Love.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message received in the Commune of Castel Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

The Mystery of Divine Mercy

Mercy is a Grace still unknown to humankind. The spiritual science that humanity knows has still not fully comprehended this mystery because they try to place Mercy in their known theology and cannot see it as something that transcends all that is known to humankind.

On the Cross, the Creator transformed all Laws, and the God of Justice opened a new cycle for all of life, a cycle of pity, of forgiveness and of redemption, in spite of the seriousness of the sins of humanity.

There was no other greater sin than that undertaken by those who flagellated and crucified God Himself; but even so, children, when they were touched by the merciful Blood of Christ, they were forgiven, healed and redeemed by the potency of His Love.

Mercy is a mystery that is joined with the mystery of human creation. It is a Grace coming from the link between humankind and God, their Creator. It was from the moment when the Father was fulfilled in His creatures, through His Son, and demonstrated to beings the true essence of what humanity is, that Mercy began to flow toward the planet and to all of Creation.

Mercy is born in the Heart of God as a new opportunity for beings to achieve the Grace of Love, but in order to reach the material universes of the manifestation of life, the vehicle of Mercy is the prayer of humanity, and the doorway to Mercy is their heart.

The human essence is intimately connected to the existence of Divine Mercy, to the point that their genes can physically carry the potency and the presence of this Gift that comes from God, just as it was in the Blood of Christ.

The Redeemer fully lived Divine Mercy so that all beings could recognize their own potential, and move toward it.

I tell you all these things so that you may understand the importance of truly crying out for Mercy in this time, not only for this world, but for all of Creation.

Recognize yourselves as potential carriers of the Grace that comes from the Father and cry out for it to descend upon the world and upon all of life. The more you cry out and pray, the closer you come to God and the more you awaken within yourselves what you truly are.

The potential of human beings is infinite, but in this time, children, only the purity of the heart and sincere prayer will be able to awaken you. It is in serving this planet that you will be able to enter into the mysteries about yourselves and draw closer to the heart of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


After opening the doors of your heart to live the gift of gratitude, child, may your being receive the blessings from God. With the blessings of the Most High, you must strengthen your inner world, your mission in service to this planet, especially through prayer. 

Each day that goes by, nations spiritually cry out for help, and the Earth's own heart makes itself heard by those who are sensitive to the love and the true necessity of this world.

Thus, pray, and pray with fervor, offering the many Graces and blessings that you have received from Heaven, in the name of those who have nothing. 

Pray for the heart of Africa, in a special way, so that despite all suffering, it not lose its purity and innocence. 

Africa must be the symbol of this world's rebirth. From its core, life is originated, and after everything it has learned, from its core love must be renewed and overcome.

Pray so that the nations may transcend the purifications of this time, and on top of the calvary of this world, may the beings be able to forgive and love beyond all things. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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