Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Twentieth Poem

Lady of Peace,
give us the unchangeable joy of serving God,
just as You experienced it for each one of us.

May we always be able to find
the inner impulse to serve God.

May our hands, Mother,
be Your hands.

May our feet, Lady,
be Your feet.

May our hearts
  be Your Heart entirely,
at the service of the Lower Kingdoms and humanity.

Most dear Mother,
may we not step back when we are called to serve
in the Work of Your beloved Son.

Through Your spiritual and maternal help,
 may we have the awareness and clarity
of what it means to serve Christ
in His Work of Mercy and Love.

Most Pure Virgin, send us the Holy Spirit
so that, blessed by Its seven Gifts,
we may be available and prepared
to serve untiringly,
just as You serve untiringly.

Awaken our missionary hearts.

May all souls be able to know
the power of God's Word
so that, instructed by Your Son’s impulses of Light,
more hearts may awaken and dare
to join and serve in the redeeming Work of Your Son.

We thank You, Mother,
for always being there,
constantly guiding us towards Your Son,
so that we may learn to serve for peace.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


The Meeting of Mercy has finished, the spiritual Hierarchy withdraws from the Amazon, having been able, not only to transmute and free the suffering of the lower Kingdoms, but also to protect and safeguard the spiritual treasures that this sacred forest holds within itself.

In this way, the original peoples and their roots of wisdom and of brotherhood will also become more strengthened over time, so that the indigenous consciousness may continue to be the guardian of the treasures and relics of the Hierarchies.

Thus, the Amazon must now be more present than before, not only in the consciousness of Brazilians, but also in all those that, beyond what is material, understand the significance and the meaning of the Kingdoms of Nature being part of the spiritual, mental and material evolution of human beings and that, without their presence, human evolution would remain unfinished.

For this reason, all those who pray must have the practice of caring for and protecting one of the Kingdoms of Nature, be it mineral, plant or animal, so that, through such loving service, the spiritual reprieve may continue to expand the Divine Grace that will manage to compensate for the grave errors that the human being commits against all ecosystems of the Earth.

Remember and never forget that your service to the Kingdoms will be in the name of the Amazon and that it will also benefit the rest of humanity.

I thank you for moving forward with initiatives of peace!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Special Message for the 75th Marathon of the Divine Mercy, received on October 3, 2019, in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Like this sunny afternoon that illuminates you, My Mercy descends upon the world and especially in this sacred place, where God could manifest the expression of His most deep Love for humanity.

The Amazon must be a place revered, loved and respected by all.

There is nobody on the surface of the Earth that understands what exists here, because it is not only natural but also spiritual.

What God deposited for South America through the Amazon is something very important; a revelation that will come during the end of times, something that will manifest overnight, without any person, population or government being able to control it.

Therefore, your consciousness must be in the preservation of what you have, not as an ecological nor as an activist measure.

You should love the Creation because for some reason, you are here, on this school planet. For some reason you came here to learn and to be redeemed, to be able to experience the love and forgiveness that you need for this crucial moment.

You know that the world in imbalanced and also that the human consciousness is also imbalanced. For this reason, I have gathered you here, all of you, those present and not present. I have gathered you here in the Amazon, in spirit, not only to pray for peace but also for Divine Grace to protect and support the Lower Kingdoms of Nature.

If you could feel their suffering or their agony, humanity would feel it miles away, because what the Lower Kingdoms experience here, only the Kingdoms through their group consciousness understand and grasp.

Humanity of the surface was not made to subject that which God created in His image and likeness. Not only the Universal Laws must be respected, but also the Laws of Nature.

This is the time to take emergency measures, because otherwise all of humanity will regret it and I Know that those who believe to be more powerful, those who believe to be above the others, those who believe to have more freedom and action about things, they do not care.

But no one knows the coming of the Universal Judgment. No one can boast the Law because it does not belong to them.

All existence was made with a perfect equilibrium and harmony. Therefore, it must be respected and loved so that you also may be respected and loved by your neighbor and even by the Kingdoms of Nature.

The Amazon is a treasure that must not extinguish, it is a gift of God that must not disappear due to ignorance or to the power of those who place their hands in that which they believe they own.

No one upon this planet knows the force of the elements or the power that they have. Everything that has been manifested is for living in the good and in peace. But many laws were trespassed throughout the times and the years, this is why I have decided to gather you here and come here to support and protect what is spiritually within this place, as well as the Lower Kingdoms, which are part of the life of each human being, although it may not seem so.

If the Kingdoms of Nature were not in this ecosystem, on this planet and in this humanity, the Creation would be incomplete and the evolution of the human beings would not be fulfilled. There can be no spiritual or material advancements without the presence of the Kingdoms of Nature. It is like skipping learning schools.

You must learn to perceive reality. You must love all that you have, all that God has given you in His great and infinite sacrifice.

What is left in this moment is only to pray, pray from the heart, not to pray out of duty nor out of obligation. Prayer must abound in all spaces so that at least an Island of Salvation may remain protected and supported by the Universe. An Island of Salvation that encompasses all the Kingdoms of Nature, a part of humanity, the life of God expressed in each element and in each Kingdom, as in the human being itself.

But I know that the laws keep being altered, only the Divine Mercy of My Heart and the supplications of My companions sustain the movement of the pendulum, the pendulum of the Law, because if the pendulum of the Law moved, many things would already have ended.

Only love will place you above the lower realities that the human being itself commits, day by day, oftentimes without thinking nor perceiving it.

This is the time to put the planetary situation in the heart and to do something for this situation, not only for the Kingdoms of Nature but also for humanity, for the existence and continuity of this race so that the Project does not become a failure. No being on the surface of this planet knows what a failed or aborted project means.

These are times in which spirituality must be protected and where this spirituality must be true in each being, free from alliances with other currents that are not of the light so that the true culture of the humanity of the surface may be safeguarded, like the spirituality that is lived by the native peoples, who have been a culture and a civilization hurt and exploited.

Humanity by itself is dissolving its own roots and the roots of the native peoples who still guard the essence of contact with the Hierarchy, of a contact that has kept them united and firm to express the Plan of God.

The roots of wisdom,  understanding, intelligence and of good cannot dissolve from the consciousness of the human being because this is happening and you know it, companions.

Now is the moment to place upon the scales that which really matters. It is time to place in first place that which is really important for all of humanity and the planet. An example of this is the Amazon. Humanity could never live without nature, although those who govern think otherwise.

No one can challenge the Law because they do not know it, it is so far from the human reality that humanity of surface does not even know what the Law means. This is why you should respect it, love it and revere it, although it is unknown, because the Law exists for a reason, for a motive and an end, which is to maintain Universal Order among all planes and all consciousnesses.

But if the consciousness of the Kingdoms of Nature is transgressed, this Law is interfered with, unity is broken and souls begin to suffer the consequences of what they decide and what they do.

I tell the whole world to no longer blame God, and become responsible for your decisions.

Just as you must learn to evolve, you must learn to not deceive yourselves. You must be real with yourselves, true, you must be simple because in this way you will understand life, manifestation, and you will be under the order of the Law and of its powerful currents that direct this Universe and others, and in this way you will be in brotherhood, not only with the life of your neighbor, but also with the Kingdoms of Nature.

What happens today here in the Amazon is a consequence of human corruption, of a social vulnerability that can no longer hide from everyone's eyes. Therefore, think and meditate upon who you elect, because the promises of men are made with castles of sand.

The promises of God have their foundations in spiritual and non-material treasures that are eternal and that will always give you an impulse toward change.

Therefore, this Marathon of Divine Mercy is very important, it will not be just another meeting of prayer, it will be an opportunity to make an internal decision, between yourselves with God, and with His Plan.

Knowing that it is necessary to assume the situation of the planet and of its humanity, and not to ignore it nor reject it; to be willing in an unconditional way to serve and assist where it is necessary.

It is no longer you who must live upon the surface of the Earth, it must be Me who must live within you so that you may know how to represent and express Me as Christic Love.

May the power of your prayers reach the Heart of the Father and open the doors of the Heavens, not only for the Kingdoms of Nature of the Amazon, but also for those souls that are lost and obsessed by the riches of this place, may they also be considered by the Mercy of the Father so that hearts may be redeemed and receive forgiveness, so that all of humanity may be rebuilt and the force of Light and of Peace may triumph over evil.

Be consequent with what I ask of you and you will always know where to walk, because the time will come in which your love for Me will be the direction, the path and the guide that will lead you  towards My Heart, during the times of Armageddon.

I thank you for listening to Me and for making the Plan of God a part of yourselves.

May the suns shine above darkness so that the Divine Light may expand in the world. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


I have finally arrived in the Amazon, and as from now on, I will prepare the spiritual foundations so that after the Marathon of Divine Mercy a permanent base of work and of assistance may be established in the city of Manaus, not only humanitarian, but also in service to the Kingdoms of Nature.

The time has come, after so much suffering, for the Minor Kingdoms to feel the love and protection of human beings. Thus, a space of preservation, of care and of restoration for the Minor Kingdoms must be created in Manaus so that they may have a place of peace and of healing, to then continue on with their evolution.

Hundreds of plant and animal species need the care and service of human beings, which will be a fundamental task for this Work, founded on the principles of love and of kinship.

The assistance to the Kingdoms and to the native peoples, given by the Grace Mercy Order, will be one of relief and of sheltering in the face of a process of inequality, abandonment and exploitation.

Two sectors of work will be established in Manaus: one through humanitarian service and another through the service of the Grace Mercy Order to the Kingdoms of Nature.

I thank you for holding My aspirations in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



A Heavenly Brotherhood is established within the proximities of Manaus, and your Master and Lord congregates, from different places of the Earth, the great angels and devas of the elements; water, earth, fire and air, as well as the ancient elementals of the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Antarctica and of the Arctic so that, united to the Creation and under the Law of Love for life, the great Amazon Rainforest may be restored in three stages: spiritual, mental and material.

It will be through the powerful pillar of the divine and unfathomable Mercy that your Redeemer, together with all of the Heavenly Brotherhood, will work from spiritual planes to prevent the continuous projects of devastation as well as the ideals that are mentally against the evolution of the lower Kingdoms and of human beings.

For this reason, I am coming, and with my humble and poor feet, I will stand upon the sacred soil of the Amazon. I will also impart My Solar Grace to all the native peoples so that they can feel relief and divine protection.

In unity and in love, all the servers will gather, from all places of the Earth, to offer their simple but loving prayers for the Sacred Eden of God.

I thank you for keeping My aspirations in your heart!

Who blesses you,


Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Series - Manifestation of Aurora - Part IX

For group co-living and the spiritual awakening of pilgrims, the area of Redención 4 must someday be expressed.

It will be an area for families who have consecrated themselves to the path of the spirit but at the same time, it will be an area that will receive the pilgrims who come to the Marian Center to share the liturgies and the meetings of prayer.

Redención 4 will also, in a part of its area, express co-living with the Plant and Animal Kingdoms. That co-living of families with the Younger Kingdoms will also be an opportunity for serving them and to alleviate their suffering and give them the love of the heart. That area will gather together families who will be applying to live a different life than what is offered by the world.

Redención 4 will also be a welcoming place where children will have the alternative school, Parque Tibetano, as a foundation, an educational experience that, within other Light-Communities, has enriched and formed the spirit of the littlest ones. Redención 4 will also have an area dedicated to sports so that children and families may have a better quality of life.

In this sense, Redención 4 will offer a space more akin to the degree of evolution of each human being. The families will have the support of the activities of service to the Kingdoms of Nature, primary and secondary education through the Parque Tibetano school, as well as an area dedicated to physical education to optimize the quality of life through recreation for the children.

This area will be one of temporary residence, and as the families gradually mature and confirm their commitment to the Plan as a family, then as members of the Community they will be able to take on other areas and other sectors of the communal group life.

Redención 4 will also dedicate a section for receiving the journeying pilgrims, who, throughout all of the areas of Aurora, have no place to stay.

It would be a very clear objective for the families of the Light Network to work together with other families to manifest Redención 4, that space within the Work of Love that families need to be able to find a place where to live and also share as members of the Community.

This is another commitment and offering of the Spiritual Hierarchy for the families that have lately demonstrated inner changes and for those which are currently affected by the world as a whole and need to find a space to better serve God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


On this day of grace, My dear children, your Heavenly Mother descends with all of the Treasures of Heaven, to place them and store them within this new Marian Center, which will timidly be born through the efforts and the prayers of those who may want to reciprocrate with Me.

For this reason, on this day, I bring in My Hands seven of the hundreds of celestial spheres that are kept in the Greater Kingdom, so that, sowing them in the spiritual consciousness of this Marian Center, they may open and radiate the celestial principles for which they were brought here.

This spiritual science, that today, the Ever-Virgin Mary awakens over this Marian Center, will help the purpose that this simple but humble space will fulfill within the Divine Will.

The purpose of the Marian Center Sanctuary of the Creation is to attract from the Divine Universe the powerful and healing currents that will help in the restoration and rehabilitation of the Minor Kingdoms and the Greater Kingdoms, as the devic, angelic and human are.

This Marian Center will shelter souls in the service of prayer, but will also safeguard the essence of each one of the Kingdoms, which needs help and spiritual assistance, so that in the next phase of the planet, the essence and the matrix of the Kingdoms may develop another degree of evolution.

Thus, everything that may be generated here, in this Marian Center, will have its repercussion in the immediate future as well as in the distant future. Everything is part of a spiritual and divine construction.

The Marian Center Sanctuary of the Creation will contribute through sowing the bases for the life of the Kingdoms in the next stage of the planet.

I thank you for responding to My call for the salvation and healing of the Kingdoms of Nature.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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