Sunday, February 19 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children,

Live in the Kingdom of Eternity. This begins with the aspiration to live in it. Today the Lord and My Immaculate Heart invite you to discover this Kingdom through prayer and through elevated feeling.

In this way, dear children, the world will be able to be permeated by the Light of this victorious Kingdom that many souls seek and which is called Inner Paradise. The path of prayer conducts you through the direct pathway towards My Son and now, My little ones, souls must remember how important is the longing to live in the Kingdom of Paradise, in the One and Only Kingdom of God. For this reason, dear children, I am here among your hearts witnessing the path that will lead you towards this Kingdom.

I invite you today, My little ones, to work tirelessly so that each being may be able to have a pure heart. In this way, My beloved ones, humanity will find the relief that it seeks so much.

Through the persevering path of prayer and pure feeling, I will be able to help you so that the pain that each one has been car- rying for so long, may disappear. In this way you will live the conversion of the heart.

A part of the Universe is with Its arms open. God waits for you each day to walk together with Him. Dear children, He will take you towards the true state of Forgiveness and Redemption.

My little ones, the path to forgiveness is open to all; you are not only wayfarers of prayer, you are also wayfarers who discover, through faith, the precepts of God.

Dear children, all need to conduct themselves through love. Within love nothing bad will happen to you, because My Heart will be upon you. My victory over the world will be perfect because redemption will be the life for many who, due to their own pain, have distanced themselves from God.

Peace is the forthcoming purpose for the world, a true and transparent peace that may be able to change the consciousness of many hearts. For this reason, dear children, I still remain upon the world guarding the heart and life of all so that in consecration you may unite to the greatness of My Son until the last days.

I prepare you from the heart for a new path that all must en- courage themselves to travel: the path of prayer and the pathway towards Grace. In this way your hearts will be relieved and there will be no more suffering.

Whoever responds to My daily call, does so for the world and for the souls that are in need of My Heart.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Peace in the depths of each heart.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity