Friday, August 4 of 2023

Weekly Messages

May peace fill the hearts of those who seek to live in the Love of Christ and who find in sacrifice and in solitude the bridge to realize a greater offering of their own life to the Universe, and who thus repair the wounded and outraged Heart of God. 

Consecrated souls are a treasure for the Celestial Father, a treasure that He carries with Love, which He contemplates in the moments when the world wounds His Sacred Heart through indifference and lack of love. 

Far beyond being imperfect, the consecrated souls repair the Heart of the Father with their effort, and it is in this effort, children, that a profound love is hidden, which day by day emerges in the human heart. 

I tell you this so that you may learn to contemplate, like God, the value of your lives, that you may understand the essence of this life and know that it is not about perfection, but about transparency; it is not about loving perfectly, but about trying constantly; it is not about enduring everything with perfect patience, but about trying to live each test with wisdom and surrender, even when you lack love and patience.

May the meaning of your lives not be lost, may the reason for which you have consecrated your lives always be alive, like a foundation that sustains you despite the human condition. Know every day that you are treasures in the Hands of the Celestial Father; you are like a delicate and precious plant that He cultivates with Love, waters with delicacy and always contemplates to find joy. 

And this is so, children, because the Creator sees what you are in essence and in truth, He sees your most sincere intentions, He sees what is kept in the hidden part of your silent and solitary heart, and that many times you do not even know how to express. 

When you feel that life is losing its meaning and value, remember what you are to God, remember how loved you are and always remember that in your lives God finds encouragement. Even though your lives are imperfect and a true silent battle with the human condition, still, children, something greater is gestating through your lives, and on that you must fix your eyes. 

Many times, a seed does not know that it will become a leafy tree and that it will support others with its shade, but the One who cultivates it with Love, who waters it and cares for it in its fragility, knows the greatness that is hidden in the smallness of His seed.

Therefore, walk and just trust; feel not only the Eyes of the Father upon you, but the profound emanation of His Love and, in trust, see how His miracle is realized step by step, slowly, in the course of your lives, in this world and beyond it.

For this, persist. 

You have My blessing for this. 

Your father and friend, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph