Sunday, August 25 of 2019

Monthly messages

While in the multiplication of the Divine Consciousness, the Creator manifested His Holy Spirit, and from it the Most Pure Womb of the Creation, the Source of the Feminine Energy, the Source of Life and of Peace; He made His most pure principles of love emanate from this Source.

The Thought of God planned and emanated the creation and the destiny of the different creatures. The angels and archangels conducted His impulses of love among the dimensions and manifested the creatures thought of and loved by God, even before they could exist.

All life, children, in each one of its details, is the fruit of a perfect Love, of a unique Thought and Plan, which is the design of evolution, of the growth of beings and of their return to the Heart of God so that the Creator Himself can renew and thus, a new cycle of life may begin for all that exists.

This sacred world, loved by God, is a seed of love in the Creation. In it, your Celestial Father sees fertilized the most sacred principles one day emanated from His Celestial Source.

Each being, as each Kingdom of Nature, has a purpose, which is not only planetary, but universal.

Each creature of the Earth brings in itself, not only its experience in this world, but it brings with it the essence of life manifested in other parts of the Creation, in other stars, planets and galaxies so that, in this way, from the evolution of each creature of the Earth, all life may have the opportunity to experience love.

From the smallest seed to the greatest mountain, they each bring with them their experience on Earth and represent other points of the Creation. Because life arose from the Creator Founts that are beyond the Earth, within realities that human beings still do not know; and each element present on the planet has a spiritual function of its own for the help of the evolution of the Earth but also, My children, for the evolution of all Universes.

With this, I tell you that when you cause the Kingdoms of Nature to perish, as well as your brothers and sisters of the different cultures, peoples and nations, you are not only destroying life upon Earth and removing the opportunity for a child of God to evolve; but also, My children, you are erasing, with your own hands, the Plan of rescue and of evolution for all life upon the Earth and beyond.

The moment has come for beings to understand that the balance of life on Earth must not only exist for the planet to keep living in this vast Infinity but, above all, My children, because this world is the greenhouse of a new life of love, it is the greenhouse of the pure Love of God that must reach all corners of His Divine Creation.

The experience of life on Earth was designed by God in each detail so that, through the triumph of His Creation in this world, all life might attain a new evolutionary step and could come closer to God.The men and women of this world are the center of this Plan of Love. Within them, they hold the living flame that gives life to all things, the engine that can give each Kingdom of Nature, as each element, the impulse to find its purpose and its mission.

But the mission of experiencing love is not only for human beings. Everything that lives and breathes on this Earth has a function within the Divine Plan.

Understand the sacred that inhabits in all things, understand the purpose of your lives, to elevate and transform all life, all Creation. And thus, My children, no longer be ignorant and blind in spirit but rather living, prayerful beings, peace-makers and catalysts of the expression of love in this world and beyond it.

I love you and for this reason I reveal all these things to you.

All soil of this Earth is sacred. All creatures are sacred before God, but many have lost their purity and do not know their divine essence. 

May the love within those who awaken reveal this purity in the heart of each being.

Be mirrors of light for the world, be torches that announce the way.

I am with you, and I bless you so that this Divine and Universal Purpose may be fulfilled in your lives and in all life.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace