Wednesday, September 25 of 2019


Peace be in the heart of all beings on Earth, and so be it.

With joy, My children, I come to place you in the Lap of God so that you may be able to feel the eternal Love of the Father Who, in spite of the time and circumstances of life, does not cease to offer; He surrenders unconditionally for each one of His children so that they may feel and experience Him fully.

It is for this reason that I am here today, as that testimony of the Love of the living God, of that Love that gestated and created you from the beginning, which caused you to be manifested in this Universe as in other places of the Universe, where divine essences were manifested to experience a project of Love rather than a project of redemption.

But with the fall of humankind, from Adam and Eve until the present, God Himself has manifested again, has again surrendered and given of Himself to the world through the incarnation of the Son of God, the Christ. This has made it possible for souls, My children, to be able to return to God and be in His presence through the path of redemption.

It is on this path of Love that I want to have you all the time, for in this way, you will not only get to know the Celestial Father, but you will also discover the marvels and the treasures that there are in the Universe when you learn, through effort, to get out of the superficiality and the indifference that humanity instills in souls at this time.

Thus, My children, rejoice in your hearts, see your moment of redemption take place, for the Love of God has come through His faithful Servant, not only to fill you but also to fulfill you as souls, so that from you, may awaken the talents of God and all the gifts that He gave you from the beginning.

This is the main intention of your Heavenly Mother, Who in spite of the perversion humanity experiences at this time, of conflicts, wars, humanitarian crises, or even the destruction of the Kingdoms of Nature, I need My children to awaken again to their essential purity and to remember that state of inner purity with which God conceived you; because in this way you will be within His Plan of Love and of Light, you will be participants in the marvels of the Universe, in the sources of knowledge and of instruction, which reach the world to awaken the consciousness, to make of hearts, hearts united in Christ and for Christ.

So at this moment, beloved children, the fundamental basis of your material and spiritual life is love; this will allow you to transcend the difficulty of these times; love will teach you to be humble and simple, it will allow you to see the reality and the need in each place and in each brother and sister.

I need you, My children, decided and surrendered to God, to be part of that Source of Love and of Light, so necessary and urgent for these times, a Source that must be mirrored in humanity to be able to heal deep and unforgettable wounds that continue subjugating hearts and the lives of people.

That is why I bring you the Fount of My Love, which is the Source of the Love of God, the Source that will always nourish and guide you, the Source that will remove you from darkness, from illusion, and from any adversity that My enemy wants to impose on you.

An extremely important path for finding this Fount of Love is prayer, something that I have founded in your consciousnesses many years ago. But now, My children, prayer must not only be your daily food, it must be your weapon of defense and of combat against My adversary, not only for your own lives, but also for the lives of your brothers and sisters, of your neighbor.

The prayer that can protect the family as an extremely important nucleus and cell of God, so that the family in this crucial cycle of humanity, through a sincere and true prayer that unites you all, may be supported, strengthened, and keep faith alive in the face of all that the planet and humanity will see; because this is the time of purification, it is the time of the planetary transition, it is the time for submerging in the Love of God to be able to fully live the compassion of the Father and carry this compassion to those most in need of it.

When you step out of the Love of God you begin to suffer, because by stepping out of the Love, My children, you not only set aside the laws, but you also leave the Law of the Hierarchy.

Love will never make you doubt, Love will always strengthen you and will sustain you, Love will give you discernment and wisdom in the difficult moments, even if you have nobody that can guide or orient you. If your hearts are in Love, submerged in living prayer, assistance and a response will come into your lives, suffering will dissipate, because Love will grant you spiritual healing as the principal attribute of the Fount of the Celestial Father.

And in this way, as beings of Love, you may contribute to this planet, to this sick humanity that places no attention on the life of the spirit, rather places its attention on material and worldly things.

But not all of humanity is lost, although the majority may be very distracted. That is why it is necessary to enter into the Fount of the Love of God every day and have as a first rule that deep connection with the Eternal Father, seeking within yourselves the Kingdom of God so that He may lead you, prompt you, and guide you.

It is this so unknown but infinite Love that causes me to return here today, to this sacred land, that reflects to the world the chance to love, to serve, and to surrender for others and for the Kingdoms of Nature.

This seedbed of Light that the Nueva Tierra (New Earth) Community represents is a commitment of all My praying and servant people to protect it and to support it and that it may continue to experience its expansion, not only through a spiritual education, as an example of fraternal life, but also that it may expand and manifest as a little piece of the Kingdom of God that was placed here by My maternal Heart so that it may be protected and preserved by all.

It is time, dear children, to establish and solidify the spiritual bases of the Divine Hierarchy, not only at the Marian Centers like this one, that must be a living Center with the participation of all of My children, but it must also be a place, a common unity in which everybody may participate in what is simple that is life and in what is beautiful that means serving the other first.

Because the Islands of Salvation like this one will be the cradle to receive those most in need, those who will escape from the wars, from the conflicts in the nations, from the catastrophes that will come through the action of nature due to the imbalance that humankind of the surface generates. And the Hierarchy will always be in the Islands of Salvation, in spite of what happens and takes place on the surface, because the presence of the Hierarchy in you is spiritual, internal, deep, and also divine.

If you maintain and sustain this connection with the Divine Hierarchy, protection will never be lacking, help will always come, and when something is necessary, it will manifest, because the Law is perfect in the Universe. The Law of manifestation and of abundance was created with perfection so that nothing will be lacking for each one of the children of God.

I invite you, My children, to commit a little more deeply to this Light-Community that shelters the smallest and most innocent and which must be the future for what is coming ahead. And that future will be built with the collaboration and giving of self of all, in a periodic manner, faithful and transparent.

This will allow the Hierarchy to grant more graces in this place to those who need them; and those most in need will come because they will feel drawn by the Source of this Love, that today My Immaculate Heart pours out over the Marian Centers and over the Light-Communities. A Love that is for sharing and to be experienced by all, a Love that will always make you see the good and dissolve evil in any circumstance.

Today I feel drawn to this place because I know what this community represents for God and what it needs to achieve in the end of these times, not only as part of the Project of God and of the Universal Sacred Family, but also because of the spiritual and non-material treasures that it is to welcome in the coming time for the task it is to perform on the surface with the human race, as well as with the Kingdoms of Nature.

Therefore, everyone is invited to participate, to experience and to find love every day in a group life that is built by all your consciousnesses and that must make you more aware, more service-oriented and available for all that will have to be attended to in humanity.

That is why I am here, not only to reveal these treasures to you which some day will come and present themselves, but also to protect you with My Divine Consciousness, knowing that you will be very important not only to the state of Rio de Janeiro, but also to all of Brazil, in the same way that other places of this country receive the spiritual treasures of God, which is completely unknown to the majority.

So I lead you through the path of instruction toward that revelation so that you may be participants in these treasures, wardens of these treasures and guardians of the sacred divine knowledge.

I am also preparing you for that, My children, but a faithful and greater collaboration of this community will be necessary, because still many more children and young people are waiting to have the chance of coming here and of knowing that Love has not been lost.

It is through this Love that envisages miracles and the wonders of life, this Love that emerges today from My Immaculate Heart, that I will consecrate the new Children of Mary, who will be the first for this new cycle in which they will faithfully commit to Me to actively participate in this community and in this group life, to help and contribute to the education of the children, in support of the young people and in support of the Kingdoms of Nature.

These children who will be consecrated today, like others who were consecrated here and who still have this commitment to Me and cannot forget it, will also support this Marian Center, they will make it alive through the liturgy that can be expressed here and experienced in a simple way. A liturgy of prayer, of adoration, and of contact with God which touches the Heart of the Eternal Father many times, which already happens here.

Thus, My children, this consecration is a consecration moving toward maturity and spiritual responsibility, because it is important that My children understand, especially those who will consecrate themselves in the future, that being My child is not only being in My Heart, it is to live the Plan of God, it is to realize the Plan of the Father, it is to live His Will with responsibility and carry it forward no matter the cost.

That will be a true and sincere response of each one of you, that you are understanding what it means to be a Child of Mary. I need you to be those spheres of Light, permeated by the Love of God, that can be radiated to the world and to those who need it.

At this moment I invite the Children of Mary to stand up, those who will be consecrated today in My Presence.

And listening to the Hymn of your Consecration, My children, I will bless you and fill you with My Love and with My Light, knowing that it is necessary to do something for this planet and for this humanity, it is necessary to live Love and carry Love to those who suffer and to those who need it, from the human being to the lower Kingdoms.

That Love must be multiplied and grow within you, in life actions, daily activity, in all those who are around you.

Love will allow you to be reconciled, will lead you to Peace, will lead you into understanding and wisdom, and in spite of everything maybe being difficult or impossible, if you invoke or call to the Love of God, all will be resolved.

Because all that you may experience in this time is because you need it so, you need to learn something from all that you experience and live; that is also Love, even if it does not seem so.

Suffering is not Love, Love is light, is healing, and is peace; Love is being in the Heart of God.

Because of this Love that conceived you from the beginning and at the origin, and this commitment that you make to Me today, of being wardens of this Light-Community and servers of the Plan, unconditionally and in surrender, I will bless you, My children.

Placing My hands on your hearts and sharing the Grace of God in your lives, in the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Before you sing the Hymn of Consecration, which is a moment for the renewal of vows for all, I want to say good-bye to this New Earth Community, knowing that it will always be in My Heart and I will be in you, making you feel My presence, giving you strength in each moment that you need it, lifting you from the ground, sheltering you in My arms, having you feel the beat of My Heart.

And covering you with My Mantle, I will submerge you all in My Peace, in which you will be able to see the Light of the Father, His infinite Mercy, and His Compassion; and any situation will be dissolved, because the child that invokes the Mother of God is taken care of, protected, and assisted. The child of God who invokes the Heavenly Mother is within Her Universal Heart.

I thank you and until next time.





Friday, September 13 of 2019


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

While I am here with you, I contemplate the world and humanity.

I hope humanity, someday, will recognize that it has lost its inner innocence. Because from there, it will be able to truly repent.

God does not hope to pour out His Justice, but rather His Mercy. But the majority does not seek the Mercy of God in this time.

The suffering of souls has set them apart from the Mercy of the Father, therefore I have made the commitment to the Creator to be able to help you and make you each day more conscious of the real need to be in the Mercy of the Father in this planetary moment, when only Mercy and Love will save you.

Meanwhile, the world keeps suffering, keeps generating its own chaos and its own perdition. For this reason, today I am not only with you, My children, but I am also with the whole world, with the needs in different peoples, cultures and continents, where graver and more difficult situations take place, without your being aware of them; but as I know you believe what I tell you, you will keep accompanying Me on the path of prayer and of service so that this divine and unfathomable Mercy may be more present in humanity, and especially in the human heart.

I need, as Mother, that you exercise every day a little more the action of divine Mercy, that your words, thoughts, feelings and actions be merciful; because in this way you will help Me, My children, to reach the hearts that need light and healing in this moment.

God must not be replaced by the innovations of these times. Never lose the path toward God, because if you are on the path to God you will be in the Heart of the Father and in His Presence.

You, who are part of My armies of prayer, who are My soldiers of prayers, must make a greater effort for others, for those who get lost, for those who are not conscious, for those who do not like God.

Your Father is still with open Arms to receive His children, and sends His Messenger to give testimony of His Love to the world and so that hearts may rise to God in this moment, when the only way out is in the Eternal Father. Because God left His Presence in you, by means of a little spark of Light that shines in your inner world.

Make this spark of Light expand and grow, by means of prayer, of constancy and faith. Do not allow the inner Light to go out and if the inner Light goes out in your brothers and sisters, due to any situation of circumstance, pray for them and have faith, because the Universe hears sincere prayers and true supplications.

The Universe is open, even more, to receive the prayers of the children of God, because the Universe knows that humanity is in a culminating and difficult moment, when its self-destruction could be a universal catastrophe.

Therefore, as your Mother and Queen, I come in time to call the apostles of Christ and to remind you that your commitment to My Son has not ended, but it is rather a commitment that must expand and deepen at this moment, so that you may learn to recognize the paths that My Son will draw for you to fulfill His holy and divine Will.

And He also sends Me as the Mother of humanity and as the Mother of the world. I wish I could caress the faces that suffer. I wish I could place upon my chest the souls that agonize. There is still a lot of suffering to heal, greater and more inexplicable sufferings than your inner sufferings.

Be part of Me, My children, and I will always lead you to God and toward My Son, the Christ. But it is still necessary to do more, the life of spirit does not end here. Service does not end here.

Everything has just begun. Everything has been a preparation for this great moment of learning to go through the end of times, the most culminating moment of humanity, which no being on the surface of the Earth has gone through before. This is an unknown time, it is a time of inexplicable situations and of very great challenges in which your consciousnesses will be forged to do greater things than those that My Son did for you. This is not just a promise, it is a reality, My children. This is the time of incredible situations, never seen before.

Therefore, you have had the Grace of receiving instruction and preparation, as no one has ever had before in any place in the world, in any corner of this Earth. This path that was built by instruction has allowed us to arrive here, in this time and in this century, to open our eyes and heart to what God needs to carry out and concretize in this moment, when His Project is at stake, due to the choices that souls make in this time, choices that lead them to suffering and desperation.

Therefore, I offer My most pure Womb of Light to make you reborn in Me and in Christ. I offer My Heart so that you may learn to live within It and to feel within It, as I feel you and have you all in My Heart.

There is nothing more to do in this moment other than serving God, because the Father needs to sustain this planet within Creation and within this local Universe, to keep it within the Purpose and in balance.

The more you awaken to this need for serving God, the more miracles will happen, the more doors toward new opportunities will open and many will cease to suffer that which they suffer and live, because they will understand that the Supreme Will is first.

So that the Supreme Will may be first in you, you must love it ardently, as you have never loved, and in this way you will know it and especially feel it within you and you will have absolute consciousness and confidence that this Divine Will will lead you along the correct path and along the correct track.

Today, I offer the world My Divine Conception and My Immaculate Creation, as the Mother of God and the sacred Fount of the feminine energy so that all women and mothers, in this time, may have the force and the will to follow me and be part of this sacred feminine army that will protect and support, in prayer and in service, the Sacred Spirit of Maternity, which is the second and greatest gift of God. Because His first gift is Life. The Life that He gave us and granted us in His image and likeness.

Love the Life that God gave you and the forces of chaos will give up and will be transmuted, because love for Life is to love the center of your being, not with self-love, but with divine love, recognizing, beyond the imperfections and defects, that the Universe has given you what you sowed and harvested in other times. But everything can be liberated, sublimated and forgiven. Everything can live its reconciliation and its moment of change.

Offer your lives as an opportunity of redemption and of devotion to God, because in this way the Father will feel and know that His children still love, as He loves you all the time, beyond the situations or the experiences.

In this way you will help, My children, recover the inner innocence of humanity, and many more hearts that agonize will heal. Many more children, youth, adolescents and adults will be freed from the daily exploitation that they live, from the persecution they face and from the war they go through in their peoples and nations.

You must make love triumph in everything, beginning with yourselves and later with those who are around you, applying the Law of Compassion and of Life, the Law of the Brotherhood and of the Good.

In this way, you will help Me, My children, to rebuild the new times and the new opportunities for all those who need them, because you have been touched by the Supreme Grace at some moment of your lives, but there are still millions who were not touched by God, for different reasons and motives.

Therefore, I come as the Sacred Feminine Consciousness and the Universal Mother to fill My children with the Attributes of God and to make them live what Christ needs at this moment.

After last August 8th of this year, everything changed in a deeper and more unknown way. Undergo change and transformation because there is still a little time for you to live what Christ needs for this cycle, without structures nor forms.

Know that God recognizes all efforts and all offerings. He feels the heart of His children and He gives them His Heart so that they may also feel it.

Do not forget to live love in everything, because it will be fundamental for each one of you.

Love will strengthen you. Love will free you and will make you understand and accept inexplicable and difficult situations, because only love that can be born from the heart of My children, as it is born from the Heart of God, can transform what is impossible and difficult, can welcome and endure what no one would like to endure.

I give you My Love, the Love of My Immaculate Heart, so that you may live it and be in it forever.

I thank you for having responded to My call and for having prayed with Me, because each bead of prayer, each offering or sacrifice is accepted by your Heavenly Mother so that, day by day, you can make more miracles in impossible cases and in many places of the world where light, love and peace are missing.

I bless you in the powerful Light of the Love of God and in the invincible force of Mercy, because I love you and I wait for you.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



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