Saturday, March 2 of 2019

Special Apparition

Praised be God, and May He bless this Earth.

A cycle closes today, for a new one to begin.

This new cycle comes to meet My children so that they can strengthen, and learn to deepen in the Love and in the experience of Divine Grace.

This cycle closes today with Me, and from My Heart to the heart of each one of My children.

It gladdens me to see the response of the praying ones, the maturity of consciousnesses, the responsibility of the believers; because although it may not seem so, My children, the Plan of God is built in humanity, even though it is silently.

Today I come as the Rose of Light that must open in your hearts, that must be in the center of your essences so that, even more, the Mystery of God can be revealed to the world and His creatures of the Earth, all human beings may become aware of the higher and spiritual life so that they can live the Will of God according to what He has written.

Today, My children, I come to contemplate the wonders that God accomplishes in the life of people, in the soul of each believer in God, in the spirit of each being that is a participant in the good news for the end of these times.

Today I come to give importance to the strength that your lives have attained on the path of prayer and of transformation, of dedication to the Divine Plan, of absolute surrender to the call of God, which presents itself, time and again, and in every stage.

Today it is time to see, with eyes of hope, the miracles of God in this humanity, although this world is purifying and does not yet find peace.

But if you, My children, have lived this peace with Me, together with My Son and Saint Joseph in each moment of prayer, in each moment of supplication, in which your souls confirm themselves in this celestial commitment that you have come to Earth to live.

Today, as it is a special day for Me and you, My children, the retrograde forces of the planet are quiet and a moment of peace is established in the consciousness of humanity, inexplicable death is not provoked and souls have the opportunity to see God because, immersed in the inner planes, they attain the Mercy of God and Divine Piety.

This is the moment that I had waited for so much to carry out and to be able to, with My eyes of Grace, see the Will of God be fulfilled on Earth, beyond imperfections, diseases or doubts.

The triumph of the Heart of God must always be present in your lives, strengthening this trust and this intimacy of being able to be with God in communion with His nonmaterial Life and with the whole Universe.

For today Heavens touches the Earth, Aurora is born again, and the fallen stars rise through the impulse of Light and of Redemption.

And in this celestial firmament that is open above Me, God can testify the response of the Love of His children, the Love that His creatures have for that which is unknown or unattainable. 

But today, mystery holds no secret, the doors to Heaven are open so that the Celestial Brotherhood can work in humanity and a deep and internal balance may be established in all who said “yes”, for those who said “no”.

My children, the Spiritual Universe communicates with the Earth, and this inner contact is established between your souls and God, with His attributes and principles that come to fulfill the Divine Will on Earth. 

Many unpayable debts are forgiven today by My Grace. 

Many inexplicable healings are granted today and you will see, throughout the times, the work of the Divine Grace that is born from the Heart of your Celestial Mother, by means of the impulse that God sends to His creatures.

For this reason, My children, never cease to aspire to reach the High and that the Celestial Spheres may come to meet you. Your hearts are already prepared to be in communion with the Celestial Universe.

For this reason, what I deliver to you today is something very nonmaterial, one of the greatest treasures of God, derived from His Source, given and donated by His Eternal Heart to a sick and destroyed humanity, which has forgotten Love, as it cannot see the Truth.

But you, My children, who have walked by My side and will keep walking with Me, with this surrender of life to comply with the Will of God, for the fulfillment of His Plan, for the concretion of His Grace and of His Mercy on Earth, carry on with perseverance and faith, because this is what will establish Peace within you and in the world.

In this new cycle that is coming, together with Our Sacred Hearts, great challenges will knock on the doors of your hearts, important missions must be fulfilled for this final cycle to keep generating balance in humanity and on this planet that is so wounded and outraged.

Together we will build the aspirations of God, whenever your responses continue being unconditional, true and simple before the Heart of the Hierarchy.

While the Universe stops to hear My Word and contemplate My presence in the Presence of the living God, I bring the Earth a great opportunity.

Because on this special day, I have begged to God, in union with your prayers and hearts, to keep coming to the world, because My children cannot be without guidance and without instruction. But I aspire that someday the word of the Hierarchy will be valued and you know that each one of our words is a key that opens a door for your liberation and redemption, for the conduction of the life of your spirits by means of the path of truth and of good.

Now the moment has come to work even more with the planet so that the doors to evil may be closed and so that the hearts may be born again in faith, knowing that you are not alone, that you are not abandoned, that God waits to embrace each one of His children, for them to feel the warmth of His paternity and of His eternal, unalterable and inextinguishable Love. 

It is this very same Love that I offer to you, My children, every day, by means of My Rose of Peace, because I know that your hearts and your lives can transform into a beautiful flower offered to God, all the time. 

Thus, your essence will shine; thus your purpose will be fulfilled, and you will comply with the mission that you have come to carry out on Earth. 

You will not be far from the Truth, but rather very close from the Fount of Wisdom, living and following the principles that we the Divine Messengers have delivered to you throughout recent times.

All these principles are an open door for the healing of humanity because many miracles have already been granted to the world. Now it is time for My children to conquer these miracles by means of your effort and prayer.

The door of Grace is open so that many more can submerge in His ocean of Light and of Grace. It is enough to make the correct and simple effort.

Today, with My Hands I pick your essences, transformed into roses of light, which will be presented before the Eternal Father, in this time and in this cycle, with the experience of love and of forgiveness lived by you, so that this experience of love and forgiveness may keep multiplying and expanding, so that the whole Earth may be blessed by an extraordinary Grace.

I receive from your hearts your supplications and intentions, I welcome in My Maternal Heart each one of your souls. And just as I had My Son in My arms, today I have you, so that you may know that you are under My protection and support, in the arms of the Love of God and of His infinite Grace.

Ignite in your chest the flame of the Love of God and may this flame never extinguish, may this flame be ignited with your prayer and service for others, for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

I will be with you, My children, transmitting My instructions, from now on, every Sunday, until I comply with what God has asked me to carry out in this world.

Keep being vigilant in prayer and guardians of the Eucharist so that the attributes of God can be established on Earth and never, never again may souls forget that Love is invincible and will always triumph.

And now I want to hear a song, as if it were a prayer, which will be offered for each one of you, in this important moment of renewal, close to the Hierarchy.

The song is called Mirarte.

And thus, My children, I bless you and pour My Peace on you so that peace may be in the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

I thank you for responding to My call!