Wednesday, August 8 of 2018

Special Apparition
Special Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

I carry a request of God in My Hands; this is part of His most ardent wish.

I have come on this day not only to celebrate with you, but to commune of the love of My children.

In My Hands, I carry a parchment of Light, which has on it the handwriting of God, a request that will be revealed to the world today, so that souls may benefit of the time they have left in order to fulfill the Will of God and thus avoid a great many events.

As of the prayer of the nations of the world, this request of God has materialized, and He has especially prepared it for this day. So, as His faithful Messenger, I bring you this announcement that is part of the Word of God, of His Divine Thought and of His eternal and most pure Heart.

In this parchment, nothing new exists, but rather a wish of God that arose since the beginning, which has been interfered with many times so that it could not concretize on this planet or in this Universe.

But now that My children have entered the university of prayer and have understood My Message, I can ask you again, My children, for what God so much wishes with the ardor of His Heart, deeply aspiring to move His children away from suffering and from chaos and bring them toward His eternal and peaceful Heart.

On this parchment of light is found the Original Plan of God, a part of one of His greatest acts of Will, which was thought of and meditated upon in the Spiritual Universe before Creation existed.

Now, My children, perceive that you are facing a single Principle, which originated Life, which originated the Universe and everything that exists in it; this is the Plan that must be fulfilled no matter the cost, and your consistency and adherence is being very special for God, first taking care of the smallest details of daily activity, up to the greatest details of Creation and of this Plan that are safeguarded by His Divine Spirit.

Everything is part of the Plan of Creation, of an original and immaculate Cosmic Plan, which was thought of by the One Mind and revealed to His Archangels and Angels in Gifts, Virtues, and Talents, to be carried forward in all the Universes, especially in the mental and material Universe.

Now that you are before the Principle that originated you before you existed as consciousnesses and essences, I invite you, My children, on this special eighth of August, to deeply revere the legacy of God, to revere the Father Who loves you and Who has conceived you for a special purpose, for a divine goal, and a sacred mission that has not yet been accomplished.

We are in the transition toward that event; that is why humanity must purify itself so as to more deeply know the Plan of God, lose from their memories the code of evil and all the experiences of suffering that in some way or another have occurred in the Universe and on the planet.

That single and original Principle, which your Heavenly Mother carries in Her hands today, comes to erase a memory that has not been possible to erase because of so many sufferings caused by and originating in humanity.

So remember, My children, your Universal origin.

Remember, My children, the Source from which you have emerged; allow your essences to reacquire the filiation with the Creator and you may be participants in this Plan that is being re-written in humanity in this end time.

On this parchment of light is held the concretization of a race of New Christs, something that cannot be understood by the human mind, nor by the rational mind; it is necessary to feel the mystery within yourselves to be able to understand it, because in its humility, it will reveal itself.

This impulse of light that brought about the origin of all that exists comes on this eighth of August to aid this humanity and the planet, and I have gathered together all the prayers that My children have said throughout the years, all the offerings, sacrifices and acts of penitence, renunciations and acts of contrition, so that God could grant this Grace to the Celestial Mother, that on this eighth of August of two thousand and eighteen, She could bring the Principle of God that originated all things toward the Earth from the Universe.

So, My children, as much as what I tell you today is abstract, withdraw into this Mystery of God that is being revealed today to the world, and in your hearts feel the grandeur of participating in the Plan of God, of being aware and of being called to fully serve it, among so many millions of souls in the world that are becoming lost at this time.

South America has been chosen for the great planetary transition, so that it may be the seedbed of a New Humanity, for having humble and simple peoples at its roots, which understood the Creation of God and took care of it at the beginning; but this will not mean that South America will not be purified, as will all of the planet in due time.

The adherence of souls to the Plan of God will allow the avoidance of many events that were already written, and that adherence has been felt by the Creator on part of His children.

Now it is time to continue concretizing that aspiration of God; for this purpose and that spiritual reason, today your Heavenly Mother brings you the Principle that originated Creation, that powerful current of creative light, that powerful current of manifesting light, so that this impulse may serve souls and motivate them to continue onward until the end of the end of times, no matter what the cost and whatever it may mean.

But if your adherence were to continue onward as up till now, My Presence in the world will last some more time.

It is in your hands, My children of the world, this great decision: that also the Sacred Centers can welcome those who will awaken in the end of times, and receive into their nuclei of love those who will take refuge from the chaos that the planet will experience.

But do not focus your minds on what will happen, because it has not yet happened. Place your attention on what is still to be done for humanity and the planet, for in this way, the happenings will change, and many, many souls will be relieved of their suffering and their pain, in the same way that all of your own inner selves were alleviated many times from suffering.

Today the Archangel Saint Gabriel has visited Me again. Before I came here to meet you, My children, he was the messenger sent to give Me the Principle that originated Creation.

In these moments, all the Universe is attentive to the response of the inner worlds, because what is most important is to be within the conception of the Plan of God and step away from the chaos of these times that reigns in humanity.

As much as the planet, at this time, is experiencing its most difficult and hard test, and even though what one does does not seem enough, believe, My children, that what is invincible will occur first in all that is invisible, to then materialize in all that is visible; this is a Law that is followed from the beginning of Creation and that governs this local Universe and this race.

I encourage you in this time to be intelligent on the path of love, of transparency, and of truth; this will help you to continue to build the Plan that God thought of from the beginning, and your souls will feel a very deep gladness, your spirits will feel an unbreakable joy, as you accomplish the mission that you came to carry out in this end time, and even further, if that unity were to transcend boundaries and nations, just as your Heavenly Mother tries to do by means of the pilgrimages.

Very lost souls will awaken in an unexpected way; they will experience a process of redemption and of rehabilitation and they will become pillars of Christ on the planet, causing His redeeming Project to triumph.

I encourage you, My children, to continue to build the new times and to not focus on what happens in humanity and in the nations of the world, because evil will defeat itself without perceiving it.

My children, be constant flows of the Love of God. Be willing each day to love more what you cannot love and forgive what you still cannot forgive; continue to expand your consciousnesses through prayer and service to the Kingdoms of Nature.

Thus, at least an island of salvation will exist, a new Noah's Ark, formed by the self-summoned who will make a New Humanity re-emerge in the firmament, with the compelling assistance of the light of Aurora.

There is no time to feel intimidated, nor to fret; it is time to carry the joy to the world and the happiness of serving the Plan of God. It is time to carry to the world the message of the brotherhood and of peace, of renewal, of the relief of suffering and the healing of souls.

It is time to live redemption in fullness and of feeling redeemed by Christ. It is time to forget sin, it is time to remember the light that comes from Heaven, and which has blessed you many times to awaken your inner consecration to this blessed Plan of Love.

On this eighth of August may your inner stars re-ignite.

Place your left hand on your heart and feel the inner sun that illumines all things awaken in you. Confirm your origin, your redemption and your awakening. Spiritually sign the commitment to our Father-Mother Creator and the inner alliance with your Guardian Angels.

Conceive yourselves as ambassadors of Christ, as messengers of peace and of love, as sparks of light of the great Divine Spirit, as that inexhaustible spring of mercy that never ends and that will always triumph over all evil.

May the advent of a new race be accomplished.

May humanity be able to accomplish its purpose so that in Heaven and in all of the universe, we may celebrate this moment together with the Creator.

May the powerful and invincible Cross of Emmanuel guide you and move you away from all error, from all suffering, and from all disturbance.

Re-ignite in yourselves that filiation with the Heights and thus renew the commitment of moving forward with a small part of the Plan within this great vast Universe that calls you for an awakening.

Today I want your souls to sign this parchment, this commitment of renewal with the Plan, because there will still be much to be done, there will still be much to assist in and rescue on this planet and in this humanity.

Now that your stars have lit and the Fire of the Love of Christ has awakened, the time has come to give the blessing, not only to those present, to those who listen, and to those who feel, but also to those who will be consecrated as Children of Mary.

Let My children come here.

Blessed water.

Today in a special way, I will bless souls that are still awakening, trying to find their path toward their personal mission, just as many more children are trying to do.

What is most important, My children, is that your consecration be true, knowing that you are inwardly taking on a special union with the Plan of God, to help in its manifestation on the surface of the Earth; that is why today I will bless you in a special way, since your inner stars have ignited in the presence of the portals of the Universe and of all the Hierarchies.

May the same water that baptized Jesus in the River Jordan, today baptize you and sanctify you, so that the Holy Spirit may reveal in your lives the sacred Gifts of God, so that in you may awaken the virtues of service, of prayer, of mercy, of healing, of fraternity, and of brotherhood with the planet and its humanity. Amen.

Friar Gabriel Pio.

In the same way, today you will take these roses that today you have placed at the foot of My Altar, as the offering of My gratitude to each one of My children who is willing to live their consecration in union with My Immaculate Heart.

Today your origins are being revealed.

Today the essence of your purpose is being granted, to the innermost of your souls, and your spirits are ennobled with the presence of the Sacred Spirit of God through His faithful Servant.

Friar Elías:

At the request of Our Lady, we are going to pray with the children who are being consecrated today, a prayer of the Universal Mother, to receive in our hearts that sacred impulse that comes from God for this eighth of August.

(the prayer to the "Universal Mother" is recited)

I consecrate you by the authority that the Father granted Me and by the intersession of the Divine Son, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When you receive the rose, My children, you will place it on your chest, leaving it there a moment, so that My maternal energy may work, and in this way you will thank God for this moment and this Grace.

I bless all who have self-summoned themselves at the feet of the Universal Mother.

May this peace and this love that is born of the brave and humble hearts, serving and surrendered, expand to the four corners of the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us give thanks to God for His Eternal Presence.

I thank you!