Saturday, August 25 of 2018

Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

I come to the world for a spiritual and universal reason.

I come to open the consciousness of My children even further, so that you may feel the Truth in your heart, the Truth that I profess through My presence.

I come for a world that agonizes and despairs.

I come during a time of intense purification.

I come to bring you what you truly need, that which will grant you freedom, the opportunity of living what God has thought and what He has planned for your lives.

In the meantime, stay within My Heart, relive every moment of prayer as an opportunity for renewal so that the divine codes come into your lives and you receive the wisdom you need in order to make the right decisions.

This is why I come here, again and again, until what God needs is fulfilled, until what God has thought is accomplished.

In spite of it being a time of chaos, if He decides that everything is to be carried forward, it will be.

This is why your trust is essential, and especially the adhesion of all, so that what is written can be fulfilled.

Perhaps you feel that you have heard this many times, but if you are hearing it again, it is because it has not been fulfilled.

It is necessary to place your feet on one path.

It is necessary to bow your head in order to enter through the door of humility, just as We did when We were here on Earth as the Holy Family.

The attributes that are necessary in humanity cannot be lost.

You must be keepers of these attributes, you must be guardians of God's Rules so that everything remains on course, despite the events that are now happening within humanity and also the events that will happen.

When everything is very intense, there will be nowhere to run. Only in My Heart you will find the refuge you need, the breath you are waiting for so long, the relief you are so much looking for.

But I invite you at this time to follow this path of faithfulness, as We follow it up to the present and for all eternity.

This path of faithfulness that I invite you to live will lead you to transparency because, despite the miseries, your hearts will be transparent and pure and one day you will be able to live the Truth, even though the world is in its great transition.

I wish you could drink from the Light of My words, listen and keep memory of everything that I tell you, because then there will be no one to remind you of what I am telling you today and what I have already told you in other times. 

The Instruction that comes from Heaven is like the spring that emerges from a mountain, it is inexhaustible and endless. But for this spring to last it must be taken care of and protected, because it could unexpectedly end.

You must take advantage of the Words of the Hierarchy.

You must build within yourselves this path to the true reality that in the near future will free you from yourself.

Many thought they understood everything I needed and everything I said, but they did not understand, because whoever lives the Word of the Hierarchy transforms, even though they must try, again and again.

Therefore, I pray for those who are no longer here, because they did not understand that they had not sincerely opened their hearts to God.

The Truth is one, there are no two different truths; this is why it is so difficult for human beings to live Truth when they must face it to recognize and accept it.

We are in a time of great internal movements.

We are in a time in which hidden things are coming to light so that everyone can see them.

There will no longer be deceivers or liars.

There will no longer be manipulators or consciousnesses that can take advantage of everything, because the Law is already descending even if it does not seem so and My Motherly love comes to help you, to tell you: "Children, do not remain there, nor be like that."

You cannot go against Divine Will. You cannot oppose it, because the Divine Will is invincible.

The Love of God never lacked.

The Grace of God, in many cases, was abundant and few realized that.

I do not need you to be sad, nor to be offended.

I wish you could feel how My Heart feels and that you could live as My consciousness lives.

I am not saying that you will be illuminated or elevated beings. Humility, obedience and surrender will transform you, but you should always take the step towards that constant search for the Truth that is in the Heart of the Father, just as it is in the heart of His children.

The world agonizes, by itself, having come out of Truth and obedience. The Laws of Grace are no longer able to touch the Earth as before, only when the heart surrenders and cries out in sincerity.

God created you to always be happy and to be in His Celestial Wholeness.

God did not create you to suffer or endure.

Therefore, many errors are stored in the Universe and on the planet. Many stories are still indelible and no one has managed to fade them from the inner consciousness of beings.

But the time will come when this will happen, when My Son returns to put an end to human captivity and the destruction of souls, to finish transmuting humanity and redeeming it, and thus creating a new civilization, with a few Christs.

Humanity is not perceiving that it is losing the opportunity to love and find God, and that He expects His children to be consistent with Him even in the smallest details.

The Work is sustained by faith, prayer and service of all.

There is still time to reverse many situations, before the Universal clock marks the end of time and everything is triggered.

Souls do not believe that they can lose evolution and many of them laugh at this, because they do not know it, because of their ignorance, because of their lack of knowledge of the Truth.

The Spiritual Plane is a commitment of all; before, during and after this life.

The Spiritual Plane does not end here, nor does it end later.

On the Spiritual Plane is the divine decision, the Decree of God and His Affirmation.

If the souls of the world do not live the Spiritual Plane, they will die out on their own, they will be erased, just as the sun disappears in the horizon, without warning.

The current time determines a severe decision on the part of souls, being aware of commitment and responsibility, knowing that there is no longer room for mediocrity.

It is time to grow and forge the inner Christ to rule, to act and participate in God's Plan.

Do not let your inner child disappear. Do what you must do and everything will pass.

God deeply loves workers of His Plan, but don't forget that it is necessary to pray and help the planet.

The Prayer for the Nations has been the refuge for My Heart and also My consolation, but that commitment must be sustained and not weakened by comfort, fatigue or for other reasons.

It is no longer the time to justify your lives, it is time to remedy the sins and grave insults that nations commit, day after day.

A bit of the Love of God must still reign on Earth through the hearts that profess their faith and communion with Christ.

We are not in times of rest or little work.

We are not in the time of thinking about whether the Plan is to be fulfilled or not, or if it is to be left for tomorrow or for next month.

Children, awaken, awaken and get out of your fanciful convalescence!

Look at the sky, the Universe waits to intercede and thus carry out the Plan of Rescue.

No one promised you glorious times; you were called to experience the Apocalypse and you committed to that.

You cannot waste the pearls of Creation, nor the treasures of Heaven. Everything, absolutely everything, will have its final account, it is part of the great calculation of the Universe and the universal balance.

I must announce this to you so that you awaken, so that drowsiness does not embrace you, does not make you indifferent nor mediocre.

The need of the planet will be assumed by very few, just as My Son assumed it with very few.

There are souls that will immerse themselves in their own regrets and their own desires, but there will be no time to wait.

The warrior is forged with the experience of the Plan and its fulfillment.

The soldier is sustained in the confidence of the Purpose and its goal so that the fire of transformation will never be lacking and they will be able to free themselves from their chains, to be reborn as a bird of fire that decrees the realization of the Plan.

Let the door of your consciousnesses open.

Let your hearts feel moved and not shaken.

May your spirits recognize the task and fulfill it with the best possible will and with the greatest love that you can express for these times.

In this way, the new race will manifest and will cease to be a promise.

The new Christs will inhabit the Earth and fight together with the Master to overcome evil and to establish the thousand years of peace.

I wish for you to remember this message, every day of your lives, because you will need it.

Blessed are they who believe without having seen and without understanding, because the Holy Spirit will not abandon them.

I rejoice, My children, with those who are consistent with the Law and comply with it.

My fullness reaches those who are most confused and need guidance because My Love will always be for everyone, so that the Divine Will may be fulfilled.

I thank you for welcoming My words and for not losing them, for recognizing them and humbly accepting them, for the Glory of God.

Do not lose faith and the conviction of living in Christ; He awaits you.

In the name of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.