Monday, June 25 of 2018

Apparition of the Virgin Mary, in the City of Zürich, Switzerland, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Today I can say that My Call has been heard and that you will promote it with faith.

This is the important thing that I have come to tell you today, in the company of My little Son.

I am the Virgin of Schoenstatt, I am the admired and victorious Mother through the love of My children and the prayer of the faithful to My Immaculate Heart.

Today I come to pour out an important atonement on the plane of the spirit for Switzerland, and consequently, for all of Europe.

Today, an indelible mark, which used to be indelible, dissolves in My Presence. A mark of the suffering, the abandonment, the lack of morality and especially, a lack of love.

My mission in Switzerland has been accomplished and for this we must celebrate. Because I hope someday to be here with you again, in these high mountains of the Alps to contemplate together with each one of My children the descent of Divine Will, through the experience of the groups of prayer and the unconditional service to those who most suffer.

Today I come as the presence of a Mother who comprehends and understands, of a Mother who seeks to bring the good to Her children beyond what they may understand or not of Heaven.

That is why I bring you the gentleness of My Words, the sweetness of My Message, and the deep Love of My Heart; so that you may avail yourselves of it and continue transforming your lives, knowing that My passage through Switzerland is not in vain, that in all the days that will come you must remember My Message. And someday, My children, in your practice of prayer, you can be My living Message in the world, testifying to humanity the Presence of the Son of God in your hearts through the restorative communion, which will console My Immaculate Heart each time that you live that inner communion.

That is why today the Little King of the Universe will consecrate you, not only as children of the Mother of the Living God, but He will also have you commune with His Spirit and His Divinity, so that you may take on this mission that I have enthusiastically asked of you, with that same enthusiasm that has led you to disseminate My Call here in Switzerland, and will lead you to open the doors to understand and accept human suffering, especially a spiritual suffering that eyes cannot see. A spiritual suffering that resides in the heart of the Swiss, a suffering so similar to the suffering of My children of Africa.

I have not come, My children, to make comparisons, but rather to share the inner reality of humanity.

My Son, who today is in my arms, brings you His Spirit of renewal so that Switzerland not only be renewed, but also converted to the Light of My Immaculate Heart; a Light that comes to touch the very depths of your souls, the most intimate of your essences; a Light that will redeem you and heal you; a Light that will take you to peace.

Let those who today will be consecrated to My Heart come here.

And, at the feet of the Virgin of Schoenstatt, My children, and before the presence of the little Child Jesus, make your offering to the Mother of God and to the King of the Most High, so that much more may be restored, so that much more may be converted. So that you may receive from My Heart the Eternal Grace that will lead you into peace and to the experiencing of love.

Free your hearts of all anguish, free your hearts from agitation and any distrust. I love you, I understand you, and I also live you, that is why I have called you to My Feet to release the knots of suffering.

The always Virgin of Schoenstatt, the victorious and admirable Mother, brings you the consolation of Heaven and of the Universe, the dissolution of sadness so that your hearts may be rekindled in faith and in the hope of knowing that God will touch your lives with His Holy Hand.

And also God, who is merciful and kind with all of His children, will support you, guide you, and take you through the path of His Eternal Purpose.

Today I will not only bless you with the water, because My Son will also bless you. My Son will also bless you with  the communion, with His Body and His Blood, so that Switzerland may begin to live the restoration to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart. Bring me water and communion here to bless.

Place your hands in the sign of receptivity.

Kind is the Power of your Mother from Heaven. Invincible is the Love of Her Kingdom. Sweet is the Peace that She pours out, and comforting is the Love that She gives you, to dissolve the deepest wounds in the souls, to bring to your hearts the Light of the Kingdom of God, which will sanctify you, which will sublimate you, which will consecrate you as soldiers and My children.

Therefore, before the Presence of the Child Jesus, King and Sovereign of the Universe, may the Fire of the Holy Spirit descend over this water so that the Gifts of the Celestial Father, a powerful and unquenchable Source that will carry souls to Redemption and to the pure Love of His Heart, be scattered throughout Switzerland.

Here is the Body and Blood of the Living God; the God of Love, of Kindness, and of Mercy, Who died for you on the Cross to make Himself the smallest among the small, to rescue the miserable among the most miserable.

Behold the Redeemer and the Savior, the one who gives you His Mercy and His Peace, so that the good may triumph and evil be defeated forever. Amen.

Children reach Heaven before adults, because their purity touches the Heart of God. Be like children and God, Who is pure in Mercy, will always embrace you.

Uplifting your hearts to the Kingdom of God, we will sing the Hymn of the Consecration of the Children of Mary, in Spanish.

I thank you for responding to My Call and I await you in Geneva, to take My Heart to the world even more.

Thank you.

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.