Monday, May 25 of 2015


The world is very noisy for listening to God.

I Am the Lady of Silence. You will recognize God through My Heart. In My Silence are found the answers to the deep aspirations of your lives, those that can never be materialized due to the great noise of this humanity.

I Am the Lady of Harmony, the One Who cultivates the seeds of Christ so that My Son may sprout in your hearts and find His dwelling and His space, so that in the end He may act and work in your lives.

Dear children, I Am the Lady of Healing and of Silence, that which humanity has not discovered yet, since it does not know in depth all of My faces.

I bring to you the attributes of God, although you do not know them in depth. Today My Heart reveals them to you.

Silence, Harmony and Healing are necessary for humanity. In this way the world will balance itself. But I know that very few will answer to this call.

You cannot be in silence in these times, but if you keep seeking the path of prayer, of the prayer of the heart and of the spirit, I assure you that you will find the silence that you are not able to live.

God wishes to pour His Graces over humanity all the time, but it is necessary for humanity to find silence in order to be able to hear God and to perceive that which it is not doing well.

As in other times, dear children, by means of My Silence I come to prevent many things. You can experience this School, the School of the inner silence, so that you may perceive, children of Mine, how important it is to manifest silence in this humanity. In this way many things will be resolved in time and fewer souls will get lost within these great human uproars.

If you do not seek silence, dear children, who will seek it? Who will be willing to live silence in order to find God?

Our Sacred Family used to live in the Silence of God. It knew the Laws and used to apply the Rays in order to manifest the Will of Adonai.

It is time for you to awaken to the inner silence. The noise of the world is quite suffocating and the souls cannot listen to the Kingdom of God; they cannot listen to the angels singing and even less to all of the celestial choirs.

So that these things may descend to the material world from the spiritual Kingdom, silence must exist in the material level. In this way, your doubts will be dispersed and the great concerns of your lives will be dissolved by the action of the inner silence. Once you enter into profound contemplation you will be able to easily perceive, children of Mine, that which is fine inside of you and all that must be corrected in time.

The world is very noisy and it gets lost in superficial things. It prefers to listen to the modernities than to feel its own inner heart.

In this world that is so noisy, that does not live the inner silence, many hearts are afflicted all the time because they do not pray and even less live the silence that God needs in this time.

Those that will have the grace of receiving Christ will have to be in a state of profound silence because My Son will arrive by means of silence, which does not mean muteness.

The profound Silence of Jesus will be expressed from the spiritual level. It will be a Law that will descend to this planet, the sacred Law of Spiritual Silence. For this, your hearts must be prepared and the School of prayer is your first step to be able to live It.

Although you must pray with your lips, you must also seek the inner silence. The recited prayer will bring you to the inner silence and in this way you will understand many things, children of Mine. Especially those things that you have not yet been able to solve will receive Light and Wisdom and soon will be solved.

If you have the goal of silence, I assure you that you will help the entire humanity. The noise is so great and so suffocating that the souls cannot even think of seeking silence. Silence is an experience of life; it is an attitude and an inner state that you need to construct in these difficult times. In this way, Your Mother of Silence will be close to you so that through the inner silence I may be able to say many things to you; that your souls may understand the mysteries of God and may receive the wisdom that is so necessary for these times

Use the verb only as necessary. May your lips be solely dedicated to prayer and to help to fulfill the Plans of God as God commands it. In this way you will not waste energy and you will be within the state of My Silence.

I will assist you, children of Mine, so that you may see clearly how the world does not find the inner silence and then misses the opportunity of experiencing Healing and, mainly, Harmony.

Very few are those who live this inner silence and that can reflect to the world the true Spirit of God so that It may fill all of the hearts of the Earth, especially those that are distant from God.

You will find the key of silence in the adoration of the Most Holy Eucharistic Body of My Son. In Him the total silence is reflected so that you may receive it and thus find clarity in all things.

The world does not find silence because it is not willing to seek it. How will the Laws act upon the world if the world is not in silence?

Ask for help from your guardian angels so that this silence may manifest itself. The more you live in silence and in attunement, the greater number of catastrophes will be avoided, and suffering will be alleviated, and it will not be necessary for the hearts to suffer as a result of a great human noise that never ends and that never ceases.

For this the hearts must pray a lot, so that they may attain at least the first state of silence and may rise from the surface of the Earth. Then they will enter into another vibration and harmony. In this way your spirits will be filled by My Peace. And in the end of times it will be this Peace that I will give to you that which will act upon all of the things that are so noisy that will neither find quietude nor harmony.

I come to announce to you My Universal Silence. I know that you would like to know other things about Me, but I come to reveal to you the true necessity.

You are crossing the times of darkness and many take refuge in the modernities in order to be able to isolate themselves from their disturbances and fears. Nonetheless panic increases due to the lack of prayer and silence.

As in Kibeho, I come to announce the sacred word of God, giving you the opportunity to deeply reflect in time, offering you My warning so that you may change promptly. The more there are seekers of the Universal Silence, the less the planet will suffer, or at least a small part of the continents of the Earth will be safeguarded.

See the lack of silence in the oceans. God created them in order to express silence to this world. Humanity has been in charge of tormenting them.

See the lack of silence in Nature. God created the trees so that they would express the spiritual Silence and the constant search for elevation towards the Heights. Humanity keeps tormenting them.

Who will pay these debts if the hearts do not truly pray, and even less, seek the inner silence? How will the scales be balanced? How will humanity be able to ask for Graces to Heaven if it does not even change the minimum? If you keep killing animals, how will it be possible for humanity be saved?

You must change in your memory all of the human codes and transform your lives through prayer.

My Son has not come to the world by chance. He came to give to you the Sacraments so that you would be able to redeem your lives and spirits and leave this normality that has been created by the adversary. How will the birds be able to sing the Word of God? How will they be able to express the harmony of the Universe?

How will the whales be able to sing in the oceans, if they are hunted by humans, who degenerate the Kingdoms of Evolution? How will the world be able to receive Mercy, if those who ask for it are so few? How will the suffering of the hearts cease and how will the diseases of the body and of the soul be prevented, if you continue to walk backwards, violating all of the laws; forgetting God, and seeking the modern god through technologies?

Do not be prey for My adversary. Be good sheep of Christ. I Am the Shepherd of your souls, Who comes to prepare the flocks for Redemption so that they may seek the path of rehabilitation and may turn away from from perdition.

Who will close the abysses? Who will assist Me in building the new humanity?

I do not tire of praying for you and, prostrated by the Thrones of God, I ask for Mercy for this world.

May you leave from here really changed and in this way you will deserve the Grace of God. The Grace of God has allowed Me to say all these things so that you may grow in your consciousness and so that your souls stop being immature and may make the decision for the path of the Plan of God.

I Am the Lady of the Divine Word Who draws the souls near to the Kingdom of God.

I Am the Director of the new armies, the one Who ignites the Mirrors of prayer. If the Mirrors were not ignited through the prayers of all of the souls, how would the world survive? Where would your feet be now? In which part of the Cosmos or in which lost places?

Do you understand the Mercy of God now? Be merciful and patient. Purify yourselves like God wishes and consecrate your lives to My Heart. I give you the Grace of consecrating you so that you may follow My steps.

My message has been delivered and I hope that you may be able to review it so that it may remain in your hearts as an exit door to the hope of God.

Now, may all of the children whom I will consecrate come here. I have them all on My lap as the Mother of humanity.

Under the authority that God has given Me, in the name of the Grace and of the Mercy of Jesus, I consecrate you to My Immaculate Heart and I hope to see you in the future, steadfast to the path of consecration and of prayer. Because in this way the Mirrors of prayer will fill the Promised Land.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Go in peace, dear children. I thank you.