Friday, November 30 of 2012

Special Apparition

Sister Lucía: The Divine Mother says:

Dear Children: 

My Immaculate Heart thanks the response of each one of you, because it is through this response that many souls rise to the Heavens; it is through this response that My Heart can reach each suffering heart. And as a special Grace of God, My feet may rest upon this Earth.  

Dear children, today I deposit in each of your consciousnesses the Blessings of Christ so that your little hearts may live each one of these attributes and strengthen itself through the alliance with the Master. 

My little children: Jesus Christ left each one of his steps marked in the gospel so that in this end time your feet may find a sure path. Looking with your hearts find Christ's footprints on that path and place your feet in those footprints. This pathway, dear children, is not far from your hearts; today I come to open your eyes so you may see it. Today I tell you that you will find the key to finding this pathway in the gospel, when your hearts discover in this gospel the eternal teaching that Christ left for you. 

It is very simple to find the path towards Heaven; look at the purity that exists in each one of your hearts, that purity which Our Lord and God placed in each of you. Through that purity you will heal all evils, and you will strengthen the aspiration to proceed in prayer and in faith.  

My dear ones, I come day after day to ask you to allow Me to enter into your hearts so that My Love can reach each one of your beings, as it also wishes to reach each space in this nation. 



Friar Elías:  The Divine Mother says:

Dear children:

As Mother I come, with all of the time, to dedicate to humanity. As I have said, I bring the Hosts of Light and the Archangels to help Brazil. I will also bring the Hosts of Angels and Archangels when, in March of 2013, I will arrive in Argentina, and Uruguay by way of Medjugorje. There, as I told you, I will launch the last networks of salvation.

In order to believe in the power of My Heart, you must love My Everlasting Heart. I still come to the world to show the way to humanity and to guide the hearts. Remember, dear children, the time when I was in Guadalupe, in that moment I invited humanity to live in humility.

Today I invite you in these times to live the conversion, fasting, and prayer, because this loving act of your hearts will help humanity. My extraordinary coming to Porto Alegre has a spiritual motive, a special motive, which is the little hearts of all the children, the essences of the souls that could not be born.

As a city, dear children, much prayer is due in order to reach Mercy. Count on My thread of light and motherliness to reach God. Jesus will thank you for your prayers for this reason.

Today I come to you to announce the importance of prayer, so that your hearts do not forget to pray with Me every day; even though the prayer is always the same, your effort must be constant. Each day you must build the bridges of light that are torn down by the enemy; you are invited to create the bridge of prayer so that My plan of Peace may be established.

It is necessary, dear children, that you put prayer first, beyond your own will. In this end time, inside your homes you must learn to dialogue with God, because in this way My Maternal Heart will be able to guide you and assist you in these concluding times. Count on the light of the Rosary to achieve Peace.

I observe the prayer of each one of you, dear children. Each bead count that slips through your hands is a sign of renewal, a renewal through the faith and the love that you must achieve.

I come from the highest part of the Heavens to give you My Mercy. You need only to say "yes" to live in it.  Many do not hear the call for mercy that My Son made. Today I come once again to remind you of the importance of being inside that Fountain of Light. This must be a reminder for you every day, as should be your continual prayer.

Today, dear children, I come to lift up all of you into My arms. With this spiritual exercise, I am helping this entire city. You must not allow the enemy to reign in this place; you can count on the Light of my Immaculate Heart to give aid to all souls. I want to invite you to live in My Hope and in My Eternity.

Dear children, the times are rapidly changing. Let no child of Mine have fear for what may happen. It is time to activate the belief in the One God. I need you to be able to lift your eyes to the Heavens; come with Me, that I may show you the path of Peace. Let my apparitions throughout the centuries serve as a reference for your lives.

Study, dear children, what I have said throughout time, because in this way you will find the same reason for which I have come today to reveal: prayer and peace in the heart.

I invite you, my dear children, to live this transition in fraternity. The times of Peace and the Peace of the Heavens must draw closer to the Earth. You can count on having the key of prayer for this to happen.

This evening, dear children, I am also very grateful for all of you. And today I will reveal to you the true mystery of this encounter with Me: that your prayers have been heard by the Creator. This is an invitation to continue with prayer every day. You must unite with My Heart to be able to prevail at this time, and consequently, dear children, you will be united to the Heart of My Son.

Do not judge anymore, nor create conflicts in this time; live in prayer to be able to harmonize the heart. Through harmonizing your hearts, you will open the doors to the Heavens, and My Maternal Heart will draw close to your souls. You must know that I want to be the Guiding-Star for your lives, but for this, dear children, you must grant your permission before God. My Hope is to have all of humanity within My arms, and you can all help me in this aspiration. For this I will be grateful to you.

I hear the suffering of the hearts of some of My children. To them I say that I invite them to confession with My Son, to redemption, so that they may reach the peace that they search for so much. May they allow Me to irradiate them with My Maternal Light; My Heart is a doorway to forgiveness, to the encounter with the Mercy of the Father.

Pray, dear children, together with your guardian angels, because many angels are being forgotten by humanity. If they are unable to carry out that which God gave them to do, the world will have to learn a lesson of humility.

This is why, dear children, I am inviting you to repair the Heart of God. Humanity never tires of offending the Father, because it forgets that He exists in the Kingdom of the Heavens. For this reason I come to meet with you, to remind you of this premise. Dear children, humanity is not alone; they are always accompanied. So that you know who accompanies humanity, who in the universes offered to accompany them, you must pray with the heart to find out.

As My Son said, dear children, the House of Our Father has many dwellings; it is time humanity knows the truth.

But if you live the exercise of conversion and redemption through constant prayer, every day, your souls in these end times will awaken, and will discover the task the God has given you to do a long time ago.

Many hearts are still lost; day after day the actions of humanity flagellate the Heart of My Son. I sincerely invite you to alleviate the Heart of Jesus, not only through prayer, but also, dear children, through good works that can build a new heart in all of humanity, a heart converted and redeemed by My Heart.

When you find suffering by your side, go to alleviate it; everyone needs the love of God, and God needs instruments to serve Him. You can count on My help; you can count on My Light.

I thank you for responding to My call. I thank My little children of Porto Alegre for giving me this response. May this encounter with Me in this part of the Earth be the reason for ever more prayer from the heart and dissolve the separation among souls, and to unite in the name of My Son in fraternity and in redemption. I will be grateful for this small sacrifice of your consciousnesses, because in the end, you will be able to understand all.


Mother Shimani: Today the Divine Mother made a special request that Friar Elías make a small accounting of what took place.



Friar Elías: Today the task was greatly prepared and assisted by the guardian angels that watch over María, those who were entered little by little into the regions of Porto Alegre. The key that made this all possible was prayer.

Today when Our Lady appeared, she came again as the Queen of Peace, and in the moment of the Apparition, as you could see, she made us move three times. First she appeared in the center of the trees; then She asked us to go closer to the image of Our Lady of Silence so that we would be real close to Her, and after this, she descended and placed herself above the little palm tree that is at our side.

And we asked her: Lady, what is the reason you come so close to us?

She, opening Her arms and smiling, said:

It is because I love you. I love you very much. And then she began to transmit her words.

Today She was accompanied by many children. These children formed choir groups in different parts of this place, and prayed constantly for us. Also, on the right and left hand sides of Our Lady there appeared two archangels that protected Her with their open wings.

Before the Apparition something happened that Our Lady requested that we relate to everyone. When we were praying, a Heaven opened very close to this place, a space that was celestial blue and white; it appeared as though a cloud began to descend and radiate everyone present. When this cloud came closer, someone also was coming nearer.

There we saw that there was a choir of angles that was doing something there. When we asked Our Lady if we were to report this, She said yes, and to tell as it happened, and we are going to recount the most important part of this scene.

The angels went to the different regions of Porto Alegre. They rescued many spheres of light with their hands. They said these spheres were souls that had not incarnated. At that moment, they showed an image of how they gathered up souls that had been fetuses and had been aborted. At that moment they began to gather up each one of the essences, and through that Heaven that was opened, they elevated them.

Silently they invited us to accompany them to that place where they were taking the essences. So they gradually went higher, with this group of souls that had been rescued, toward another dimension. It was a dimension that was divided into seven planes, there were seven states, seven heavens. In those seven heavens there were seven different situations.

In the first heaven were the recently rescued souls, which the angels called essences that were not able to incarnate. There was a lot of suffering there, much weeping like children, and an angel specifically showed many angels that were restoring these essences; in truth, there were many angels that were carrying out this task.   

At a certain moment something happened in that space: Our Lady approached on the right side and went to a place where there was one essence among many. She picked up this essence and a child appeared in Her arms, and She showed how she treated those of this humanity who could not be born. This child cried as if it held a deep pain; Our Mother began to rock it and the child stopped crying. She then placed it on the ground and this child had a smile from ear to ear. I perceived that Our Lady placed a sphere of light in this child.

We asked Our Lady: What is this place? She replied:

This is Limbo. – She then said: Let us continue visiting them.

She then invited us to walk among all these children, and there we saw essences that had not been born, and essences of children that lived only a short time. She said that this was the school of learning; Our Lady had sent the angels there so that they learned about God.

She showed how the essences were given a chance to learn in Limbo. In this way, gradually, Our Lady took us through the second, third, fourth… up to the seventh heaven in Limbo. On that journey we met many Saints. Crossing over a bridge in Limbo, we saw how an angel protects a child, and Our Lady said this was a symbol that the essence was being prepared for reincarnation.

When we crossed over that bridge, we met up with a great godmother, Saint Claire of Assisi, who was with all her nuns of the San Damián Monastery, carrying out a task in Limbo. Saint Claire of Assisi explained that Our Lady had given this task of being Mother to these essences to all female Saints.


Mother Shimani:  Something I wanted to comment on, so that it doesn’t get lost amongst so much information; I want to remind you that the Divine Mother, in the message that was read today, in a part of the message during the Apparition, talks to the all the inhabitants of Porto Alegre about carrying out charity work and service, in addition to prayer. It would be good to put these requests of Our Mother in our hearts.

Something that Our Mother asked us in these last days was that we make all possible efforts to put the videos of each Apparition on the Divine Mother internet site; that is to say, the segment where She appears and transmits Her message, and on the same page, all the transcriptions and stories. In this way everyone can have access to what has been transmitted.

Also, we must remember that She sent us a great impulse from Medjugorje, because She wants to bring her work in the northern hemisphere together with that of the southern hemisphere. First, She will bring them together on the inner planes, and it will be up to us to do it on the rest of the planes, until we bring it together on the physical. We must pray that the aspiration of the Mother becomes a reality. Now we will sing the hymn of Medjugorje so as to begin the construction of this bridge.